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Best Ever catch.

By loveofmyLife75

My name is Jim, age 28 and my best mate is Burt age 28 went fishing at weekends Saturday and Sunday. We had been best mates for years we met two other keen anglers through the club.

I married a wonderful girl called Chris, age 28, he, married a very desirably girl, she was called Jane, age 28. Both girls got on enormously, as though they had known each other all their lives just like siblings. Very happy always going out buying clothes. I would bet disgusting past boyfriends and intimate secrets about Burt and myself.

Both girls about 5 ft. 10in with well-shaped bodies I will leave the rest to your imagination lived about three miles from each other. The four of us went out very regular dining out to the local pubs and attending our company social occasions. When the four of us went out, I always sat directly opposite Jane and Burt opposite, flirted with Jane, Burt likewise to Chris just harmful fun. If I had not married Chris, I would have wedded and bed Jane.

I was 6ft-1 inches, tall muscular I strong kept fit attending boxing classes, and reserved. Burt 5ft. 10in slim always boasting about married women conquests he had. On the fishing bank, Burt, mouth would run away telling Tom, Dick and Harry his recent conquests. One Saturday Burt blurted, out he was fucking a married woman close to home. Burt had not been coming fishing for a couple of months. In the last three weeks, Burt only went fishing once. I had to work on the middle weekend.

I went fishing the following Saturday. Burt said he could not come family business I knew he had problems with his brother. While fishing the other two fishing friends about 8:00 am the nearest one too myself said where Burt I said family business. Both looked at each other and whispered something to each other. After a couple of minutes, the one nearest to me said Jim. I think we need to tell you something you are not going to like it. Burt told us last week the name of the married woman he was fucking. Jim, it is your wife. He was fucking her last week when you were at work. We think he is fucking your wife right now.


I was raging mad. My fishing tackle packed up in seconds, thrown into the car. Whilst I was driving home, I kept just within the speed limits formulating my plan of attack. I drove into the road where I lived. I could not believe my eyes, Burt the hard-faced cheating bastard had parked on my drive. I had to park up the road.

I had made my mind up what I was going to do.

I picked up the thickest and heaviest rod rest I had with me. I walked past his car and put my hand on the bonnet it was hot he must have just arrived. I slipped off my shoes opened the front door leaving it open. I checked the living room, kitchen, dining room and the computer room. Creeping upstairs not making a sound, I checked the two rooms turning around to our bedroom door it was slightly open.

Opening the door slowly that cheating bastard Burt was on top of my wife fucking her. Her eyes closed. I quietly moved to the side bed raised my, rod rest and hitting him good and hard right in the middle of his back. Burt cried out whom the fuck did that. Within a second her eyes shot wide opened then looking directly at me what a surprise she got. I hit Burt again in the middle of this back. Burt jumped of my bed standing up staring at me saying sorry mate it just happened.


Turning to Burt and said have you shot your load into her the truth. BURT SAID NO.

I looked at Chris, have you had an orgasm.


The funny thing I was glad about both answers. I said to Chris, stay where you are do not move a muscle or even a 1 inch if you do, I will kill you. I then turned my attention to Burt saying, having a good time at my expense with my wife. Sorry, it just happened.

Do everything I tell one or I will kill you.

Put your dick on the dressing table top over there. I raised my rod rest and hit his dick. Did that hurt I said. Now put it back on the dressing table. Please do not do that again. Put your dick back there right now. He certainly did not want to, but he did, I hit his dick again with the rod rest not as hard this time. Did that hurt I said. Burt was holding his painful dick with both hands it must have been sore, I dropped the rod rest and punched him in the face left then right side he would have two black eyes tomorrow. I hit him on the nose, pity it did not break. I followed up giving him by two punches to the stomach Burt dropped like a ton of bricks.

I went and checked on Chris she had not moved an inch. I picked Burt up sitting him on the bedroom chair. I then opened the wardrobe looking for my old ties pulling out a few. I tied Burt hands and legs to the chair he was naked. I picked up the bedroom telephone calling Jane at home. Jane, please go to my house right now. I have something of interest to show you.

Is something wrong with Chris NO.? Please go to my house right now the front door is open go upstairs straight away. Whist waiting for Jane to arrive Chris tried to explain. I said shut up and do not move an inch. I went over to Burt and thumped him good and hard in the face. Yes, I was as mad as hell.

I heard Jane pull up outside the front of the house, and then the front door shut. I called out to Jane bedroom top of the stairs. Jane walked in the bedroom; mouth dropped wide-open Chris lying on the bed naked legs wide open. I moved towards Chris, that was when Jane saw Burt tied to the chair naked.

Jane said not in her normal pleasant voice want the fucking hell is going here. I said, that fucking cheating bastard husband of yours is fucking my wife. What does it look like to you? Jane said to Burt wait until you get home turning around going home. I untied Burt he got dressed Chris said can I move you stay exactly where you are. I have not done with you yet. Burt, getting into his car, I punched him on the nose twice I managed to break his nose blood was pouring down his face.

I returned to the bedroom Chris had not moved an inch. Chris saying let me explain. Shut the fuck up, I said. I went out into the hallway and stripped then I walked back in the bedroom my dick by this time as hard as iron. Chris was looking at me then at my raging hard dick; you are going to fuck me to death now. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE.

From now on do everything I say, you are going to get dick morning noon and night. I mounted the bed between, her legs still spread her twat was still wet from Burt. My dick straight into her twat her legs went around my waist pulling me into her, I was giving her a real good fucking she had to have it. I was not concerned at the time if she had an orgasm or not. I shot all my spunk deep inside her twat. Then I told Chris to get on all fours at the bottom of the bed. I mounted Chris from behind and pushed my dick all the way. Thrusting slowly at first then faster and faster I shot my second load of spunk deep inside Chris. Chris had an orgasm.

I was laying on the bed Chris lay beside me playing with my dick stroking it. I had another raging hard-on I that was not going to be lost; I mounted Chris parting her legs as wide as I could. With one mighty thrust, my dick went all the way in. I fucked her to death. Chris was saying bet you are happy now. I smiled at her and saying you will have to wait and see.

It was about 11 am that Saturday I got up dressed and went to the chemist purchasing two packets of Viagra. I then returned home. Chris, I what to know the truth, I mean the absolute fucking truth and not a load of bullshit. Chris before starting to tell me I must warn you I know more than you think. Chris started with I love you and only you.

I said tell me how long ago it started and how many times has he fucked you in my bed or his. Chris said three weeks ago he came round here when I thought both of you were out fishing. He made a pass at me, and I was excited, I stopped him. He came round the next Saturday you were at work this time. I was more excited than before giving in to him. I wanked him off and then he fucked me once.

Is that the truth Chris, she said YES?

I know I was so thoughtless I love you so very much please forgive me. You are defiantly telling me he only fucked you once. YES. When Burt got home, his bags were packed, Jane, said you are leaving me now any trouble Jim will be round to sort you out for good. Burt loaded his car the drove off in a bad mood.

That Saturday at 6 pm swallowed my first Viagra tablet about 7 pm my dick was busting out of my trousers. I turned to Chris saying; let us go to the bedroom. I have something just for you. I told Chris to strip I stripped looking at my dick it was stood vertical. Chris said you are going to make me pay for it now.

How long do you think I can last I was smiling? Chris did not know I had taken a Viagra tablet. The next four hours went by. I fucked her and fucked her the only time we got of the bed was to go to the loo. We rested a little while and fucked her until the Viagra tablet wore off. Chris said you did defiantly intended giving me a very good fucking. Looking at each other both smiled and fell asleep.

Sunday morning I parted, Chris legs slipped my dick in and gave her a good morning fuck. I waited until just after noon. I said Chris bedroom down on all fours. I then slipped my dick into her backwards and fucked her to death.

Sunday at 6 pm swallowed a Viagra tablet. I waited for it to take effect about 7 pm my dick was busting out of my trousers again. I turned to Chris saying; let us go to the bedroom. I have something just for you. I told Chris to strip I stripped looking at my dick it was stood vertical again. Chris said still, going to make me pay for it all over again. I sure am. Chris said how, are you lasting so long fucking me, that is easy Viagra tablets. Chris said to keep using them at weekends. So we can go on all night long, I love it, both, of us, were smiling.

Tuesday Chris said I had better get on the phone to Jane. I said she might not want to talk. Jane asked Chris could she come round for a chat. Jane came round tears pouring down her face. Chris said to Jane sorry what happed was his fault, not mine can us stay good friends.


Jane said my neighbours stopped me and said good riddance to rubbish referring to Burt. He has been fucking other married and single women around here. I cannot blame you the only bastard to blame his that cheat Burt. I am divorcing him. I have been to a lawyer on Monday he will be serving papers on him tomorrow. The months went by.

We were within two weeks of her divorce from Burt to be absolute. Chris said. I think I had better tell you what Jane has been saying all these months. Jane was missing being fucked Jane asked me would you consider giving a good fucking. She may like me giving her a good fucking. Because Burt is much smaller than I am, Chris does Jane know the size of my dick she may not like it as much as you do. There again she might be over the moon.

Jane also said what about a threesome you mean with us. I was shocked I had always fancied giving her a real good fucking. Chris, you will have to let me think about it. Jane divorced was now absolute. Chris asked about the thought of fucking Jane or the threesome I smiled.

Chris if it is ok with you the threesome would be best because you would know what is going on and would be able to stop it at any time. Chris said to leave it to me if I am not happy with it. I will put a stop to it agreed YES. You had best get some Viagra on Friday making sure you can last out fucking the two of us. I will tell Jane Friday at 6 pm.

Friday night came wondering whom to fuck the living daylights out of first my wife or Jane it had to be Chris leaving Jane watch. Chris was upstairs getting ready for our pending threesome I had no idea what Chris was doing upstairs. Jane turned up on the dot at 6 pm I swallowed a Viagra tablet waiting for the effects to work.

Jane removed her coat and revealed that sexy body of hers. Not wearing much a tee shirt at least one size maybe two sizes too small her tits trying to burst out of the tee-shirt. Her skirt was 3 inches above her knee, wearing six-inch-high heels the ones that say fuck me good and hard. Chris came downstairs dressed the same they looked twins my dick stood to attention. The Viagra tablet had not kicked yet I was ready.

Chris looked down at my trousers, saying, you are ready sooner than usual, shall we get started. Then Chris said, remember Jane and I are in charge tonight you do as we ask I nodded. Chris said, let the three of us start here in the living room. The three of us sat on the sofa I was in the middle, Chris and Jane stood up standing in front of me and started to strip each other slowly.

Chris, taking the lead pulling off, Jane her one size maybe two sizes too small tight-fitting the tee shirt up showing off her well-filled red bra. Jane did the same to Chris. Chris then turned Jane around her back to me of came the tee shirt. Jane did the same to Chris; both turned around swinging, their tits to each side. I went from looking from one to the other I wanted to grab hold of both pairs of tits.

Chris pulled up the skirt of Janes, letting me see her red kickers. Jane did the same to Chris. My dick was getting harder. Both unzipped there skirt undone the buttons letting go of their skirts drop the floor stepping out of them kicking them away. Both stood their matching red bras and kickers. Within a flash, both bras were off and thrown across the room. My dick was now standing to attention for being launch into outer space. Both pairs of kickers slid down their long legs and kicked off. Chris and Jane standing there with just six in high heels on saying fuck us both good and hard.

Chris and Jane sat down one on both sides of me, Chris, got hold of my dick. I was trying to burst out of my trousers. Chris said to Jane; let us strip him down to his briefs. Chris and Jane got me down to my briefs. Chris said Jane I will take off his briefs you close your eyes.

Off came my briefs. Chris said Jane open your eyes and look at Jim nice hard dick. Jane opened her eyes, and both eyes doubled her mouth dropped wide-open grasping hold of my raging dick. Chris can I suck it first wow it is a big fucking dick. Jane started sucking me right away stroking, me up and down her other handheld my balls. Within minutes, Jane had my dick inside her mouth you, would have thought she had never sucked a dick before and Jane kept fondling, my balls.

About five minutes past Chris said my turn. Jane watched Chris work me to the full. Then a blink of an eye Chris stopped. Jim is now ready to give you a good fucking Jane. Chris stood up then sat at my side, Chris, said to Jane straddled him facing him, and Jane then mounted me. I this was going to be a big test for Jane. Now, Burt's dick was much smaller than it was this is going to be a tight fit, Jane had not had sex in six months.

Jane held my dick ready to slip it in her twat just an inch first then two inches Jane sighed in another inch then another inch a louder sigh from Jane. She kept lowering herself on my raging dick until my dick was inside Jane moaning all the time. Jane turned to look at Chris, saying, he is filling me so much now I know how much you love him fucking you.

Jane starts bouncing up and down sigh after sigh, Jane, loving my raging hard dick. Chris stood up behind Jane grab hold of both her tits squeezing them then fingers on her nipples squeezing, and pulling them.


Jane bouncing up and down faster and faster shaking, a scream came to a massive orgasm; I bet next door heard it. I took over thrusting in and out I shot my first load of spunk deep inside Jane. Jane got of me saying that is the best fuck she had ever had.

Jane sat next to me. Chris mounted me and started to fuck me. I knew exactly how she responded to me fucking her. Chris, the body started, to shake I kept thrusting in and out her twat gripping my dick so she could have a good orgasm. I thrust in and out and shot my second load of spunk deep inside Chris. Of to the bedroom, I fucked them in turn forwards, backwards giving oral sex to both giving me blowjobs. Then the Viagra worn of the three of us fell asleep.

I was the first to wake up Jane, was fast asleep. I woke up Chris as planned I spread Janes legs my dick now hard. I slipped my dick slowly into Jane gives out a little moan of delight, I thrust in slowly, the sighs become louder and louder. Jane opens her eyes and realised she was getting a good morning fuck Jane had an orgasm I shot my load deep inside Jane. I turned to Chris and gave her a good morning fuck. Jane got up dressed hugging Chris kissing me holding my dick and then went home.

I had been fucking Chris and Jane for 15 years.

On a Saturday morning, Chris checked the lottery result I was out fishing until 3 pm. I walked into the house, Chris, said I have good news with a massive smile on her face. What are they?

We have won 2 million on the lottery. Wow, I said. We can now get two good cars. You now that bungalow you always wanted YES it is up for sale great I said. We are viewing at 6 pm. Go and changed into something respectable. Hang on a minute you said four pieces of news what is the fourth.

Sit down Jim this is going to be a shock. What is it?

Chris said Jane for the last 15 years has always wanted to move in with us permanently. Saying you know what that means I will be fucking both of you every night Chris YES. I know Jane is a dam good friend to both of us. I will think about it. We got in the car Chris nearly forgot to pick Jane up she wants to see our new bungalow. Throughout the viewing, Chris and Jane plan every room in detail. I asked how much on the market. I looked at Chris nodding. I said could you get in touch with the seller now replay was YES. My offer is the full asking price in cash. The agent telephoned the seller and accepted there and then.

We went out for dinner to celebrate, whilst in the restaurant, Jane had gone to the restroom. Chris asked thought about Jane moving in with us permanently. I said as long as it does not interfere with our married life that will never happen, Chris said. Jane returned Chris said, Jane, I have good news for you, what is that she said, you are moving in permanently with us. Let us go home and celebrate I popped a Viagra tablet we fucked each other until the tablet wore off.

The house redecorated front and rear gardens artificial turf with small borders with bedding plants thank god I hate gardening. Sold our old house and Jane sold hers, we moved in on a Friday. Viagra tablet at 6 pm we christened every room followed by every piece of furniture on Saturday night.

We had a reasonable income coming in every month from the three salaries. When we went on weekly holidays, the first thing the girls packed was enough Viagra tablets.

Things did change in the bungalow after a couple of months. I was always the last home. Chris and Joan, walking around inside just enough clothes on, wearing see-through short bathrobes wearing different coloured matching bra and kickers. I was horny as soon as I saw them. I soon started stripping down to my briefs as soon as I got home saved precious minutes.

One weekend I went fishing at on favourite water, walking down the bank heading home. A voice called out hi Jim, how you are doing. It was Burt. He asked if I was all right then asked about Chris I replied could not be better. Jim any idea were Joan is she has sold the house and moved away. Burt said I do miss her; I certainly fucked things up. I replied you certainly did screw things up. Sorry, Burt, I must fly. I have two holes to fill when I get home. & uid=34769

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