My name is Brittany. I was fresh out of college, 22 years old, and got my first good job as a sales apprentice with a medium sized company. My job consisted mainly of making presentation materials supporting sales meetings. Basic support functions for the sales department. It's a fairly high pressure department as many of the deals they make are worth hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

My boyfriend, Jared, and I met in college. We just moved in together and plan to get married in a few years, once our careers are more established. We're perfect for each other! I can't imagine being with anyone else. As a young couple, we struggle with money, but somehow we get by.

Mike Jones and Richard Collins are the owners of the company. Sometimes, they meet with the clients personally on the bigger deals. They are well liked by the employees and try to treat them well. There have been some cutbacks in recent months though.

I try to do my job as well as I can. I've always had a strong work ethic and always try hard to please my employers. A couple of the female office workers act a little jealous towards me. After a few people were laid off, one of them suggested to another that I kept my job because of my looks. It upset me a little, how shallow and jealous they can be, but I just tried to ignore them.

For the last week I've been working on a very important presentation. Victor Carlucci, the owner of a very large construction company, is coming in. Mr. Jones and Mr. Collins will give the sales presentation personally. They briefed us that this is an extremely important deal, and we need to put in whatever effort is necessary to make sure things go right.

The morning comes and everything is ready. Mr. Carlucci arrives. He's a tall, very boisterous New York Italian man who's well built body looks like he's spent his life in the construction industry. He has salt-n-pepper hair, slicked back and a thick gray mustache. Even though he must be almost 60, he's attractive for his age.

Mr. Jones introduces a few of his staff. When he gets to me, I put out my hand to shake. Mr. Carlucci looks me up and down, takes it and says, "well...hello gorgeous!" He takes my hand up to his lips and kisses it. I smile shyly. His hands are rough and strong, working man's hands.

The men go in the conference room and begin the presentation. My desk is out in the main room, but the conference room is surrounded by glass and I can see in. The presentation looks to be going well.

Mr. Jones comes out and says "Brittany...can you get Mr. Carlucci a cup of coffee? Cream and sugar."

"Yes Mr Jones," I reply.

I bring in the coffee and hand it to Mr. Carlucci, "Thank you gorgeous!" he says.

"You're welcome Mr. Carlucci," I reply.

"Call me Vic sweetheart," he says.

I smile and leave the room. I look back as I'm leaving and catch him checking out my ass as I walk.

I sit at my desk and work. I occasionally look up at the conference room. The men are wrapping up the meeting and standing just outside the door continuing to talk. I can overhear just a couple of things they're saying. Mr. Collins and Mr. Jones look a little concerned as the conversation continues. They seem intimidated by Mr. Carlucci. "I don't'll find a way to convince her," I overhear Mr. Carlucci growl in his gruff voice.

The men shake hands and Mr. Carlucci goes to leave. He looks at me, smiles and winks on the way out.

Jones and Collins continue to talk for a few minutes by the conference room door. They look serious and glance my way a couple of times.

Finally, Mr. Jones comes over to my desk. "Brittany...can we have a word in my office?" He looks serious. I wonder what could be going on!

"Of course Mr. Jones," I reply, and follow him. Jones, Collins, and I walk to his office. We go in and Collins closes the door behind us.

"Please...sit," Jones says, gesturing at the chair in front of his desk. "Water?"

"No thank you," I reply nervously. The men exchange glances with each other.

Jones sits behind his desk and Collins sits in the chair next to me. "Brittany...," Mr. Collins begins, speaking slowly and deliberately. "You probably know the business has been struggling the last couple of years...We've had to lay off dozens." He speaks with some degree of resignation in his voice. "This deal with Mr. Carlucci...if it goes through...will save the company."

He looks at Jones. "Yes... everyone who works here relies on us for employment," adds Jones.

"Their families...their kids," says Collins.

"The deal is worth 50 million over 5 years," adds Jones. " can understand... how important it is...that we close this deal."

"Okay...," I reply, curious as to why they're telling me all this.

"Mr. Carlucci wants a few changes made to the contract...which we're going to make today," Collins says, after a long pause. "There's something else...," he continues slowly. He looks at Jones.

"He bring the revised contract to his hotel room tonight to sign," Jones says, a little quietly.

"Umm...why me?" I ask.

The men look at each other for a few seconds. "Brittany...," says Collins. "We're prepared to pay you a commission if this deal closes," he pauses. "One hundred thousand dollars."

I sit staring at him shocked, not knowing how to react. "Look...Brittany...," Jones says slowly. "It's important that you understand...for obvious reasons... that all we're asking you to do is... ahem," he clears his throat, "...convince..."

"Yes...convince...Carlucci to sign the contract," Collins interjects.

It begins to dawn on me why they are offering so much money...what they want me to do...and what Carlucci probably wants from me. I sit there in stunned silence.

"I know......I know...," Jones says, sighing a little. "The reality of the world is...powerful men get what they want...just think of all the people that rely on this company to succeed." He pauses for a few seconds. "Take a long lunch...think it over...this afternoon we'll have it all in well as the new contract for you to bring him to sign."

We stand and walk out of Jones' office. I walk away, not knowing what to say. I go back to my desk, get my purse and go to lunch.

I can barely eat, my mind racing. So much money!! It would be life changing! But what does Mr. Carlucci want in return? Maybe he just wants my company?? I wish I could be so naive. Of course he wants sex! But how can I do that? I can't cheat on my boyfriend. And Mr. Carlucci is so much older!

I take my time, and finally go back to the office. Mr. Jones gives me the signed document showing I get the commission if the deal happens. He also has a briefcase with the revised contract for Mr. Carlucci to sign.

He looks at me worriedly wondering what I'm going to do. I look at the briefcase for a few seconds then slowly pick it up. I don't even look at Jones as I say quietly, "I'll get him to sign it."

As I walk away Jones says, "Brittany.... Thank you."

I leave with the briefcase and drive home. I leave it in the car and go inside where Jared is waiting for me. We talk for awhile about our days. I try to act normal even though all I can think about is...the contract.

"The girls at the office invited me out for some drinks tonight," I tell Jared.

"Oh that's great!" he says. "It will be nice for you to go out and bond with them."

" will," I reply quietly.

Later I start to get ready. I take a shower, shave my legs, and trim my pubic hair. I shave it a little more than usual, leaving only a sexy little short blonde triangle.

I get out of the shower and choose my outfit. I put on my pink satin Victoria Secret thong panties. I little wave of gilt comes over me, as I've only worn them for Jared. Hopefully, after tonight, he'll still be the only one.

I choose a black faux leather miniskirt, and white short sleeve top that shows a little of my tummy. I look a little like a school girl. Maybe Carlucci will take pity on me and just sign the contract.

I put on some very red, deep gloss lipstick. Maybe he'll see how perfect my lipstick is and not want to ruin it.

It's time to go and I give Jared a little peck on the lips, to not disturb my lipstick. "Don't wait up," I tell him.

I drive to the hotel Carlucci's staying at. For several minutes I sit in my car in the parking lot. Trying to build up the nerve to go in. Scenario after scenario runs through my mind. I desperately want him to sign, but I'm not sure if I'm prepared to do just anything to convince him. I guess I can always just leave if it doesn't feel right to me.

I finally get up the nerve to go in. I walk into the lobby, go to the elevator, and select the penthouse. It goes to the top floor and I walk out of the elevator. There's only one door on that floor and I stand outside for what seems like an eternity.

Finally, I knock timidly on the door. After a short while, Mr. Carlucci answers. "Brittany!" he says in a booming boisterous voice and a big smile.

"Mr. Carlucci," I say shyly, smiling.

"Call me Vic sweetheart.... Come in, come in," he says, in his strong New York Italian accent.

He's dressed very casually in a t-shirt and shorts. I walk in and he closes the door behind me. "Wow, look at you! You look sexy as hell!" he says, looking me up and down.

"Thank you," I say with a shy smile.

"Come in, make yourself at home," he says...putting his hand around my waist and leading me to the main room of the penthouse suite. His big hand feels so rough on my bare waist.

"Sit, make yourself at home, I'll get you a drink. You like red wine?"

"Yes, thank you," I reply.

There's a huge sectional sofa in the center of the huge living room of the suite, with a coffee table in the middle. I walk over to it and sit. The room is somewhat dimly lit. I take out the contract and lay it out on the coffee table.

Carlucci comes out with my glass of wine and hands it to me, and puts the bottle down on the coffee table. He sees the contract, "Hey hey, what's the hurry? Plenty of time for business."

He sits down close to me on the sofa, his body turned half towards me. I take a big sip of wine. He's so close I can smell his cologne, it smells really good. "So...tell like working for Collins and Jones?"

"Yes...they're very nice," I reply.

"They're weak.... Nice guys, but weak...In business you have to be ruthless," he growls.

I take another big sip of wine. Trying desperately to relax. He's so gruff and intimidating. He sees I'm already almost finished with the glass and says, "let me pour you some more," and pours more wine into my glass.

"Thank you," I reply quietly as I take another big sip.

"So are you married? Boyfriend?"

"I have a boyfriend," I reply

"What's his name?"


"He's a very lucky guy!"

"Thanks," I reply shyly.

I look at his hands. He has on a wedding ring. I think to myself, maybe this is going to be okay. I take a deep breath, trying to relax.

We talk a little while. He asks me what I studied, where I'm from...ect.

After a little while, he slides over a little and puts his arm around me and starts softly rubbing my shoulder with his fingertips.

"You really are a beautiful girl Brittany."

"Thank you," I reply, very quietly, forcing a little smile.

He starts softly rubbing my arm closest to him with the back of his fingers. After a little bit, he pulls me a little closer. I resist just slightly.

"Hey...I don't make make you nervous do I?" he asks, incredulously.

"No....," I reply nervously.

"You don't have to be..."

"I'm a big pussycat," he says, trying a soothing voice.

"Unless I'm crossed...well...then all bets are off."

I certainly don't want to cross him! The thought enters my mind, what if I can't do this and change my mind, would he get angry?

I look at the contract on the coffee table. I don't mind is racing...$100k...

He slides his hand down to my bare leg and starts caressing the outside of my thigh, just below my miniskirt.

"You have the sexiest softest legs sweetheart," he whispers. Getting very close to my ear.

He slides his hand up and down my outer thigh and over my hip. I feel his hot breath on my ear, neck, and bare part of my shoulder.

"I hope you don't mind me touching you a little bit," he says.

"It's okay...," I reply, almost a whisper.

"I mean....obviously you wouldn't be here if it was a problem," he pauses, "You know how this works." a hint of business in his voice.

He brushes my blonde hair back, exposing my neck. I feel his lips gently start to kiss my ear and then down to my neck. I can feel his rough mustache and his hot breath.

I'm frozen... His strong working man's hands feeling my body and caressing my outer thigh. His lips kissing the delicate skin of the back of my neck and bare part of my shoulder. Up until this point I had deluded myself into thinking that he didn't necessarily expect sex. I start to come to terms with the fact that he certainly does.

I can barely breathe. I desperately fight back the tears I feel starting to well up in my eyes. I just keep them closed.

He reaches up and takes my chin and pulls it towards him. He starts to kiss me gently on the lips. His mustache feels rough and scratchy. He slides the hand that was around me down to my waist and pulls me firmly against him, pressing his lips passionately against mine, guiding me to open them. I have no choice but to comply and open my mouth just enough for him to slide is tongue in. I put my hands against his big chest. He's very muscular. I can feel how hairy his chest is, even through his t-shirt. He works his tongue aggressively and passionately around mine.

He slides his hand that was caressing my outer thigh over to the inside of my thigh just at the bottom of my miniskirt. He gives my thigh a firm squeeze, and pulls it towards him spreading my legs just a little. The feeling of him french kissing me, the strength of his rough hands on my body and thigh, the smell of his very pleasant cologne illicit an involuntary response. I feel a little swelling of my inner labia and clitoris. I realize I'm starting to get wet!

It makes me want to cry even more that my body is betraying me like this. These things, under normal circumstances, would be a turn-on. My body doesn't know the difference!

He starts to kiss down my chin and then gently kisses and sucks my delicate neck. He slowly slides his hand off my inner thigh and up the other side of my body. He slowly slips his fingers under my top and slides his hand over my bare breast. He gives it a firm squeeze. I let out a little sigh as now some deep part of my brain is now siding with my body. I breathe heavy and deep, trembling. I can feel my nipple swelling and protruding under his big hand.

He kisses back up my neck, over my chin, and back onto my lips as he caresses my breast. He French kisses me, I move my mouth and tongue accommodatingly, terrified not to.

He slides his hand off of my breast, back down, slipping it between my thighs which are now tightly closed. He tries to slide it further up between my legs under my miniskirt. I tense up and let out a timid, quiet, but high pitched, "no no no." Pushing a little against his big chest.

He stops and firmly pulls me against him with the hand that's around my waist. A little suddenly and aggressively, as if to demonstrate his strength. The suddenness startles me a little. He moves his mouth closer to my ear. "Brittany....sweetheart," he half-whispers in my ear, a hint of disapproval in his voice. "If you want something from me... then you need to give me what I want." he growls.

He pauses for a few seconds, as if to let what he said sink in. I feel a tear run down my cheek. He's so strong. I know for sure there would be no way for me to get away if I tried. I feel a big lump in my throat. Then, he continues to kiss down my neck just below my ear. He slides his hand further up my thigh. I spread my legs timidly, afraid to displease him again.

His big fingers reach my satin panties. He starts to roughly rub my pussy through them. My body continues to betray me. The very sexual feeling of him pressing his big fingers against my pussy, squeezing and rubbing in little circles, makes my labia throb and swell. I breathe heavy and deep.

He pulls my panties to one side and slides the tip of his middle finger between my now very slick labia. His fingertip glides easily up and down between them.

"Oh Brittany...I've gotten you wet haven't I sweetheart?" he slowly whispers in my ear.

"Mm," I squeak quietly.

His finger glides up and down my slit. Then he slides his big, rough middle finger deep into my vagina. "Oh...oh...oh...slowly," I beg timidly.

He slowly begins to slide his finger in and out. Just a little. He kisses me passionately. I feel my lubrication increase dramatically as he fingers me. Still just in and out just a tiny bit. His knuckles pressing against my pussy.

I feel another tear run down my cheek. I regret how stupid I am to even come here! Now I just have to accept the consequences. My body is so sexually aroused now. His big finger in my vagina feels so erotic, and I hate my body for it.

He kisses and fingers me for what seems like a couple of minutes. Then he whispers in my ear, "I wanna taste your pussy Brittany." He slides his finger out and slides both hands up my miniskirt to my hips searching for my panties. He finds them and starts to pull slowly. At the same time, pulling my ass towards the edge of the sofa. My panties slip off and he slides them down my long legs to my heels. He takes them off too and lets them fall to the floor.

I lay back on the sofa as he slowly kisses his way up my legs to my inner thighs. Then he gently kisses my wet slit. I feel his rough mustache against it. I put my hand on my face and wipe away the tears that have run down my cheeks, keeping one hand over my face.

"Fuck, you have beautiful pussy," he growls. He starts to spread my now very creamy labia with his tongue. He runs his tongue all up and down my inner labia and up to my clit. Then gently but firmly sucking my clit between his lips.

He slides his hands up my body, under my top, and over my breasts. He massages and squeezes them firmly while he tongues my pussy more aggressively. I can feel his rough mustache brushing against my very well trimmed mound.

I start to come to the realization that I have no choice but to try to find a way to relax and enjoy this if I'm going to get through it. I try to think of things about Carlucci that are attractive. His strong rough hands are a turn-on. I've always been secretly attracted to older, ultra-masculine, powerful men. Maybe I can convince myself that I wanted this.

"Mmmmm," I squeak again quietly, and bite my finger. GOD he knows what to do with his tongue. I grip his hands firmly as he squeezes and massages my tits. He flicks his tongue over my clit aggressively.

I start to breathe haltingly, moaning involuntarily. I can feel an orgasm building. He can sense I'm getting there and licks my pussy harder and faster. I start to cum, arching my back and squealing loudly. I stop squealing as the intense orgasm peaks. He licks me relentlessly through the long peak. Finally, it ends and I catch my breath. Breathing hard.

He stops licking, "Mmmm...good girl," he growls.

He stands up and pulls off his t-shirt and shorts, then his underwear. I see his naked body. He's so hairy, much of it gray. His dick is fully erect. It's thick...thicker than any boy I've ever had sex with.

He grabs my hips and pulls me sideways across the wide sofa. He pulls off my miniskirt and top. I lay there completely naked and vulnerable on the sofa. "Spread your legs sweetheart," he instructs firmly. I spread them wide and he starts to get on top of me. He reaches down and slides the head of his dick up and down between my slit. Getting my cream all over it. I reach up and put my hands on his chest. His thick chest hair between my fingers.r"

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