Dear readers, it has come to my attention that some of my stories have been plagiarised on Literotica.

If you want to use any of my works as the basis for your own, it's fine, go ahead, you have my permission providing:

1. you do not use word for word extracts

2. you notify me and credit me at the beginning of the story

Thank you and happy reading.


It's Summer. I've just returned from my evening jog and need a beer. It's still super-hot out.

Ah crap, the fridge is empty; I'll have to go to the shops. Might as well pick up some frozen pizza at the same time. I'm all sweaty, I really need a shower. Fuck it, I'll have one later.

I remove my jogging shorts and underwear in the kitchen, wipe the sweat off my cock and balls with my underwear, then put my shorts on again, sans underwear, and grab the car keys. At my car, I realise I'm still holding the underwear. I open the door and toss it in the back seat.

At the supermarket, the car park is empty except for three cars. I go in. It is swelteringly hot; the air-conditioning is off. I find the beer aisle and pick up a six-pack. Moving on, I add a couple of frozen pizzas and a tub of ice-cream to my basket and head for the checkout.

There is a woman, probably mid-20s, in the queue front of me. She is nicely tanned, wearing a low-cut, strap top and thin, black yoga pants. I start to get a half boner. With no underwear, if anyone looks, they'll clearly see.

At the checkout, the casher is seated. She looks about 30. Not bad looking, if a bit overweight. A white t-shirt hugs her large breasts. The woman in front moves to the far end of the belt to load her groceries. Now she is facing me. As she bends to load her trolley, the front of her top falls away so I see her entire breasts, nipples exposed. I watch transfixed, not even trying to disguise it. I notice the cashier looking at me, then at the woman. Suddenly the woman looks up and catches me ogling her breasts. She turns sideways and continues loading.

I am trying to stop myself getting a full boner but my cock is full length and trying to rise. The woman finishes loading and pays the cashier, flashing me a dirty look as she does. She glances at my crotch. She smirks at me and walks away, her arse moving suggestively.

As I walk to the other side, I notice the cashier is no longer looking at me but, out of the corner of her eyes, at my crotch. As she scans my groceries, she never once looks at my face. She looks at the groceries but I can see she is side-eyed, looking at the outline of my cock. My penis is pulsing with all the attention. Fuck it's embarrassing, but also exciting. I can see the cashier's nipples are hard now, straining against the white fabric, like pencil erasers. My cock twitches harder. She asks for payment and I pay, she is looking at the register but still looking out of the corner of her eyes at my crotch. A man arrives and begins to place items on her belt.

"No, sorry, I'm closing, use the next register."

She calls to a colleague to take over, saying that she needs the bathroom badly.

I am pretty sure she is going to the bathroom to masturbate so I smile at her as she walks away, she smiles back.

Outside, I open the car and place my grocery bag in the passenger seat. I'm about to start the car, I hear a woman calling 'Hello' in a singsong voice.

A woman wearing black yoga pants with a camel toe crotch appears in my passenger side window. She bends down to speak:

"I'm really sorry to bother you, but would you mind having a look at my tyre, I've just noticed it looks a bit flat and I'm not sure it's safe to drive."

She is looking straight at my face. It is obvious she is trying not to stare at my penis -which is very hard.

"Sure, where's your car?"

"Just there."

She points. I get out, adjust my erection and follow her to look at the left front tyre, which is clearly low.

"Yeah, it's not looking too good, I can change it if you like."

"Shit. Dammit. That would be great but my spare is also in the shop; my road is really bad and I'm always getting punctures."

"I'd be happy to give you a lift home if it's not too far."

"That would be great, I'm 5 minutes from here. Hang on, let me just get my stuff."

"My stuff's in front. Just put it in the back seat, you can sit there too."

She tells me her address and I start driving.

"Hey dude, what's this?"

In the rear-view mirror she holds up my underwear between finger and thumb.

"Oh man, Jesus, sorry, I was jogging and got really hot."

"And that explains what exactly?"

I decide there is no point lying and tell the truth. Her eyebrows raise. Then lowers my underpants. As she does, I see her dip her head and put the crotch to her nose with a discrete sniff.

She looks back up and catches me looking at her in the mirror. Nothing is said.

I hear movement in the back but can't see what is going on.

Arriving at her house, she thanks me and lifts her groceries from the seat.

"That was very nice of you. Here:"

She leans low in the passenger window. Looking down her shirt, I can see her entire breasts dangling. Her nipples are hard. She hands me a pair of panties with a very wet crotch and shows me my underpants, clenched in her hand.

"I'll take these with me if its ok with you, I'm a big fan of pheromones."

Dumbstruck, I nod idiotically and smile.

She gets out of the car and walks towards her house leaving me with a painfully hard erection. I relieve the discomfort somewhat by adjusting the waistband of my shorts onto the shaft, allowing the cock head to be exposed above. That feels better. She turns as she reaches her front door. I start the engine.


She puts her groceries down, trots back to the car and leans in the passenger window smiling.

"I'm at that shop every Wednesday at about this time, maybe we'll see each other again?"

She sees the hard head of my cock, straining and purple. Glancing around, she opens the door, jumps into the passenger seat, moves her long hair to one side of her neck, quickly bends and takes the head of my penis in her mouth. Wild pleasure courses through me. She bobs her head four or five times. Then she then lifts away with a popping sound, sits up and smiles.

"Sorry, I really got to go, see ya sometime."

Without warning, cum spurts out of my cock and smegs against the windscreen. Her eyes open wide and her mouth gapes.

I groan as my cock spurts again, harder this time. Sperm gurks against the roof liner. It feels good. She keeps watching.

Then, quick as a flash, she pulls down the front of her pants to show me her pussy. I aim my cock towards her. Another spurt comes out. Semen shoots across to the glovebox door. She puts a finger in her pussy. More cum sails through the air and lands on her leg, shining on her black pants.

Suddenly she pulls her pants up again, gets out of the car and turns to go, calling over her shoulder.

"My neighbour's coming, gotta go. Keep an eye on the door."

One last clench of my balls and jism sails through the passenger window to splat flatly on her arse as she walks away.

She goes inside and disappears from sight, leaving the front door ajar. A neighbour passes by. She opens the door fully. There are stairs shortly behind the door. She is sitting on the 2nd step. She wiggles out of her yoga pants and spreads her legs, showing me her gash. If anyone passes they can see.

She looks at me and starts to finger herself with her right hand. With her left hand, she pulls her top down, lifts her right breast outside and pinches her nipple erect, then raises the breast to her mouth and circles her nipple with her tongue. She groans and stops fingering. I can see how wet her cunt is, even from here. She makes a cone shape with her fingers and inserts her hand into her pussy. She pushes it further and moves it in and out a few times then removes it, sticky and slurping. She licks her hand, then goes back to fingering using her index and 2nd fingers on either side of her clitoris. Her hand moves so fast it is a blur.

Her hips buck and her crotch raises. Her pussy clenches and squirts a stream through the air and out the front door. More bucking; liquid dribbles out and down her perineum and drips to the floor. Her crotch thrusts uncontrollably, pussy hole pulsing, wanting a dick inside.

The contractions diminish, she eases herself down on the step.

She stands up and closes the front door.











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