The walls seemed fairly covered with women, chained to them by rings. A quick count showed fourteen, most of whom were unconscious. Maeve was barely alive, breathing softly through what appeared to be a broken jaw. I scanned the women quickly and found Aoife. She was unconscious; her skin was covered with welts.

"Peter. We need medical assistance here!"

"Ghrmm" I could not produce a coherent word, seeing the carnage of the female bodies.

Some had broken arms and wrist; others had broken fingers, or a leg. I looked in the cage and found another lifeless body. This body was cold. Suddenly I froze as something pulled inside me, and I drifted through space into the realm.


It was a cold and dreary morning, and we walked alongside a small river. When we reached a bridge, I started to run up to it, in order to cross it.

"Stop Peter, stop!".

It was my mother's voice.

The bridge disappeared half way into a fog, obscuring the land on the other side.

"Peter, I want to tell you a story before you cross that bridge. Once you are on the other side, you can never come back to this place. Or to me. Do you understand?"

I looked at her: she was glowing, color like cloth-of-gold draped around her figure.

"That bridge separates good and evil. If you do an evil act, then you can never return to this side."

She gazed at me, making sure the message had come through. Behind her I saw two of my siblings running around a tree, singing and having fun. Distracted, I left the river bank and went after the siblings, twin girls.


With a thud I returned to the basement. I walked out of the cage and over to Aoife, and helped her get free from the ropes that suspended her. As soon as she was freed, her body started glowing. The golden color slowly engulfed my hands and then my arms as I lifted her and carried her upstairs. I carried her to the first available bed. As soon as she lay down, the yellow color completely engulfed her and put her in a cocoon of light. Her breath became stable and relaxed, and I walked down back to the basement.

Sean had done the same, and the both of us dragged the women from their predicament up to the bedrooms and lay them in the beds. I noticed that Amber, Elle and Ruby were not among them. As we carried Maeve out of the basement, I noticed, coming up the stairs, that the bedroom with Aoife was brightly lit. I carried Maeve inside and placed her next to Aoife. The light dimmed then brightened and the golden hue spread along her body. I watched as gashes on her body closed, the bruises faded, and her jaw slowly regained its normal form. Aoife was healing Maeve. Sean and I looked at each other in astonishment. As soon as Maeve seemed to return to normal, the golden hue evaporated. Sean nodded and we picked Aoife up. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

We lifted her up and brought her to the next room, were the healing again happened. I held her hand this time, and this seemed to accelerate the healing. I noticed a blue glow coming from my own hands, connecting with her golden hue. It then became a kind of green blanket on the victim's body which glowed. At first intense, the glow slowly diminished until it was yellow again. Sean gazed with his mouth agape as we watched a broken arm heal in front of our eyes.

It took us four hours, to heal the women. Aoife became weaker the longer she had to endure that, but when I concentrated my mind on the black tendrils, blue flames from my hands licked the black away. Except for the two bodies downstairs. Sean went on the phone, and in fifteen minutes there was a knock on the front door.

It was near midnight and I felt famished. Our driver brought in bags of food. I attacked the contents like a hungry lion.

I sat down in the dining room, on the only good chair left. Aoife came up to me, and straddled me. She swept her legs around my waist and hugged me. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Sean ate as he stoond guard by what had once been the back door. We had stood a table upright against the doorway in place of it.

Maeve laid her hands on Sean arms and she too was overcome with emotions. I felt a strong pull at my heart, but not in pain. It was a positive feeling. It was increasing every minute, and suddenly Aoife perked up. She wiped the tears from her face.

"What is happening?" I asked.

Sean's phone started beeping, and we noticed where some of the women were heading. One of them went to walk to the wall door, to go downstairs.

I stopped her.

"Nobody goes downstairs. There are two bodies, and the police needs to be notified about that. We don't move any of it."

"Master..., I can feel her coming." Aoife gasped.

Sean listened to the voice on the phone, and nodded. Two knocks sounded on the front door. He nodded and gestured that someone needed to let them in. One of the women who had just come down walked over and opened the door. In rushed Niamh, followed by a tired-looking Mary. The door slammed shut, and in a split second, Niamh lighted up in the same golden hue as had Aoife. When they touched, sparks flew.

At the time she was sitting on my lap. That woke something up!

Both sisters kissed and gasped, lust coursed through their vanes.

"Oh God!" Both exclaimed.

"Holy crap" I grunted feeling the blood rush through my limbs.

Our yellow bubble blew and for a second the whole room was flooded in a yellow mist. I looked at Sean, and his face was one big smile. He dropped the phone and his hands went to his crotch. I noticed he had an instant boner, just like I did.

"Master, the energy, you need to go downstairs now" shouted Maeve.

I lurched up, supporting Aoife as she slid off of my lap. I grabbed both their hands of the sisters and pulled them with me downstairs. Down the stairs we hustled, taking our yellow mist with us. Both of them almost fainted when they noticed the impaled Saoirse; their hands suddenly moving up to cover their mouths, in shock. I pulled them both tightly to me and told them to wrap their hands around me tightly.

Behind me someone else came down with us; it was Maeve. She opened a hidden cabinet and took out an old book. She went thru the pages fast. She stopped, and took it to us. Then she held the book and took my hand with the other. She placed it on Saoirse's head, and started speaking ancient Gaelic. I noticed and felt warmth flowing from my body, in a red glowing ring passing down my arm towards Saoirse. Maeve shouted words, and then dropped the book. The red ring, now circling Saoirse's head started to dwindle down her and cast a red cocoon around the body.

Maeve again shouted some incantations, slowly pulling one wooden stake from her body. Red mist quickly formed, filling in the hole. I looked down and noticed yellow tendrils climbing down my arm, and entwining with the red cocoon. A soft humming started and slowly from behind us, the other women circled around, holding candles and murmuring and chanting the same words that Maeve was shouting. The red cocoon became infused with the yellow mist. Maeve then tried to pull the other wooden stick, but a black flash came and she suddenly fell backwards.

"Sean, get over here" I shouted.

He appeared, his face grey with shock.

"Sean, grab that wooden pole that is sticking through Saoirse and slowly pull it. There will be a force coming at you, but you are strong and you can and will endure it."

He blinked his eyes, and we watched as a small tear appeared.

"Now Sean, now!"

He did as told. We saw the black flash again and he groaned and started cursing and swearing. The black flash became a tendril, slowly creeping around his outstretched arms. Suddenly he fell backward, holding the pole, which was covered in black sooth, and dropped it. He screamed in agony, his hands covered in the black sooth.

It burned, Black flames slowly devoured him. The women started chanting faster, and Maeve came up to Sean and tried to wash his hands with water. Only to have it just vaporize when it came in contact with the black liquid.

I wrenched my gaze off Sean, and looked at the red cocoon that was completely filled with the yellow mist. Niamh and Aoife looked exhausted, and they suddenly collapsed. The yellow mist slowly rose, evaporating from the red cocoon. Then the cocoon dissapated and I felt a huge wave of tiredness rock me, making me almost collapse. I bent forward on my knees, trying to keep my hand on Saoirse's head until the last particles of the red cocoon mist disappeared.

Then Saoirse fell forward into my arms, and I hugged hcollapsed down body.

A scream loud enough to wake up a whole neighborhood went through the room, and all the women collapsed onto the floor, unconscious. Only Maeve, trying to scrape the black liquid from Sean arms, and I were still awake. Sean had passed out from the agony on his hands and arms.

Saoirse moved.

I inhaled a deep breath and held her close. I felt her heart beating against my breast and slowly her warmth returned. She then pushed herself out of my arms, her eyes wide open, and her mouth agape. She turned around to take in her surrounding and her hand went to her mouth. Then she got up went over to Maeve. She touched Maeve, making her look up to her and they both hugged each other for a moment. Then she turned around to me, and pointed her finger at me.

"," her mouth spoke the words, but I felt all her intentions.

She leapt into my arms and kissed me with all the passion she could muster. I returned her passion, but also felt the fatigue now taking over. I looked at Maeve, who seemed to have succeeded in cleaning Sean, but I could see the raw red skin exposed. She nodded to me, and I collapsed into Saoirse's arms and passed out.

Soft tingling chimes woke me. A a soft caressing of my body, too. I opened my eyes and watched how Saoirse took my manhood in her mouth and started fellating me. Her eyes looked up to me to see if I was awake. Suddenly I felt all kinds of aches in my body, muscles protesting against its use as if I had run a marathon. Even my pecker felt strained. She let the fellow escape from her mouth and started licking it up and down. Her fingers prodded and squeezed and seemed to be milking my tool. Her ministrations were certainly successful, as I felt heat boiling up.

Her smile became bigger as she felt the announcement of my trembling member. Then another face came into sight: a smug looking Mary who then kissed the life out of me. By this I mean that she put her mouth over mine and we lost ourselves in a duel of passion.

I came and my whole body reverberated, causing almost cramps in my legs. My member started spilling its contents but it was swallowed up by a hot and warm mouth. I assumed it was Saoirse, as Mary was still holding my head.She let it go and breathed loud and shivered as if she had an orgasm too. More feelings came to me, and I felt wet stuff on both of my hands, where were they?

"Oh God, I'm cumming so hard!" A voice in the distance exclaimed.

More grunting of voices and loud exclamations were heard. Mary looked deep into my eyes and then kissed me softly on the top of my head.

"Master is awake!" she announced.

I grunted as suddenly the pressure was relieved from my body and I could move all my limbs again. Mary moved away to sit next to my head, and yeah she was stark naked. Saoirse who had been sitting on my legs, moved away to sit next to them. I saw her swallowing and grinning, knowing that she'd had her fill for the day. Wait, what? Her fill for the day?

"Where am I?"

"Master, you are in the house of Grainne." Some voice in the distance explained.

"Oh ok. How is Sean?"

"Recovering nicely, but it will take time. He is not gifted."

I pushed myself up on my elbows to sit half upright. I was in a large bedroom, surrounded by at least six stark naked women. In the doorway, Grainne stood, with a smile on her face. She too was naked. I looked at all the faces that were staring at me in adoration.

"What time is it?"

"It is eleven o'clock in the morning, master," a soft voice to my left, said.

I looked and it was Ella. I noticed a small trace of semen in her rich hair. As soon as she saw me looking at it, she giggled.

"To get you up to speed. After you passed out, most of us regained our wits again. We took care of Sean as best as we could, but he needs to heal the normal way. He has third-degree burns on his hands and arms."

I nodded.

Grainne came into the room.

"You brought Saoirse back from the death, Master. It was not in vain, but she seemed to have lost her voice. We will never hear her sing anymore." A sad looking woman on the right said.

Saoirse slowly stroked my legs, assuring me, that she was fine. I saw the love in her eyes; she would die for me if necessary.

"Maeve and Patricia have taken Sean to the hospital for treatment. Aoife and Niamh are still sleeping. I think you wiped them out. I have no doubt they will be happy to see you again. We cleaned up the house of Aine, and carpenters are at the place replacing all the doors. Then there is the demise of our sister. You could not have rescued her master, she is gone".

As if on cue, all of the women started singing a song of remembrance of their beloved sister. They cried. I cried for fifteen minutes, and fell strangely cleansed after that. All of sudden they all started to move. They grabbed me and pushed me into the shower. There, Mary took it to heart to make sure I was clean. Everywhere. I felt at least three pair of hands cleaning up my backside. I faced Mary who was on her knees, sucking my dick to erection, and then she sucked me to a blissful orgasm. I could get quite used to this treatment. But... this whole master stuff was freaking me out a little.

I was well taken care off; after blasting Mary's face with my cum, and another woman whose name I forgot let me do the same to her. When I returned to Aoife's bedroom, guided there by Niamh, she was waiting for me. She was dressed like a lingerie-model, in a marine blue set of frilly garments and lacy strings wrapped around her body.

There was a blue bodycon dress lying on the bed, and she took her time to put that on, before she asked me to zip her up. Then she bent over to put on her stockings. While I stood there gasping at this hugely erotic display, Niamh and Ursula, managed to help me put on my boxers. My feet were then massaged briefly after which socks were gently pulled on to cover them. In fifteen minutes I was completely dressed.

Aoife took out a pair of high heels, and put those on. She looked smoking hot, and I felt the need to ravish her then and there.

"Calm down master, the day is long." "We need to feed you so you are strong before you leave the house."

I wondered for a split second where to go, and then I saw her pointing me to Sean who was being taken to the hospital. This would be my first of many visits.


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