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"Take the next right, Christine. It's on the end of the street. The blue house," April said.

"Alright. Quite the fancy neighbourhood if I might say so."

She was certainly right about that. There were only few streets where a red Jaguar F-type Cabriolet, admittedly a few years in use, wouldn't demand some respect.

"Yeah... most are employed at the same company as my mom. It's part of the contract to settle down here."

"Doesn't look like the worst deal someone could make," Christine said, visibly impressed at some of the passing driveways.

The student wasn't sure what to think about the last few hours. She avoided the big questions looming over her, ever since she satisfied every last need her formerly virgin body could have had. Now on the verge of separating with Christine she started to waver once more.

Was this how her "first time" should have been like? Was Christine the type of person for something so intimate. Of course, she was. She was amazing and a nice person to be around. Even drove her home and like Irina offered all the help April would need. But she surely had also her own benefit in mind: The prospect of continuously dressing and more importantly undressing a futa which would have grown bigger by the next time they would meet ... and surely fuck again.

April looked over at the driver and saw no turmoil in her grey eyes. The middle-aged woman was in a state of clear contentment. Fully satisfied, with all her cravings taking care of by the student. But that was it. Nothing more, no emotional investment going deeper beyond sexual desire.

As satisfying as such a relationship could be, it wasn't anything that April could wrap her head around long-term. Her body might be firing up in arousal whenever she remembered her beautiful time in Christine's shop, but her head was for once overruling lust with reason. Christine was just a fling and nothing that could last. Still, would be awesome to have such an erotic friend with benefits though.

They fucked way longer than expected. Two blissful hours it took the two before their bodies couldn't mount the strength to continue and another hour trying to get the scent of sex and sweat off of them. Christine slowed down and parked right in front of the student's home. The headlights of her Jaguar illuminated the neighbour's fences who weren't covered by the streetlamps.

"So... here we are," April said timidly. "Thank you for the ride. You really didn't have to."

"Please, April, that's the least I could do, really."

"Well, I wanted to thank you not just for that. But... for everything else too, Christine," April said.

She awkwardly hugged the surprised tailor, since she didn't feel like kissing her would have been appropriate after all.

"Oh my..." Christine chuckled at the insecure futa. "You are just too cute you know that? Come here."

She leaned in and kissed April like a true lover should. Passionate, demanding and full with admiration.

"You don't have to thank me for anything. You were amazing. I can't wait until we see each other again," Christine said with a playful wink - destroying the illusion of her being more than just a bedfellow.

"Me too," April admitted almost begrudgingly but found it easier to accept the situation as it was.

Christine turned around and reached for the backseats before pulling out a sizable sports bag.

"What is that?"

"Just a few things I thought you could need, April. Take a look," Christine mused.

The student opened it and found a few measuring tapes and a few shirts, panties and bras that would come in handy over the next few days.

And then there was something else. A phallic shape she immediately recognised, as well as its plastic surface.

Her face reddened as soon as she pulled it out enough to catch a proper glimpse on the very thick and impressively long dildo.

"I... uhm... why?"

"Because your hormones will go nuts over the next few weeks, April. Hope it will prove a worthwhile replacement for the real thing, at least for a while. Won't take long until you probably need bigger tools. Feel free to call me up if that's the case."

"That's... I... am not sure if I really should..."

"It's nothing to be ashamed about, April. You are a growing girl with growing needs. It's just natural to address them. Please, don't lock that part of you away. We both know you won't be able to hide it for long anyways, so why not just embrace it?"

"You... might be right. I will think about it, Christine," April gasped with a growing blush on her cheeks as she put the dildo back into the bag.

"But... once again: Thank you... I ... don't know how to thank you properly," April said.

"You already did, three times to be exact. My feet are still shaking from that," Christine laughed. "And how about we think about that the next time we meet, if you are still this eager to 'thank' me of course."

"Sounds fair."

"I can't wait," the MILF said in a once more seductive tone.

April waved after the sportscar and let out a sigh once it disappeared past the corner. What a day it has been. She got a proper story to tell, to her friends which sent her almost two-dozens of unanswered messages and to her mother - who seemingly kept waiting for her.

Lights were still burning in the kitchen and upper floor. Although a nice gesture of her mom to wait, she hoped she could sneak into her bedroom and just hit the sheets. Looked like she wasn't getting off this easily tonight.

Hoping her mother already fell asleep she quietly opened the door and peaked inside, just to be met by the scent of fresh Chinese food.

"Mom, I am back," she grunted in defeat and walked inside.

"I know, I've seen you in the driveway. I am glad she drove you home. It's already pitch-black outside," the voice echoed from the kitchen.

"She? Oh... no, that wasn't the futa I met. But a friend of her who helped me out with some stuff," April said nervously.

"Nice of her to do that," her mother said and emerged from the kitchen.

She wore her cosy pajamas like she usually did at such a late hour. Thinking about it, it was quite rare for her to be up this late at night at all.

"Have you been waiting or did you have another meeting?" April asked while hanging up the coat Christine also gave her.

"A bit of both. Would have also cooked if I've known when you'd come home. Hope you don't mind some warmed-up takeout from 'Chao's'?"

"Sounds good, mom. I am starving to be honest."

"I knew you would forget to eat something," Sarah mused and grabbed the black bag. "Let me help you with that."

April's heartrate instantly skyrocketed through the ceiling as soon as her mother touched the bag and lunched her straight up into 'panic mode'.

"NO! I mean... that's not necessary, it's not that heavy. You can leave it there. I will carry it up into my room later. No biggie," April muttered.

Taken back by the sudden and loud outburst Sarah let go and grimaced at her daughter before shrugging it off. It's been a long day for both after all.

"Oookay. Well, take a seat then... and I will stay as far away from your bag as possible," she smiled.

"Appreciated mom," April chuckled with a feverish redness on her cheeks.

The young futa's gaze followed her mother who didn't just put the by now cold food into the microwave but fired up the stove to warm it properly - regardless of how late it was. Little deeds like that separated her from other mothers, like for instance Gina's.

Both were single and had very time-consuming jobs in their leading positions in the tech empire that basically employed big parts of the town. Yet their approach to parenting was very differential.

Gina often went days without seeing her mother, unless she was called upon to help out in the company on weekends or even after school. She had half a dozen maids at home taking care of her in the absence of her mother, but that barely made up for the one person a daughter should always be able to talk to and entrust with the most important of things. No matter how often April discussed that topic with Gina she couldn't imagine how it was to have such a person at home. A CEO more than anything. A mother that saw herself as a well-renowned and ruthless entrepreneur and businesswoman first and parent second. She might be able to buy her child everything in the world, but that came at a big cost. A price the "heir apparent" to her mother's empire wouldn't have paid if she ever had the choice.

April's mother was the exact opposite. She was also a high-level executive in the company, but never shied away from being a proper mother. Where she got the energy from to work 60 hours per week and take care of the household all by herself had always been beyond April. Especially when her mom could just hire a few maids for that like everybody else. Money surely wasn't the issue.

April often wondered why she insisted on taking care about every aspect of her child's life, a job challenging enough for two parents, yet alone one, but the student always came to only one logical conclusion:

She tried to make up for the fact that April's futa mom left them even before April was born. Sarah even explained that the two only shared a few nights of passion but never regret them as well as the resulting pregnancy. It might have been a challenge, especially at first, but one that her mother always loved to take on ... and April never started to take her efforts for granted. Even if it was just warming her cold Chinese takeout by hand.

"By the way, I left you a voice message, but I guess you didn't feel like talking, right?" her mother asked with her back towards April sitting at the kitchen table.

"Yeah. Sorry, I didn't reply to any messages the whole day. Wasn't sure on what to say to my friends," April said.

"Will you tell them?"

"I guess I will have to eventually. Also got that advice from both women today. They said that 'embracing' what I am makes it a lot easier and stuff," she said while absently going through the messages her friend's left.

"And you don't think that's true?"

"I... don't know mom. Maybe they are right."

Her mother turned around, a soft smile on her tired face.

"I think you should, April. You've known them for ages and always been close. They won't turn on you. Why should they?" she asked.

"Probably. No... pretty sure they won't see me as a freak, but things will be weird for a while."

"Why 'weird'?"

April rolled her eyes and returned her mother's soft gaze.

"Would you have seen how big the futa was I've met today you would understand. She was huge. And she also said that I will outgrow her. Got no idea how that is even possible," April said.

"You don't have to tell me anything about how big futa's are, April. I know that first hand," Sarah chuckled.

"Haha... mom. I am dying from laughter. But for real. I don't know how well I will cope with getting this big. Must be a nightmare. Always tight clothes. New ones every few days. Don't even to mention the hormonal stuff. That will suck. But at least I found someone who will take care of some of that now."

"You mean, the woman that dropped you off?"

"Yeah. Christine. A tailor. She is a friend of the futa, her name's Irina. She was really helpful... and very friendly," April said and lowered her eyes before her excitement would become noticeable.

"I see. Sound like the two helped you out a lot though."

"They sure did. We will stay in touch throughout ... well, my growth spurt," April said.

"I am ... Ouch!" Sarah suddenly shrieked and almost dropped the pan.

"Need any help, mom?"

"No, it's fine. Just burnt my finger. Guess I am really becoming a lousy cook. Should get behind the stove more often eventually," April's mom said while sucking her pulsing finger.

"Your cooking is absolutely fine mom. Especially warmed up stuff from 'Chaos' late at night. That's like a speciality," April laughed and earned a chuckle from her mother, which sent her big body's curves shaking.

The student frowned for a moment and noticed her attention return to the comparison between Christine and her mother. How could someone like her stay single for longer than even a day? Guys should be standing in line all around the block for a woman like that. Smart, funny and more than anything: gorgeous. If Christine could fuck her way around town, her mother should have her own harem at the very least. Yet, April could barely remember any guys her mother introduced to her. Although there was one guy, a mountain of a man, but that was like 5 years ago and lasted less than a month.

Well, maybe she does have one. Couldn't blame her for seeking some thrill away from all this stress April thought and mindlessly observed the sizable outline of her mother's impressively thick ass. Pretty much all about her was a straight up upgrade to Christine, who was already quite attractive. The cooking woman stood a bit taller than the tailor, but her curves were distributed even more lavishly and better proportioned as well. There were barely any pockets of excess fat or wrinkles to be found on her and she was about to enter her 40s next year.

Even her face looked not a day older than thirty at most. With the rest of her body resembling more a dummy thick 20 something-year-old than a mother with one of the most stressful jobs possible. During puberty April secretly hoped to ever match her mother's simply hugely endowed body. Especially her firm F-Cups and round ass were what made the futa silently grow jealous of her mother. Now she knew she would far exceed that, probably far sooner than she even imagined.


The futa snapped back into reality and only just registered that her mother kept on talking while she inspected her figure.


"Didn't you hear what I've said?" Sarah said, with her putting on the finishing touches and seasoning to their food.

"Sorry, must have zoomed out a bit. What did you ask?"

"Not really asked. But I suggested something," her mother said and turned around with a plate full of 'Chao's' in each hand.

"Suggest what?"

The 39-year old smiled warmly and put the plates down on the table.

"I said, you could invite your new friends over. Sound like decent people. If they are helping you out this much, the least I could do is to thank them in person. I would love to meet them."

April's eyes widened and she started to laugh nervously. Having her mother meet Christine, who she just fucked and will continue to fuck, and especially Irina who is all things but "conservative" in her appearance are the last things on April's agenda for the coming weeks.

"I... don't know if that's a good idea mom. You know. They are living and working quite a distance from here... and they are quite busy," April lied.

"Oh... I see. Well, maybe it will work out some day. Let them know I appreciate them helping my little girl a lot though," Sarah said.

"Will do, mom. Will do," April gasped and noticed some subtle disappointment in her mother's eyes.

Turned out that having sex, regardless how willing the flesh might be, proved very draining. April barely managed to keep her eyes up while eating with her mother. The meal might be what her rumbling stomach needed but there was something she craved much more - her bed. After a very much needed shower. Even her mother picked up on that scent, but thank god, couldn't pinpoint that her daughter was reeking of sweat and dried cum.

"I will use the guest bathroom, mom. You can have the other one," April shouted from the first floor.

"Alright! Good night, honey."

"Good night, mom," April replied and locked the bathroom door.

She was finally alone.

The whole day kept on giving and giving, but only now the student realised that she didn't have any second to calm down and rest ever since getting up in the morning. Her arms and shoulders already ached and even after her hearty meal, she felt like her body was still craving for something.

Her eyes rested on the sports bag she didn't dare to entrust with her notoriously curious mother. And aware what rested under all those clothes.

The throbbing in her panties returned and her vagina also started pulsing with insatiable hunger. Three times per day might be more than enough for April to handle, but her body clearly demanded another desert before hitting the sheets.

"You must be kidding... no way. I just wanted to shower," she sighed when her package started to swell.

"Fine... Jesus! And that's just the beginning?" she said begrudgingly and pulled out the dildo.

It looked positively massive. Around the same size as her own member and somehow even thicker. No wonder Christine managed to take all the futa had to offer, when she was accustomed to such "equipment".

April's mouth salivated when her fingers wandered over the plastic surface and failed to meet around the phallic toy. Her fatigue started to dissolve when the familiar feeling of swelling arousal started to take her over once more.

"Don't look at me like that. That's just so I can finally get to sleep. Nothing more," she negotiated with herself in the mirror, but knew she already gave in as soon as she opened the bag.

April rushed to strip naked and hopped into the shower while her member already throbbing at full mast. She rotated the shower's knob until it couldn't move any further and the faucet fired a stream loud enough, so she could satisfy herself to her heart's content.

Clouds of hot steam did mist up the glass walls surrounding the increasingly aroused futa. Almost like she wasn't in heat enough already, the hot water only further fuelled the swelling hunger rising within her.

The solid rubber dick in her hand grew more enticing the closer it got to her anticipating flower. Her right hand already stroked her stiff member and the left also moved on its own - lining up the dildo at the wall behind her.

The futa shook her head, but smiled when she stuck the 12-inch dildo onto the marble wall behind her and bend forwards. Her mind was still weakly opposing her primal desires, but all resistance was futile at this point. Almost like a shark who tasted blood for the first time, her body simply demanded to feel this divine sensation one more time. To revel in this orgasmic bliss like earlier just once more ... and many more times in the future if possible.

April moaned softly when she pushed her voluptuous ass into the wall and herself deeper into Christine's present. Her lips parted wider than ever before and had to take much more than any time she blessed her vagina with her greedy fingers.

"Fuck... oh shit..." April slurred with a twisted grin and pushed deeper.

Her right hand's soft stroking picked up with every new, undiscovered inch and fuelled her body with what it oh so desperately craved. But she wanted even more.

"JESUS CHRIST!" April moaned and smacked her thick ass onto the wall with the rest of the dildo hilting deep inside of her. Her balls immediately started to feel twice as full when the last bit of plastic invaded her quivering cunt.

How someone who barely managed to insert 3 fingers before made a full foot fit inside of her virgin pussy was beyond April's comprehension. Just like Christine told her after their third and final round, she would be surprised about what her body is capable of in the next few weeks. But for now, only the next few moments deserved April's undivided attention.

Her hips thrusted into the plastic invader in hope of coaxing out a few more inches somehow, despite of her pussy spasming more than contently during the hammering it loved to endure.

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