Me and my partner are both in our late 30's, and we've been together for what seems like forever. Patricia, is a stunning and slender 6ft tall, with flowing blond locks, perky breasts and the best peachy ass man can set his eyes on.

Living alone, we enjoy a very sensual life together. I'm a few years older, few inches taller and few kgs heavier, but you can regularly find us naked, embracing each other with every opportunity like we'd just started dating. Yes folks, we have an amazing sex life together, and I honestly thought that was the way it would always be.

A few months ago, everything changed. An old colleague called up asking for a favour. Their son was visiting Sydney, and being 'country folks', they were a bit concerned about their son, Dave, being alone in a big city. Never one to say no, and given that we had spare space in our house, I of course obliged.

I had brief recollections of Dave and his other siblings from family pictures that my colleague had regularly show, had on his desk at work, or even worse, as the constant screen saver on his work machine. That wasn't the Dave I picked up from the station on a hot summers Friday afternoon. Dave was now 25. He was no longer an awkward teenager, but instead, had grown into a tall, strong, and awkwardly, rather handsome young man.

"I love your car Mr Kirk. Thanks so much for collecting me sir."

"Dave, if you're going to stay with us for a few weeks, it will need to be Dan. None of this Mr or Sir bullshit."

Dave instantly relaxed and we made our way back to the house where Patricia was whipping up a feast. If I'd been surprised by Dave, then Patricia took it to a whole new level. Her eyes bulged when she saw his tall, and defined body, tightly gripped by jeans and a t-shirt that looked like they could have been painted on.

After showing him to his room, and giving him the option to freshen up before dinner, we quickly gathered in the kitchen for a de-brief.

"You didn't say you were bringing a stud home. Jeez, he'll have half the street ripping his clothes off. Have you had the chat with him about bringing people back? Not sure I'm ready to be woken up to the sound of people fuckin in the spare room!"

We were both in fits of childish laughter when he appeared at the door, naked but for a plush towel around him. Laughter stopped and jaws hit the marble floor as we both just starred at his perfect torso.

"Sorry Mr...I mean Dan. I forgot my deodorant, and I'll get some tomorrow, but wondered if I could borrow some? I'll pay you back."

"Come with me. I'll give you a quick tour"

I showed Dave around, and concluded at the master bedroom. "Come in. It's not scary! Here, take this one" as I handed him a can.

"Don't be long. Dinner is nearly ready."

We ate, chatted, and sipped some wine. I wasn't sure on the protocols of feeding booze to my colleagues son, but we always have a drink, and harm done.

Luckily the wine loosened Dave up, and he got chattier. He talked on finishing his University course and his family wanting him to stay local, but him wanting a job in the city. His visit to Sydney was for final interviews with a big international company and a great potential role. After the second bottle of red, Patricia started the grilling.

"So if there a girlfriend you're leaving behind in the country Dave? How many broken hearts are you leaving behind eh" in her usual cheeky tone.

The calm and collected Dave, suddenly turned red and went shy. He mumbled a few words and then let out his answer.

"I've only had one girlfriend, and that was just for prom and convenience. I find girls from my way quite immature. I suppose I prefer women."

It had been a while since we'd had sex, and I was starting to feel the buzz of the booze and the Friday tingle. Patricia looked so sexy next to me, so I slid my hand up and down her inside leg...nice and slow. When I reached the top, I could feel how wet she was. I was about to slip a finger in, when she jumped up from the table.

"Tea? Coffee? Water anyone?" and rushed off to the kitchen.

"No thanks Ms...Mrs...Miss...ermmm, Patricia. I might go to bed. I'm pretty tired."

Once we'd tidied up, we were lay on our large king size bed. Windows open. Breeze rushing in. Horny as all hell.

"I really want to fuck you darling, but I need to eat that pussy first."

"No Dan, we've got a guest. He might hear us."

"Honey, yes he might. But 1, I'm not going without the time he's here. 2, when I was his age I was wanking like a trooper and watching porn movies. and 3, I'm really horny" as I reached down and started tickling her and sucking on her perfect perky tits.

Before long, the passion and energy had over taken us. I was lay back on the bed, Patricia sat on my face. I started out gently licking the outside of her pussy lips, starting in circles and then up and down...moving slightly faster and pressing firmer as I heard her breathing build. The sweet scent of her tasty nectar was dribbling down my face and I was lapping it up. The circles moved tighter and I pushed my tongue into her soft pussy, probing her. I changed the angle and moved my tongue to her clit, circling around it and then flicking up and down, as I felt it grow. I was so hungry for her.

She leaned forward, which was all the instruction I needed. I felt her hand reach down to start rubbing her clit, and I moved my tongue to her ass cheeks.

I started by gently kissing, then biting, her ass. It tasted so soft. I used my hands to part her ass cheeks, and gently blew on her rosebud. I could see it twitch, desperate for me to lick it. I started around the outside, slowly teasing my way. My lips kissing her ass and brushing against her hole.

Patricia had a habit of telling me what she wanted by doing it to me, so it was no surprise when I heard her spit on her hand and start rubbing my balls and ass.

I spat onto her ass, and took charge by pushing my tongue into her butt. Reach around with my hands, I parted her ass cheeks even further to truly bury my tongue in there, pushing it deep inside.

I could feel her building as she was grinding hard on my tongue. "Lick my ass and make me cum" she muttered. She leaned further forward, resting on her elbows as she sucked the tip of my throbbing cock and used her wet fingers to massage my ass.

I moved my mouth back to her clit, sucking on it and rubbing it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I used my thumb to rub up and down her ass crack, and then forced her butt open and pushed it deep inside.

I became aware of some light, but my orgasm was so close. "I want you in my ass, NOW!" I demanded, as Patricia took her wet fingers and shoved two of them deep in my ass.

Patricia started to cum hard, her juices flowing from her pussy as her ass gripped my thumb and pulled it deeper. The gush of her juices sent me into a frenzy and I started grinding on her fingers.

My ass clenched as I felt my orgasm build, and my cock erupted all over Patricia, covering her tits. As she moved around to let me lick my cum off her tits, I saw the light again. And a shadow. A frozen outline of a man.

There was silence. A pause. A stand off.

"Sorry Mr Kirk, I was just bringing your deodorant back."

"Thanks Dave."

I saw Patricia give him a cheeky wink as she licked the last of my cum off my softening cock, and he quickly returned to his bedroom.

"What was that do you reckon?" Me and Patricia were both puzzled.

But what we both knew, was the erection and outline of a gorgeous cock in his boxer shorts, and the belief that Dave's stay might just get exciting. & t=14635

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