Derek left Sandy to her own devices. She needed to establish her role as utter boss of the household without his interference. Just his physical presence could be a hindrance. He talked to her over the phone to check with her several times to see if she was having any problems. Her answer 'none at all' pleased him. He knew he had chosen well when he selected her. He took her out to lunch one day to talk about the future. He was up front about how he hoped the house and acreage around it would appreciate like Richard and others anticipated. They just had to hold onto it for a few years. "But there is a lot to be said for managing a group of slaves working at various careers around town also. I learned that back in Lafayette. I selected slaves who have professional careers rather than low level, lower pay type jobs. It costs as much in time and effort to take care of a high income slave as one who makes little. We are not in the eye candy/ toy business. Plus professionals tend to understand their position better. Don't think that makes them easier to manage, they have the potential to make your difficult if not impossible. It's just they have the imagination to know they can lose their cushy life as a professional who is treated right and become a field slave like I threatened Richard. He reacted before he thought about his possible future. A little trip to slave camp might smarten the bastard up."

"Now I don't want to get the cart in front of the donkey, but maybe once you get settled, we can look at expanding our little enterprise down here." Sandy agreed enthusiastically. "Let's let everything settle out down here before we consider expanding." Derek said. "I want you on firm ground first. If we overextend too fast, the results could prove disastrous. We need to do this in a relaxed, hands on manner. Okay?" Sandy agreed.

"I read over the contract carefully. I did not just jump into it. I really like our business arrangement." Sandy said. "Lou was very thorough. She not only protected your interests but mine. I was actually surprised how fair it was. I cannot own any slaves of my own which is understandable. I am to be your manager down here. It says my pay is only a base and it will increase as my responsibilities do. So I guess that is what you are referring to with this future expansion idea right?" Derek nodded. "It also says and this part really surprised me, that essentially I cannot get fired unless I seriously screw up. As long as my job performance is good I have a job for as long as I want it. Almost like a partnership but without equity. I have not seen or heard of a contract like that."

"Partnership without equity is a good way to put it. It means that as long as we can keep a good working relationship, I want to keep you." Derek said. "I want you to feel secure. It is just how I like to do business. I also work the same way with the slaves although they can't quit of course." He and Sandy shared a laugh. They parted ways but planned to talk frequently by phone or video conference.

Derek, Wanda and Rhonda spent most of the rest of their vacation time together. They went to the beach a few times. The first time they went Derek teased them about stripping their bikinis off them. "It'd be fun to watch you both cavorting on the beach naked but I'm not sure I want to risk you guys getting sand up your pussies." he quipped. "My poor dick couldn't take getting rubbed raw. It'd be like fucking sandpaper."

"Boss, we are gonna made sure your dick is rubbed raw tonight anyway!" Rhonda declared, laughing. "We are gonna wear you 'slap out'."

"Yeah!" Wanda agreed. "And we know you don't want any sand in your mouth from whichever of us is riding your face either." The girls were teasing but that night did their best to make good on their promises and wore Derek 'slap out'. He said the next morning he needed more rest and decided he'd just skip breakfast. The girls finally let him sleep but not before they got him off a few times and left him limp and exhausted again, the endorphins overcoming him.

Derek detoured off I-10 towards Biloxi for one final beach day on their way home. They spent the night in one of the casino hotels and the next morning drove the rest of the way home. "I'm glad to be home!' he announced.

The only semi-sour note of the last several days occurred after Rhonda had ridden him until he ejaculated. He was spent when she leaned forward and said. "Boss, I needed that. I needed to make a man cum hard. I need to be THE woman. HIS woman. Chad is here in town with that Sandy woman isn't he? In his mind he has replaced me with her."

That led to a conversation. "He is a slave and I rented him to her back home. She brought him along like she did her car or her computer. Another thing to use." Derek said, thinking she was hurt. "How did you know? What made you suspect he was here?"

"Bullshit, boss. Don't try to snow me. Chad is with that woman now, not just because she ordered him to come along but because he ingratiated himself to her. He worked her. They may have met under other circumstances with her being his boss, but he turned it around and flirted and courted her all the way to win her over. That is him... how he works. I know better. He jumped at her and into her bed because he wants her. He did it once before years ago but I took him back. He is actively replacing me. Well, past tense, replaced me... Fine. He is the past. I'm not going to think of him any more than you think of Karen. I can see you have no love for her anymore. We all can see that."

Wanda was silent. Derek did not know what to say. He watched Rhonda to see if she was going to start crying. She closed her eyes a few seconds and then opened them. She smiled. Scooting back she leaned forward and took his penis in her mouth and began to suck it licking up her juices and his semen. She paused a second to say to Wanda, grinning, "I am planning to cum as many times as I can tonight. On the boss's cock or on his mouth or on yours." Then she giggled and got to work.

Later Derek asked her how she knew Chad was in Florida. She said, "I knew the name Sandy and knew she worked at the Rhino's Horn. Kat went there with you and Sarah one time. She told me she met Chad. Then I heard you had a woman named Sandy coming to take over Karen and that Richard guy. The first couple days we were here, Wanda and I went to the house with the rest of you. Suddenly, we were kept away. We stayed at the hotel and were told we were on our own and to enjoy ourselves. I knew then. Actually boss, I'm not sure I would have wanted to see him. I thought about it for a few days and realized I have moved on. Not just being separated because we were enslaved. I mean mentally and emotionally. Of course there are things at home I would prefer to avoid, like those parties. But I feel more 'at home' with our group than I have felt in a few years. It was there all along and now I just recognized it."

The rest of the trip both Wanda and Rhonda acted more like Derek's girlfriends or partners than they did his slaves. They acted the same way towards each other as well. Derek observed a little light teasing and intimacy between the two.

When the gate opened to their property and Derek drove through, Rhonda leaned over from the passenger seat. "Derek, thank you for a wonderful trip! I had the BEST time." She kissed him.

Wanda leaned forward. "It was the most fun I have had in years." she said sincerely. "I haven't felt as close to anybody except my daughter as I do to you two, right now. I love you guys." She took a deep breath. "OKAY! Let's go back to being slaves!" She giggled. "But Boss, from now on we want you to fuck us both more than the other girls combined!" They all laughed as they drove to the house.


Lou wanted to talk to Derek the next day in her office. He was a little concerned when she closed her office door. "What's up?" he asked. "Is something wrong?' Lou shook her head.

"I want to know what happened in Florida after Sarah and I left. Sarah wants to know too. She is on her way but I could not wait for her to get here." Lou said. Derek was puzzled and asked what the hell she was talking about.

"There is a massive shift in how Wanda but ESPECIALLY Rhonda is acting towards you. She has been watching your every move. She has even been very conciliatory towards both Sarah and me. Of all the girls, she always seemed the one to resent being a slave the most. Now that has switched around.' Derek caught on and explained the conversations he and the two slaves had on the trip.

"Ahh, Okay. She has turned the corner." Lou said. Derek wanted to know what corner. "It is almost a Stockholme Syndrome. She has embraced you as her owner. Not only that but as her lover. She has totally given herself to you in her mind. You need to go back to those videos Rachael Dubois had of her classes. You now not only own her body but her mind and her emotions. She has accepted herself as a slave and you as her owner. Not only that, she identifies herself as yours. Or she will shortly." Lou began to chuckle. "I would have expected it from some of the younger girls first, but I guess you owned Rhonda the longest."

"You aren't telling me she has turned into some kind of psycho who will walk into a fire if she thinks I want it? Are you?" Derek asked, aghast.

"Oh HELL NO!" Lou said with a laugh. "She still has a brilliant mind. The same mind that makes her a great nurse. She has just broken away from her former free life emotionally and embraced life as your slave. Maybe as a slave to the 'family' we have. We'll have to see. That is likely to come next. Think of it like being married. An emotional commitment. She knows her place in the hierarchy and accepts it. Actually she embraces it. I think Wanda is not far behind. From what I have gleaned, she has only had three deep relationships in her life. Her parents and Bonnie. She got pregnant before she graduated high school and the guy took off, leaving her high and dry with a baby on the way. She had a few affairs over the years but none that were serious." Lou said.

"What do I do?" Derek asked.

"Nothing. Ride the train." Lou said. "Ahh, here's Sarah." She spent the next several minutes bringing Sarah up to speed with what she and Derek had discussed.

"Derek, you have to understand how important you are to us too." Sarah said. "Lou and I were in a committed relationship for a long time. You know that. When you came along we sort of saw you as a fun game at first. A man having power over us lezzies. You were a kinky interlude, adding spice to our sex life. You knew neither of us had nothing more than a single unsatisfying sexual encounter with a male before you. You were a game, a toy." 'Gee thanks', Derek muttered. "Hush, and listen." Sarah ordered. "We do not know when that changed, but it was pretty soon after we got involved. You became important to us. We talked about it at length. Imagining what it would be like to bring you into our lives. Then we got pregnant. That just cemented what was already happening. Don't ask us why you or why after all those years we would let a man into our lives. We did. We think of you as being the third part of our trio. Not legal of course as the state does not recognize three way marriages like it does same sex marriages. So we do the best we can. Us as a married, lesbian couple and you as our sperm donor slash male partner slash unofficial husband. We wanted you to understand fully just how we feel."

"You are about to make me break down and start crying. Dammit. I'm supposed to be the tough guy!" Derek said. Then he smiled. "You both know I feel the same way. Lou has my will. You guys inherit it all when I am gone. Of course I fully intend to keep you from getting a dime for about forty more years."

Both Lou and Sarah laughed and nodded. "Which brings us full circle back to our original conversation." Lou said. "Not only have both Rhonda and Wanda identified as being totally yours mentally and emotionally as well as physically since you won them over, they are pretty attached to each other. Did you know they asked Caroline to reassign rooms?" Derek shook his head. "They want to sleep together."

"That is fine by me." Derek said. "If that makes the household run better I am all for it."

"The problem is Wanda may not be part of the household much longer." Lou said. "The people who ran the scam that cheated Sarah and left Wanda to take the fall have been arrested. They sent a request to the local district attorney for the case files here. And they requested Wanda testify for the prosecution up there. As her owner you do NOT have to let Wanda testify. Nor do you have to let her appeal her conviction if they show she is innocent in that trial."

"The fuck I don't!" Derek declared. "There is no way I could live with myself if I did not help Wanda bury the assholes who screwed her over. And if we can get her exonerated, we are MORALLY if not legally obligated!" Derek exclaimed. "How could you think otherwise?"

"We didn't!" Sarah declared, turning and embracing Derek. "THAT is the man I want to to not only father my children but be their DADDY!" Lou stepped around her desk and embraced Derek who sat there slightly puzzled with how these women thought.

Later that afternoon Lou called Derek to tell him she let the district attorney know Derek was on board. "The parish district attorney's office is paying to take Wanda and you up to Kansas City so Wanda can be a witness. You need to go along because you are her owner." Lou explained. "Do you feel comfortable going alone or do you think I should go with you? We'll have to pay my expenses if I go."

"Oh no." Derek declared. "We need you with us. You might not do anything officially but you will be there to give us advice. I am not worried about the expense. Plus the three of us can all stay in the same room."

And so they flew to Kansas City. Wanda asked if she could take a shotgun along to shoot the bastards or at least a sharp knife to castrate them. Derek laughed as he said "Nope. As much as I would like accommodate you, I am not gonna risk getting enslaved for helping you get some well deserved revenge on those assholes. Not in that manner anyway." Wanda grinned at him.

Louis Fontenot, the assistant district attorney waited his turn to present his part of the case before the circuit judge in Kansas City. The group of four men had done almost the same thing there they had done in Lafayette only this time they had been caught. The jury sat wide-eyed as the case was presented. When Fontenot stood up and began to speak, his case sounded similar until he got to the part where the quartet had left a patsy behind to take the blame. Wanda was called to the stand.

She described every aspect of the operation. From her angle it appeared entirely legal. She had not known at the time what they were really doing. But she put it all together later. Then she began to detail how the quartet's activities scammed their clients. "I have had time to analyze how these guys operated in such a way to fool even me. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I always considered myself a damn good accountant. I never imagined I could be fooled. This is going to be technical but I think I can explain well enough so all of you will understand what they did." When she was finished the jury was nodding and agreeing. Several times the defense attorney had attempted to shut her testimony down only to be over-ruled.

During their trial, the four admitted Wanda was innocent of any wrongdoing. Just as they had set up a woman in Kansas City to take the fall when it became necessary for them to leave town with their ill-gotten gains. That was not their words of course.

All four were convicted. Considering their age, their sentences were all enslavement for life. Wanda raised her hand. The presiding judge called on her. "Your honor I would like to address you and the jury concerning their sentence." The judge told her to proceed. "My life was shattered when I was accused and convicted. These four not only ruined my life, but they hurt my daughter when they stole all the money out of her college fund. They found that account because my name was on it. She barely had the money to finish the last semester. Her college career would have been over if my owner had not offered to finance the rest of her education."

"When I was arrested I was destitute. My bank accounts had been drained. I had only a few dollars in cash in my purse. My credit card no longer worked. I had to rely on a public defender who by all accounts later was worthless. He is no longer even practicing law. He was that bad. He convinced me to accept a plea bargain for fifteen years of enslavement. He convinced me it was my best option. He simply did not want to do his job. I was gullible enough to go along. Later I found out I might have got a fifth of that sentence at most and most likely have got off scott free if I'd had adequate legal representation. I realize this court cannot do anything about that but I would like to ask for just a few minutes or so with each of these guys as restitution for my suffering."

The jury conferred briefly and awarded Wanda ten minutes with each of the convicted criminals. They all openly expressed their regrets she had been enslaved.

"Look, Wanda, I'm sorry you got enslaved for so long but that was not our doing. I honestly thought you'd get let off. Maybe enslaved for a year or two." the main boss said.

"Oh? Just enslaved for a year or two, getting raped and possibly beaten continuously? " Wanda asked, sarcastically. "THAT was okay as far as you were concerned?" They were in a small room. All four of the men were bound over trestles on their stomachs, their legs spread wide. All were nude. They were turned so they faced each other towards the center of their circle. A female guard stood to one side with a stop watch. Once Wanda started, she would have ten minutes to inflict her revenge on each new slave.

The guard explained the rules. "My job is to make sure you do not go too far. You cannot kill the bastards or break any bones for what they did to you. Understand?" Wanda nodded. Because Wanda was a slave, Derek stood to one side as an observer. The guard said to him in a soft tone, "Don't do a thing. Don't move and don't speak, no matter what. If you can, keep your expression neutral. We are on camera and I am in charge. I have full responsibility here, understand?" Derek nodded, a little confused. He realized later why the guard gave him those instructions.

The guard pointed to the first man. "Begin when you are ready." Wanda asked if the guard would give her a heads up at the nine minute mark, The guard nodded and smiled.

Wanda looked at the man who orchestrated her downfall. She could not see his face. From this position all she could see was his naked back, his ass and his scrotum hanging underneath. Wanda reached forward with her right hand and grasped the man's scrotum. The guard tapped her stop watch. Wanda's grip forced the man's testes down low into his scrotum. He groaned loudly. Wanda turned her hand over, twisting the sac 180 degrees. The man screamed. She grabbed with her left had and rotated another 180 degrees. The man's cries went up several octaves. His ass shook but, restrained as he was, he could do nothing to free himself. "You going to tear my nuts off!" he yelled frantically, struggling against his bonds, before he could not form intelligible words anymore and simply screamed.

Holding his twisted scrotum in her left hand, Wanda formed a fist with her right and began to punch the balls she squeezed with her left. Once, she changed her grip and twisted his scrotum a little further then resumed pounding it with her fist.

The guard had watched Wanda grab the man's scrotum and twist. When she saw Wanda change hands to twist another 180 degrees her eyes widened slightly. She smiled as she looked at Derek. She stepped to one side. "One minute." she called. She did not look closely at what Wanda was doing. Her only action was to look at Derek who stood there and step into his line of vision. She showed him her stopwatch and called out the time. Derek immediately understood. The guard commiserated with Wanda, and wanted to let her get her due. When the count hit nine minutes, Wanda released the man's scrotum, stepped back and began kicking it. Derek almost fell over. The man, her victim, had long ago puked his guts out and passed out. The room was silent except for the thumps of Wanda's bare foot colliding with the man's groin. The guard called time and asked if Wanda needed a few minutes to rest before taking her restitution on the second man.r" & uid=31318

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