'She's a lezzie then?'

'Evidence suggests best of both worlds, hardly matters she's too good for the two of us but we can still lech and fantasise. I was up there at the meet myself last weekend, in fact, I'm on the guestlist as a friendly face and a bit of muscle in case anything goes awry. I spotted Eve a couple of times making some shapes.'

I thought about the state of her panty gusset after a whole night's dancing, maybe she had worn tights or socks, oh my, maybe tomorrow morning her crusty stuff would be discarded on her bedroom floor, out of my reach.

Dave dug me in the ribs and brought me out of my thoughts. His index finger was pressed to the tabletop and when he raised it a little white tablet lay broken in two. 'Fancy, leftover from last weekend?' he offered.

I indicated my interest and copied Dave picking up a half of the tablet on my fingertip and transferring it to my mouth. It tasted vaguely familiar but I couldn't place it for some moments and then realised it was the same flavour I had tasted in the toe of Eve's nylon anklets.

Dave rattled on but I didn't catch a word. My mind was blown, I thought about the bag of ganja in the gusset of Eve's panties and I became convinced that she had dosed the toes of those naughty nylons with a hit of liquid MDMA. That's why I had come on so social and touchy-feely after sucking the toe. That takes the disco biscuit, I mused. Eve was some cookie. I chuckled realising the weed I had brought from home may not be quite so amazing after all. I also thought I had something on the girl and that I might be able to take advantage of my discovery.


When I woke up Sunday morning I couldn't remember going to bed the night before. My head was fuzzy and I decided that a good long walk with hound dog was the best plan for the day. I wasn't very far from the coast and the beach so I decided I would collect the pooch and have some breakfast on the way. I had tinned doggy food and bowls in the van.

We spent hours on the beach. Several other dog walkers strolled there and despite my calling to Minge to come to me there were occasions when he stuck his nose in his favourite lady spot. I dried the pooch off after his swim in the sea and we headed back to the Stag's Head late in the afternoon.

Pooch kennelled and I wanted to murder a pint. Lunchtime revellers had left and the bar was almost empty but the most significant person was there. I greeted Eve, ordered the special and took a pint back to a table. I heard a mobile calling and saw Eve check the screen and lift her phone to her ear.

I marvelled at her fresh looks, her apparent delightful innocence, the rings in her delicate ear lobes, her flawless European complexion and her magnificent chest. Her generous shape evoked a perception of fitness and health and as such a bullseye for sexual men. Lush was the best word for her.

'Dude, say that again...I'm so sorry, I really don't know what happened, never happened before. If I'd seen you last night I could have sorted you out. I'll double it up next week. Sure, cheers, have a good one.'

I was sure her conversation had something to do with the MDMA soaked anklets that I had swapped on the line. One of her customers was disappointed, the anklets I swapped for hers differed from Eve's in flavour and effect.

I decided it was time to play my ace and so when Eve came over with a plate of food I said,

'Thanks very much, by the way, I stole your nylon socks from the washing line.'

She looked at me horrified and didn't say a word, and returned behind the bar and completely avoided looking my way at all. I had a boner knowing that Eve knew I was a lingerie pilferer. I was glad I had confronted her but nonetheless, I felt uncomfortable so quickly finished up and went to my room.

I checked out some porn searching for women that could pass for Eve, stuff to fuel my inevitable masturbation, for a couple of hours and around about nine o'clock I heard a knock on my door and went to open it. It was Eve, she entered and shut the door behind her and said,

'We need to talk. What did you mean you stole my stuff off the washing line?'

She wore her pale pink dress, her legs were sheathed in tan nylon hose and she wore a pair of white cotton socks on her feet shod in her black strappy sandals. She was the regal embodiment of flesh beautifully displayed by her buttocks, legs and chest. I remained in my seat and I invited her to sit on the bed and I began,

'Eve you are such sexy woman, you're beautiful. I'm sorry but I'm besotted by you and like a lot of guys I love women's feet, long to kiss them, worship them, taste, lick and sniff them, they drive me crazy. I rarely get the chance to have the real thing so if I can get my hands on a pair of soiled nylons or some socks I just can't help myself...'

'Sure lots of guy's do, why do you think we buy so many shoes, but why are you telling me, you got what you wanted, a sniff and a wank, why not just leave it there, why do I have to know?'

'It's worse. I also love panties, I'm immediately curious about an attractive woman's underwear. I measure a woman's complicity for naughty sex according to her knickers. Plain Jane no-nonsense bloomers suggest the women are half frigid and won't be imaginative and filthy between the sheets. Frills and bows and lace and size and colour all feed our sense of a woman's playfulness. Soiled panties are even better of course because they give us the chance to taste fanny and all those goodies lodged in the gusset drive us fucking crazy. It all helps to put some reality in a wank.'

'I've seen your knickers hanging to dry, really saucy, all those ribbons dangling, I simply can't stop thinking about you doing dirty things to me with your sexy stuff.'

'Yer, I know all that, I'd lose half my knickers from the line weed or no weed. I asked you, why do I have to know?'

'I examined your black G-string that hung on the line behind the shed and opened up the gusset and found that little bag of ganja. Then there was the aroma of marijuana in the woods. I know what you're up to, you're dealing with walkers in the woods who come that way to score...'

'Big deal, who cares, no-one gives a shit about a bit of weed...'

'No, true but Ecstasy is a completely different matter...'

'Ecstasy, what are you going on about...'

'Eve I sucked the toes of your nylon anklets, honey and root beer, precisely the flavour of the local tabs around here. You're selling nylon blotter class A stuff to toe suckers. That was what your apology was about when you answered your phone to that dude earlier, wasn't it?'

'Well, as far as the authorities are concerned it's your word against mine. My Dad matters, this revelation would hurt him and I can't have that. So what do you want then?'

'Look I'm a submissive guy, I love to be dominated by sexy women, the more petite the better, to be controlled not by muscle but by potent feminine beauty is my idea of paradise. I long to be your slave. Just enslave me just once would you while I'm here, would you please, can you do that for me, pretty please? I would just love that.'

'Pretty-please, eh?' You pay for damage then. Eve lightened up and began to smile. You've come to the right place. I love to play Dom just for the same reason, using the power in my sexy body to control big strong muscular guys is something that really appeals to me and you are a big strong guy, aren't you? Best broad shoulders I've seen on a guy for a while. I've been admiring them since you arrived.'

'Oh, wow,' I replied.

'I love to see a throbbing cock go off, girls really don't squirt that good so I love to see a fucking good cum blast. I bet you can make a big mess, big hands haven't you?'

Eve stood and slipped off her sandals and reached up beneath her dress and dragged her tan nylon tights from her legs and feet. A pair of pink panties were trapped within them and her cotton socks still filled the toes of her nylon hosiery. She held the tangled garments in front of her.

'Phew!,' she said wafting the air in front of her. 'A bit of history, I've been wearing this stuff for twenty-four hours. I was wearing it when I danced the whole night long and so tired that I slept in it 'till Dad hammered on my door and told me he needed me 'now'. Now means now with Dad so I didn't have time to change before you saw me earlier in the bar. So it's a bit smelly, actually, it's very stinky indeed and warm and damp as well, does that float your boat, you naughty boy.'

'Eve Mistress, you're driving me crazy...'

'I haven't finished,' she said assuming a more dominant role. 'I'm thinking of leaving this stuff with you but on one condition...'

'Pretty-please, anything, Eve.'

'Pretty-please, Mistress Eve,' she corrected me. 'You have to send me lots of pictures showing me just what you do with my stinky stuff. Show me just how you want me to humiliate you, after all you have been a very naughty boy trying to peep at my little knikkies the whole week, haven't you now, naughty boy.

'Oh, fuck me, Eve...' I muttered just before her bundle of soiled lingerie struck my face.

'What did I say, panty-perve, you're not listening?'

She walked to the door and taking the brass knob in her hand ran her fingers beneath it as though tickling my nut sacs. 'One other thing sock-sniffer, you'll need to pick up a chastity device, a pink one would be best, make the most of your wank because tomorrow at this time I'm going to put you in it. Like I said, I want to see one enormous cum blast, we need to get some credit in those gonads, keep sniffing my stuff, I do hope you have a big cock for me to milk slave boy.'

'I'm your sissy slave boy, Mistress Eve,' I replied as Eve opened the door and departed.











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