The following is a true story of my first visit to a BDSM dungeon. I have concealed the identities of the two people involved for obvious reasons.


I have always had a thing for being sexually dominated by a beautiful woman, maybe it is because in all other facets of my life, I am almost always the dominant one. Regardless, nothing excites me more. But I had never been to a dungeon to experience a professional dominatrix until a few years ago, when I decided to take the plunge.

After doing some internet research, I found a dominatrix that worked at a dungeon not far from me. She was perfect: beautiful, blonde, looked severe, and her website had more than enough fetishes to really get my blood flowing. So I emailed her and booked a session the following week.

On the appointed day, I drove to her dungeon and parked as I had been instructed, and then texted, and she gave me instructions on how to enter the dungeon. It was the middle of the day, and the building was unmarked and discrete, but as I stood at the door waiting for someone to open it, I was certain everyone was watching me, knowing what I was about to do. After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and I was ushered into the foyer, and I first was introduced to my mistress, Mary.

She was at least as beautiful as her photographs, long platinum blonde hair, very full breasts, nice curves, porcelain skin. She was wearing a hoodie and cut off shorts, but I could tell she was mesmerizingly beautiful!

Mistress Mary introduced herself, shook my hand, and showed me into a room off of the foyer. As we entered the room, I was greeted with a full array of dungeon implements: a St. Andrews Cross, a spanking horse, a ceiling-mounted winch, a leather swing, and the walls were covered with a dazzling array of various ropes and implements of torture. As I admired the equipment and pondered the possibility, Mistress Mary's demeanor quickly changed, and she barked at me that I was to strip completely naked and kneel in the middle of the room. With those instructions, she turned and walked out of the room.

My mind racing, I quickly complied, stripping off all of my clothes and hanging them on the hooks on the wall by the door, then taking a place kneeling on the floor as instructed.

I kneeled in the room for several minutes, and could hear shoes walking back and forth in the hall outside, as well as women talking and laughing, but I was unable to understand anything through the door.

Then, suddenly, the door swung open, and there stood Mistress Mary in full dominatrix regalia: she was wearing a tight black leather corset that only served to enhance her ample breasts, red silk panties that hugged her shapely ass, thigh high stockings wrapped in knee-high black leather high heel boots, and long shiny red gloves that came to her elbows. She was a vision!

She walked into the room, and slapped me across the face, and admonished me for ogling her with my eyes. She informed me I should look down, and only look at her if spoken to. I replied "yes mistress" and quickly looked down. Denied the sight of this goddess in my presence, I could only hear her footsteps and smell her perfume.

She was walking around behind me where I wasn't even able to see her feet, so I didn't know what was next. After a few minutes, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back, and then placed a dog collar around my neck and buckled it. She then placed a blindfold over my eyes, telling me that was to ensure I didn't try to "eye fuck" her. I was now completely enveloped in silence, which only heightened my sensitivity to the sounds in the room and her scent.

She grabbed the ring on my collar and tugged, telling me to stand. As I did, she took each wrist and attached a snug leather cuff, and then I could feel her attach cuffs to my ankles as well. With that, she grabbed the ring again, and clipped a leash to it, and began to guide me slowly across the room. She stopped, and told me to turn around. As I did, she firmly placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back until I came in contact with a padded vertical surface. Then Mistress took my hands and raised them and then clipped each over my head, and then she spread my feet apart, and clipped each as well. I realized I was now bound spread eagle on her St. Andrew's Cross, and was completely immobile and at her mercy.

I heard the click of her heels on the floor as she circled me and admired her handiwork. Suddenly, I could feel her warm breath on my neck and could smell her close by. She whispered in my ear "you belong to me now slave", and then reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it slightly to ensure I was fully engorged. I moaned in pleasure at this contact, but before I could enjoy it too much, I felt her take a cord and wrap it tightly around the base of my balls. She pulled my scrotum down, and wound the cord several times around the base, holding my balls well away from my body. Then she took the cord and wrapped it several times around the base of my cock before tying it tightly in place. I yelped in pain, but the sensation of the cord was unbelievable. Mistress leaned in and whispered in my ear again "this is to keep MY cock nice and hard during our session." I had no complaints, not that she probably would have cared if I had.

I could then hear mistress walk across the room and then I heard a swish and felt a sharp pain as she struck my engorged and bound cock with some type of flog. I flinched but didn't utter a sound, which only seemed to encourage her. She swung and struck again, and again. Each time, I flinched and at some point, I probably started to flinch just at the sound of the flog winding up. My cock began to ache from the lashes, and just when I thought I couldn't take much more, Mistress Mary stopped and there was silence and stillness.

A moment later, I felt sharp points along my leg like a series of needles. The sensation moved all the way up one leg, across my lower abdomen, and down the other leg. This continued for a few minutes, but on the next pass, the pin-wheel was rolled across my tight scrotum and then up the underside of my engorged cock. I yelped out loud in pain, and tried to move, but I was totally immobilized on the cross. Thankfully, this particular torture didn't last very long, and then I could feel her undoing the clips holding my wrists and ankles to the cross.

I felt a tug on my neck again as Mistress led me by my leash across the room, and then I bumped up against a low, cold metal object. Mistress used her hands to guide me to bend at the waist, and I realized she was placing me on the spanking bench. Then she instructed me to kneel on the platforms on either side of the bench and to hang my arms straight down. Again, I could feel her attach my ankle and wrist cuffs to with clips, and once again I was immobilized, but this time in a dog-like position, with my ass sticking into the air, and my cock hanging between my legs.

I could hear Mistress Mary walking around the dungeon again, and then I heard her footsteps return to me and my bench. There was silence and then I felt the sting of her riding crop across my bare ass. These blows continued for several minutes, but as quickly as they started, they stopped again, and then I felt the cold leather of the crop as she tapped my cock and balls with the end. Pausing, she asked "should I spank these too?" And I begged her not to. I'm glad I did, because not only did she not strike my cock with the crop, but I suddenly felt her leather-clad glove wrap around my throbbing member and begin to stroke me slowly. At some point, she had put lube on her gloved hand, and the sensation of the lube and the leather on my rock-hard cock was absolutely heaven! I let out a slow moan of gratification, and Mistress responded that I was good slave boy and if I kept behaving, I would be rewarded.

I would have gladly stayed in this position while my Mistress stroked my cock all day, but it was not to be. After a few minutes of pleasure, she stopped and then I could feel her unclipping my ankle and wrist restraints, and then felt the tug of the leash on my neck. Mistress led me to the middle of the room and instructed me to raise my hands over my head. This time, I could feel her clipping my wrists together to some clip above my head, and then I heard the grinding of the winch and felt my arms being lifted yet further until my feet began to lift off the floor. At that point, she lowered me slightly and then instructed me to spread my legs. Next I felt her clip both ankles to some sort of rod that kept my ankles separated by about 2 feet. Suspended like a beef carcass, I must have been a sight!

Again, I could hear my Mistress walking around the room until she returned to my area, and I could smell her again. Suddenly I heard a low buzzing sound, but had no idea what to expect next until I felt a rubbery object pressed up against my engorged cock. It must have been some sort of large vibrator, and the sensation of the vibrations on my cock sent shudders through my body. It felt amazing! I then felt Mistress's lubed and gloved hand holding my cock and pressing it against the vibrating device, which only added to the pleasure. As I hung suspended from the ceiling, she explored my groin with the vibrating head, stimulating my cock, my balls, my inner thighs, and my perenium. At first, the sensation was amazing, but as the minutes ticked by, the stimulation almost became too much. It was a strange mixture of discomfort and pleasure, and I could sense that familiar tensing in my legs that indicated I was approaching orgasm. But it was not to be. Mistress seemed to sense when I was getting close, and the vibrating stopped.

I hung there for a minute, but then heard the grinding of the winch again as I was lowered and unclipped, then I felt the spreader bar being removed from my ankles. Once again, I felt the tug of my leash as Mistress led me to another torture station. As at the cross, she instructed me to turn, then placed her hand on my chest and pushed, but rather than encountering a padded vertical surface, I felt myself falling backwards until I landed horizontal on a firm leather surface. I then realized I was laying in the swing, and momentarily felt my wrists being clipped up next to my head. Then I felt my knees being raised, and some sort of strap was attached to each such that I was like a dog on his back, with arms and upper legs all pointing at the ceiling.

I laid there not sure what to expect next, when I felt Mistress grab my cock with her lubed glove again and slowly stroke me. She asked "do you think you have been a good boy? Do you deserve a reward?" I thought about it, but had no idea what the correct response was, so I tried "I hope so, Mistress. I would very much appreciate a reward!" She chuckled, so I guessed this was the right answer.

And then I felt something hard and wet press up against my asshole, and I made a shocked sound. I felt the object continue to push until it slowly entered my virgin ass, and I realized that Mistress had inserted a dildo in me. She continued to push it deeper, and then began to retract it again, but before it completely left my innocent rectum, she pushed it back in again. I realized she was pegging me! I must admit, I hadn't banked on this, and I had never had anything other than my doctor's finger in my ass, but it was oddly pleasurable.

Then, as she continued to pump the dildo in and out of my ass, Mistress took her lubed, gloved hand and again began to stroke my cock. The combination of the pegging and stroking was beyond description, and I let out a loud moan of pleasure. Mistress inquired if I liked what she was doing to me, and I responded I most definitely did. She then said "That's nice, bitch, but this isn't about your pleasure." I was okay with that, though, since it was definitely pleasing me.

If I thought it was embarrassing to be suspended from the ceiling with my legs spread, this was a totally different level of embarrassment. I was flat on my back with my legs in the air while this beautiful woman fucked me in the ass and jerked my cock! The pegging and jerking continued slowly and rhythmically, and I could feel a massive orgasm building in me. Mistress must have sensed it too, because she firmly instructed me that I must not cum without permission. I whimpered "Yes, Mistress", and tried as hard as I could to hold back my orgasm. But the sensations were too much, and I started to climax. But this was not Mistress' first rodeo, and when she could tell I was very close, she abruptly stopped both the pegging and the stroking, and then squeezed the tip of my cock with the base of her thumb, ruining what was going to be an earth-shaking orgasm.

After a few minutes, she resumed the pegging and jerking, but again as I approached orgasm, she stopped and squeezed my cock head to prevent me from cumming. Then she started again, but again stopped before I could cum. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. My balls were aching, my ass was burning, my mind was racing. Once again, she began to fuck my ass with her dildo, and stroke my cock with her hand. But this time she said very gently "okay, slave, you have been a good boy so this time you may cum." She continued to stroke and peg me, and I could feel an amazing orgasm building up inside of me.

As I got closer, I asked her "May I cum Mistress?" Just to be sure, and she answered I could. And with that, I erupted with one of the biggest orgasms of my life! I was still blindfolded, but I would guess the cum must have spurt several feet in the air, because it landed on my chest almost up to my neck. I howled in pleasure and continued to spurt ropes of cum as she pegged and stroked.

Finally, when my balls were completely drained, Mistress stopped her ministrations, and then slowly undid me from my restraints and then unbound my cock and balls. As she removed my blindfold, the lights in the room blinded me momentarily. Mistress helped me out of the swing, and smiling, informed me that I could use the shower down the hall and then could get dressed.

So ended my very first experience with a professional dominatrix. But as you might guess, this was not my last experience with a professional dominatrix!

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