As they drive, her excitement grows. The only information that he gave her was to go shopping for him and to get some sexy things that she wanted to see him in. He had already done it on his side. Her mind wandered to the instructions.

The articles were to be packaged in such a way that neither could know what was in it. Then they were to pack a bag with just a couple of outfits to get them there and home, as they were not going to leave once they got to the air BNB. Her gift for him was a couple of pairs of satin like boxers and a pair of satin pajamas. Her idea was to steal the top at some point and parade around in it for him, just to get his cock hard. She knew how much he loved seeing her ass poke out from under one of his shirts. She did try it on when he was at work, then inspected herself in the mirror. It was just short enough that her ass was on perfect display in the back, and pussy inviting in the front.

Her hand drifted down to touch. She had found that shaving herself bare again kinda turned her on. She looked past how it used to feel tedious, because every time he touched it his compliments and attention meant more to her. She had stopped dismissing his compliments about her body, to look at them for what they were. The proclamations of a man that was so in love with his wife and lover that he wanted her to see herself as wonderful, sexy, and kinda slutty as he saw her. She now looked at his comments as they really were, compliments. Now when he told them if any doubt came into her head the decision had been made she would kiss him deeply. Her doubts would melt quickly away when the lustful click happened in the kiss. Now this could be a problem at times because it usually led to either a fingering, a sucking or a fucking very shortly after. Now it wasn't really a problem per se, but it was if the kids or anyone else was around. She found that she got really good at being quiet for the deeds. A lot of unsuspecting people were in close proximity, albeit unknowing that one or both of them were climaxing in the other room.

Her hand moved over her soft smooth lips. She cupped her sex like he does, then softly rubbing all of it before she dips a finger in. Savoring the feeling of her being very wet leads her to the bed. She lies down to finish the job. The satin top feels sensual on her bare skin. Her nipples lift the fabric just slightly. Her eyes close, while her fingers find the right spot. Knowing the right place to rub has its benefits, but the tease of his touch has its own plusses. It doesn't take her long before she finds that right combination of rubs and circles to help her over.

" I hope you like what I got for you." He says breaking the spell of her thoughts. The thought of his pj shirt and what she had done in it still floating in her mind. She was now acutely aware at how wet her pussy was.

"I can't wait to see what you got me, and to see you in what I got you." She replies

"You know you have had me hard this whole drive." He proclaims.

"I have, how?" She says in a mocking time.

"Well you wore those yoga pants I got you." He says with a grin, but not taking his eyes off the road.

"How can I do that? I am sitting down you can't see my butt." She says in her teasing voice, knowing full well that when she put them on, he would be staring at her ass, and grabbing it every chance he got. Normally she doesn't wear them out of the house, today was different. Trying to push her comfort level was something she had been wanting to do. So this day she decided to with the booty leggings.It was actually turning her on.

Not realizing that she was going to wear them, so it was a surprise when he came back from getting gas, and there she was in the kitchen showing them off slightly bent over putting stuff in the dishwasher. He didn't say a word, just a whistle topped with a tender hand gliding over her perfect ass.

The car turns up a long well maintained dirt road. Through a set of picturesque woods to a clearing. A small hill was at the clear point and a very cute house was at the top.

Reaching the house they get out of the car and gather their bags. He is walking behind as they head to the door.

"Why are you walking behind like that?" She asks in a tone that lets him know she already knows the answer.

"You know exactly why, that amazing ass in those leggings." He says not shifting his gaze from her perfect butt.

She turns and smiles out of his view turned on at how wound up he is. Once at the door his hand finds a place on her backside as the other punches in the code for the door. Inside it is cozy but big feeling. Comfy couches and chairs make up the living room. A wonderful kitchen that they will only be making coffee at since the place is to be catered from a menu that they have already chosen. It was a part of the place. Delivered whenever they chose. Dinner and a breakfast. They take the bags to a very airy bedroom. The bed sat in a corner room with windows on two sides. The bed itself was tall and big. With a note in the middle set between two robes.

"Hello! Welcome to our little cottage on the nole. You will find all the snacks and mixers you requested in the fridge. We will be delivering your dinner at 7:30 as you asked and breakfast at 9:00 in the morning. As you noticed it is remote out here so if you are so inclined you will have complete privacy so you can be anywhere here naked and not worry. The robes are for after the hot tub if you chose and when we deliver (if you chose, we are used to nude guests). Please enjoy your stay, if you need anything just text us and we will be here. Have fun!

"Well shall we see what we got each other?" She asks

"Yes please, I want to see what you got me." He returns

She pulls a red satin drawstring bag out of her bag. He pulls a black version out of his. Opening the red bag she finds a very cute black short nightie with a very low back and matching tonga panties. Then she pulls out a purple pair of booty leggings. Then last a red camisole and tap pant set.

He opens his to find three sets of satin boxers. Two with solid print of red and black. The last one written in a sexy script lots of inappropriate statements, like "Let's fuck, Gonna make you cum, wanna be my slut, you need this cock, and so on."

"Rather suggestive?" He inquires with a sly grin.

"Well you say you enjoy it when I talk dirty." Is what she purrs back in response.

Then he pulls out the pajamas that are a midnight blue.

"I think you might look pretty sexy wearing the top of these in one of the pics you send me." He says as he holds it up facing her, as to size her up in it.

"Who says I didn't try it on already?" She returns with a teasing look.

"By the way, didn't I tell you not to buy anymore of those leggings?" She says with a mock snootiness.

"Hey it was your idea for the sexy clothes exchange. You didn't specify what we could and couldn't get." He returns with a matter of fact tone.

She picks up a pair of the boxers and hands them to him and shoos him out of the room.

"I will call for you when I am ready." She says.

"Don't I get to pick out what you're going to wear? He asks as she slaps his ass out the door.

"Nope." Is all he got.

With the door closed she sets to work getting undressed and clearing the bed so she can have her way with him, or let him ravage her, not sure which one yet.

Deciding on the nightie and panties to slip into, she spies herself in the mirror.

"He does have good taste in these, I will say." She thinks to herself as she turns and looks in the mirror. The satin feels wonderful on her skin. The coolness makes her nipples stand up and say hi.

She opens the door to show off and call him in, but to her surprise he is standing there in his new boxers holding two drinks.

She takes hers and leads him in. After a sip she sets it down next to the bed and climbs up on it. She kneels facing him, bites her lip and fingers for him to join her. He sets his drink down then joins her. He wraps an arm around her waist and plants a deep kiss on her. Wrapping her arms around his neck she melts into the kiss. The intoxicating feeling of the kiss moving through her body to all of her sensitive spots, ending in her sex causing it to throb. The kissing becomes lustful and demanding. He lips need his, her tongue dancing with him. His free hand beginning to work around her body. Her back, to her ass back to her pert nipples, then mercifully to her pussy. His fingers glide over the material covering her smooth lips. Her hips push into his touch, but he teases and doesn't allow her anymore pressure that he is willing to give. He surprises her and pushes her down so she is ass up next to him. With a quick motion a spank is planted on her, followed by another. She loses count as he spanks, then teases her molten spot. Flipping her on her back to force her legs apart, he moves in between to be over her for more kissing. She feels for his hard cock rubbing lustfully through his boxers. His hand does the same to her wetness. Pushing the panties aside, his fingers make short work of her first orgasm.

"Do you want to be my lover, or my slut tonight?" He asks in her ear.

"Fuck, make me your slut please, just don't stop!" She says desperately.

He slides down her body to plant kisses on her pussy. Pulling her panties down, he takes to a long lick from the bottom to her clit. Her taste flooding his mouth. Long languid licks flood her body with pleasure. His teasing has her on edge. He mercifully targets her clit licking just right to push her over.

"You need to bring that cock up here, I need your cum on my lips." She purrs at him.

He moves up to kneel at her head. She pulls his cock out of his boxers and takes him into her mouth. Looking up at him with the head resting on her lips and tongue.

"I want you to cum all over these." She coos, kissing and licking the head.

She goes back to work knowing it won't be long before he obliges her. She feels him get close and positions herself as he unloads his climax over her lips. She laps, kisses and sucks every drop he gives. Using his cock to guide the cum into her mouth.

His head spinning from the amazing show he once again goes for her pussy. His licks are driving her wild. She wants to keep sucking his cock so she makes motions to do so. He moves so she can get at him but was not expecting him to quickly flip her on top. She tries to protest but he has her there before she can stop him. His licking keeps going. With his cock in her mouth getting hard again her next orgasm creeps up. Feeling it start to build her hips move involuntarily to start fucking his face. She loses concentration sucking as it hits her. Moans pour out from her cock filled mouth. He doesn't let up and just keeps the same pace. She starts shaking as another hits her. Finally the one she was waiting for rips through her, forcing her to roll off of him to get away.

Lying there, her pussy absolutely on fire, shaking from it all. Expecting him to spread her legs and climb on, she is surprised at how he flips her face down and pulls her ass up in one fast motion. Two loud stinging welcome spanks are laid on her perfect ass. In a blur he has positioned himself and slid in. All the sensations at once have her floating. He starts slowly. All this does is frustrate her. She starts pushing back to meet him, hoping he would catch on.

"Are you wanting me to go harder?" He asks in a mocking tone.

"Fuck me hard as you can! Fuck me, FUCK ME! She belts out as loud as she can muster.

The pounding starts, harder and faster than they had in a long time. It almost hurts, but she knows that her beat up pussy will make the sex better later. She rolls into an orgasm, then one more.

"Cum for me, I want to feel it in me!" She pants out between jarring slams.

Shortly after saying that his grunts and carnal sounds fill her ears causing one last one for her to join him. He slows his motions just slipping in and out softly, then he pulls out and lays on her back kissing her bare skin. Leaning back up leaving a cool sweaty mark of him on her back. His hands move over her ass, his fingers teasing her slick back door.

"You know, I never got a chance to finger and play back there." He says, rubbing lazy circles on the sensitive spot.

"Oh you will tonight, I am sure hoping you will. I brought the lube and toys for it. I do think you're going to be in there too." She says, looking over her shoulder at him with a Cheshire grin. & p=2065128 & t=165729

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