*An Audio Erotica Script*


You SIMply Fucked Up

Sweetie, can you come here for a second?

This? Oh, there's no reason why Mommy would have her dick out. Because there's nothing wrong, is there?

Nothing at all, right? Nothing you need to tell Mommy? Hm?

No!? Ohh, that's gooood then. Everything's perfectly fine then, isn't it, my smoochie-cheek Sweetheart? Perfectly... Fucking... Fine.

So it's perfectly fine that I came home to a computer completely full to the brim with Adware and Spyware today, isn't it?

And precious, it's perfectly fine that two years worth of Mommy's progress on the Sims is just... gone, completely unrecoverable.

And Mommy *also* noticed that the VPN subscription lapsed, which, as we agreed was your responsibility, but that's perfectly fine.

You know where I'm going with this. I saw you swallow. But we're not finished yet.

The final nail in the- in your coffin, Sweetie, is that Mommy didn't have ANY of these fuckin' mods installed on The Sims when she left for work this morning.

Do you have anything to say for yourself?

No, you don't, do you? Not even... Sorry?

Let's be clear- we negotiated the separation of responsibilities in this relationship for a long time- a loooong fucking time and-

Well... I'm not angry. I'm a little frustrated, and you know I swear a little sometimes when I get frustrated but I...

Goddamn it, Gorgeous I just...

I'm disappointed. We had an agreement on expectations and it simply hasn't been met.

I still adore you and I know in my heart this is a medium at worst slip up, but...

Yes. Mommy's rightfully disappointed in you.

You recall... We discussed... Punishments for this type of slip-up.

Don't you dare give me that look.

You know what comes next.

Bend over.

No, no no no, further.

That's it. You naughty little Fuckweasel, even when you know you're fucking doomed you can't help being a goddamn tease, can you?


You're very, veeeery lucky Mommy adores you so.

If she didn't... You might not survive what's about to be done to you.

That shiver... That rippling wave of gooseflesh breaking across your skin looks fucking delicious.

Do you want to do this now? I'm only going to punish you if you're prepared to take it.


Such... Enthusiasm. At least you're willing to pay for your crimes.

Ok. One finger first. Are you ready?

Gently... Careful don't-

[Backs up against your finger, taking it all]

Back up. Swallowed all the way to the knuckle, huh? Well. Let's try-

Yes, two. Moan for me while I wreck your recalcitrant rectum with my fingers.

That's it... Sweet, sluttery moans.

More!? Want a third finger, you little shit!?

What was that moan!? You're not supposed to be enjoying this more than I am! Fuck!

How about if I thrust in you deep like this, huh? Then hold inside you, just hold, just hold... and then thrust again, and hold, filling out your whole tight little asshole, huh?

Mmm.... Fuck, if I wasn't so angry I...

I'd rail you with my throbbing cock, splitting you, pounding that asshole into the fucking mattress. Pulling and twisting fistfulls of your fucking hair-



You little shit!

On the bed. Now. Breeding position for Mommy. NOW.

{good meaty slap} MOVE!

Ohhhh ffffffuck.

Squeal like that again and I won't be able to control myself.

You squeal like that again and I'll take you up against the wall so our neighbours get to hear me rend you...

Or on the ground, I'll fuck down on you so hard we'll break through the floorboards.

No? Wise.

Spread more. Arch your back. Let's grab some fucking hair...

Good. Good good good good good.

Now bite the pillow you beautiful slut.

Hah. I don't even think I'll fit in that sweet, pink, watertight hole of yours.

Wait, wai- *moan*

Oh there we go. Aww poor baby, does that hurt a little? Maybe some more lube... In a moment.

Mmf. Are you sorry yet!? Oh god it's delightful to hear your agony...

[Yellow! more lube oh god lol.]

Yellow? Ok gorgeous, I hear you.

There we go... All slick, ready to slide right back into your beautiful hole.

Let's gently.... Ease it back in...

There we are- holy fuck.




Swallowing inch after inch of Mommy's hungry, dripping, throbbing cock.

Moan, Sweetie. Loud as you can so Mommy knows you can feel it as I pound you.

{This section kinda in time with thrusting and maybe an occasional moan or a comment}

That's it. Now say I'm sorry, Mommy.

THE WHOLE THING. Say it with me.

I'm. SORRY. MOMMY. Good.

Now again.

I'M- [sorry mommy]


Now, are we going to fuck around with Mommy's shit again?



[No, Mommy]

Good- oh don't hold back those moans.

Don't hold ba- there you go, fffffffuck.

Mmf. Yes, Gorgeous. Moan like that.

Remind me, what noises...

Do you make when Mommy digs her nails

Into your shoulders like this?

Now I remember- oh fuck, you sound so fucking delicious

You feel so incredible as you quiver and shake for me

Ohhh fuck, Mommy's getting close already, Sweetie - oh your noises are gonna drive me over edge!

{Improv to climax, maybe dragging nails down the back and cumming together? O.o}

{Between slow, ragged breaths}

Mommy's slowly pulling out, ok- precious- easy-

There we go. Cuddles. Now. Get over here.

{Exhale as arms entwine}

May Mommy cover her Sweetie in kisses?

[Yes, please]

{Small peck kisses between each word and then a long smooooch after please}

Yess! You're the cutest little nugget of fun. You even said please!

Oh! Is mommy squeezing too tight? Sorry, Honeybum, I suppose you can't breathe if your ribs are getting squished!

Better? Good good. *smooch*

I adore you so fucking much.

The way your hair splays everywhere after I've had my way with you, the way it always seems to catch the light...

Yes, especially like now. *smooch*

You were so fucking amazing. I needed this so fucking badly.

It blows my fucking mind how good you sound every time we canoodle.


Hey, don't make fun of me for using silly words like *canoodle* you beautiful *Fuckweasel*

{More giggles}

I really like "Fuckweasel" too. I wanna tell everyone you're my darling little Fuckweasel as I slowly stroke your cheek, like this.

Except when you're in trouble. Then you're my naughty little Fuckweasel.

Speaking of which, you've served your hard time, and I forgive you. So umm...

Would you like to hop back on and let Mommy back inside you so we can have filled-up cuddles?

[Yes please]

Yessss! Ok lemme just-


On my-



Sit up here in Mommy's lap.

Gently, here, lemme hold your hands, would you like some more lube, maybe?

Evidently... not! Wow Gorgeous, lemme wrap my arms around you!

You're shivering a little, everything ok?

Oh? It feels good? Just close your eyes and hold me. Let's enjoy this closeness together.

{Slow breathing together, some optional kisses and affirmations}

I can feel your heart beating if I hold my hand juuuuust here on your chest. Is it morse code? Are you trying to tell me something?

Oh, that look tells me there's something. Here, give me your hands. You can tell Mommy. You're safe. What do you need to tell me?

[I'd like to... Latch on you]

You'd like to... Latch?

While I'm inside you? Fuck yes, of course you can, Sweetie! Here, if I just sit up a little-

And if you arch your back like-

Like that, yes.

[May I latch, Mommy?]

Such good manners, asking first.

Please do, Beautiful! Remember, gentle on the teeth to start-

{Moans interspersed between the lines, alternating long slow ones with short, sharp hitched ones mid-sentrnce}

That's it. Suckle gently, you'll get more that way. Let me stroke your beautiful hair while you feed.

You're so gorgeous and strong, taking my thrusting and my fingers and then hopping right back on. I'm so proud of you.

Don't talk with your mouth full Sweetie - it's rude.

[Thankyou Mommy]

You don't have to thank me, this feels fucking amazing for me too, y'know.

My cock buried inside you, your lips wrapped around my nipple, sucking me-

My other one needs some attention after you've finished.

{SQUEE} Ye--ss like that! Here, let me scritch behind your ears.

Mmmmmm this is so lovely. Ooh! I can bounce you on my legs a little if you like.

Yes, like this, like this? Mmm I can feel your whole body shudder, your legs, your back- even your lips are quivering as you suck me.

Mmmm this feels amazing, Gorgeous. I fucking adore you.

So fucking much.

Absolutely nothing could ruin this moment.


Oh? Why did you stop?

What do you mean you need to ruin the moment?

[I hecked up the computer on purpose]

You hecked my computer up on purpose? Oh, my naughty little angel, why?


Oh sweetie. You only need to ask if you'd wanted my attention. Or if you wanted to play like this...

[All your progress on The Sims though-]

Hey, it's okay, I forgave you, you gorgeous goof. C'mere.

Lemme squeeze the remourse outta you. I got you. You're okay.

I'm sure those Sims will be fine.

Heh. How? You didn't notice anything different when you were using the computer today?

It was just a Virtual Machine. The computer's fine, Honeybum, you're a silly goof. *smooch*

Why did *I* act all upset? Hmm. Attention also, I suppose.

I guess we need to work on our communication a little.

Speaking of, my nipnops are starting to get cold, would you mind... warming them back up a little?

Thankyou, *smooch* my *smooch* gorgeous *smooch* little *smooch* Fuckweasel *smoooooooooch*


Mmmmmm that's so much better, isn't it?











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