"Glenna...," she heard the wicked smile in his voice as he pulled his hand out from her panties to wrap his arm across her breasts and push his nectar-slick fingers into her mouth that gaped with her needy moans.

She wrapped her lips around the two fingers in a tight seal and sucked at the warm digits. Even his skin was a spicy sweetness that seemed to be a part of him. Dagan nibbled at her throat and ear while Glenna cleaned his fingers, grinding his angry bulge into her ample backside which she ground back. She moaned around his fingers as he whispered again how he should punish her for stealing a piece of his cake.

"Anyway you want," Glenna mumbled around his fingers that he began to push and pull from her greedy mouth. Savage lust had addled her brain, making her up for anything. Magic permeated through the stable, a special holiday magic of sugar plums and candy canes dancing on her senses. Fuck religion. She needed release. She needed his touch and taste that was imperative to her survival.

Dagan's chuckle was a languid husky sound. He liked her answer and a euphoria burned in her belly to have pleased him. He turned her around then claimed her mouth in a smoldering kiss that made her toes curl in her oversized boots and socks. Their tongues twirled and slid against each other in a sensual dance, each savoring the taste of the other. He was a burst of flavor in her mouth, his wild virile scent filling her lungs.

Glenna pressed more tightly against the man, her slender arms wrapping sinuously around his neck, hands feeling the satin muscles move beneath her now sweating palms. Suddenly she felt a pressure being exerted on her shoulders pushing her down. She mourned the loss of Dagan's mouth but decided to taste, bite and kiss every inch of him on her way down. She nuzzled at the silky chest hairs, suckling lightly at his manly nipple that pebbled at her attention, pressing her nose and mouth down his rippling stomach. His skin tasted musky, earthy. Every inch of him a powerful narcotic that made her more addicted.

That masculine spice grew stronger as she rubbed her face into his swollen hot crotch. Her womb quivered at the daunting size of him as she mouthed his male piece stretching the fibers of his trousers. She could taste the slightly salty musk of his pre-cum as it wet his pants. He raked his hand through her hair, digging into her scalp sending a thrill through her body as she ran delicate yet hot licks of her tongue along the length.

"Take them off," he ordered huskily. Glenna obeyed without question. "Then I want you to get my cock sloppy wet."

She gaped at the massive tool that bobbed up and down in front of her face. It was not a normal male appendage that was for sure. It resembled more of a horse cock. The helmet tip was more of a mushroom shape but the length had to be 9 inches while it's girth? Glenna couldn't even wrap her whole hand around it, her middle finger and thumb couldn't meet when she took hold of it. Closer to the base was a raised ring just before the veiny flesh became thicker then her eyes widened at the sight of his scrotum. His balls were the size of tennis balls, covered in a light peach fuzz. She caressed them, each sac fitting her palm. Giving them a tender squeeze Dagan purred his amusement at her stunned face.

Glenna began to get to work. Every time she passed the raised ring with her fist he grunted and vibrated with a deeply erotic growl. She stopped just before she was about to pass over it again, plagued by sudden doubt. Dagan's fingers dug into her hair, pulling slightly at her scalp causing it to burn and her to hiss. He forced her head up giving her a raised brow, his face dark with frustration at her disobedience. "Did I say you could stop?"

"I don't think this will fit... anywhere...," Glenna answered quietly, her face filling with color, as red as Santa's hat and coat. His lush lips curled into a wolfish grin, his white teeth gleaming in his bronzed face. He bent over and his look was so sinfully erotic that her pussy gushed. Her panties would have to be thrown out after tonight.

"You said you would do anything," he huskily replied, his eyelids lowering giving him that sexy bedroom eyes look. He pulled her head towards his iron member. The wet tip spread a briny silkiness around her lips. Glenna gasped as her lips tingled then she was silenced when Dagan thrust his bulbous crown into her mouth. Her mouth filled with spice even as her cheeks bulged at the tip taking up the whole spice. "Now get to work, thief."

Glenna could do nothing but obey. She suckled at the crown, the texture velvety and warm, her tongue lapped at the sensitive spot just beneath the crown making the pooka growl. She worked up as much spit as she could and used both of her small hands to stroke and spread her spit and his pre-cum all over his length to lubricate it. She looked up at him, a dazed look of lust in her eyes that made his face glow with male satisfaction. He was a god illuminated by the Christmas lights, his bronze skin glowing gold and silver. He radiated potent masculinity that made Glenna eager to submit. Even if she hadn't been raging horny from the cake she would have happily bent over and given Dagan anything he wanted. The air around them filled with soft succulent noises from her making the pooka harder, pulsing as if his heart were in his dick. The only other sounds were the occasional grunt of the horses who seemed oblivious to their presence and the keening winter wind outside.

Glenna familiarized herself with every ridge and plump vein until she could recognize it just by the feel of it in the dark. Dagan made a few silky sighs and male grunts, his hard stomach clenching at every sensation she sparked when hitting his most sensitive spots. She palmed his big heavy sac, cradling it, gently squeezing it. She even took her mouth from his cock and attempted to take a ball in her mouth.

Her mouth suctioned on the sac while her tongue lapped rapidly at the velvet soft skin. The sac drew taut as she hungrily persisted, her small hand caressing the hard throbbing maleness. She wanted to play with herself to relieve some of the ravenous heat but when she put her hand down her panties, Dagan growled his displeasure, pulling her head back so hard Glenna thought he would rip the hair from the roots.

"Did I say you could pleasure yourself?" he growled, the authority in his husky growl reached a primitive part inside her that made her obey. He gentled his grip as she mumbled an apology and went back to sucking as much of his cock as she could. Dagan gently took hold of her face to keep her still and began to slowly shuttle the raging red tip of his dick into her hungry suckling mouth.

Glenna allowed him control even as she gagged when that fat head reached the entrance of her throat. He wasn't exactly rough but she found it difficult to breathe on occasion. Eventually they found a rhythm and she could even open her throat but still she couldn't even get half of him inside her head. Finally Dagan released her, leaving her sprawled on the hay ridden floor of the stall. Fresh hay usually bothered Glenna's sinuses but right now she had never smelled so clear. In fact the addition of the smell of fresh hay made her more aroused. It felt so primal to be fucked in the stable. To be so hot that any where would do.

"On your hands and knees, Glenna," Dagan growled. Once again she obeyed without question but saw an abandoned horse checkered red and black horse blanket. She laid it on the floor over the stray bits of hay then got on all fours, her fingers digging into the warm soft wool. The horse fairy didn't object.

The pooka reached for her, his hands moving over her hips in a soothing caress. He gripped her ruined panties and pulled them down her thighs. Glenna lifted her knees to help get them off. She shivered at the cool air hitting her very wet swollen pussy. She moaned as Dagan caressed the curve of her exposed cheeks, nibbling at the pliant flesh and kissing it. He exerted light pressure on her upper back to lower her top so that her delectable bottom was wiggling high in the air with her face pressed into the comforting woolen blanket.

Glenna smelled the faint musky fragrance of horse and freshly washed wool and felt the stray straw poking at her cheek beneath it. She curled her fingers into the downy wool as Dagan patiently touched her with feathery strokes down and over her thighs and ass. Her sex pulsated, wet with longing. His thumbs caressed the puffy out lips, spreading them to reveal a nice satin pink. Glenna moaned from deep in her throat at the languid glide of the pooka's tongue up and down her honeyed slit. After a few minutes of tormenting voluptuous strokes which felt like eternity, he sheathed his tongue in her channel.

Glenna's body quaked at each silken plunge and sinuous curl of Dagan's tongue. He was so wicked in his sultry teasing, bringing her close to the edge but never giving her release. That was until his thumb and finger gently squeezed her pulsating clit. She cried out, her body spasming as if struck by lightning. She almost collapsed, melted into the floor but the Irish fairy growled his displeasure and gave her upturned bottom a hard disciplinary whack. The woman's body jolted at the quick yet savage sensation that flashed through her. The stung flesh seethed but added forbidden pleasure. Her throat tightened with a gasp at the second smack. Her cheek rippled and turned an even brighter pink.

"Did I say you could come?" Dagan growled savagely.

"I-I'm sorry... couldn't help—it!" Dagan had brought down his hand on her backside again. He pulled Glenna up forcefully by her hips getting her on all fours again, doggy-style. With one hand gripping her hip and the other holding the back of her neck he filled her gooey snatch in one swift punishing thrust. His sudden plunge caused a bit of pain, her channel unused to being stretched to such limits so fast.

Thankfully Glenna was soaking wet easing each demanding lunge. She shook and hissed with the pleasure-pain of Dagan's fat horse cock. His grip was dominating, bruising her supple skin but added to the eroticism of his claiming her pussy. Their flesh slapped hungrily together as they both moaned their otherworldly sex. Her woolen flannel once a light shield from the cold was now a heavy burden, the fabricate suffocating her and absorbing her perspiration. Dagan pushed the shirt over her back, laying his stomach fully over her to push it over her head then down her arms. Her skin prickled with goosebumps at the sudden coolness that hit her damp hot skin. She sobbed with relief even as the pooka lapped at the salt beading on her throat then nipped her red ear.

Glenna managed to rid herself of the shirt just as Dagan's expert hands were kneading her plush creamy mounds. He murmured incoherent words in her ears while rubbing and pinching her pearling nipples. "Do you want my cum, Glenna?" he asked sinfully.

"Yes!" she cried in euphoria. "Yes! I want you to cum deep inside me!"

She didn't care if her raised voice would scare the horses. She was only a raw nerve of urgency that would not be satisfied until this stallion bred her. At his final thrust, that was so deep their hips seemed fused together, he released a flood of heat inside her. His fingers curled into the plush curves of her breasts, her nipples balls against his rough palms. His teeth sunk into the delicate damp skin of her shoulder as his cock throbbed with his release deeply within her. Glenna's limbs shook from his full weight. He allowed her to slump over the blanket, his body surrounding her with heat and sensuality.

He immediately rolled over, his cock still deeply embedded and pressing into her g-spot. Her toes curled as he adjusted himself, his long sinewy arms wrapped around her chest, the curly chest hairs tickling her upper back, his ragged breath in her ear. His hand moved to wrap around her throat. His thumb rubbed sensually over her stuttering pulse covered by thin tender skin. His fingers grew taut but Glenna could still breathe, in fact she found a guy's hand on her throat a turn on. It was so dominant. A primitive call that made her voice a begging sound. That sound fed into his animal hunger.

"Have you ever ridden a pooka before?" he asked provocatively, his hips slowly pressing upward to feel her channel clench around him with those silky hot muscles.

At the negative shake of Glenna's head he helped to get up then situated her facing him. He pulled her face towards him, his hand still on her throat. Their breath tickled each other's swollen lips. "Be a good girl and ride me but don't you dare come until I say, understand?" he rasped, his dark eyes were black pools drowning her soul, his voice the only guide in her daze. Glenna nodded in a heavy blink, her eyes glazed over in sexual heat. Dagan released her with a heart-thudding grin full of male confidence.

Glenna placed her shaking hands on his hairy chest, words she wanted to say felt heavy on her tongue. What could she say that she couldn't show him. Besides he didn't demand any dirty talk. He was doing enough for the both of them so far. Dagan watched through half-lidded eyes at the heady sight of his conquest impaling herself slowly and repeatedly on his thick meat. His hands cradling his head his pointed ears twitched in arousal listening and watching as she pleasured him with her body.

Her sheath was so hot. Like a fist of molten silk hugging him. The muscles tightened at her every rise trying to give him as much delight as possible. His hot gaze traveled and lingered over every inch of her. Her skin flushed pink with heat, shining with salty perspiration. Her breasts weren't huge but they were perfect golden apples with hard nipples as red and ripe as cranberries. He licked his lips and Glenna made a small whimpering sound remembering that tongue tasting the deepest sweetness of her.

Dagan's hands couldn't resist exploring her. When she tried to do the same he gave her a hearty whack on her bottom, the pliant flesh rippling at the force. Glenna's channel spasmed. She really liked being spanked. "Did I give you permission to touch more of me?" he asked, his palms caressing her quivering thighs. She answered with a shake of her head. "Ride me faster until I come. You want me to come again?"

"Mmmmm yes, Dagan," Glenna groaned at Dagan's hands kneading her breasts, so highly sensitive she had to bite her lip against the climax building within her.

"Make me come again then I'll let you have release," Dagan's thumb flicked teasingly at her engorged clit while his other hand still played with her responsive breast. Glenna knew if she moved any faster she would come too early. She kept her undulations rhythmic, her channel doing most of the work. His hands played with her, cruel yet she didn't want them to stop. They stoked the insatiable fire that had blazed within her ever since she ate that cake and tried to masturbate herself to sleep.

Thankfully Glenna didn't have to wait too long. "Arch your back more," he growled, his hands gripping her hips. She rested her hands on his lean thighs, feeling the ropes of muscle twitch beneath her tired fingers. She felt the supernatural power of him as he fucked up into her. She worked her channel muscles and with one final twisting squeeze from her walls the fairy expanded then shot another jet of hot cream into her womb.

Dagan snarled his release, his fingers bruising her fair skin. Glenna slumped forward over him, her body was tense, as taut as a bow string ready to snap. Her breasts dangled like tempting fruits over Dagan's sweat-glowing face. He nipped and suckled lightly at the buds. He felt her muscles spasm around his still firm cock. "Have you learned your lesson yet, Glenna?" he murmured provocatively against her throbbing nipples. "Shall we end our lessons?"

"But—" Glenna gave a convulsive gasp as Dagan rolled her responsive nipple between his ivory teeth. "You said you would let me come if I—"

Dagan closed his lips around the red bud, his cheeks concave at his brutal suck. "You need to be reminded who's in charge I think." His voice was casual, almost lazy and dismissive. He pulled back from her breasts, his wide-toothed grin so full of unrepentant delight it had Glenna's heart skipping. "Clean my dick with that naughty mouth and tongue of yours..." he pulled her off his now half-hard cock with a delicious squelch then guided her down to rest between his outstretched legs, her face pressing into his honey-coated sex. "If you get every bit off then maybe I will give you that shattering orgasm you are so desperate for." His brow then arrowed in warning. "But you do not then I will turn your ass as red as a Christmas apple."

"Yes, sir," Glenna responded meekly. Dagan's hand played with her hair, moving his fingers over her rosy face giving her shivers as she worshipped his cock. She began to lick his 9 inch thick maleness as if it were her new favorite candy cane as she settled to lay on her stomach between his spread thighs. Her arms draped over his hair dusted thighs, the muscles there coiling and twitching at each pass of her lips and tongue over the middle ring. She could feel his seed leaking from her well-used still ravenous pussy, soaking the horse blanket.

Dagan kept his fingers tangled in her hair to keep her where he wanted. Yet mostly he licked his lips and groaned his pleasure. Her tongue was warm and delicate, painting him in silky strokes and rosy lips. She even played with his huge tennis ball scrotum, an entire ball fitting in her caressing hand. The other hand was moving up and down his length in steady firm strokes.

His musky smell was driving her crazy again. Glenna felt like an addict who hadn't had her fix in a week. Every lick of her tongue spice sparked and flooded her mouth making her suck more hungrily, greedily. Adding her own flavor of salt and sweet reminded her of salted caramel melting in her mouth. When she engulfed his bulbous tip after gathering every bit of her honey and his seed he gripped her head to keep her stationary. She got on her knees because his cock was so tall. Her pussy convulsed as like earlier he shuttled his cock into the devouring heat of her. She swirled her tongue rapidly around the tender rim of his crown as she moaned her pleasure at being used and dominated like this.

Dagan growled. He was too sensitive there. He pulled her greedy mouth off his head with a wet pop then pulled her body up and rolled over so that she was beneath him. His mouth crashed onto hers, his cock nestled nicely at her sex. Demanding. Sensual. Erotic. Tongue-piercing. His hand reached between them, caressing her puffy, creamy folds. Glenna groaned into his mouth, her limbs wrapping around him to press their aching bodies together and savor their closeness. But the pooka wasn't having that. He pressed her flat against the blanket that was damp from their bodily fluids.

In the glow of the golden Christmas lights he slowly explored her body. His lips brushing across her highly responsive body as if taking sips from a rare wine. He lapped at the shining perspiration, kissed and caressed her flushed skin making it to her still tender breasts. His hands kneaded and fingers curled around the soft creamy mounds, flesh pliant and yielding to his expert touch.

His lips and nose nuzzled at the supple curves, the scrape of his beard making her tremble as he buried his face in her fragrant cleavage. Glenna's breathing slowed, deepened as she allowed the sensations to wash over her. Her vision blurred, staring at the beautifully decorated Christmas Tree the lights and ribbons became colorful bright dots. Licking her dry lips, tasting the salt of their combined bodily juices, she curved her fingers delicately through Dagan's black, luxuriant curls. Her fingers formed to his skull as she throbbed at each voluptuous stroke of his mouth.











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