Nelson tried to hold back his orgasm, but the nipple play was more than he could handle. He exploded and his juices spilled over her face. He redoubled his efforts on her pussy, he moved his right hand so it was close to her pussy and he shoved three fingers into the sopping wet hole.

"Oh fuck, yes!" she cried out. He finger fucked her hard and fast as he sucked on her clit. Lisa lifted off the floor as she started to cum again. Nelson didn't stop and continued his actions as she rolled through a wave of at least three or four distinct orgasms.

When she weakly tapped his hip and croaked, "Please, no more. I ... I have to go back to ... to work."

He begrudgingly rolled off her body and onto his side so he could look at her quivering, exhausted body. She smiled at him as she lightly caressed his cheek. "Thank you," she whispered. Her mouth was parched, and she could barely speak the words. Nelson knew the feeling well and could relate, it seemed that all the fluids in his body had been pulled to his nether region.

"No, thank you for making this old man feel wanted."

Lisa sat up and reached for her bikini bottom and robe. Nelson struggled to stand, and he bent to help her to her feet. She got dressed as he watched. Her phone rang again but she didn't answer it. "I have to go."

Nelson kissed her softly. "You were really phenomenal. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure."

He paused, knowing that he couldn't just let her go and never experience fucking her again. "Whenever you're free, please come back to visit. Just knock on the door, I am almost always home." Her face turned a deep red as she looked down at the floor. He cupped her chin and made her look into his eyes. "Is that something you would want?"

She nodded her head. "Good."

The phone rang again, and she looked anxiously at the door. "You can go."

Wordlessly Lisa rushed to the door and was gone in a flash. He ran to the window to watch her cross the yard and disappear into his neighbor's house. His body was begging to be filled with a cock. He quickly headed up the stairs to his room. He opened the bedside table and pulled out the huge black dildo and his favorite vibrator.

He laid on the bed and spread his legs then slid the toy balls deep inside, he was so wet that it slid right in. Nelson humped the air to move the toy in and out of him as he turned on the vibrator. His body lifted off the bed as the hard vibrations touched his pepper and he held it tight against it.

Nelson pictured Lisa's body under his then licked his lips, her juices still flavored the soft skin. It only took a moment or two for him to cum again. It was a weaker orgasm than earlier but still quite satisfying.

He turned the vibrator off and let it fall onto the bed next to him. The cock was still buried in his bonus hole and it felt so good. He knew that when he pulled it out it would be the end of the adventure he'd had with Lisa and he wasn't ready for it to be over yet.

The afternoon had very much not gone at all how he had anticipated it was going to go. Nelson stared out the window as he thought about what had happened.

His bonus hole tightened around the toy inside him as he tried to remember everything that had happened. Lisa was simply the most responsive and giving lover he had ever experienced. She seemed to just know exactly what to do to illicit the most amazing orgasms. And she didn't care about the transgender thing, if anything it seemed to excite her even more than if he'd been a genetic man.

Nelson rolled over onto his side and looked out the window. He could see the roof of Thom's house and he wondered what she was thinking about and how much trouble she had gotten in by being late. Nelson knew there was no way Thom would give up this hot nurse unless he was given no choice because she was not properly caring for his medical needs.

He drifted off to sleep thinking about her body. The sound of his phone beeping with a message woke him a few hours later. It was now dark outside, and he wondered how long he'd been asleep for. All the play and orgasms from his earlier play with Lisa had exhausted him.

He unlocked the phone and there were two messages from Lisa. The first had a picture of the front of her naked body and the other was the backside. They were fantastic. He studied the picture of her backside, which he hadn't seen much of during their play earlier. Her ass was round and perfectly plump. He could feel his body starting to react again.

The dildo was still partially ensconced in his bonus hole. He pushed it in balls deep and fumbled around for the vibrator that was on the bed somewhere. When he found it he turned it on and pressed it between his lower lips. He flipped between the pictures as he replayed the events from earlier. He could still taste her juices when he licked his lips, his only proof that it had really happened and hadn't just been a dream.

Nelson rode the toy inside him, humping the air to move the thick black toy in and out of the hole that was getting wetter and wetter as he got closer to the peak. The vibrations from the dildo made his little pepper quiver. "Oh, my Lisa, oh god. Yes!" he cried out as his body shook from the intensity of the orgasm. Nelson held the vibrator against the sore and swollen nub and forced his body to cum again, riding a wave of smaller orgasms.

He fell back against the bed. For the first time ever he almost felt sated. This vixen was just what he had been looking for most of his life. She was naughty, sexy and made him feel desired. It was a feeling he'd never experienced before.

After several minutes his stomach grumbled, it was dinner time. He pulled the dildo out and set it in the bucket on the bedside table along with the vibrator to clean later. Nelson put his robe on and headed downstairs to start some frozen dinner in the microwave then clean up the kitchen from the earlier play.

When he finished eating, he turned to his computer and his work to keep him distracted from thoughts about Lisa. The hours flew by and it was soon time for bed. He washed the toys as he followed his bedtime routine then tucked them away into the bedside table.

Nelson slid under the covers and his thoughts strayed back to Lisa. For the first time the reality of the situation dawned on him. They couldn't chance anyone discovering their relationship. There was a world-wide law that forbade female Huliens from having sexual relationships with males outside the program and it was strictly controlled.

If they were caught he would have to expose himself as a transgender man to prevent them from being punished, which wouldn't nearly be the worst thing that could happen in his life. But it might not be enough to keep Lisa from being relocated and punished severely for her actions. And he could be fined or given a short prison term, which could be devastating for him as a transgender man if he was put in with the male population.

"She's worth whatever might happen to me," he thought as his eyes closed with the biggest smile on his face. "That will be a problem for future Nelson." & userid=20476537

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