Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Katie lived with her father alone, and at 18-years-old, about to go to college, it was still some of the best times of her life. She was a little hesitant about leaving him behind, he was getting older, and she didn't know if he would be capable of taking care of himself when he was gone. It worried her every day, but she just tried to enjoy his company in the meantime before she left him, both of them knowing what would be inevitable after the summer ended.

Katie was a beautiful woman, though she hadn't experienced much in the sense of relationships. She was focused on her studies, and more of an introvert than the type to want to go out and dance with boys at the club. It made her pretty isolated from the rest of her peers, but she was generally still very happy in life. She had gone out on dates once or twice, but no one really interested her, and nothing really came out of it. She could see guys eyeing her up occasionally, taking in her thin but curvy body as she walked by, carrying a stack of books at the library. She had long wavy black hair which she usually tied up into a ponytail, and thick black framed glasses that settled on her stunning blue eyes perfectly. Despite being focused on her studies, she cared about her appearance, and took the time to put on makeup everyday, something simple but enough to draw out her eyes as much as possible. It was her best feature, afterall, and something that was almost identical to her father's.

He was currently in his 50's, and had been widowed two years ago by the death of his wife. They had taken a while to mourn together, but both have rediscovered their relationship after having to depend on each other. Katie had encouraged her father to go out and find someone new, but he had never done so, telling her that no one would ever compare to her mother, though she could see him looking at her once in a while, comparing how similar she looked to her mother the more she became an adult. He was still very dashing for an old man, and his blue eyes pierced against the pepper and salt stubble on his face, which was slowly growing out into a beard. He had wavy grey hair, and his face crinkled into a beautiful smile when he looked at her, which made everything she sacrificed worth it for Katie.

It was the day after the last day of her high school years, and Katie lounged on the couch in her pyjamas, a tub of ice cream in her lap as she laid there on her stomach, a book in her hands. "Are you sure you don't want to go out and have fun with your friends?" Her father asked, looking up at her after peering inside the fridge.

She shook her head. "Nah, I've been wanting to finish this book for so long now, and I can finally do it after my exams."

He chuckled, the voice deep in his throat, and closed the fridge, sighing. "I wish we had some of your mom's cooking."

She rolled her eyes, hating when she talked about her mom. "Enough already, I'll make you something." She got up and sauntered over to the kitchen, which faced a row of glass floor to ceiling windows that faced the ocean. They were at a penthouse suite, something they could afford due to her father's position as CEO at a law firm. It was absolutely stunning, and she would never be able to stop comparing her small dormitory room to the luxury they were used to every day.

He asked her if she needed any help, and she shook her head, shooing him to the living room to watch the game he had recorded earlier before his nap. She turned the fan on the highest, and started to hum to herself as she lost herself in the chopping and frying. When she was close to finishing, she called out to her dad, telling him to come and help grab the food. When he didn't respond, she arched her eyebrows, confused. The kitchen was directly open to the living room, and despite the sound of the fan, he should've been able to hear her. It was also peculiar that he hadn't said anything or complained to her about the players for quite some time. Her heart started to race a little, though she didn't actually think anything was wrong. It was just a bit of an ominous feeling. She carried the two plates in her hands as she walked over, still calling to her father over and over, louder each time.

When she finally reached the living room, she dropped the plates in shock. The food and porcelain clattered onto the ground with a shattering sound, and her eyes widened as she stared at her father with his arms up, his eyes centred on the man in the living room, holding him at gunpoint. "Dad!" She cried out, staring at him, and then at the man holding the gun.

"So nice of you to join us." The villain crooned, turning to face her.

"Katie, run!" Her dad said, looking at her finally with immense fear in his eyes.

"Dad, what's going on?!" She said, the fear evident in her voice as it choked out of her.

"We were just discussing what I'm doing here, why don't you sit down and come join us?" He said calmly.

She nodded, knowing there was nothing she could do but listen to him. She walked over slowly, and sat down on the couch, looking at the man sneering in front of her. He was wearing a ski mask, though it was easy to tell he was in his 30's, and was experienced in whatever it was he was doing. "You can take anything you want." Her dad said urgently. "Just leave us alone. Please." He put his arm around her, holding her close.

"I'm not actually here to steal anything." He responded.

"Then why are you here?! What do you want from us?!" Her father said, trying his hardest to stay composed for the two of them.

"I... I've been watching the two of you for a few weeks now, and I have something exciting planned." He grinned through his mask.

"Weeks?!" Her father demanded. "How did you get through our security?"

"I have experience in hacking." He shrugged, like it was nothing at all. "Enough about me. I want the two of you naked. Now."

"What?" Her father demanded, his eyes darting to Katie for a second and then back at the man. He wasn't expecting this at all. Katie's chest clenched. Her father hadn't seen her naked since she was a little girl, and it would not be okay for him to see her now.

"I'm not repeating myself. Now." The intruder said.

Katie's dad nodded, and stood up, looking at me to follow. "Katie, do what he asked, please." She looked at him with wide eyes, a deer caught in headlights.

"Dad..." She said, but he shook his head, taking charge. She nodded, and he started to take off his shirt, revealing his tight upper body with grey hair covering his chest. She had seen it many times, though she knew what was coming next. She took off her shirt as well, revealing a sports bra underneath. She then slipped her pyjama pants down as he did his as well. They looked at each other, both unwilling to take the next step.

"I'm going to count to three... if you don't take off your clothes immediately..." The intruder warned.

The pair nodded, and took off the rest of their clothes. Katie bit her lip, trying to not look at her father. He did the same, and both stared at the man, waiting to see what he wanted next. "Look at each other." He said. It was a slow process, but they finally turned, and Katie eyed her father up from head to toe, seeing his cock and balls, both covered in hair. She gulped, this was so uncomfortable. He did the same, staring at her perky tits, which were hard from being exposed to the cold suddenly and her unshaved but trimmed vagina, which had never been seen by a man before, other than a random excursion in the dark, which resulted in the lost of her virginity. She blushed scarlet, not knowing what to do next.

"Now... I want you to fuck your own daughter, and if I can tell you're not helping her enjoy it, I'll shoot the two of you on the spot. Do you understand me?" He said.

Her father shot him a shocked look, completely speechless. It was her who said, "What the fuck? You psychopath!" The intruder pointed his gun at her head.

"Say that again."

"Katie. Enough." Her father said, still trying to figure it out. There was nothing he could do other than do exactly what they were told. He had to, to save the most important thing in his life. He moved up to her and pressed his lips on hers, and she recoiled immediately, unable to believe this was truly happening.

"Dad!" She pushed him back, but he pulled her towards him, and put his lips on hers again. He moved his mouth expertly, and flicked his tongue into her mouth. It had been years since he had touched a woman, but he hadn't forgotten everything his wife had taught him. It helped that his daughter now looked almost identical to the woman he fell in love with.

"Tell her how much you like her body." The intruder said.

Her father moved from her, and looked her up and down again. "Your breasts are just like your mother's."

"More lewd."

Her father gulped. "I like how hard your nipples are... so ready to be sucked." She flushed scarlet at the comment. He moved on her again, his mouth parting hers as he placed his rough hand on her head, digging into her hair as he pulled her in. It was way less painful imagining she was someone else. Finally, she started to respond, and she kissed him back, tentative at first, but then more eagerly. The intruder watched it all quietly, still pointing his gun to them.

Her father moved down to play with her nipples, teasing and squeezing them, and started to suck down her neck, giving her little nibbles and bites as he played with her nipples. When he finally reached them, he put them in her mouth, sucking on them as he flicked his tongue over and over. She couldn't help but moan out loud and press her fingers in his hair, her eyes closing abruptly as she did so. She tried hard to not feel anything, but how could she not when he was so good at making her feel good?

As he played with her breasts, his fingers moved down, and sneaked between her folds to feel her wetness. He hissed, feeling how wet she was already for him. "Katie..." He groaned, feeling the pain in his heart from seeing her reaction to his touches. His dick was hard and throbbing, ready to enter her and plow her. He didn't know if he would be able to get through with this.

"Put your fingers in her mouth." The intruder commanded, and he complied without complaining this time, shoving the fingers covered in her juices into her mouth. She sucked on it, tasting the salty sweetness of her own juices for the first time. It wasn't too unpleasant. He groaned at the sensation of her soft lips against his fingers, and couldn't help but imagine it around his dick. He shook his head. What was he thinking?!

"You're ready." The intruder said. "I want you to be the one to guide the old man inside you."

Her father shook his head. "No, I'll do it."

"I wasn't asking you." He replied harshly. Katie nodded, and touched her father's dick, gasping at how hard and thick it was against her hands. She pulled him towards her body, and gulped, realizing what was about to happen. She felt his head as she pushed down against him, and couldn't help but moan out loud at the intrusion of her pussy, which hadn't been touched in years other than by her own fingers. It was foreign, but felt so good against her throbbing and eager cunt. He helped her then, and pushed into her more, making her cry out in being stretched out in that fashion.

"I'll go slow." He whispered, and took his time to enter her slowly, stretching her out bit by bit as he inserted himself fully. He waited for a few seconds for her to adjust, and then pulled out again. She gasped, feeling him leave her and feeling a little desperate, then he thrusted back in, and her eyes rolled back from the pleasure she experienced. It wasn't comparable to anything she's ever felt before, and she couldn't help but realize that her body was unable to tell the difference between her father and any other male, and gave her the pleasure that only a dick would be able to provide.

He thrusted into her now without trying to be slow, and she moaned and mewled as he continued, his hips moving like he knew exactly how to angle himself to make it really good for her. She scratched his naked back, unable to contain the swirl of emotions in her mind as she clenched down on her father. It was far too much to handle. He moved his fingers down after a while, and started to circle her clit slowly, then faster as he thrusted even harder. She could feel herself rise, more and more, until she let go, almost screaming as her world shattered around her. Her father groaned at how hard she was squeezing him, practically milking for his cum to come out.

Then he realized -- "Please, let me cum somewhere else, anywhere but inside."

The intruder shook his head, grinning widely now. "No. She is going to learn how it feels as her father swells inside her and releases his seed into her womb, breeding her like the slut that she is."

Her father shuttered, either from pleasure or from the fear of what was about to happen. She was still cumming, unable to settle down from his motions inside of her. It felt like he was getting bigger and harder as his body prepared itself to cum inside of her. Finally, it was too much for him to handle, and with an exceptionally hard thrust, he grunted and came his seed pouring into her over and over again as he released something that he had been storing for what felt like years. She moaned, feeling his insistent thrusts, releasing her body couldn't tell who was cumming inside of her, and her natural will to let his seed enter her womb, battering at her natural defenses to combine with her and complete the cycle of mating.

"Daddy..." She moaned, and he popped out of her, groaning as he did.

"Is that enough for you?!" He glared at the intruder.

He chuckled and nodded. "You may both relax now. Bye bye!" He held them at gunpoint as he moved backwards, still watching the cum on her thighs as she laid there, unable to do anything but breathe heavily.











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