My wife and I have always lived very comfortably. We come from upper-class families -- not billionaires or anything like that, but we're quite well off. We met in high school when we attended the same private school -- the type that costs $15,000 a year. We both went to business school at the local Highly Ranked College (she was born infertile, so starting a family together wasn't an option) and got married after we graduated, then got high-ranking jobs in management at the offices of Big Companies (separate ones, to avoid a conflict of interest if we both worked for the same company.)

We made friends with couples in our same social circle, and since we didn't have children of our own, we became the "uncle" and "aunt" to many of our friends' children. In particular, one of the couples had just one child (the mom wasn't born completely infertile like my wife, but did have difficulty conceiving, and after her child was born the doctors recommended she not try again: she promptly had a hysterectomy and her husband had a vasectomy.) The child, Ken, always looked a bit feminine in his facial features, even from birth. And he wasn't particularly into traditional "manly" things: he preferred watching cooking shows to playing sports, and seemed fascinated when his mom put on her make-up.

At first, Ken's parents wrote these things off as childhood quirks. But when at age eight, Ken asked to dress like a Scotsman even though the family had no connection to Scotland, his parents were quite confused. It turned out that Ken just wanted to wear a skirt instead of pants, but figured his parents would nix that idea, so he found out that Scotsmen wore skirts (they use the term "kilts") and thought that would be a convenient loophole.

From there, things went in a very predictable direction. By the time he was 12, Ken was spending more time at our house than his parents' house, because they refused to accept him wearing skirts and stockings and putting on make-up. We had no such hang-ups: he was a sweet child and we were happy to spend time with him and talk to him. The climax came when Ken hit 14: his parents issued an ultimatum that he stop behaving "like a girl", or they would kick him out.

Ken, given the ultimatum, did the only sensible thing: he chose "or else". We let his parents know that if they didn't want him anymore we'd gladly take him in. The appropriate arrangements were made, and we happily put Ken in one of the spare bedrooms.

The next day, after thanking us, Ken had a request.

"Roger, Cindy, I know this won't come as a surprise... but I'm actually a girl. The one thing I couldn't do while living in the other place was get hormones."

The next week, Kendra started on hormone therapy. We also decided to homeschool her through her high school years, and hired a teacher for the daytime hours when we would be at work for this purpose.

By the time she was 18 (and a high school graduate), Kendra had become a very lovely young woman. Her wavy, shoulder-length brown hair framed her pretty face and smiling brown eyes nicely. She had an average frame, C-cup breasts (I knew because Cindy and I had to buy her the bras) that fit her frame perfectly, decently thick legs and a nice, plump butt, with very female hips. (Cindy and I both are slim: Cindy's breasts are B's, but they match her frame well. Neither of us have a lot of muscle mass anywhere, and we both have short, straight black hair and brown eyes. My cock isn't huge, about six-and-a-half inches and decently thick, but any bigger and Cindy's small frame wouldn't accommodate it, so that has worked out to perfection.)

"Now that I'm of age," Kendra piped up as we had our celebratory dinner for her graduating, "I'd like to join you two in the bed."

No surprise there. Teenagers are horny to begin with and the hormone therapy does sometimes have that effect as well.

I looked at Cindy. She looked at me. We nodded.

"Okay, Kendra."

We weren't blood related to her, after all, and what middle-aged person (Cindy and I were both in out early 40's) would refuse a session with a hot 18-year-old? Especially one they already knew quite well, so it wouldn't be just a sex thing. We all made pit stops and then showered, then dried off and headed for the master bedroom.

Kendra ended up in the middle. First she turned her head towards Cindy, and the two of them kissed. Then Kendra turned her head towards me, and gave me a kiss.

Cindy and I then each took one side of Kendra's neck, kissing the sensitive flesh, Kendra moaned and wrapped one arm around each of us. I kissed my way down towards Kendra's chest, with Cindy doing the same on the opposite side. We each began kissing one of Kendra's breasts. When we took Kendra's nipples into our mouths and suckled, the 18-year-old gasped.

I flickered my tongue across the tip of the nipple. Kendra shivered and made happy noises. Cindy and I suckled until we saw Kendra's small cock reach full mast. (It was an inch shorter than mine.)

We switched positions so Cindy was in the middle. Kendra and I kissed her neck, then worked on her pert breasts. I also reached a hand down to gently tease Cindy's slit. As I suckled her nipple and brushed my fingers against my wife's clit, Cindy moaned loudly. Getting her warmed up was easy.

Cindy indicated what she wanted. Since this was Kendra's first sexual experience, the emphasis would be on her. Cindy adjusted her position so that Kendra could get between her legs. Kendra's small pole slipped easily into Cindy's box. In the meantime, I positioned myself over Cindy, who was lying on her back, and presented my hard cock to her mouth.

Cindy eagerly began sucking on my pole. At first, she took just the head in. We knew Kendra would take a while to cum (another side effect of the hormones), so Cindy wanted me to last as well. Cindy's tongue gently slid along the tip of my rod, teasing me, keeping me hard but not moving me towards cumming. Kendra, meanwhile, was moving with a gentle, steady rhythm. Cindy wrapped her legs around Kendra's hips and let the happy 18-year-old savor her first sexual experience.

Kendra leaned down as she made love to Cindy, taking one of my wife's nipples in her mouth. Cindy responded by moving her own hips slightly faster, encouraging Kendra to speed up a bit. Cindy's tongue also sped up on my cock, and she began taking more of it in her mouth. In a minute or two I was fucking her face, having her go from having just the head in to almost my entire length with each slow stroke. She licked along the shaft every time I slid my hips forward.

We continued like that for a bit, with Kendra fucking Cindy missionary while my wife blew me, and then Cindy moved us to the next phase. She had Kendra and me pull out, then turned over and put her small ass in the air so Kendra could fuck her from behind. She also gave me a loving reminder.

"Remember that our dear, sweet Kendra is a virgin, Roger. Be very gentle."

"I will," I promised. I lubed up Kendra's bumhole and my cock, then eased my way in, letting Kendra's body adjust to being filled.

"Nice," Kendra purred. "Now fuck me."

"Gladly," I replied. I pulled slowly out until just an inch of cock was in Kendra's bum, then slid slowly in until I was hilted. Kendra made pleased sounds. I continued, building a slow rhythm, and Kendra's hips moved in that same rhythm as she made love to Cindy.

"Fuck her harder," Cindy husked. "Every time you pump into her, she pumps into me."

I didn't want to make things unpleasant for Kendra, so I didn't ream her with maximal force. I did speed my rhythm up a bit, and Kendra's body shivered as she made happy noises. The teen began squeezing my rod with her ass every time I pumped into her. Cindy seemed to approve, as she began gasping and moaning with pleasure.

"Kendra, you feel amazing."

"Fill me up," Kendra moaned. I groped her lovely rear as I continued sliding into her. I did what she wanted, tensing as my cock filled her butt with jets of hot cum.

Cindy and Kendra both let out lustful yowls about half a second later. I guessed that they had also both just climaxed. We all tumbled onto the bed in a heap, spent from our exertions. When we could move, we all piled into the shower together and cleaned up, then dried off.

"Mind if I spend the night with you two?" Kendra asked.

"Not at all," Cindy grinned. I turned out the lights and the three of us snuggled and fell asleep in a happy, loving pile.

That was the first of many sessions with Kendra over the next three years. We got her the surgery for her 21st birthday and she found a paramour her own age a few months later, moving in with them shortly after she turned 22. But long after she stopped being our lover, she remained a close friend. & s=view & id=788221 & moderation-hash=5559b550964bd6abc307ff450b69185d#comment-51579

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