Chris and I dreamed about how to explore more of this life. He taunted me with the stories of his other lovers. He shared every detail and compared them to me. He elaborated on all the ways they were better than me. Saying each word so slowly, emphasizing every morsel that fed the hunger in my pussy.

It helped that when we were together, we spent every waking moment thoroughly enjoying each other's company. We sat next to each other at bars, our legs touching while sharing meals, splitting a bottle of wine, and kissing like it was only the two of us in the entire world.

But it wasn't. Each time he left me, he would go back home and carry on with the other women he had in the lineup. There were several women who Chris fucked in his hometown. Most of them were just for fucking. They barely so much as shared a conversation. It was just sex.

Then there was Katarina, the Russian. She adored Chris the same way I did. They went on dates, had dinner together and sometimes she cooked for him. He always slept over when they were together. I disliked her the most. She shared the same intimacy with him that we shared. Knowing he had something similar with someone else was excruciating. Hearing about the other women who he fucked got me excited; hearing about her, a woman who he spent time with, hurt. Except, every single time he told me about her, I came more than ever. It was very confusing to feel so hurt and horny at the same time.

The first time Chris mentioned Katarina to me, he told me all about her body. I did not want to ask questions; I knew where that road would lead. My jealousy caused me to push him away, but I always ran back.

I could not help myself. I needed to know how they fucked, what positions she liked, if he licked her pussy the same way as he licked mine.

On one occasion, we were lying in bed together and started to fool around. "Honey, I'm so happy to see you. I'm so happy that we get to fuck." Chris said to me.

He paused, kissed me, and then whispered, "And tonight, we'll cuddle, fuck have a lovely evening together and tomorrow night I'll be in someone else's pussy."

He reached his fingers down in between my legs. Just brushing the side of my pussy lips. "Whose?" I asked.

"Do you really want to know?" he questioned back.

"Tell me," I begged. "Tell me who's lucky slit gets your cock after me."

"Katarina," Chris simultaneously spoke her name as he plunged his fingers inside of me. "Katarina wants to fuck tomorrow. I'm so lucky," he continued, "she's gorgeous and she wants me to pleasure that sexy little box of hers."

I did not want him to go to her after me, but I could not stop him. I could not walk away from him either. I wanted to pleasure him as much as I wanted Katarina to pleasure him.

He saw my mind spinning with lust, doubt, and everything in between. The best thing to do, as he well knew, was to drive further into my jealousy. "Do you want to see what she looks like?" he asked.

I took a deep breath. "Yes." I wanted to see what a woman who I knew was superior to me looked like.

Chris stood up to get his phone. He walked back over and stood to the side of the bed showing me Katarina's pictures. I leaned on my side to get a closer look and admire the photos of her. He had a picture of her from an event wearing a cocktail dress.

"She is gorgeous, isn't she?" he asked. "Look at that strawberry blond hair and those bright blue eyes."

I nodded yes in agreement, saddened that I could not compete.

He flipped to a new photo. Katarina wore a sparkly dark grey dress. She had perfect little breasts and showed them off tastefully. That coupled with her flawless skin made me feel inadequate immediately. She knew exactly how to lure a man's eye, showing enough to make him very curious without showing him everything. She was stunning and sophisticated.

"She has a beautiful body, amazing curves and breasts that I get to run my fingers over. You would love to suckle on those tits of hers, wouldn't you?" Chris knew which buttons to press.

Chris smiled looking at the picture of this attractive woman who he had the honor of fucking. I could not stop myself from stroking his cock as he scrolled through the pictures. I turned over onto my back. In sync with me, he took a step even closer knowing exactly what was about to happen. His hard dick made its way to my lips so he could face fuck me.

As Chris swiped through the pictures of Katarina (and who knows who else) on his phone, he told me more and more about the knock-out.

"Do you want to know what she does when we fuck?" he asked.

He did not even wait for my response, "Katarina straddles me. She puts her left foot on one side and her right foot on the other side. She slides down and swirls her hips and bounces up and down so perfectly. She can hold that position for a good, long time. Much longer than you"

Chris continued his thorough description of her. "Katarina whispers sweet words to me in Russian and cums so deliciously." Ugh, I hated her.

"When Katarina is on top like that, I look up at her so happy that she and I are fucking. She will not just fuck anyone. Her pussy is special, but she gives it to me whenever I want it. She wants to fuck all the time. Should I deny her?" he asked rhetorically.

In between slurps on his cock, I said, "Tell me more."

He kept messing with my head. "When she cums, she sounds so erotic. I love looking at her as she bounces up and down on my cock. She has toned abs and is weightless. I can pick her up and we can fuck standing up." He looked down at my face. "You can't do that for me, honey."

Again, I wanted all of Chris's attention. And gain, he was focused on a woman who was not even present. I peered to the side to see those pictures when he was kind enough to let me look. With his other hand, he massaged my breasts, pulled on my nipples and then reached over and felt my pussy. Sopping wet. I could not deny how my body reacted. It loved this torment. My mind hated it, but no other part of me felt the same.

Over the next several months, Chris would talk to Katarina about me, and talk to me about her. He convinced her but she had some rules. Ultimately, I wanted this to happen. I would do anything to stop being a voyeur behind a door. I was going to be in the room.

The same questions and nerves that troubled me before our experience with Jenny bubbled to the surface again. The difference is Jenny was simply someone to fuck. Chris and I were planning our experience with Jenny unbeknownst to her. In the end, Chris was mine.

Katarina felt strongly about Chris as did I. She would never give him up for me. If I were going to do this, I would not be her equal. Chris would not be mine at the end of the night. Could I cope with this?

I needed to see them fuck, to see how she was better than me, how she could satisfy Chris better than me. I needed to have this experience.


I flew to meet them. I did not know entirely what to expect. She had a little girl-on-girl experience, however, not recently. I currently enjoyed it when an opportunity presented itself.

I did everything I could to look my best. I wore my sexiest black, lace bra and matching panties. I did my makeup for a night out and wore my prettiest dress that made me feel like my most confident self.

We met at a bar arriving separately. I was the last to get there. They were seated in a corner hidden away from everyone else. They looked cozy sitting next to each other. She was laughing and smiling at him.

I approached the table. Chris stood up to greet me and gave me a peck on the cheek, "Nice to see you," he said as he invited me to sit down. I was already the lowest on the totem pole.

Katarina's smile faded a bit as she turned to me, giving me a look from head to toe. She nodded toward a seat. I was stunned by how beautiful she was. It made my heart hurt to see her finally. And it made me quiver to think about what was to come.

They had a bottle of champagne and were drinking. It was clear they arranged to be there before I arrived. Chris poured me a glass and then turned his focus back to Katarina.

They were catching up like old friends. She was more than beautiful; she was smart too. She was educated, she ran a successful business, she seemed to have it all. Living in the same city, she certainly had Chris more at her disposal than I did. And the accent...

They were seated so close that I wondered what was happening under the table. Was Chris touching her legs? I imagined that he was grazing his hands over her thighs and she had her hand on his lap.

He leaned into her and they kissed. He had that wistful look in his eyes that he gets. She thinks she is the only one here who knows Chris and his mannerisms well, but I do too. It was time to move things along, and Katarina did not seem to mind.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he directed his question to Katarina. The presumption being my desires mattered little in that moment. It was time.


We ordered an uber. When it arrived, Chris opened the passenger side door for me, "You'll be more comfortable up in front." They slid into the backseat together.

He was feeding my humiliation. Not only was the driver a witness to my inferiority, but Chris also pushed it further by kissing Katarina in the backseat. We arrived at her home. That was one of the rules. Her home. And when she was done with me, I had to leave.

We got out of the car. She opened the front door and before it even closed, he had her against a wall kissing her. She was so into him. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulders and she pulled him in as much as she could.

Katarina grabbed him by the hand and walked to the bedroom, I followed, almost shuffling behind them. They stood in the middle of the room picking up their makeout session where they had left off. I stood there stunned and resentful yet aroused.

In between their kisses, Chris said, "Come. Take off her dress."

I walked over to the pair. Chris's hands were holding her face as they kissed, something that I adored. Her hands were wrapped around his lower back.

Katarina did not flinch as I moved her ponytail to her side. I found the top of the zipper and gently pulled it down revealing her braless back and flawless skin. Delicately, I put my hands in at her shoulders and peeled the dress off as I had my first touch of her skin, at the arms. I was close enough to smell her. She seemed comfortable, so I kept removing her dress. I got down on my knees to pull it down past her waist. Her hips, the lace thong that she adorned, she was a thing of beauty. My pussy was sopping wet. I could only hope that my face would be buried in that ass licking that pussy at some point.

Once Katarina's dress hit the floor, she lifted one leg and then the other knowing I would move it aside for her. In only her panties and heels, Chris turned her around, so he was behind her and they were both facing me. With one hand across the front of her body and the other hand wrapped around her ponytail, his lips nuzzled into her neck, Chris looked at me with that devilish smirk. I was completely distracted by her body. I have never idolized or truly felt inferior to someone, but in that moment, I wanted to do nothing more than worship her goddess-like figure.

Chris touched her all over and she was loving it. She turned back around and without even looking at me, she said "Why don't you go sit over there?" She pointed to a couch. I wanted to touch and taste. However, this was another rule. I had to do what she said. I sat aside, as directed.

Chris undressed, laid Katarina down on her back, and pulled down her thong exposing that last little hidden treasure. Her arms were above her head, her back was arched, and Chris was between her legs about to take that first lick from her box.

Chris wrapped his hands around her thighs and moaned as he licked. He loves licking pussy. He is good at it and can do it for ages. He moaned, and she felt the reverberations throughout her whole body.

She came immediately, "YESSS, that feels so good. Please, don't stop." Chris was right. Every sound she made was delicious.

He kept licking. He moved his hands over her body, up to her nipples to softly pinch them. He brought his hands back down to her purring little snatch. Katarina put her hands on his head to show appreciation for the fantastic job he was doing. She was in heaven.

"Chris, fuck me. I need your cock in me now," she begged with her Russian accent.

Chris pulled his face from her pussy. He stood up. His cum-covered chin was glossy and reflected the warm light in the room. His cock was hard and ready to receive its reward of a tight, active pussy.

He looked over at me and gave me my first chore, "Get me ready for her."

In two quick steps I was on my knees at Chris's side. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him into my mouth. I got a few hungry slurps in before he backed away, kneeled on the bed, angled his cock towards her pussy and entered her.

They were beautiful together. The noises she made as she came for him were music to my ears, "Yes yes yes.... That is so good. You fuck me just right." That accent of hers is permanently burned in my memory.

I could not stop my hands from pulling up my dress, moving my panties to the side and teasing my pussy. I wanted them to see how turned on I was, to see me at all, but I was truly inconsequential. I may as well not have even been there.

Their noses and lips were touching in between kisses. They looked as connected as I felt he and I were when we fucked. Their lips touched, their mouths opened, tongues snaking in circles around the other one. Sometimes he moved his mouth close to her ear to whisper something. I was desperate to know what he said that made her cum again. I could not hear it. I was simply their audience. I wanted to be the one he fucked but watching them together was intoxicating.

Chris was pumping with long focused strokes, her legs up and wrapped around him, her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Her long body was moving with his. I was fingering my hole fast and I glanced down for just a moment at my slippery fingers. When I looked up, Katarina was looking at me. We locked eyes and I could not turn away. Chris pumping, she bit her lip and smiled as I stared at those blue eyes. The urgency in my pussy grew immediately as I fucked my hole and came hard, alone, on her couch a few feet away from them.

Katarina whispered something to Chris, they looked at each other. He got off her and she then mounted him. It was her turn on top. "Oh God," I thought. I was ecstatic that I got to see this position he described to me so many times.

Chris twisted around and laid on his back. Katarina faced and straddled him, her left foot at his left side, and right foot at right side. She had one hand on his chest for support, the other on his cock as she slid down onto his pole. Seeing them like this was better than I had imagined.

"You fuck me so well!" Katarina said to Chris.

"My cock is exactly where it belongs," he said to her. Katarina flicked a gaze at me over her should and winked. It stung.

She pulsed her pussy around the head of his cock before bringing her hips all the way down swallowing his shaft. Watching her hips swirl on his cock was spectacular.

"Cum for me!" Chris demanded of Katarina.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming for you!" Katarina did as she was told. Her legs quaked even as she held Chris's favorite position. I could never do that for him.

I wanted them to look over at me. They didn't. They continued their delicious fuck. I continued to finger and rub my pussy wanting something to take the edge off my envy. She seemed to fuck him forever, before Chris finally shifted her. He stood at the foot of the bed and pulled her to the edge. She had her legs high and wide in a V with her feet pointed. She was a lovely, erotic sight. Chris bucked his hips and pounded her pussy. He had one hand on her thigh, while the other hand moved up and down her long slender leg. He smiled appreciating the beautiful toy he was fucking.

"I want your cum! Please cum in me," she begged.

With a few more thrusts, he granted her wish. "I'm cumming... uhhhh!!" On the sofa, I had two hands working my pussy as I wanted to cum again, with him, as I had done so often before. To feel close to him. I saw him push inside her and Katarina hissed "Yessss" enjoying the feeling of his pulsing shaft. I looked at her face and caught her eyes again. She looked deadly serious now, her eyes sparkling her mouth in shape of a little oh even as her hips rolled milking his shaft. "Yesssss...." I came again watching the sound fall from her lips, quaking alone on the side.

He caught his breath after the intense orgasm. His cocked slipped out of her. He got into bed with her and they spooned, enjoying their post-coital bliss. Chris wrapped Katarina up in his arms and legs. They were like two jigsaw puzzle pieces perfectly fitting together. They whispered to each other, again so faintly I could not hear what they said.

And then Chris called me over, "Come clean us up."

Finally, just what I needed. Acknowledgement. Attention. A job to do. I went to him first because I knew I was welcome there. He opened a bit to make room for me. With sheer delight, I licked her sticky, wet, fresh cum from anywhere my tongue could find it on him. I wish they were watching me enjoy this moment. My moment. When I finally got to taste her. I just heard the smacks of their lips and tongues kissing.

Chris said loud enough to Katarina for me to hear, "do you want to cum more?"

I prayed Katarina would say yes. She nodded yes to him in between their soft kisses. She leaned onto her back and opened enough for me to slide my head between her thighs. Her pussy was a sopping wet delight. Who even knew which bodily fluid was whose? It did not matter; I loved the combination even more. My tongue got to work. I was tasting, touching and smelling. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted. I was not licking to make her cum. I was licking for my own enjoyment. Luckily, she loved how my tongue worked her pussy.

Katarina said to Chris, "She's making me cum." I could feel her hips gyrating against my mouth. The fact that she was cumming from me felt incredibly gratifying. I felt redeemed. My pussy was soaked again, and I wanted my own release. But it would have to wait. It was not my time.

"Yes, Katarina, let her clean you. She'll make you ready for my cock again," Chris said to Katarina loud enough for me to hear.

Her sensitive pussy had just worked so hard on Chris's cock. This was just a slow tongue bath around her slit. Up and down the sides of her pussy lips. They felt so wet and plump against my tongue. When Chris said he felt so honored that Katarina let him fuck her, I now felt that same honor.

I kept my head right in between her legs, I leaned my head to the side and licked in that direction. I kissed and touched her thighs. In between her orgasms, I heard them kissing. I eventually looked up, they no longer noticed me. They were back in their own two-person world.

Chris was getting turned on again. He put his hand on my head. He steered my head in the direction of his cock. He was nearly hard.

"Get me hard again," he demanded.

I slide over to him to suck hoping for a bit more attention than what I was receiving. I didn't get it.

Katarina said to Chris, "Please Chris, fuck me. I need to feel your cock in me again."

As Chris moved into place, I backed away. I was kneeling at the foot of the bed. He climbed on top of Katarina and slid right in. I prepared them both so well, they did not need to do anything other than fuck.

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