All characters in this story are over 18. There are some themes of incest and aggressive sexual behavior which is purely fictional and would be unethical in the real world. Please don't read this if you would find that work offensive.


Susan was just finishing up her math class at the end of the day. She had just turned 18, a senior in high school looking forward to the end of her senior year and college. She was at the point where soon she'd have to start applying.

She was an average student, not the brightest tool in the shed but she worked at it and had managed to maintain a B average in her classes.

Susan was also a beautiful girl. She had toned, muscled and tanned legs, a muscular ass that looked hard and stuck out in just the right way. She always wore jeans that clung to her thick, muscled thighs in just the right way, like her full flesh was trying to burst out, skintight and snug. If you saw her, you'd think she was one of those rare girls who had absolutely perfect legs, hips, and ass that was amazing. To that end, she often had her ass smacked, her classmates boring their eyes into it when her back was turned, and at dances she was always a bit annoyed that guys would try to grab her ass and squeeze. That always ended the dance quick.

If that weren't enough, her flat stomach led up to a set of very large breasts. We're talking Eva Notty breasts here. Anime schoolgirl-type breasts. They'd started developing early and they'd just kept growing until they were large and pert, very firm so they stood up even when naked in front of the mirror.

And she wore tight shirts.

Partly it wasn't her fault - her breasts would bust out of almost any shirt she bought. She didn't have much choice - she'd put something on and her tits would thrust out, straining the fabric and making guys drool. It'd been a long time since she'd spoken to anyone of the opposite sex and maintained eye contact.

Today she was wearing her favorite tight, black jeans and a short-sleeved, button-down, red / brown / blue checkered shirt. The buttons strained.

In the class, she always had guys sitting next to her and behind her, either stealing glances or outright staring. What she didn't realize was that they were often snapping photos of her from the side, or whenever she yawned and stuck her fucking breasts out even more for the world to see.

She was often tired at school, staying up late to study for her average grades. Her dad was so sweet to always make her coffee in the morning on her way out, which was strong and helped her through her morning classes.

What she didn't realize was that her father wasn't immune to her body either. She was his daughter, but he'd grown to dissociate her being his child from the piece of meat that was her body. At dinner he'd often stare straight at her breasts, his eyes boring into them in a way that made her uncomfortable and more than once sprouting an erection. When she got up to do the dishes, though supposedly it was so he could work, she found it odd that he'd stay in the room behind her. She wouldn't look back, it was so strange.

He would do that because it was one of the rare chances he had to stare at her ass full-bore, and her legs, and the spot where her inner thighs met at the top.

He imagined her being force-fucked from behind, her deep-throating cocks, swallowing cum down her throat, and he'd rub his own cock through his pants.

When he gave her a hug to sleep every night, he'd squeeze her tight and tell her how much he cared for her as her large breasts would press into his chest full-on and his hand kept seeming to drift down the small of her back, pressing her lower body into his pelvis where she could often feel something hard digging into her.

More often than not he'd accidently miss when pecking her on the cheek and accidentally get her lips.

She was a bit creeped out by this, but she also didn't know any better.

So every morning he'd take a cup and stare at a picture of his daughter, drooling over her tits until he came hard and shot loads of lust into the cup. Then he'd pour the coffee in and make it "just how she liked it", always enjoying watching her drink it down in the morning.

Then while she was on her way to school in the bus, literally swallowing his cum, he'd go to her room, pull our her bra or one of her tight sets of jeans, and masturbate until he came with another thick load right where her crotch would be. He'd rub it into the fabric and then put it back.

She was wearing one of those jeans right now. Drinking his cum without knowing it, sitting on the bus with her legs crossed showing off her thighs to all around her, wearing a too-tight button-down shirt that showed her massive breasts in profile, bouncing slightly as they went along. She had no idea how hard she made her father's dick, and how much of an object her body had become to him.

As she rode along, as usual she found herself sandwiched hard between two boys who'd insisted on cramming into the seat for two on either side of her. This seemed to happen almost every day and they always seemed to push in really hard next to her, with their legs out so they had physical contact all along the length of her thighs and knees. Whenever the bus jostled, they often seemed to somehow brush up against her breasts from the side.

Occasionally she fell asleep despite the coffee, and they'd take their phones out and take pictures of her that they'd masturbate to later.

Sometimes they'd masturbate in their pants, not being able to stand it. Today, one of them was wearing shorts, and had "gallantly" offered to hold her coffee so she could sleep. But as he came, brushing up against her breasts from the side, he shot his streams of cum right into the cup for her to drink later. Then he took some more and wiped it all around the lid where she'd put her lips, staring hard at her crotch while he did so.

Back to class - today she was finishing up. The professor increasingly during the lesson kept making eye contact with her breasts and looking her up and down inappropriately and obviously, then looking right into her eyes so she'd know he was lusting after her hard.

He even called her up to the board at one point, and out of the corner of her eye she could tell he was staring hard at her behind and her perfect thighs busting out of her jeans. The other guys in the class didn't even notice, because they were using the chance to stare hard at her too while her back was turned.

They were going to get their tests back today, and she was surprised when he asked her to stay after class. When she got her test, she was shocked to see that she'd gotten an F! How could this happen? She'd studied so hard, and she knew she'd gotten some of the problems right. But as she flipped through the test, she saw that some of her correct answers, in pencil, seemed to have been erased and replaced with the wrong ones. How could this happen...

When everyone had left, she remained sitting at her desk in the front of the class.

While she was staring at the test, she didn't notice that the professor had quietly gotten up and locked the windowless door after the last student left. They were alone in the room.

The professor's heart was pounding. He'd been staring at Susan the whole semester long. He couldn't contain it - she was the hottest girl he'd ever seen. Her body almost oozed sex, and try as he might, day after day he'd started to lose control and stare at her more and more. Sometimes she'd come in in a short skirt, sometimes a low-cut blouse - it was impossible.

He'd finally decided to do something about it.

He'd set this up so they'd be alone, and today her breasts seemed to be straining even harder to escape her shirt. Had this girl gotten breast implants? How the heck was that possible? Did her parents want her to be seen like some porn star? And she was so innocent.

But he imagined that was just a front. He liked to think of what guys would do to her at the school dance. He bet that even her father had probably forced himself on her - living in a house with that body, he'd probably fucked her hard.

All this made his cock hard as he approached her desk.

"So, Susan, I'm sorry to say but I'm worried about your performance in this class. Can you tell me what happened with this last test?"

She looked up at him, a sense of apprehension forming as he asked the question. But she couldn't confront him - she needed to do well. "I'm sorry sir, I was sure I had gotten more of these problems right."

"Well, Susan, can you tell me what you've been doing in your spare time that's so important it's distracted you from math? How's your personal life going these days?"

That was strange ... for a teacher to ask what she's doing on her private time... "I've been studying hard, sir. I don't know what you-"

"I notice you're getting a lot of attention from the boys these days. It's like they're pretty close to you. Have you been doing things with them?"

She was stunned, her mouth agape - how could he be saying that? "No, I-"

He leaned in close, "Have the boys been doing things to you, Susan? A pretty girl like you..." as he said that, his eyes shifted down to her cleavage and locked there, making her feel uncomfortable.

This girl was so hot - he couldn't believe he was doing this but finally penetrating the bubble of politeness and talking about her vulgarly like this turned him on so much. Look at those fucking breasts! She's fucking asking for it with a body like that. I bet guys _have_ done things to her...

"Sir, I think this conversation is going in a direction I find unprofessional, and I'd like to leave now."

He stood up and she was surprised to see a bulge sticking out of his pants. "No problem, Susan - but tell me this: you want to get into college, don't you? How hard do you think that'd be if you get an F in math your senior year?"

"You can't do that! I've been getting As and Bs on my tests! - "

"I can change that in a heartbeat. All I've got to do is go back and change your answers, fake copies of those tests, and no one would ever question it."

As he said this, he'd leaned close in to her face again, looking right down her shirt, leaning over the desk so he was so close to her. Her mouth dropped again as he spoke, her plush, glossy lips ringing it so seductively.

"I- please, don't do that- I-" In one swift movement, he moved forward, grabbed the back of her head, and put his mouth on hers. He shoved his tongue in hard, and shocked her - "Mmfgh!.." she tried to protest but couldn't. He stayed like that, like he was trying to shove his tongue all the way down her throat. It was so shocking, she didn't know what to do.

But he did.

He pulled back. "You know what happens to girls with slutty bodies like yours that don't get into college? When men see you, they see a piece of meat to be taken advantage of. They see a body. One they want to do things to. Do you realize that?"

She was silent, a look of concern forming on her face.

"Going to college is your best chance of getting past that - at least a little. Nothing will ever change completely for you."

She looked up at him pleadingly, but all she saw in him was an expression of feral desire.

"I want to fuck those big fat tits of yours if you want to get out of this class."

She looked down, and couldn't help but accidentally see his large erection tenting his pants, which she quickly looked away from. That made him smirk.

"Ok..." she whispered.

He got her up and pulled her over, sitting her down in his chair. Then he pulled down his pants, his 8" cock falling out and hitting the top of her shelf-like breasts.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to enjoy this you slut. I've been staring at you for months wanting to do things to you."

She sat silent as he unbuttoned the bottom of her blouse, just so it exposed the bottom of her breasts. He opened his drawer and pulled out some vaseline, rubbing it quickly on his dick, then he placed it pointing right up at the cleavage at the bottom of her breasts, the shaft resting against her flat stomach.

He grinned evilly. "Look at me." She looked up at him, making eye contact. "That's it.." he made a sigh of pleasure as he said it. "I'm going to fuck your breasts now, Susan. I'm going to fuck them." He placed his hands on her shoulders, firm. He then thrust his hips hard and his dick slid all the way up her chest between her large, globular teenage breasts, poking out of the top.

"Oooh yeah!... that's it, you take it."

He then pulled back and thrust up again, all the way, pushing her breasts up as his pelvis slammed into the bottom of them.

"You like that? You like how it goes all the way through?" She looked away.

"You're gonna take this cock, because this is what your fat tits were made for. I've been lusting at your breasts for months and I'm finally fucking raping them, Susan."

He said, as he thrusted hard a few more times.

"You better get used to this, because this is going to happen to you a LOT... uh." She looked up at him with worry in her eyes. As she did so, he gritted his teeth making eye contact with her, grabbed her breasts in his hands and squeezed, and he started fucking her tits even harder. This made her look away quickly again.

"Yeah... uh... you better get ... uh ... fucking used to this you big titted slut..."

"Tell me something," he said, " Does your daddy fuck you?" She looked up at him, shocked. How could he say something like that - it was unthinkable!

"Look down, you fucking teenage fuck slut. Look down at my cock poking through your tits."

She did as he said, seeing it poking over and over through the top of her cleavage as he pushed more and more. He seemed to be increasing his pace, and she wondered why- suddenly his cock stopped sliding and stayed there at the top, and shot a load of semen hard right at her face, hitting her on her cheek.

It happened so fast, she didn't have time to do anything. Her mouth fell slightly open, and the next shot hit her on her lips. Then it spasmed a couple more times, painting the area above her breasts with her sticky cum, right where her necklace sat. She looked down again, her mouth opening - the next shot hit her in her mouth, and again in her mouth.

He was in ecstasy - he'd wanted to do this to this bitch for months, seeing her staring at him in class as she listened to his lectures. He didn't see a student, but a bitch to be fucked. Now he was grabbing her big tits and looking down at her face as he gave her a pearl necklace.

When a shot hit her in her mouth by accident, he stood up and started thrusting his dick towards her lips to shove it in, but after getting the head in and a couple more shots that hit the back of her throat, she coughed and turned her head away and he was spent.

She sat there, in shock, looking down at the cum that was slowly dripping into her cleavage and out of her mouth.

He looked down at her, "ohhh, Susan - look at what I did to you," he smiled. She looked up at him.

"So... can I pass the class now?"

"We'll see about that." He pulled out his phone and quickly took several pictures of her. "Maybe you'll pass, but if you don't want these photos to suddenly appear in your classmates' email accounts by accident from an anonymous address, especially the guys who've been leering at you hard all the time, then you're going to let me do more things to that body of yours."

She moved to get up.

"Wait a second," he said. Then he reached forward, put his hand on her chest and quickly rubbed the still wet cum down into her cleavage until it was rubbed into her skin. He then scooped the cum up from her face and quickly rubbed it over her mouth and lips with his palm until it was massaged in all over her face there too.

"Now you can leave."

She looked at him, an angry look on her face, took her things and then left. As she walked out, he leered at her breasts and then took a long, hard look up and down her ass and legs. He thin zipped up his pants, and left.

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