Billy kind of pulled back, watching my Dad's cock slowly slide out of my ass, I think the boy was more than a little shocked by the fact that my Dad had just fucked me, and he knew I was sleeping in Dad's bed.

"Tommy I better get going my Mom will be calling me soon to get home, you know how she is." Billy said his eyes on Dad's cock.

"I was hoping you could join us for dinner Billy, your Mom has not called, call her and tell her you will be staying for dinner with us." I suggested.

Billy was all flustered, him seeing Dad and I having sex was too much for him, Timmy was one thing but my Dad was another.

"No Tommy I better go, talk to you later okay." Billy said getting his clothes on and bolting out the bedroom.

I just kind of smiled at Dad and Timmy, I got up and met him at the door, I walked him out he could not get out soon enough. I could see it really bothered him that he had witnessed Dad and I having sex together.

"Tommy I am not okay with you and your Dad doing what you were doing. It's not right, you should not have sex with your Dad." Billy said to me.

"Actually he is my Stepdad and I don't care what you or anyone else thinks about it, it's our business no one else's. Goodbye Billy." I said turning to the house.

I was mad no one was going to make judgements on my life or who I slept with, especially Billy who was supposed to be my friend. I walked in the house and got supper ready, I was still so mad about what he had said about me and my Dad. Billy called me when he got home, I did not take his call I needed time to cool down.

We had a nice dinner, I was watching Timmy at the table he was so nice to Dad, I knew then I wanted him to stay with Dad when I was gone. After Timmy and I cleaned up, we sat in the livingroom, we just sat and talked it was a nice change. I reminded them that I would be leaving in a couple days, I was not sure if Billy would give me a ride back to university or not.

Billy called me later he and I had a conversation about it all, we cleared the air so he and I were friends once more, I loved the guy but as a friend nothing more than that. He apologized about his comments about Dad and I, he just never had a close relationship with his own Father so it was weird for him to see Dad and I having sex together.

Dad and I talked privately that night, I suggested Timmy move in with him to keep him company and to look after him while I was away. Dad liked Timmy, so he was good with Timmy staying with him, but he would have to keep a full time job and cook and clean while I was away. Dad and I snuggled that night both of us tired and worn out.

Dad was up early, he got in the shower, I went in for a pee, the man was boned right up, I got in the shower with him taking his huge cock in my mouth, the man used my mouth hard, his cock pistonned my mouth till he creamed my throat and mouth with his wonderful white cum. I dried off and headed back to bed, I needed a few more hours of sleep before I could face this day.

I was woken by Timmy sucking my cock, I was so close to cuming, I pulled him into a sixty nine so I could suck his cock and swallow more of his delicious cum. Timmy fucked my mouth he wanted to seed me so badly, he had me so close, my cock begged to unload in his warm wet mouth. Timmy sucked down harder, his own cock about to burst, his load huge and oh so tasty.

My own cock shot seven or more huge streams of semen, Timmy lapped every drop, the guy was getting better. We both laid there side by side, our cocks deflated and still dripping, Timmy got up and came to me, kissing me his tongue exploring my mouth. I rolled us over and laid on top of him, I looked in his eyes, he was a sweet man, he was the perfect fit with Dad while I was away.

"Timmy I want you to stay with my Dad while I am away at university, he needs someone to take care of him and do the household chores, you would have to work to support yourself of course, you would be expected to cook and clean, do laundry and all the things a good housewife does for his man. Are you interested in this arrangement?" I asked him.

"Tommy I would love to stay with your Dad, and yes I would do it all for him. Tommy can I have sex with him as well? Would that be okay?" Timmy asked me.

"Well of course, Dad likes you alot, I think you and he will get along really well. A few rules, no drugs, no alcohol, no boyfriends or hookups in the house, you can do that elsewhere got it?" I told him.

"Tommy I would never disrespect you or your Dad in that way whatsoever, pretty sure he is more than I can handle anyways, the man is amazing how he can keep cumming over and over." Timmy said turning red.

"The man has always had a very high libido, Dad has always had a hard time to find someone who can keep up with the amount of sex he can have in one day, I too have a high libido so I can usually satisfy him. He will keep you busy and you won't have to go look for sex away from him." I told Timmy.

"Tommy can I sleep in here with him? Or do I have to sleep in the other room while your away?' Timmy asked me.

"I expect you to sleep with my Dad nightly, take all the loads he gives you, he likes to be serviced in the shower in the morning and he loves to fuck a nice tight hole at night." I told Timmy.

"Not sure I can take your Dad's huge cock just yet but with patience I am sure we can squeeze it in." Timmy said turning red.

"Billy and I leave tomorrow morning so you will have Dad all to yourself after today, remember a hot meal for when he comes home, greet him at the door, clothing optional for that one, and keep him satisfied in the bedroom." I instructed Timmy.

Timmy and I hugged, I would have to get my stuff packed, Billy and I would leave early morning. We wanted to beat the traffic and we both looked forward to getting back to the university. Timmy and I prepared dinner for the three of us, Timmy was a pretty good cook Dad would get some good meals from him.

After dinner all three of us sat and talked, then ended up in the bedroom naked, Dad would try to fuck Timmy see if he really could take on such a big cock. Timmy was a trooper, you could see the pain in his face but he let Dad slide in it to the base, his ass sore from being stretched so big and so deep. Dad and I played alone after Timmy went to his room, Dad fucked me hard, the way I like it, he was much more gentle with Timmy.

We were all up early, I would make breakfast for all of us, Dad got ready for work, he and I hugging as he left for work, Billy pulled up as Dad drove away. He and I would get going right away, we had a long drive to get to our destination. We had made a stop to fuel up get some road snacks, we had many hours of driving yet to go.

We were zooming along when we got a flat tire, Billy pulled over on the shoulder so we could assess what had happened. The back drivers side tire was beyond flat, Billy and I not that knowledgeable about car repair attempted to get the tire changed. He and I laughed at how little we knew about how to change a tire on a car.

Cars raced by us, not one to stop and help us out, we got the tire out the jack and the bar to remove the lug nuts. We were both not sure on how or where one should place the jack to lift the car, Billy even looked in the owners manual, finally finding the spot to place it and lift it properly. We had to have taken a good hour or maybe more just to get the jack in place, the lug nuts were beyond tight, both of us tried to loosen them but to no avail.

Finally two guys we knew on motorcycles came by, our heroes from our last trip, they recognized the car and the two guys they had saved before. They pulled up, shut off their bikes, removed their helmets.

"You boys in trouble again?" Scott asked me.

"Yes tire repair is not one of our strong points it seems, we cannot get the nuts loose, they are all to tight." I said to Scott and Darren.

"You boys stand back we can have this fixed in no time flat." Scott said to us.

It was less than five minutes and they were putting the tire, jack and bar back in the trunk, rubbing their hands together to get the dust and dirt off their hands.

"You two guys are incredible, our knights in shining armour, you have to let us buy you dinner at the very least, and I will not take no for an answer this time." I said to him looking Scott in the eyes.

"There is a place you boys can get that tire fixed just up the road, the food at the diner is very good, and we accept your offer to buy us dinner." Scott said his eyes on mine.

Dam he was so hot, so sexy, I wanted him right now right here on the side of the road.

"You boys follow us we will show you the way." Scott told us him and I still looking into each others eyes.

We all got on the road following our two biker friends to the local diner, this place had it all, Garage, Diner Motel the works.

"Maybe we should take a motel room just the four of us." I suggested to Billy.

I wanted Scott in my bed so badly, I had to have this man beside me naked, his cock in my hands, in my mouth, deep inside me. We got the tire to the garage, the guy could not have it fixed till tomorrow early morning, this was totally fine with me and my plan to get Scott in my bed.

"Well it seems we will be staying here for the night, Where do you and Darren plan to stay tonight Scott, cause you guys are welcome to share a room with us if you want to." I suggested to them.

"We usually camp out for the night, I would not refuse a hot shower and a nice soft bed to sleep in, we can share the expense with you guys." Scott said to me.

"Nonsense you guys have saved us too many times, this is on us, dinner and Motel, let me go get us some rooms." I said to them.

Billy and I went in to get the four of us rooms, I asked if they had a room with two queen beds, they had one left, I quickly paid and got our keys.

"Sorry guys I guess we are sharing one room, all they had left, but I am sure we can work something out." I said with a sly smile.

"I'm sure we could guys, hope I can share a bed with you Tommy." Scott said smiling at me.

"Did you just read my mind Scott?" I asked him.

We went to our room first, it was older style but clean, Scott was the first in the shower, he came out in only a towel. Darren was next, then Billy then myself, Scott laid on the bed in only a towel, I almost saw his cock a few times. We all got dressed up and headed for dinner, the food was incredible, this place had it all. We got a case of beer to have a few before bedtime, Scott drained two beer in no time. The man could drink, lets hope he could perform in bed as well, as he drank the less inhibited he became. I suggested a game of strip poker, I got a look from Billy, he was very nervous about being naked in front of these two guys.

"Billy come on we owe these guys our lives, those two guys would have killed us for sure if not for Scott and Darren." I said to him.

"Those two boys won't be bothering you two ever again, we made sure of that." Scott said to us.

"Strip poker you guys game to play?" I asked them.

With all in agreement the game began, soon I was down to my boxers and one sock, Billy still had his tee and underwear, Darren was down to his underwear and tee, Scott had his pants, and two socks. I lost my sock in the next round, Darren his tee, the man had a beautiful chest covered in a layer of black fur. Billy lost his tee, Scott his two socks.

Turns out Scott did not wear underwear, the next round would be the naked round, I cheated so I would lose, I was the first to get naked, me not being shy I quickly dropped my boxers, bending over to give them a good look at my ass. Darren was the next one to have to get naked, the man had a wicked bush of pubic hair, his cock was beyond perfect in every way, six inches semi erect, uncut with a foreskin that hung below his cock head.

Billy was the next one to have to drop his underwear, Billy being Billy was beyond shy and nervous.

"Come on Billy show us the goods, we are all dying to see that pretty ass of yours." I egged Billy on.

Billy slowly removed his briefs, bending over to his ankles to slide them off to give Darren a great view of his pretty pink hole, Darren was mesmerized by Billy's ass.

"So it seems our winner is Scott, so Scott being your the winner you have to do a striptease for us." I ordered him.

Scott only smiled at this, he got up on the bed, did a little dance for us, first the belt buckle then the button on his pants, then the zipper ever so slowly, he slid them off his hips, his pubes first, then the base of his cock, the shaft so beautiful, the knob so purple and dripping precum, and two hairy balls.

The four of us naked drinking beer, after a few more I had no inhibitions left, not that I had many in the first place. I got up stood beside Scott, I slid my leg over him straddling him, his cock quickly rising to me being on top of him.

"I never got to thank you for helping us all three times, maybe now I can try to show you how much we appreciate all you have down for us. Billy show Darren how much you appreciate him." I ordered Billy.

Billy did the same, he too, to drunk to have any inhibitions, he straddled Darren, taking his face in his hands and kissing the man, soft, gentle, a kiss with feelings. Billy had Darren moaning as he kissed him. I looked Scott in the eyes, I took his chin in my fingers I brought my mouth to his, I held back just enough so I could lick his lips with my tongue.

Scott wanted, needed to be kissed, my lips barely touched his, I held his head in my two hands, this man was amazing, I slowly let his lips and mine mesh together, my tongue licked the inside of his mouth, my hands held him to me. Scott grabbed me and lifted me to our bed, he laid me back on the middle of the bed, stood over me, taking me in, I could not take my eyes off this man above me, his well developed chest to his tight abs, his perfect muscular arms, his beautiful cock, had to be seven cut inches or pure perfection.

Scott turned off our bedside lamp, and got on top of me, he kissed me, touched me all over from my face, to my neck, to my chest, he pinched my nipples, he slid his hand to my cock and held it in his huge rough hand. The man stared at me the whole time, I loved to have him looking at me, he leaned in to kiss me and I rolled us over. I was now on top, I took his hands and held them over his head I slid my hands down his arms to his arm pits.

The man very ticklish, down his sides along his ribs, to his hips, down the sides of his legs to his feet, I gently massaged his feet, even this made the man moan. I licked his feet, sucked his toes, kissed my way up the insides of his legs up his thighs, the man so sensitive, my whole face came in between his balls and thighs, I gently licked up to his pubic area, his cock rock hard and dripping.

I kissed my way up his abs to his chest, circling his nipples, to his neck, to his earlobes to his lips, I held his hands above his head while I planted kisses on him. I slowly kissed my way back down his body, holding my face beside his cock, I licked the shaft from the base to the sensitive knob, I very slowly licked his knob, taking time to savour his entire cock inch by precious inch.

As my tongue explored his cock, I found more and more spots that were more sensitive than others, I slowly took his knob in my mouth, my tongue circled it lathered it to get it wet, I gradually took in more and more of his beautiful cock. Once at the base I sucked down and slid my tongue on the base of his beautiful cock. I rolled us over, his cock deep in my mouth, I would have him fuck my mouth, use it for his pleasure.

I got him started, pushing his hips up and down, he quickly started pounding his meat in me, his balls slapping my chin, his cock on the edge of an incredible orgasm. His balls pulled in his cock thickened, his breathing more laboured, his strokes that much harder. Scott slammed his cock into my mouth, he would drive his cum deep inside my mouth.

Just before he was about to cum I rolled us over, Scott held my head on his cock, the man wanted, needed to cum so badly, I released the grip my mouth had on his cock, I removed his hands, placing them away from my head. I could see the frustration in Scott's face, the man was right on the edge of an incredible orgasm and I was denying him of it.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth, his balls slowly descended in their sack, I kissed him, holding the kiss, I could fall for the man so easily.

"Be patient Scott I will let you cum eventually." I whispered to him smiling at him.

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