Chapter 4 (Finale)

Alrighty... it took me forever to actually release this final part. Mostly because I'm way too perfectionist and I wasn't proud of my story. But here it is. I have plans to write a story based on the Slave grading universe. For those who don't know what I'm talking about check out Joe_Doe_Stories and GentlemanMariner and many others who have expanded this amazing universe. But here you go, last chapter of Tyla's story. Any criticism is welcomed.


Tyla gave Blaine her virginity in exchange for one last bdsm roleplay session. Blaine is killed by the King, Tyla's father and she herself is caught. Not risking his bloodline being ruined by his daughter's unspeakable actions he condemned Tyla to a life of slavery and will replace her with a body double. Tyla is left in her cell, about to begin her slave training. But first she must be processed...


Present day, Tyla's about to become a slave... for real

Tyla sat in her cell, her pussy no longer wet as her current situation became very clear to her. She was truly about to be trained and made a raven girl. Although Tyla was at times jealous of their reputation for being the best pleasure slaves in the Empire it was a totally different thing becoming one. Tyla cursed herself multiple times on how stupid and ignorant she had been for allowing her lust take over and put her in such a situation.

It literally could not get worse. She got caught by her father doing her little nightly adventures and in the process her best friend got killed. Poor Blaine, he didn't deserve any of this. Tyla continued sobbing, still cursing herself and thinking about her dead friend. Footsteps from what sounded like high heels came closer to Tyla's cell. The owner of the noise was revealed to be the head Mistress of raven girls, Marika Raven. Marika was of the most feared women in the Empire, probably THE most feared actually. She was known for her unrelenting power over others and her terrifying personality. Anytime the Empire conquered enemy lands and captured civilians all the males were killed... but the females were sent to Marika. She was an expert at breaking the soul, spirit and body of any female. Even able to break the proud Amazon warriors that were captured and reduce them to willing sluts. She allowed no man to command her besides the king himself.

Marika wore a long black and purple silk dress with an open black top covering her skinny body. The woman looked very good for someone to be in her late thirties. Her attire matched perfectly with her reputation of a strong confident women oppressor. Her high heels looked to even have small blades as the heels.

Tyla did not dare look into the eyes of Marika. Not because she was well trained in the arts of being submissive but because she didn't want to dare upset her. Behind Marika stood the king, arms crossed.

"This young brat looks a lot like your daughter my lord." remarked Marika.

"Good observation Miss Raven, this young brat is in fact my daughter, or should I say was."

The slave mistress looked at her king confused. "What do you mean was my lord?"

"I mean that she was caught doing lewd acts of her own will. She convinced one of the guards to repeatedly fuck her in this style. Her little game of pretending to be one of yours will now cost her her bloodline."

"I see." simply replied Marika.

The King continued. "You and I are the only ones to know of what I'm about to tell you. If even a word of this gets out you'll end up just like her, understood?"

"Yes my lord." Marika replied, bowing her head to her king.

"The girl you see before you is Kiera. One of Tyla's handmaidens who tried to steal information to sell to our enemies. Tyla is safe, and is now getting dressed for tonight's feast as she should be. That's the story. In reality Kiera and Tyla have switched lives. Tyla has always been a bit of a deviant but I had no idea she would dare take things this far. In order to salvage my bloodline I am getting a new daughter who is obedient and who will not fail me. You my dear are to take this slut to be processed as a traitor to the Empire and be sold as a raven girl. I don't care where she ends up or what happens to her, just get her out of my sight."

"Oh, this will be fun. Thank you my lord for the opportunity." Marika put on a devilish smile while looking down at Tyla still chained and naked.

"I leave things to you Miss Marika, I will go enjoy a nice feast with my daughter."

Tyla knew there was nothing she could do to change her father's mind. He was a hard headed man with no remorse. There was little hope for her now. Tyla's cell door was opened. Marika stepped in to look at her new prey. Smelling her like a wolf smelling a trapped bunny. Tyla shook to her core. She could not believe what had happened. Only a few hours earlier did she allow herself to be voluntarily shackled by her best friend but now she sat there, about to be a real slave and her friend nothing but a treasured memory.

"Now, now little one. Don't be scared." said Marika as she caressed Tyla's face with her long sharp nails. "I'm not going to hurt you as long as you remember who's in charge ok?"

"Y-y-y-y-yes Misstr..."

SMACK! A hard slap in the face struck Tyla hard on her cheek. The sharp pain and immediate extreme heat of the slap that followed.

"Speak up slut! I don't want your fear and your hesitation! I want you to obey! SPEAK UP! WHO'S IN CHARGE!!" Marika was in Tyla's face screaming in her face like a military instructor.

"YOU ARE, MISTRESS!" replied Tyla, still tearing up.



Miss Marika unlocked Tyla's chains keeping her in a sitting position and instead locked her chains up to the ceiling bolt, forcing Tyla to her tiptoes. She then took out a whip out of her dress and unrolled it to the ground. It was a long black and red whip with what looked to be small shining rubies at the end tails.

Tyla was struggling to stand up. The shackles almost digging into her wrists. She had done this before with Blaine and she loved it but she wasn't this scared. Blaine was never able to hit Tyla hard enough for her and she had the feeling that her new Mistress wouldn't have that issue.

"Let's see how tough you are slut!" Miss Marika said while lunging her whip back. Still her devilish grin on her malicious face.




Three strikes hit Tyla hard. Harder than she thought. Harder than he liked. Harder than she could take. But it was only the beginning.




Tyla lost herself in her screams of pure excruciating pain. All she could feel was the pain of the whip strikes. All other sounds were inaudible to her at this point.





On the 10th strike, not that Tyla had the capability to count, Tyla felt different all of the sudden. The pain was still there but it was with something else. A rush, a surge of something fast that made her whole body convulse and before she even knew it herself she came. Beneath her was now a puddle of her squirting juices.

Mistress Marika stepped back, proud of her new slave. She looked at Tyla like she was admiring a new piece of furniture. Tyla herself passed out of her recent ecstasy. She just hung there in the cell.

Mistress Marika took Tyla down. She brought her down to the cell floor carefully. The proud Mistress put her slave in her thatch bed and covered her up in her burlap blanket.

"Rest well slave, for tomorrow I'll be making you my own personal slave."

The end.

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