I had never fucked an ass, much less the ass of a man, until that night. I didn't really know what I was doing, except that I had plenty of experience receiving. I knew what he was feeling, and tried to use that as my guide. I went slow, only building up a rhythm over time. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out the right speed and intensity, but once we got there, he was pushing back against me with each thrust, our balls meeting each time, my cock opening him as wide as it could.

Wanting to up the intensity, I reached around George, under him, and gripped his hard cock, stroking him at the same pace I was fucking. He had to stop moving, but I really didn't mind, because with his growing excitement, his ass started gripping my cock tightly. I was starting to feel the old familiar buildup in my balls and the throbbing in my cock. "George, I'm going to cum soon. I want you to cum with me, OK?"

George nodded. "OK. Cum in my ass please..."

"I was going to," I reassured, then picked up the pace just a little bit. I wasn't quite slamming into him, he didn't seem to want it that hard, but it wasn't exactly gentle either. This was definitely fucking, and moments later, I felt George's cock throbbing as well.

I came first, by a second, and George followed right after. As I filled his ass, he covered the sheets in his own thick semen. He moaned loudly, leaning his head down, as his ass gripped my cock so hard I couldn't move. Instead I just stayed still, pumping cum into his ass until I was done. As I started to soften, his tight ass expelled me, and my cock plopped against my thigh. George took a minute, laying on his side, panting, stomach muscles clenching. Finally he looked up at me, smiling. "You're better than the others were," he said with a confident nod. "Would you do one more thing please, though? Take a shower with me?"

The shower stall was perfectly sized for two, and we washed each other slowly, tenderly really. Neither of us got hard, and there was no more sex between us that night, but we still enjoyed each other's touch and company.

George thanked me as I left, and I wasn't too sure how I felt about being thanked for sex. It brought up the earlier conversation where the boss essentially compared me to a professional escort, on the company's payroll. Being a CockSlut for him in the office was one thing, but being rented out to his business associates? I wasn't so sure. Still, the evening with George was pleasant enough, so at the time, I decided to let it go. We didn't shake hands, didn't touch after the shower. I just dressed and left, and that was probably for the best, overall. Right then I just wanted to lie in bed, watch a movie or something, then drift off to sleep. I figured I had earned that.

It wasn't to be.

I could see her from the end of the hall as I stepped off the elevator. She leaned against my door, and turned when she heard the elevator's chime. I sighed, but headed toward my room anyway. She was probably there to mock me over fucking the client, and I really wasn't in the mood, but I also had nowhere else to go.

"Molly, what the hell are you doing here?" I asked grumpily as I reached her and the door to my room.

"Now that wasn't very nice," she mocked, standing straight. "I came here to see you, CockSlut." I shushed her quickly, looking up and down the hall. "Oh would you relax? There's nobody here. Boss is on another floor. You going to open the door or what?"

I didn't say anything, nor move, for several seconds, before finally sliding my room card in the reader, unlocking the door. Molly, without asking nor being invited, followed, locking the door behind her. I flipped on a couple lights. "So, how was he?" she asked.


"George, duh," she mocked. "Come on, I know you fucked him. Took him up the ass, right? That's apparently how he likes it."

I didn't really like her mocking the client too, and told her so. "He's just a guy who wants things that other people think are shameful, so he has to do it in secret. Maybe if the world was a little more open and understanding..."

Molly cut me off. "Dude. Calm down. I'm teasing, that's it. I don't care what he's into. I don't care what you're into, for that matter. I could care less about your sexual desires."

"Yeah, I know," I said, thinking of how any time she and I were together she was always the one inside me.

"Now wait," she said, stepping further into the room, following me. "Exactly what is that supposed to mean?" She was feigning hurt feelings.

"Oh, you know. How you just demand I go to your place. How any time I do it's so you can fuck me in the ass. How when you do give me head, which is rare, it's only because it turns you on. In fact, Molly, why the hell do you keep having me go over? We finished getting me ready for the boss weeks ago. I can take him perfectly fine, and we do it enough that I don't need to like... 'practice' in between. So what's up with that?"

This time her smile faltered just slightly, but she quickly recovered. "Why, to keep you in your place, CockSlut. Wouldn't want you thinking you outranked me or anything," she mocked.

"I'm not your CockSlut," I insisted. "I'm his, and that's it." I pointed generally upward, to the boss' room. She seemed to think about this for a minute.

"So, are you telling me that you don't like it when I suck your cock?" This time I could swear she was pouting, as if her feelings were hurt.

"I... well... no I'm not saying that. Just, you know, you're not doing it for me, you're doing it for you, so the meaning is different."

"The boss doesn't fuck your ass for you. You don't seem to mind that."

"That's different," I said, sinking into a chair. "That's... my job. I do it for the money. I don't know why I'm still going to see you."

"So, are you saying you'd prefer if I sucked you off for you, instead of for me?" She sat on the corner of the bed, and for the first time, I really looked at her. Maybe it was something in how she said that. Molly wasn't wearing anything especially sexy or provocative, and in fact was dressed much in the same way she would at the office. Something in the way she carried herself though, something in the way she was sitting, suggested that this visit wasn't just to mock.

"Well, I... I don't know. I mean, tonight with George, that's the first time in a long time that I've gotten a blowjob for me." I was starting to become curious as to just where this was going.

"Uh huh," she said with a tiny nod. "And, how was it? How was he? Was he good? Not as good as me I bet." The truth was, she was right.

"He... was good, very good. But... no... no you're still better at it."

"And that's with me 'doing it for me'. How good do you think I'd be if I 'did it for you'?" There was a look in her eyes now, something smouldering and that could suddenly blaze. I gulped.

"I really don't..." I didn't get a chance to finish. Molly was up and on top of me, straddling my lap, her lips against mine. I tried to gasp but couldn't draw the breath, not until she opened her mouth to slip her tongue into mine.

My hands went to her hips without me even thinking about it, supporting her, helping her balance on top of me. As we kissed, her hands went to the buttons of her red blouse, undoing one at a time but quickly, as if in a hurry, or that she couldn't wait to get it off. There was nothing beneath, except her large, firm breasts. When she was done with her shirt, she went after mine, again fumbling with buttons, then nearly ripping it open when she had the last one done. She leaned against me, pressing her nipples against my chest.

It hadn't been all that long since George, but already I was starting to harden under Molly, and I was pretty sure she could feel it. She was wearing a skirt, and had her legs spread over me, so only my pants and her underwear separated us. It turned out, though, I was wrong: Molly wore no underwear that night, so when she hiked the skirt up, her bare pussy was exposed.

Almost immediate, as she felt me hardening, Molly reached between us for my zipper, slipping her hand in, then grinning when she found that I too wasn't wearing any underwear. She pulled me up and out, stroking, getting me hard with her hand while we began to kiss again. It took only seconds, and once I was ready, she sank down on top of me.

I was the one to groan, to moan in pleasure as she took me inside. Molly on the other hand seemed to have complete control of herself, and began to slide up and down my shaft. She was tight, and I could feel her muscles massaging my cock. I hadn't been inside a woman in quite a while, and while I might have slightly forgotten how it felt, I knew that she was above and beyond any I'd had up to that point. She was damp velvet, heated, pulsating, gripping.

Trying to take at least some charge, I leaned her backward, following, and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I wanted to play with the other, but had to hold her tightly to not drop her to the floor. Instead I suckled one stiff peak, then the other, back and forth for as long as she let me. Eventually, taking control again, she pushed me back and again started riding.

"Cum in me, CockSlut," she whispered heatedly against my ear. It... was all I could take. I did just as she asked, my cock erupting up and into her. I didn't have as much as I did earlier with George, but I still had enough, and she moaned as I filled her. It took her another few seconds, but then she shuddered and her pussy gripped me hard. I held her as she came, and as she started to come out of it, she kissed me again, hard, passionately.

We sat in the chair for several minutes, her body leaned against mine, her head on my shoulder, blonde hair spilling down my chest. Neither of us spoke, there was nothing to be said anyway. Eventually she lifted herself from me and stood on shaky legs, partly due to her high heels. They were soon gone, as was the skirt, and not for the first time, Molly stood nude before me. Something was different though, in her body language, in the knowledge of what just happened. There was none of the ice queen, no bitchy coworker who was with me only because the boss required it. No, this was Molly as a girl - a woman. I watched her ass as it swayed with each step, until she crawled onto the bed and slipped under the blankets. "Are you coming?" she asked, and I have never left a chair as quickly.

I could tell though that sex was done, for me and for her. We were both exhausted, but not quite ready for sleep. One of us needed to say something, because the silence was getting too awkward. On the other hand, what was there to say? I wasn't about to ask why all of that just happened, and she didn't seem ready to volunteer. The night was about to be doomed to silence, when a thought popped into my head.

"Hey... so... you've worked for the boss for a little while, right?"

"Hmm? Oh... yeah. You want to talk about work though?" she asked, sounding a little surprised that work was my go-to post-coital topic.

"Sorry, I know. But... George said something that got me thinking."

"Oh? What was that?" Molly by now had pulled the blankets up, covering her chest, and somehow, that seemed slightly endearing, as though this wasn't entirely about the sex.

"He said something like that I was better than all the others, but he also said it right before asking me to take a shower with him, so I didn't really get a chance to address it. And then, a while ago, right after I started, when we were in the filing room, you said something about me not being the first. I thought you were just fucking with me, but now..."

"There were three," she said, interrupting me but answering at the same time. "Before you, the boss had three CockSluts. Two men, one woman."

I blinked at this, not really sure how to take that news, and what it meant for me, if anything. "Three? Why? I mean, why did they leave? Did he fire them or they got tired of it or...?"

"So the way I understand it, the woman was first. She was good, I guess, but the boss got tired of her. She didn't quit though, and wasn't fired. She was just moved to another position somewhere in the company and paid to keep quiet. Then the first man quit after a couple weeks. I think he just couldn't handle it, but I'm not sure. I know he never was able to take the boss' cock in his ass, so I think he quit before he was fired. The last one decided he was too good to be a CockSlut and quit, found another job somewhere else, making less."

I took that in for a minute. Two other men and a woman. Why had the boss gotten tired of the woman? Did he prefer men? Something told me that all of this was about the power trip, not so much the sex. Did he feel more powerful fucking a man? That... sort of fit. Having an affair with a woman from work was run-of-the-mill. It's too common. Having your own personal male CockSlut, though, that was something else.

"Why didn't he like the woman?" I asked, wanting to have my theory confirmed.

Molly shrugged and sighed. "Not the same power trip? He liked her enough, though, I think. He kept her around, like I said, just... not doing that." Another shrug, and as she spoke, something tickled at the back of my brain. It wasn't a thought, not yet, but working to become one.

"So... does she still work there?"

Molly nodded. "Yeah, in another department. There were rumors for a while, but they died down. She never spoke about it. To anyone." She turned and looked up at me, and watched as the wheels in my head slowly turned. Then, suddenly, it all clicked into place. It fit. It explained the car and the apartment that no secretary I knew of could afford. It explained the ice queen routine, and why neither of them even blinked an eye when the boss told her to come in and finish me off that second day I was there. The idea was crazy, but I had to be right.

"Oh my god..." I said in a rushed whisper. "It was you. You were the first CockSlut..."

To be continued...











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