Hanna hung there for a second, poised above my shaft, and then with a deep breath she wrapped her fingers around me and lowered herself down, guiding my cock inside her.

"Oh Hanna," I said. I gulped.

I drank in the feel of her like a bee drinking nectar from the inside of a flower. And like the most perfect flower, her labia bloomed around me, the pink folds raking against my veins and ridges as she moved up and down.

Hanna was about twice as tight as Lauren. At first, she had trouble even getting me all the way in. She worked with an intense concentration, raising and lowering herself several times before her body finally conformed to my girth and then our hips met, my cock planted fully and firmly inside.

She straightened up with her hands resting on my chest, eyes closed, lips parted.

"Oh..." Her voice was thin, like the small trickle of a stream. I felt her insides grip me like a vice.

She sat there for several moments processing the feel of me, letting a few small tremors pass through her. The soft Japanese music played overhead. I slid my hands up her bare thighs, over her belly to her breasts, and back down, massaging and tweaking and groping. She leaned into my touch, swaying quietly against me.

Lauren stepped from the sideline finally and approached us, kneeling on the bench behind Hanna so that her chest pressed against the girl's back. She reached down and untied Hanna's shoes, pulling them off her feet along with her socks. Then she wrapped her arms around the girl, one hand straying up to her breasts while the other ran down to her clit.

Hanna jerked with a small yelp, reaching a hand back to grab hold of Lauren's head. The girls moved together for a moment, and Lauren kissed Hanna's neck, letting her hands roam all over the redhead's body.

I was still buried deep inside Hanna, and I thrust up against her, pulling her hips down as I did, forcing my entire length in as deep as it would go.

A blush raced from her face down across her pale chest, flushing it bright pink as her breaths grew thinner.

Lauren didn't let up on the girl's clit. Soon Hanna's brow was creased in an intense, frustrated yearning, like she was fighting to break free of restraints. Her throat tightened.

"Nnnn, ggghhh... Aghhh!"

With a gasp, the young girl's body flung forward down onto me. She barely caught herself, planting her hands on either side of my head and heaving, gasping for air as her eyelids rolled back in her head and her slender shoulders buckled. I felt her whole weight sink down onto me.

Around my cock, Hanna's insides clenched and unclenched with the speed of machine gun fire. I felt her sink into a full-body orgasm, teeth chattering against my ear as she shook.

I wrapped my arms around her back and gripped her tight, sliding a hand to her butt and holding her down on me as I continued thrusting.

Lauren leaned back and watched as I pounded the girl, dropping her hand back to her own clit and rubbing it hard.

A few seconds later, I lost my load inside Hanna. Every muscle in my body twitched like guitar strings, and I threw my head back, pulling her tighter down onto me as I filled her vagina with cum.

Lauren made a noise like a whimper and climaxed too, throwing herself forward, mouth hanging open as she twitched and moaned. She leaned forward, supported on one arm as she draped the other across Hanna's back. For several moments, the three of us just lay there in suspended animation, not daring to move.

Hanna's cheek pressed tightly against mine. Trails of my semen started to seep from inside her and run down onto my stomach.

Then she whispered in my ear, her voice raw and quivering.

"That was so amazing," she said. "Thank you so, so much."

"I should be thanking you," I said, stroking her hair gently and squeezing her butt.

She pulled herself up to a sitting position and looked down at me.

"What's... what's your name?" she asked, blushing.

"I'm Kent," I said.

We both laughed.

"Hi Kent," she said.

Just then, a thumping sound came from beside us and we all looked over as the door bumped against the deadbolt. A second later, we heard the jingle of keys on a keyring.

Hanna stiffened.

Lauren and I glanced at each other, and she grinned.

"You think there's a chance they want to join in, too?" she asked.











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