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Tyler was naked. Blindfolded, his arms and legs were stretched out and bound to the beams of a St. Andrew's cross. Excitement bubbled inside him as he waited. And waited. The anticipation had him hard as a rock. His long cock curved up slightly and almost reached his belly button.

His body was attuned to everything. He felt cool air tickle one side of his body and he smiled. The door had been silent but he knew when his master entered the room.

The air shifted again. When he breathed in, Tyler smelled something - or someone - different. His hard cock jumped. Had his master finally decided to bring in a third to play?

Knowing he was no longer alone, that someone watching him, Tyler's breaths became pants. His balls tingled. His ass muscles clenched, causing him to hump the air.

A light slap landed on his hip. He wasn't allowed to move, but he couldn't help it. He loved being watched and he loved being shared.

The air moved near his legs. Tyler braced himself, but for what, he didn't know. He was so turned on, he felt the tickle of a small drop of precum slip from his tip down the heated skin of his erection. Then, a soft, wet tongue rasped up the underside of his cock.

Tyler whimpered.

Another slap to his hip. He wasn't allowed to make a sound either.

Another rasp of a tongue, that he knew didn't belong to his master. Not only was his master standing next to him, making sure he didn't disobey orders, but the tongue was softer, smaller than Master's. A woman.

Another drop escaped from the slit at the tip of his dick. Another swipe of a tongue to gather it up. Master hadn't allowed him to be with a woman since they'd started playing together almost a month ago.

He missed the sweet, warm feel of a pussy. Would Master let him fuck her? Or was he only allowed a blowjob?

When the tip of her tongue flicked back and forth across his sensitive slit, Tyler clenched his ass muscles again. Just as it became too much, his tip was enveloped in the warm, wet heat of her mouth.

Soft hands cupped his balls as her mouth sucked him further inside. He hadn't been allowed to come in two days. He was already on edge.

Her mouth moved up and down. When she pulled back until just the tip of him was in her mouth, she used her tongue to press him against the roof of her mouth and sucked. Hard.

Tyler whimpered. He was close.

Then her mouth was gone. He panted, bereft. But Master knew his body, knew he'd been about who shoot his load.

She started again with tender licks from his base to his tip. He wanted to beg, to plead for her to suck him inside her sweet mouth again. He kept his mouth clamped shut. He'd get less if he spoke, not more.

Master loved begging but only when he permitted it. When he was balls deep inside Tyler's ass was when he really liked Tyler to beg. Just the thought of that had Tyler's ass clenching again.

He was a hedonist. Sex had taken over his life until he'd discovered he needed to be told what to do in the bedroom. Now, his life had laser focus. He didn't have to worry about his next fix. Master had everything under control. So Tyler could concentrate on work, because when work was over, that was when the play began.

Just as she sucked him back into her mouth, Master pinched his nipples. Tyler opened his mouth but didn't allow any sound to come out. He loved his master's hands on him.

His cock pressed further and further down her throat until he felt the tip of her nose touch his neatly groomed groin.

Master flicked his nipples.

The woman swallowed, her throat muscles rhythmically clamping down on the head of his cock.

Silently, he plead with his master to let him come. In answer, once again, all sensation was removed. Ty hung his head, panting.

He knew that edging made the orgasm better but it didn't make it any easier to endure. He licked his lips, but still didn't beg.

The gentle lick started again, this time on his balls. Her little tongue flicked up higher and higher until she used the tip to circle the ridge just under the head of his cock. Tyler moved his hips from side to side, trying to distract from the sharp pleasure it caused.

Again, she pulled him into her warm mouth. She worked him over, moving down, sucking him against the roof of her mouth. He longed to be able to thrust into he heat but he had no leverage.

Warm fingers, not a woman's, caressed the skin behind his balls. Tyler knew his master's touch. He sought it out, craved it, reveled in it. His cock flexed at the feel of the rough hands.

He was new to this whole game but he wanted to please his master more than he wanted his next breath. Master exerted more pressure behind Tyler's balls. He was testing. He knew this was a sensitive spot. But Tyler tried to think of something, anything other than the hot mouth on his cock and the rough hands on his balls.

She had him down her throat again. She swallowed once, twice. Tyler flexed every muscle in his control, trying to hold back. His body arched off the St. Andrew's cross as much as it could with the bindings.

Finally, she pulled back. He felt both bereft and relieved at the same time. He wanted more but he knew he wouldn't last much longer. He could use his safe word. That knowledge was always at the back of his mind, but he wasn't scared or in pain. Though the denial was excruciating, it wasn't painful.

When his body calmed down, it started again, the warm wet heat of her mouth engulfing his cock. She moved him in and out, in and out, just as if he were thrusting inside her.

Tyler wished Master would take off the blindfold. He assumed the woman was naked and would love to watch her tits sway as she bobbed up and down on his dick. He'd love to turn her around and bury his face between her thighs as she pleasured him. But this was supposed to pull him back from over indulgence.

Her nose pressed against his groin again. The head of his cock down her throat. She swallowed. Tyler clenched his fists. He was so close. He wouldn't be able to take even one more round of this.

This time she pulled back just enough to take in a little air then he was balls deep inside her. She swallowed. Tyler's eyes began to roll back in his head. He wanted to last, to please his master but his spine tingled, his balls drew up tight to his body.

"You may come," Master said.

Two things happened at once, a rough finger rubbed against the sensitive flesh at the opening of his ass and the woman hummed her approval at something. The dual sensations had Tyler pulling at his restraints.

His cock spurt, once, twice. The finger at his ass breached him, just slightly. He spurt again and again. The woman swallowed it down, her throat massaging him further, his cock jumping and shooting more. It went on and on.

When he was finally empty, she pulled back again to take a breath. Instead of pulling off, she pressed forward again and swallowed.

Tyler's abs spasmed. He was too sensitive. He wanted to tell her to stop but it felt good too. Pleasure so sharp it was painful. Just as his safe word flashed in his mind, she pulled off. This was always the way with Master. He knew Tyler's limits.

Tyler sagged against his bindings as he waited for his master to release him.

* * * * *

I'm an erotic romance author expanding my repertoire with flash fiction shorts. I hope my story made you press your thighs together.

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