Author's Note - I typically just read what other people have written, but this one story in particular is sticking with me, and is inspiring me to write my own stories. Western Skies was a big inspiration for this chapter. If it seems really similar to chapter 1 of that story, that is the reason. I promise it'll get much more interesting and unique in Chapter 2.

Northern Lights, Chapter 1

I felt a wet thud in the small of my back, followed by a swift chill and a lot of choice swear words. It was late August in my new school, a boarding all-male highschool in central Alaska. The school year was only about ten days in, and I was struggling to adapt. The first snow was falling, which meant there were snow ball fights popping up all over the place.

"Damn it, Craig, you know I hate it when you do that!" I shouted at him, after my swearing had subsided.

Craig was the school joker, in a school of about 750 students. He had a talent for practical jokes, and he and I had become good friends. I was a senior student, but this was my first year at the school; My dad was an oil contractor, who was forced to move out here for work. I was from Florida, and this new environment was not to my liking.

"Well, ya know you can throw one back occasionally Adam. Maybe then you wouldn't be such a good target." Craig smirked back.

With that, I did as he requested, and threw one at him. He nimbly dodged, but I was satisfied.

I continued on my way. I was about six-three in height, heavily built, making me perfect for football. Despite the school being moderately sized, I easily made the cut. I knew I would ultimately be rather popular for that alone, but it still took time.

I meandered my way through the snow duff, towards team practice. On my way, I encountered a couple other team players going the same direction. I didn't really notice them; I was stuck in my own head, thinking about the year to come.

"Hey Adam." One of them said.

I looked up, expecting it to be Luke or Sam who made the comment.

"Hey Wyatt." I said, in obvious surprise.

Wyatt was the quarterback, and easily one of the most popular kids in school - and most powerful. This school had a reputation for being the most prestigious highschool in the state, and most of the kids who went there had some connection to the politics of the state. Wyatt happened to be the son of the Governor.

"If you want, John, Sam, Luke, and I are having a get together over at my dorm room. Want to come?" Wyatt said, smiling enthusiastically.

"Sure," I said. "I'd love to!"

"Great, see you at 7 tonight. We'll have food."

And with that, they walked past me, and I went on to practice.

Football practice drills are already hard enough on their own, but add snow, slipperiness, and being cold to the picture, and it's downright miserable. By the end of it, my body ached, and I hurried back to my dorm.

When I arrived, I stripped and took a hot, steamy shower. Whenever you're cold, tired, and filled with aches, pains, and bruises, hot showers make everything feel better. One thirty minute shower later, and it was almost 5 in the evening. It was already starting to get dark outside. I settled in, and started work on my mountain of homework.

About an hour and a half later, I had finished Calculus and AP English, and decided to start getting ready for the get together. I tossed on some warm clothes, and walked out the door a quarter to 7.

I arrived about 5 minutes early, and knocked on the door. There was a muffled "Come in," so I opened the door.

Only Wyatt was there. Before I could even ask my question, he answered it.

"Sam and John had mountains of homework to do, and Luke's girlfriend called him over, so I guess it's just the two of us."

"Yeah, I guess so."

He pored us both some alcohol, and we just hit it off.

From there, we just started talking with each other. I'd spent many winter vacations skiing in Lake Tahoe, and he skied on the weekends for most of the year. We both had strict parents, and had good grades. We both loved football. We liked each other. We were both lean and muscular, and I found my drunken gaze wandering up and down his body.

"Hey, would you like to ski with me sometimes? There's this one slope that I keep screwing up. We could screw together." He immediately flushed, realizing his mistake. "I mean screw UP together."

I was blushing as well. He excused himself to the bathroom, and my liquor confused brain tried to make sense of what just happened. I know I'm bi, I've checked out guys before. But could it be? Could Wyatt actually be into me?

He walked back into the room, and began refilling our shot glasses. While he did, I began studying him. He was still quite tan. Regardless of what some people think, Alaska summers do get to some high temperatures. He had messy, dirty blonde hair, and piercing, baby blue eyes. He was about two inches taller than I was, but was considerably leaner. He turned around, and caught me studying him. We were both blushing furiously now.

He sat down, far closer than most guys would've been comfortable with.

He looked outside at the snow storm. "It's looking pretty cold out tonight. Would you like to stay here? My roommate is staying with his parents."

"Sure." I responded.

He moved as if to put his arm around me . . .

"I have to go to the bathroom" I mumbled. He looked disappointed.

"Sure, go ahead." He responded. "It's down the hall."

I got up, and headed where he gestured. I looked in the mirror. He was definitely very horny, and very gay. He was really sexy, and I was really horny too. From outside the bathroom, I heard Wyatt put on a random rom-com. I decided right then and there what I wanted to do. I stripped naked, and walked out of the room.

When Wyatt saw me, he gasped, and blushed.

"You obviously want this, and I want this." I said, with an air of calm I didn't feel. "Lucky for you, I'm bi, so I'm completely fine with this."

With that, he dropped any pretense of being straight, and stood up. He quickly took his shirt off, and unbuttoned his jeans. With the jeans gone, he simply stood there, in his underwear.

We were both at full mast, and his underwear already had a wet spot where some precum had leaked out. He dropped his underwear, and his full 9 inches popped out. We were both about the same size. We just stood there, looking at each other. Very awkwardly.

He was the one to make the next move. "Do you want to go to the bed, or . . ."

"I'm good just doing it in the living room." I said, sanguinely.

And with that, as if some magnetism brought us together, we collided with one another in a tight embrace and an epic kiss.

As our horniness got the better of us, the kiss ended, I went on the couch, and Wyatt went on his knees, and began sucking. It felt . . . like something I'd never felt before. Better than jerking off. I'd never been with a guy or a girl, so this was definitely a new experience for me.

His tongue began racing along my shaft, then back up to my head, all while his head just bobbed up and down and up and down. It felt heavenly. I murmured his name several times. "Wyatt . . . Wyatt . . ."

Wyatt started to work his way along the base of my shaft, slowly than quickly, kissing and nibbling all the while. He went further down, his tongue, constantly moving, finding its way down to my balls. He then took them both in his mouth, in a huge mouthful. My hands rested on the back of his neck as I bucked beneath his continued efforts.

My mind flashed from one thought to another, debating whether I should wait till he was finished to give him some of what he was giving to me, or to do it right now. I reached a finger around his back, and began fingering his hole. He let loose a soft, wet moan as I touched his taint, then he kept sucking. I slowly pushed my finger all the way in, and began finger-fucking him.

He kept sucking and playing with my balls. Suddenly, he yelped, and moaned loudly. Apparently I had found his prostate. He quickly resumed sucking, but I had him literally wrapped around my finger now.

"I'm close." He whispered.

"So am I." I whispered back.

A few seconds later, and his eyes rolled back into his skull, as rope after white, sticky rope shot from him, onto my leg and the couch.

After he was done, he went back to sucking. Not long afterward, I was shooting my cum into his mouth. After I was done shooting, he sucked me dry, and gave me a long, wet, cum-filled kiss.

We began to relax in each other's arms.

"That was amazing." Wyatt said, resting his head on my lap.

"Yeah. It was."

He looked up at the clock. 11 PM. "I'm gonna go to the bedroom to get some sleep. You're welcome to join me if you want."

With that, he got up and went to the bedroom.

Without any hesitation, I got up and followed him.

I could tell Wyatt needed some reassuring, that he wasn't used to opening up like this. We cuddled for a while, and stared into each other's eyes while we started to drift off to sleep.

I could tell this was the start of something amazing.

End of Northern Lights, Chapter 1. Stay tuned for Northern Lights, Chapter2!

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