(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)

This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.

Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.

Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's

Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.

John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.

12 Healing, and New Beginnings.

The yoga class was a welcome relief, bringing routine back to Elizabeth, reassuring her, and stretching her body again, removing the last aches left from the weekend. Afterwards she joined Sunitra in a healing meditation with a young couple who were trying to conceive, helping them get in touch with their bodies.

The classroom tidied, Sunitra led her to the small apartment and opened the shower. Steaming water, fragrant shampoo and the caring touch of strong hands removed any lingering traces of tension.

Sunitra bustled about, making fragrant tea, then settled opposite Elizabeth, comfortable in the towelling robe that only lightly covered her body. "So, how did you find the swinger evening? I see you have reservations."

Elizabeth nodded. "I think I have worked it through. I guess most of them are still on the third level, knowing about sex and what they can get from it, and using it to their own benefit, taking and not giving much."

Sunitra smiled. "Well learnt, my chela. This is indeed the fact of the matter. Men in that position got where they did because of their power, their capacity to use others. The partners they typically attract are people who use their bodies to show off the power of their husbands or partners. But as a budding academic you would know we should not make absolute judgements on generalisations. Thelma and her husband are not that bad, and I plan to spend the holidays with them in the mountains, working them through their problems. She is a lovely lady and needs a lot of care, he is a cocky bastard, but willing to learn."

Elizabeth nodded, smiling. "He really just used me, you know? He was considerate, but did not care that I did not climax, he did not even give me a tissue to wipe myself afterwards."

She nodded. "Thelma remarked on it. Give me some time with him and I am sure things will be different. And the rest of the evening?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "I did get some pleasure out of it, but then that guy with the moustache practically tried to rape me. I would have let him carry on after the guy with the sideburns had done, had made me climax, but he just wanted to do it anally without asking, without preparing me, he just tried to force me."

Sunitra leant forward and touched her arm. "I heard about it. I am sorry it was not a good ending for you. Can you handle it? And you have not yet learnt about anal intercourse. Are you able to put it behind you?"

The blond head nodded. "In a way it was like the boy who... you know, who took my virginity. I can feel sorry for him, for what he misses. The others were good, and you were there. I think it is all right."

Sunitra shook her head. "I was not there, my chela. Maybe I should have been, maybe I failed in my duty. But maybe it was also time for you to work though such an experience, to learn from it. Did I fail you?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "No, my teacher, you did not fail me. I must learn to stand on my own, to deal with things. I can only pity the poor man and the people around him, and I would prefer not to meet him again. And I think it was my fault. They are so much older than he, so I just submitted, let them use me, do things to me. I gave away my control, where I should have been assertive, I should have dictated what should happen."

"You won't see him again, at least not there. They won't invite him again. And the lesson you leant about being assertive is a valuable one. Keep that in mind, but do not blame yourself. Now, when are your year end exams? Are you prepared for them?"

"In two weeks time they start. I am ready, I'm going to ace them. My term aggregate is good, I'm not worried."

"My chela, you should always be worried, some nervous tension is good for the brain. Pride is not a good emotion, beware. And what are your plans until school resumes?"

Elizabeth frowned. "My mother wants me to come back, to come home, I suppose. Not that it is home any more, this apartment is more of a home to me. Why?"

Sunitra smiled. "Why should there be a why? Am I not your teacher, to ask what you are planning? But there is a reason. I am going to spend a month in the mountains. Thelma asked me to invite you along, I declined on your behalf. I judged that we should spend some time apart. I also do not want to expose you to some of the people in their circle of friends. Now I have here an invitation for you to spend time with some people, and as your teacher I opened and read it. It is from Kent Fowler and his wife, the man with the silver sideburns? They invite you to join them on a retreat to a beach resort, a place there, as he say, 'no rules apply'. Do you wish to go? He also mentions that he will reward you handsomely. What do you think?"

Elizabeth thought deeply, sipping her tea. Then she shook her head.

"Does it not sound as if they are buying me? He was nice and considerate, I'm not sure I even remember his wife. I think I am not ready for that sort of thing."

Sunitra gave her lovely deep laugh. "My chela, and you don't even ask how much he offered for the privilege of your presence. I am proud of you for having turned down the offer, I judge it to be a dangerous slide down a deep slope. Money can be a dangerous thing, it gives control, and control gives rise to evil. Now can I ask if you would take responsibility for my classes twice a week, here? You can stay in this apartment, you can take a week to visit your mother, and I would recommend you do. Only two beginners classes a week, so you will have time to visit John and Bill too. Would you do that?"

Elizabeth smiled, relief etched on her face. She kissed Sunitra and said: "Yes, I would gladly do that. It would be a pleasure."

Sunitra continued: "Then you had a problem with the anal sex part. Can I line up Bill to teach you that? This Saturday perhaps?"


The deep gonging sound of the doorbell welcomed Elizabeth, and she smiled when Sunitra opened for her. The kiss was enough to signal her teacher's anticipation. She stepped inside and closed the door, put her bag on a chair, and twirled around. "Isn't it pretty? I found it on a sale, just to reward myself before the exams."

"Should the reward not come after the results are out?" Bill came from the kitchen area, three champagne flutes in his hand.

Elizabeth danced up to him, pecked a kiss on his cheek, and said: "Who need an excuse for a reward? Look!"

She twirled again and he grinned. "Better let me sit down first, then you twirl again so I can see if you are wearing panties."

Sunitra sat down next to him, reached for a glass. "We always knew you are a pervert, Bill. Looking up little girls' dresses, yet. Where is the world coming to, I wonder."

Elizabeth laughed in delight, and twirled again, demonstrating the fact that her honey-blonde pussy was, indeed, unguarded. "I took it off just before the bus stop. Maybe the driver saw, I heard a crash just afterwards. No, I'm joking. About the crash at least."

They sipped the sparkling wine, then Bill asked: "So you are sure you want to go through this? I heard you had a bit of a scare?"

She nodded. "I want to. The guy rushed me, and he was an arsehole anyway, so I would not have let him do it, but I want to know what it is all about."

Bill made a thoughtful face. "Arsehole, you say? Anal sex? Now I wonder..."

The girls pealed with laughter, and Bill joined them. "So, we can do that, and I hate to sound clinical, Elizabeth, but did you prepare?"

She frowned. "You mean read up on it? I did, and it is very vague. The stuff on the internet is mostly porn, and a lot is rather violent. So I think..."

He smiled. "Good that you read up, but I meant physically. Prepared your bowels? Have you been to the toilet?"

"Oh, that. Ummm, this morning?"

He nodded. "Let me examine you and see what medical procedure is recommended."

She slid off her dress and lay down naked on the rug. He looked admiringly at the slender body and grinned. "Now, miss Frost, we will begin with a breast examination." He bent down, caressed a creamy breast and took the nipple in his mouth.

She drew a sharp breath and acted out the play with him. "Oh Doctor, are you sure that is the correct procedure?" He grinned at her and asked" Nurse, can you assist please? The patient is not cooperating."

Sunitra put on her best nurse face and bent to nibble at the other breast. "Of course, doctor, but this looks quite normal. Maybe the source of the problem is down here." Her hand stroked the lean belly and smoothed the golden down on the mons.

Bill smiled. "We will have to do a proper examination then." He started feeling her belly, palpating her internal organs, and said: "There is a fecal mass here. Let us get rid of it and you will feel better. Do you know how to do an enema?"

She shook her head, and he grinned. "I get another bonus! Come along, beautiful, this is going to be fun. Now, we need lukewarm water and just a few drops of soap. Neutral soap, we do not want harsh chemicals in your delicate membranes. Baby shampoo is good, but since I do not have babies, a drop or two of neutral dishwashing liquid will do the trick. This is the syringe, you stick the pointy end in the water, squeeze the bulb and suck up the water. Then, guess where the pointy end goes? Right into the little butthole. It should go in easily, but I can add a touch of petroleum jelly if you want. Careful, we do not want to puncture anything. And then you squeeze gently. How does it feel?"

"Funny. It tickles, and I feel a bit full. It wants to come out..."

He pointed: "There's the toilet, take it easy. There you go, all out? Or do we do it again?"

She nodded. "I think we had better be sure."

They repeated the exercise, and he had her hold the water in, squeeze her pelvic muscles, then expel the result.

"There, I think all is out. I do feel empty."

He smiled. "Better to have a shower now, make sure you are clean both outside and inside. Take your time, and go again if you have to. That means more bubbly for me and Sunitra."

Emily returned, had another glass, then Sunitra said: "Can I kiss you, lovely? You look delicious, and I am going to throw you to this wolf, to have his wicked way with you. See, he is literally slavering. Come, Bill, you may have a kiss too."

Bill's kiss turned serious, and his one hand drew a line to her belly, her thighs, her pussy. She sighed and nodded. "Kiss me there too, please." He obliged, then lifted her hips on a cushion and asked Sunitra to hold her legs up, leaving her open to him.

Elizabeth groaned with pleasure under Bill's expert attention, her face flushing. Sunitra kissed her, then moved to kiss the pink nipples. Bill had reached for a surgical glove, and expertly snapped on his left hand. With the other he squeezed a drop of lubrication jelly on a finger. "

"This may be a little cold at first, but it will warm up, I guarantee. Tell me what you feel."

She jumped a little. "It's cold. But nice then you touch there. Don't stop kissing me. Ah, it feels strange when you put it in. Like sparks when you move the finger. Ah, it hurts a little."

He shook his head. "Just your imagination and tension, you just passed something bigger than my finger. Relax, your toes are all tensed up."

Sunitra laughed. "Toes as diagnostic indication. Imagine."

He made a mock serious face. "Your toes curl up when you come, I promise. Look next time."

Elizabth sighed and relaxed. "Ah, I feel you, inside. It's good, go on. I can feel you getting deeper. Something is happening when you do that. Oh, keep on."

Sunitra commented: "That is where the root chakra is placed, at the base of the spine. Breathe now, deeply, let the light enter your chakras. Come, breathe."

Elizabeth tried to breathe, but the orgasm Bill was releasing built in her. Skilfully he drew it out, built it as he penetrated her pussy with his tongue.

Sunitra urged: "Come, little one, come for us, don't hold it back. It is but the first one and the others will be as beautiful."

Elizabeth shuddered, gasping for breath, sucked in a lungful of air, then arched her back:. "Ah, yes, oh yes, there it is. Oh, Bill, don't stop!"

Sunitra stroked the flushed breasts, pinched the breasts and enjoyed the sight of the girl spasming under Bill's attention. His hand was buried between her buttocks and his mouth covered her pussy as she heaved and writhed. She subsided, and Sunitra asked: "Good, my chela? Enjoyed?"

Elizabeth nodded and said weakly: "Oh wow, that was something else. Different, sort of sharper and stronger, I don't know how to explain."

Bill stripped off his glove. "Some women just don't like it, some again prefer it. Same, yet different, that just about sums it up."

Elizabeth asked: "And for you? I mean, for a man?"

He shook his head. "The sensation is about the same, but the connection, seeing someone enjoy, that's different. And them some people do it to show their power, to subjugate, to demean. And they get their kicks that way. Now are you ready to do the rest?"

He stroked her, caressing her pussy, cherishing the still heaving flanks. She nodded and he said: "Let's do it doggy style, that is the easiest. Come, turn over, get a cushion for your knees, my rug is a little thin."

He took a few seconds to admire the sight of her ample hips, the soft, perfect buttocks framing the now engorged pussy, and the brownish pink rose above it, showing a drop of lube dripping down. He bent to kiss her. "I am putting a condom on, it is safer, there are bugs in there and we don't want to take chances. Later I will teach you what fun there is to be had putting a condom on."

Elizabeth giggled, watching him roll the condom down the erection, then kissing Sunitra's offered mouth. She felt Sunitra's mouth on her back, a hand on her breast, and then she felt the pressure of the penis against her. She gasped and said: "Wait a second, let me relax, it wants to clench up. Ok, I'm ready. I can feel you opening me up, oh, it's big. Wait, let me... Ok, now you can go on. Ah, I can feel it, it's strange. As you all the way in? I can... oh, yes, it feels good. Again, ah, yes, that's good. I feel you all the way inside me. And can you go deeper?"

Bill held still. "You can push and see how deep you want it. Come now, you set the pace."

Elizabeth moved against Bill, impaling herself, thrusting deeper and deeper. Sunitra reached a hand and caressed the empty pussy, rubbed it, flicking the erect clitoris. Elizabeth was lost in the emotions, the sensations. She thrust harder, until Sunitra whispered: "Make it last, my chela, take your time. We have all evening, all night for you."

Bill stopped moving and said: "Want to try something else? Something really pleasurable? Ok, move with me, move backwards."

He felt the edge of the settee behind him, moved up and lifted Elizabeth until she was sitting on his lap, the erect penis still firmly in her bowels. He pulled her back against him, lifting her legs and placing her knees on his. She was spread open to Sunitra's gaze, who lost no time to bend her head to the offered prize. Her tongue opened the engorged pussy and she licked in rhythm with Bill's movements. Elizabeth gasped, sobbing for air. Her stomach muscles contracted with the movement, and Sunitra felt the contractions beginning against her tongue. She darted her tongue into the warmth and was rewarded by Elizabeth's whole body going into a spasm, her face flushed and her neck muscles corded. For a few seconds she held this, then sobbed, contracted again, and at last got out a few words: "Oh yes, oh my... Ahhh, yes..."

Sunitra kept a finger in the pussy, stimulating the orgasm, feeling Bill's soft movements, then she moved up to hug the sweating blond girl against her, kissing her.

"There, my chela, now you know that too. And now I have spoilt you forever for half-baked would be buggery artists. Because you have just experienced artistry."

Elizabeth leant back against Bill, still sobbing for breath. "Oh Bill, that was wonderful. That was something out of this world. Thank you. But you didn't come?"

He shook his head, smiling, and Sunitra chimed in: "He wouldn't dare! I have not had a taste and I demand equal rights! Get your breath back, love, then we raid his fridge and see what he has. Then we can do me. Slowly. And maybe I will let you use a toy on my pussy while he is in my arse, what do you think?"

Bill had a glint in his eyes. "I ordered a big serving of sushi. If you want to go and shower, Elizabeth, I will get it ready. And I imagine a rosé would be acceptable to the ladies?"

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