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This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

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My sister Maali and my girlfriend Ahida both wear dual layer niqabs -- the scarf wrapped around their heads and covering their mouths and noses.

I do not have a problem with that face on. But from behind? They are of similar build and walk identically.

Their niqabs came from the same shop and they have about half a dozen of each layer, light blue inside and black for the outer one.

It all started when I felt that Ahida was not doing as well at university as I thought she should. We were on the same course, but I thought she was better than me, yet our marks did not match my impression.

In the presence of my sister, I made a bet with Ahida.

I bet that she would not get a First. If I won, she would have to do whatever I wanted her to do for a whole evening. If I lost, as I hoped I would, I would have to do whatever she wanted me to do. She knew that whatever I asked her to do if I won would not be onerous nor something she would object to doing. I thought Ahida would act the same if I lost. I was wrong.

Three months later when the results of our finals were announced, we both had Firsts. I had lost the bet and was pleased that I had because the silly bet had motivated Ahida to work harder.

She decided that this Saturday evening would be the time when I would have to pay the forfeit for losing the bet. I was surprised that she wanted my sister Maali to be there too.

Ahida asked me to be at her small flat at six o'clock. When she opened the door, my sister was standing beside her, dressed identically with their niqabs on. I was slightly surprised. They normally took their niqabs off whenever they were indoors. When they did, I could easily tell them apart. They both have glossy black hair but Maali's is cut into a short bob and Ahida's is shoulder length.

"Come in, Rashad," Ahida said. "You can have a coffee while we change."

Change? Why should they change?

A couple of minutes later I was sitting on the settee with my coffee. I could hear giggling from the two women in the bedroom. When they came out, they were wearing the bridesmaids' dresses they had worn a year ago when one of my male cousins had married a female cousin of Ahida. Now I could not tell them apart. Under their niqabs they now had a white chiffon scarf completely covering their faces. They could have been twins.

Their bridesmaids' dresses were pastel blue sheaths, fitted to the bust with a band below the bustline and then flaring slightly. When they had worn them at the wedding, their niqabs had covered the slightly scooped necklines. They had taken off their niqabs at the reception showing a couple of inches of neck. At the wedding they had worn their highest heels and the lower hem of the dresses just cleared the floor. Now they were wearing low heeled sandals and the dresses splayed on the carpet.

They stood with their backs to me.

"Well, Rashad, can you tell us apart?"

"No, Ahida, only by your voice."

Ahida who had spoken was standing on the left. They quickly moved several times, too fast for me to follow, so that when they stopped, facing me, I had no idea which was which.

"You lost the bet with Ahida," Maali's voice said." She has decided that you need a lesson in appreciating the strengths of Muslim women whom you underestimate. You are not as bad as our father who would be horrified if I left the house without my niqab, but you still have the traits of most Muslim men. Tonight, Ahida and I intend to change that."

"My first order, Rashad," Ahida's voice said, "Is that you should say nothing. We are not sure you would keep that promise so first we will make sure that you do."

Both women bent over, lifted their skirts and removed their panties -- pastel blue ones that were identical. They sat beside me on the settee. One, I do not know which, blindfolded me with a scarf.

"Open wide, Rashad," Ahida's voice ordered.

I opened my mouth. A pair of panties was stuffed in and pushed deep before a strip of duct tape was pressed over my mouth. I was gagged and eating a pair of panties. Whose? My blindfold was removed.

"We have made sure you don't know whose panties are gagging you." Maali's voice said. "Are they your girlfriend's? Or mine, your sister's? Think on that."

"Stand up, and strip down to your Y-fronts," Ahida ordered.

I did not. I stayed sitting.

"Rashad! You agreed to do whatever I wanted. Or are you a piker who will not accept you lost? Stand up!"

Reluctantly I stood up. The two of them helped me to strip.

"Thank you, Rashad. Now with some unknowing help from our relations, we are going to make you into a woman for the evening, and not just a woman, but a bridesmaid. Sit down!"

The two of them pushed another pair of pastel blue panties up my legs and settled them around my hips, followed by white pantyhose. Last they strapped a pair of Ahida's low-heeled sandals on my feet.

"You remember your cousin Falza at the wedding?" Maali asked.

I nodded.

"She was unhappy then because she was too fat. Since then, she has lost twenty pounds and a couple of dress sizes, so she has given us what she was wearing as a bridesmaid because they will not fit her now. But they will do for Rashad as a bridesmaid. Stand up!"

I stood, wobbling slightly on the unfamiliar heels.

Ahida produced a long foundation garment. It was a struggle for the two women to put it on me, but once they had closed the front zip and adjusted the shoulder straps, I was sheathed in lycra-enhanced white nylon that was clamping my arms to my sides and tightly holding me. Padding had been added to the bra cups to give me a shape up top. I looked down at my white nylon sheathed feet, but I could not see my lower body. The large breast shapes were in the way. I knew that Falza had been large, but these breasts seemed even larger.

The two of them pulled a floor length slip down my body. They had to ease it around my fake breasts before they could pull it right down. It had a slit at the back but Ahida zipped it shut, clamping the slip around my ankles. I was tottering but Maali propped me up as Ahida dropped Falza's bridesmaid's dress over me. One she had closed the back zip I was sheathed in pastel satin from shoulders to feet.

Maali propped me up from behind as Ahida took pictures despite my shaking head.

"These are for me and Maali, no one else, Rashad. You can trust us. They won't be shared and certainly not put on the net."

They helped me to sit down and then the two of them wrapped my head in a white scarf, like the ones they were wearing under their niqabs to hide their faces. I could see, when Maali held up a mirror, that my face could have been anyone.

Maali and Ahida tied another dual layer niqab around my head. Unlike the ones they were wearing, they fastened both layers very tightly, so I was gagged even if I had not been eating a pair of panties covered by duct tape.

They pulled me to stand before helping me to hobble across the room to the doorway to the hall. Maali, I assume it was Maali because Ahida had the camera, stood my so my left side was hidden by the doorway. She stood slightly in front of me, so my right side was covered by her body. No one could see from the pictures Ahida was taking that my arms were trapped inside the dress. When Ahida had finished, she handed the camera to Maali to repeat the pictures with me standing slightly behind Ahida. Since all three faces were covered by white scarves, I did not think anyone could tell from the photos who was whom. We are all the same height and build.

Ahida set up the camera on a table before she set it for a delayed exposure. She stood slightly in front of me, as did Maali, so again my lack of arms could not be seen.

The camera was left on the table as they supported me back to the settee. There, they took of my niqab and white scarf before replacing the niqab, tightly tied as before. They repeated the pictures with the delayed exposure before going back to the hall doorway to replicate those. I was worried. Even with the niqab, my face could be seen.

They took more pictures in the exactly the same poses, without the niqabs, showing that I was gagged with duct tape. Now I was really worried. I could be seen as their gagged prisoner because they took a set showing that I was restrained in the bridesmaid's dress.

"Rashad! I'm going to remove your gag," Ahida said, but even without it, you are not allowed to speak. OK?"

Reluctantly I nodded. It was a relief to get the panties out of my mouth. Maali brought me a drink of water for which I was grateful. But now, my face was fully exposed as they took even more pictures both with my lack of arms hidden and again showing that I was sheathed in Falza's dress.

"Thank you, Rashad," Ahida said. I have all the photos I want. But now? I want some worship from my boyfriend. We will help you to kneel."

It was awkward but soon I was kneeling with my face pressed against Ahida's dress. Or was it Ahida? Or Maali? They had moved around so much that I did not know whether the body I was pressed against was my girlfriend or my sister. Whoever it was, they hauled up their dress and long slip until I was facing a naked navel.

A voice above me ordered:

"Kiss it!"

I kissed. Whichever of them it was did not matter. I loved both of them but in a different way. My lips were meeting warm soft, slightly perfumed feminine fresh.

Suddenly the other woman dragged the dress and slip downwards to force my face hard against the navel. The wearer's hands came down to cradle my head and hold me in place. I was being suffocated by soft flesh. I tried to swing my head sideways to get a breath. The hands did not let me breathe for about twenty seconds until they relaxed, and I could pant for air. But this air was scented with female flesh and a delicate perfume. I was drowning in her scent.

The other woman came behind me and the two of them hugged each other with my head squashed between them before the dress was and slip was hauled up and replaced by the other. I kissed the second navel. Whichever one came first; I had kissed my girlfriend's and my sister's navels.

I heard a zip being opened and then a slither of satin and nylon. My head was exposed for a few seconds before an empty slip and dress was pulled down my body. My head was at the bustline, but I could not see.

They helped me to sit back on the settee.

"Rashad, we are going to finish off the evening meal and then change," Ahida said. "Just stay there. Not that you have much choice. You are hobbled, blindfolded and restrained. We won't be long..."

"Just imagine that Falza is hugging you, instead of her dress," Maali said. Think what it might have been like kissing her navel when she was fat. It might have been difficult to get your head inside her dress, but if that had been possible, her bulges would have suffocated you. Now she is just hugging you, trapped in her dress. See you soon."

I heard them leave. I shook my head, but I could not move the slip and dress hooding me because I was sitting on some of it.

About quarter of an hour later they returned. The dress and slip were pulled off my head after they had stood me up briefly. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing. They were wearing short, flared skaters' skirts with a crop top exposing their navels. Maali's legs were bare. I had never seen either show so much skin before.

"This is how we would like to dress except for our fathers' attitudes. Do you approve?" Ahida said as she twirled to show she was not wearing panties under the skirt. She had also changed her pantyhose to white stockings held up by white bridal style garters.

I nodded. Ahida hugged me and kissed me full on the lips. She had never done that before. I was enjoying it.

She pulled back.

"Rashad, you have been too respectful. You have been my boyfriend for over a year and all you have ever done was to kiss my hand, but I wanted more, like this..."

She kissed me again. If that is what she wanted, I would be very happy to repeat it anytime. Maali moved Ahida aside and kissed my forehead.

"Your sister loves you too, Rashad, but I shouldn't kiss you on the lips. But I can and will kiss you. And even if you did not want to, you have kissed my navel. I liked that but it would have been better from my boyfriend. Maybe, with Ahida's help. I can get him as helpless as you are now and then..."

"But now it is mealtime, Rashad." Ahida said.

I flapped my hands uselessly inside the constricting foundation garment, slip and dress.

"Don't worry. We will feed you and then. When Maali has gone, perhaps I might release you. Perhaps..."

They helped me to hobble into the kitchen/diner and sat me at the table. They took it in turns to feed me, a rice-based dish. I was surprised that they had wine with the meal. They gave me two glasses to one each for them.

"None of us are very strict Muslims," Ahida said, "but we are not compromising you, Rashad."

She showed me the wine bottle. It was non-alcoholic.

After the meal we went back to the living room and they helped me to sit on the settee again. Maali took a small item from her handbag, and concealing it in her hand, gave it to Ahida.

"There you are. Look after it."

Maali put her panties on before her white pantyhose. She pulled a jilbab over her revealing clothing before putting on her dual layer niqab. Now I could not tell she had immodest clothing under the concealing jilbab. Maali saw me watching.

"Rashad, what we wear under our jilbabs is our secret. I could be wearing the short skirt and cropped top I have now, or just a bra and no panties. Panties? That reminds me. Earlier you had a mouth full of your sister's panties. They showed that I own you, just as much as Ahida. See you..."

Maali picked up a carrier bag.

"Ahida will explain to you later what she and I have arranged. Until then? Enjoy yourself. Ahida will."

Maali left. As soon as she had gone, Ahida sat on the back of the settee with her stockinged legs draped across me.

"Rashad? I think I will let you talk now that Maali has gone -- if you can..."

She pulled her dark blue short petticoat down over my face and held it tight under my chin.

"Seeing blue?" Ahida laughed.

She took one of her garters off and used it to hold the petticoat over my mouth. She dragged her lined skirt across my face. The blue turned to black. My breathing was laboured through three layers of material and the skirt was heavyweight. I could feel her warm naked sex against the back of my neck. Her legs crossed over my shoulders before she grabbed an ankle and trapped my head with that leg.

"Can't speak? Can't breathe? You are trapped again, Rashad. But now we are moving to the bedroom. for the next episode in the training of Rashad, an episode for which your sister should not be present..."

Ahida released her leg hold and uncovered my head before replacing the garter on her leg. She helped me into the bedroom. There, to my relief, she took Falza's dress, slip and foundation garment off me. I was worried, I was in Ahida's bedroom, stretched out on her bed, wearing only my Y-fronts and Ahida had a short skirt with no panties. What did she intend to do next? Her words startled me.

"Rashad? I have decided that we are engaged. It has been a year now, and Maali and I have gone further than I should with just a boyfriend, so we are engaged. All you must do is accept. You will?"

"If that is what you want, Ahida then yes, I will. I love you. We are engaged."

Ahida opened her handbag and took our what Maali had given her earlier.

"Rashad, I know you can't really afford an engagement ring because you are saving for a place of your own. But Maali gave me this. It was your grandmother's engagement ring that she gave to your mother. Your mother couldn't wear it. It was slightly too large and could not be reduced because of the design on the band. It is too large for Maali too. But I know it fits me."

Ahida held out the small box. I opened it to show the ring. I took it out and put it on Ahida's finger. It went on easily. She held it up to her face.

"Thank you, Rashad. Now I really feel engaged so..."

Ahida flung herself across me and kissed me furiously. What she did next was unexpected. She hauled up her cropped top to show her bra covered breasts before covering my head in her cleavage. Her body weight squashed my mouth and nose so much that I could not breathe. She wriggled around. As she did, I could snatch a breath. One of her hands slid down to check that I was erect inside my Y-fronts. Of course, I was. Being breast-smothered by Ahida was incredibly arousing.

She moved up my body and raised her skirt. Her bare pussy was in front of my face.

"Kiss my other lips, fiancé!" She ordered.

I did. She dragged her petticoat and skirt behind my head and tightened them so I could not move away. Slowly I began to arouse her until she was squealing with pleasure, but I was being smothered between her sex and the enclosing skirt. When she had reached several orgasms, she climbed off me. A couple of minutes later she had removed my Y-fronts, fitted a condom, and impaled herself on my insistent erection. Because we are the same height, as she pounded up and down on me her lips covered mine.

I came into her in seconds, far too soon, but Ahida was overwhelming. She stopped, rested her body over mine and kept kissing me until my erection returned. This time I was able to hang on until she too had more orgasms, but her tongue forced between my lips brought me back to another ejaculation.

She spent the whole night covering my body and producing yet another coupling before dawn. If this is what being engaged to Ahida meant, I wanted more.

In the early morning I woke to find Ahida's naked body pressed against my back. If I had been a cat, I would have been purring. But when I woke later, she was gone. She walked in from the bathroom, dressed in her jilbab.

"Off you go, Rashad. Your shaving things are in the bathroom. Maali brought them."

I shaved and showered. When I walked back into the bedroom I was nonplussed. I could not see my clothes. On the bed was the padded corselette I had worn yesterday evening and a jilbab, exactly the same as Ahida and Maali wore.

Ahida pointed at them.

"Get dressed, Rashad."

"What? In those?"

"Yes, Maali and I arranged it. We are going to get you back in your house. Maali made a bulge in your bed and locked the bedroom door. She would have told your parents that you have a headache from helping Maali and I sort out my laptop last night. Maali will let both of us in at eight thirty exactly through the conservatory door. You father won't be up then, and your mother will be in the kitchen."

"And I'll be wearing that?"

"Yes. If we are seen, you are your cousin, Falza's, younger sister. But you should not be seen. Maali and I will go into the kitchen while you sneak upstairs and change."

"But I will have to walk through the streets dressed in a jilbab?"

"Yes, and wearing a niqab. No one would know who you are."

Ahida had to help me to put the corselette on. She thought the nails on my hands and feet might give me away, so she put elbow length black satin gloves to cover my hands and glossy opaque grey stockings, fitted to the suspenders on my legs before putting her low-heeled sandals on my feet. Whether it was necessary to cover my feet, I doubted because the lower hem of the jilbab brushed the ground.

After breakfast Ahida sat me down at the kitchen table and applied make-up including eyeshadow, before tying a dual layer niqab around my head. She pulled both layers lower over my eyebrows than they would normally be worn because the top of my nose was too masculine. When she produced a mirror, she was right. I looked appropriately female and could easily have been a cousin. She warned me not to speak, not that I could. The niqabs were tied so tightly I would have real difficulty in speaking. & uid=18448

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