You have been sending me ugly messages all day while I am at work about not taking care of your needs. When I get home you continue with the complaining and I am trying to block it all out as I relax before dinner. I turn the TV up louder and you just get louder than the TV. I have had enough and come into the kitchen then put my arms around you. Holding you tight I kiss you passionately. I let you go then walk into the bedroom and get my things ready for a shower.

Going into the bathroom I get in the shower and start washing. You come in the bathroom and get in the shower with me. As the water rinses the soap away you get down on your knees and softly kiss the tip of my erection. You slide your tongue around it and then put your lips around it as you suck it into your mouth. My excitement builds as my erection slides in and out of your mouth. Grabbing your hair I push into your mouth as I loose control and erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

I pull you up and kiss you passionately as we finish our shower. We dry off and you say that you have dinner ready and I need to come eat. You put your robe on and head to the kitchen. I grab my robe and also grab some rope then put it in my pocket. Following you into the kitchen I sit down at the table and you have a nice meal all laid out for me. When I am finished eating I put my dishes in the sink and as you put yours in the sink I put my arms around you from behind. I pull your arms behind you and taking the rope from my pocket I tie them together. Making you lean over the sink I start spanking your butt and you ask me why I am spanking you. I tell you it is for all of the complaining you did all day and spank you more.

Pulling your panties down I see that your butt is bright red and I gently rub it. Leading you by the arm I take you to the bedroom and have you sit on the edge of the bed. Pushing you back you lay on the bed as I get on my knees between your legs. Softly I kiss your pussy and trace your lips with my tongue. Gently I slide my tongue over your clit and feel it getting hard as it swells. I rub it with my tongue and slide my fingers inside your pussy. Slowly I move my fingers in and out of you as I put my lips around your clit and gently suck it. My fingers move in and out faster and I suck your clit harder as you begin to tremble. As you start to shake and you begin to orgasm I pull back and spank your clit sending shockwaves through your body with your orgasm.

Standing up I place my erection at your opening. Slowly I push inside you as I softy rub your clit. Pushing into you harder I rub your clit harder and start pinching your nipples with the other hand. As I push harder into you I pull your nipples and then let them go. I keep pulling your nipples as I push into you harder and faster. Our excitement is spinning out of control as we moan loudly and we begin to tremble. We explode in a wonderful orgasm with fireworks bursting in our minds.

Exhausted I lie down beside you and pull you close. I untie your hands and you softly rub your hand over my erection. You push me onto my back and climb on top of me. Placing your pussy on top of my erection you slide back and forth rubbing your clit again it. As you rock back and forth your moans grow louder. Leaning over you kiss me passionately and my erection slides inside you. Moaning so loud you are almost screaming as you push down against me harder. Reaching up I grab your breast and squeeze them gently. I pinch your nipples and pull them as you move your hips faster. I push up against you and our bodies start shaking. Our passion skyrockets as we orgasm in a wave of ecstasy. Totally spent from the pleasure we hold each other and kiss passionately as we fall into a deep sleep.

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