Part 11 Thanksgiving Has Arrived

Thanksgiving day had arrived. That morning before we left I talked with Nicole and Penny about what the club would expect from them. I was their guardian, and no one could touch them without my permission, but I would be expected to let other club members share them on occasion. I had broached this subject before, but we never went too far into it. I thought it would be a good introduction to them by allowing Roger and Ben to share them today. They knew Roger and would feel more comfortable with him than with a stranger for their first time.

I had my concerns about Ben so I would be setting up some ground rules to keep him honest. Beth also joined in and explained to the women this was a normal thing. It only consisted of sex, nothing more, and any punishments would be given by me if needed. I told them I didn't foresee a need for that, but they had to know it was a possibility. Nicole spoke up,

"So, if someone asks us for sex, what do we say? Do we get your permission first?" I answered,

"Yes. In a case like this, where there is an agreement beforehand, then no. Either Ben or Roger could tell you to do something and you would have to comply, unless it was something that would be considered a punishment, like a spanking. I would not allow that. I will make sure nothing happens to you today or any other time this comes up. I will shield you from everything that I can, but this is something you have to accept. " Beth spoke up.

"This is part of your life now. We are kept subservient to the men so they know we will follow directions and we understand they are in control. They trust us with running Santana and it's businesses because of this, and we make them money. Believe me, they don't want anything to happen to us; they're not trying to hurt you. There are only fifty club members that you would ever be in a position to have sex with, and you may never meet them all. I have only had sex with around ten different men over the years I've been in the club. Well, except for the Christmas party, but that's another conversation. Rich could, however, give you to anyone he wanted, but that usually doesn't happen." I spoke up,

"If I do let other people have sex with you, I will have a very good reason. For today you'll wear your corsets, boots, and collars. Unless you are instructed by one of the men to do something, you're free to do whatever you want. You'll probably spend most of the day talking and eating, with sex occupying a small amount of the time. Roger understands this is your first introduction to the sharing, and he promises to go easy."

Nicole looked a little unsure of everything, but Julie took it in stride; moral flexibility indeed. I wasn't fond of putting the women in this position, but being a member of the club, I was expected to. This was yet another thing I would have to harden myself against. I saw them being abused in their loyalty test and that angered me. I saw them abused by Bob, and while it did anger me, it turned me on. Which direction would I go when one of my women were having sex with someone else in front of me. I honestly didn't know, but I would find out by the end of the day.

The ladies all dressed in their outfits, put on matching black coats that extended down past their knees, and we were off. I drove everyone in my truck, thankfully it was a crew cab, and we arrived shortly before noon. When we opened the door, we were greeted by Susan who was dressed in her corset and heels. She looked beautiful as always. We entered and I instructed the women to remove their coats. Ben and Roger came around the corner while they were doing this and stopped in their tracks. Roger spoke up.

"Damn Rich, those have to be the sexiest outfits I've seen, and that includes the women at the clubhouse. I love those boots, and those collars just add to it. I have to hand it to you, well done."

Ben didn't say anything but just stood there staring at the women. Penny came walking around the corner and stood next to Ben. I spoke up.

"Penny, how are you today?"

"I'm good Rich. Thank you for asking."

She gave me a quick wink when Ben wasn't looking, and I smiled back at her. When she turned around, I noticed I could not see any whip marks on her back; her corset covered them all. Ben was good at hiding what he did to his sister, and I wondered just how much Roger and Susan knew. Roger spoke up.

"Ben and Rich, follow me to my office and we'll talk about the ground rules for today. Susan, why don't you take the women to the kitchen. You guys can get acquainted and they can help you if you need it."

I caught Julie staring at Penny, and she couldn't take her eyes off her. She was smiling and looking her over top to bottom. Before I took off with Roger I leaned over and asked her,

"You ok Julie?"

"Yeah Rich, that's Penny? The name sounded familiar, but I didn't think much of it. That girl is in some of my classes with me, and I always thought she was hot. She was always kind to me, but we never talked enough to be friends. She was one of the few that took the time to be nice, and I always appreciated that." I answered,

"Slow down woman. I hope that doesn't mean you're giving me up for a shot at her?"

What I never realized was Julie's attraction to other women. This was something new. I wasn't going to stand in her way, and I would try to facilitate something if Penny agreed and was similarly inclined. I would have to keep my eye out for an opportunity. Julie answered,

"If that's what it takes to do it, you'd be in trouble."

She gave me a wink and took off behind the other women toward the kitchen. I followed Roger to his office He had a nice setup; a large desk, computer, a television on the wall, and a nice collection of guns and whiskey. While not a great combination together, I didn't have a problem with either on its own. He had two recliners facing his desk and another in the corner of the room by a large bookshelf. The lighting was low and relaxed, and we all took a seat, with Roger behind his desk.

"So, Rich, do you have any restrictions?" I answered

"Yes, I do. You can have fun with the ladies, but there will be no punishments unless I administer it, and no one gets taken into the dungeon." Ben spoke up.

"That's not fair. I was looking forward to spanking them. Can I just do it a little? I promise I'll go easy." I answered while I looked directly into his eyes.

"No Ben. If they need to be punished, I will be the one to do it. And you will remain in a common area. I don't want you to take anyone back in private. If you want to do something, you can do it in front of everyone. I know I'll be following that rule also. It will be more fun, and Julie and Nicole will be able to see what is expected of them."

I threw in that last part to justify not letting Ben alone with any of the women. I didn't trust him after what I've seen. Roger spoke up.

"That sounds reasonable. Ok then, I will have the same restrictions with Susan and Penny." Ben answered,

"Wait, I thought I was setting the rules. Shouldn't it be me that puts any restrictions down?"

Ben was trying his best to be part of this conversation, and I started to think he felt left out. I came in and was given three women, and all he has is his sister to boss around, and even that is with his father's permission. I would have to keep an eye on him; there was no telling what he would try to do. If I could exclude him from the agreement I would. He wasn't a club member, but he was Roger's son, and doing so may prove problematic.

Roger told Ben it was our decision and we all agreed to the rules. I sat there for a little while longer talking to Roger while Ben walked out. Roger told me he thought I was doing a great job getting the women acclimated to their new lives. They seemed happy, and he was surprised I was able to do that in such a short time. I thanked him and confessed some of the club rules were rubbing me a little, specifically how they treated women. I trusted Roger, had known him since I was eight. He answered,

"I understand Rich. The club has a large trafficking business that we make a great deal of money from. After being in the business for so many years I recognize that we've become numb to the fact that we're dealing with human beings. To us, these women are products, just like anything else we buy and sell. Is it right that we do that? Probably not. Is it necessary for the club to make money and survive? Yes."

I had to tread carefully. I was only in the club for a short time and I was young. I had three women to worry about, and I couldn't chance Roger having second thoughts about my ability and loyalty. If I was removed as their guardian they would be given to another member and that person may not have their best interests in mind. I thought it best to not push the issue. I spoke up,

"Oh yeah, I understand that. I just saw the women in John's office and they just looked like all emotion was sucked out of them. I guess it just got to me. I'm good though, and I understand that our women need to be obedient and that's what I'm trying to foster with them."

I tried to make it sound good. It wasn't just Nicole and Julie who needed to be convinced of the necessity of following the club's rules, I also had to convince myself. I didn't want to admit that I would have to abuse women in the future but didn't see where I had a choice in the matter. I would need to accept that, and the sooner, the better.

Roger seemed happy with that answer and we walked back out to the living room. I was met in the hall by Julie and Penny. Penny spoke up,

"Rich, you didn't tell me Julie was your girlfriend. I mean, I saw you eating lunch together, but I guess I never figured it out." Julie spoke up,

"I just talked with Penny and she told me she always wanted to be my friend but just thought I wanted to be alone. I can understand that Penny, I didn't exactly send out vibes that I wanted friends." Penny spoke up,

"Julie told me about her abuse. That's horrible, and if I had known that, I would have stepped up to be a friend to you." Julie spoke up,

"Thanks, Penny, well, we can be friends now. You were always nice and I appreciated that. With all the crap I was going through I soaked up any kindness that I received." Penny answered,

"That was my pleasure. There was just something about you that made me notice you. You were always cute, even in your baggy clothes, and now I understand why you were wearing them. Come on Julie, let me show you my room."

Their conversation went from including me to excluding me, and that would foreshadow their relationship. They seemed happy to be in each other's company. They went back to Penny's room, almost skipping. It was great to see them happy, Penny especially, after what she went through yesterday.

When I walked around the corner I noticed Ben had not wasted much time. He had Beth on her knees sucking him, while the other women were still in the kitchen. Ben was sitting on one of the three white recliners in the living room, and there were two couches in addition to the chairs. There was a large screen TV on one wall, two large windows on another, and the third wall opened to the dining room and hallway. I commented.

"Damn Ben, that didn't take you long."

"I couldn't help it. I missed using Beth since Rich became her guardian."

He couldn't help himself. To him, it was just using someone. If he didn't learn to give back, he was in for some bad relationships. He sat back smiling, watching Beth work on him. He placed his hand on her head and guided her if her pace wasn't to his satisfaction. I noticed Beth was going through the motions, but her heart wasn't in it.

I stood there for a moment and watched Beth. I wanted to see how it made me feel watching her, in person, having sex with someone else. I tried to unpack my thoughts and remove my feelings about Ben from the equation. What I was left with was my answer; I did enjoy watching her. She looked sexy on her knees in her corset and heels pleasuring someone else, and I didn't feel any jealousy I expected I would. What I had was a desire to take her back home and reclaim her as mine. I didn't understand this emotion at the time, but I did know it was getting me excited. I calmed myself down and I tried to talk to Ben.

"Ben, I know you like when Beth sucks your dick, but why don't you give her something back; give her some time. You might find she's more responsive and will be excited to play with you. It can't always be just about you. Give her an orgasm and she will return the favor."

I didn't want to make it sound like Beth was doing a bad job, she wasn't, but I could tell she wasn't enjoying herself. I hoped Ben would take the advice and have an epiphany, forever changing the way he treated women from this day forward. Yeah, even I didn't believe that.

"Oh Rich, that's your problem. You think women deserve extra attention. They're here for our pleasure, not the other way around. Beth has orgasmed plenty of times with me. She loves when I tie her up and put a vibrator in her. She has fun. Isn't that right Beth?"

Oh boy, here we go. Beth, while still with his dick in her mouth, glanced up at me with a look asking what she should do? Should she lie to him, which technically she wasn't supposed to do? Faking an orgasm is technically lying, but Ben was so wrapped up in himself that he never questioned it, just believing he knew what he was looking at. I spoke up.

"Well, Ben, Beth isn't supposed to lie to you, so I'll tell you. She never actually had an orgasm from the vibrators. That just doesn't work for her. She can't even get herself off, she needs someone else for her to feel it." Ben looked a little angry; I would have to be careful.

"That's bullshit! I saw her do it many times. I know she orgasmed when I fucked her, and I saw her do it with my Dad also." I answered.

"Sorry, Ben, negative on both accounts. That's what I'm trying to tell you. You need to spend more time on a woman for her to feel something, feel a connection to you. You can ram your dick into her all day and night, but that's just a dick. There's no emotion behind it, no heat. You need that."

"No, she lied to you. You don't know what you're talking about. I can tell when a woman orgasms."

I was getting tired of Ben telling me he knew better, so I told Beth to come over. She stopped what she was doing and stood next to me. I gave her instructions.

"Beth, I want you to sit on the chair and put your hands on the arms. You will show Ben what a fake orgasm looks like."

Beth was all for this. I'm sure she's wanted to throw this back in Ben's face for a long time. She did as I told her, sat down, and started. She looked like the scene from that movie, but she did it so much better; I suppose she's had more practice. Everyone came out to see what was going on, while Beth was putting on a show and getting animated. Her entire performance took about 4 minutes, and when she was done all the other ladies gave her a round of applause and I joined in. It was an Oscar-worthy performance.

The only person not impressed was Ben. He just looked at Beth like he could kill her. Beth just smiled at him and blew him a quick kiss. That wasn't going to go over well. Ben looked up at me.

"Yeah, Rich, you're so smart. I bet you can't make her orgasm either."

That was the wrong thing to say. Beth was already feeling full of herself and answered.

"I'm sorry Ben, but you're wrong. I've orgasmed every time I've been with Rich. He pays attention to what I want and reads me. He does that to Julie and Nicole also. I bet he can tell which of us is doing something without even looking, just by how we feel. He's that attentive."

She was pouring it on. With everything she went through at Ben's hands, I didn't blame her. When I looked back, I noticed Roger had walked back in with Nicole and she was between his legs sucking him as he sat in a chair and listened to the conversation. I found myself with the same desire for Nicole; no jealousy, just wanting to take her home and reclaim her. I would have to find out what this said about me. Ben spoke up.

"No way, she's lying. She needs to be punished for lying like that." Roger spoke.

"It seems like a disagreement. I can only see one way to settle it; Rich will have to prove it. We'll have Rich tied down and blindfolded. His ladies will each take turns doing something to him, and he will have to tell us which woman is which. His hands will be tied so he can't feel anyone, and since everyone is wearing the same outfit, that won't give it away either."

So, it was on. Everyone else came out and Roger explained to them what we were doing. Susan and Penny were curious, and Julie and Nicole were more than happy to get involved. They brought a chair from the kitchen and I was blindfolded and secured to the chair by some of Ben's restraints from the dungeon. Nicole, Beth, and Julie talked out of earshot and discussed how they would proceed. Roger turned on some music loud enough so any sound would be mixed into it. Roger said he would stand close by so they couldn't whisper anything to me.

I sat there for a few minutes until the first woman came up and kissed me. This was a nice, long, passionate kiss. The only thing I tasted was mint; she must have eaten a breath mint beforehand to throw me off. The smell I was getting was different than anything I had experienced before; this must be Susan's or Penny's perfume; they thought of that also. I couldn't tell who she was by her height, as the women were around the same, and without my hands, I was at a loss there.

I felt her tongue move around in my mouth, moving in and out. She seemed to be trying to reach my tonsils It wasn't just the tongue that tipped me off though, it was her lips. She wasn't wearing any lipstick, she must have wiped it off. All the women were wearing their favorite when we left this morning, but I didn't need lipstick to tell me who this was; this was Julie. She has always had the best lips of anyone I've ever seen. To kiss those lips were heaven. I spent many nights just making out with her, tasting her for hours. I spoke up and said it was Julie. No one said a word, she stepped back from me, and I was sitting alone.

The next woman came up, put her hands on my legs, knelt, and started stroking my dick. It was already hard from who I thought was Julie, so it didn't take long until my dick was in her mouth. I received the same perfume aroma as the previous woman, so no help there. Whoever this woman was, went up and down slowly, gradually putting pressure on the underside with her tongue. She then took her hand and started massaging my balls, reaching back, and putting pressure on the area underneath. That could only be one person; Beth. She was a master at that technique, and I would recognize that anywhere. Just before I climaxed, she pulled back and stepped away. I told everyone it was Beth.

Next came who had to be Nicole. I was sure of the first two, but I didn't want to let on. She walked up to me, grabbed my dick, and straddled my legs. She then slid right down; I was still moist from my blow job from Beth and she was wet from watching the previous women. Same perfume smell and her breath also smelled minty. When she hit bottom, she paused. She then gripped my penis with her vagina and rose; it felt like my dick was being pulled off my body. She repeated this a dozen times, each time practically pulling me from my seat. This was Nicole. Her vagina was the strongest out of the three women. She then pulled herself off and stepped back. I told the room that it could only be Nicole. Roger spoke up.

"OK, now for the bonus rounds. Just to make sure everything is legit; we'll have two of Rich's women do something different to him. If they fucked him, they can either suck or kiss him. It's their choice. This will prove to me if Rich is that in tune or just lucky guesses. This time they will be naked." & userID=89254

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