First time writing. Go easy on me...everyone is over 18 too.

I said goodbye to my girlfriend and landed in LA, hot and feeling really gross after 11 hours of being fed airline food and breathing the recycled air. Most importantly I'd managed no sleep on the flight. That is not completely true as at one point in the flight I became so tired I began to nod to sleep only to wake up with a start just moments later. Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. From then on I was wired. Wired thinking about my first trip to LA. Wired thinking about having to deliver a presentation in front of hundreds of people tomorrow!

Within an hour of landing I had grabbed my bags, navigated security and jumped aboard one of those mini bus services. Not quite a taxi and not quite a bus but only 25 dollars to take me to my hotel. This whole trip was organised by my employers and they were going to pinch pennies wherever possible. They already had to fork out for the flights, hotel and my per diem. So an actual private taxi cab was just pushing it too far. Really I didn't care, I was out of the office and heading towards one of the biggest expos for our industry and I was in Los Angeles!

A project we had been working on for a couple of years had been picked up by a major publisher. I was there to meet with our publisher liaison, work through the Expo, deliver a presentation and show the world what we had been working on. The responsibility had fallen to me by default. While I'm not the most out going person in the world of the introverted nerds I work with the management felt I was the best option and least likely to fuck this up.

What could go wrong? The presentation was set out and had been rehearsed to where even I could make it look natural. The product was going to do the rest and for once I really was proud and confident of the work we had all done.

From the bus I gazed out of the window watching the palm trees as they passed, Swaying black silhouettes against the beautiful dusk sky.

The convention centre was down town and the management in their wisdom had found me a hotel down town. If they'd have asked I could have told them down town was horrible (everyone knows this) and I'd rather be an hour Uber ride away than staying down town. But they didn't so my Airbus rolled into The Ramada Inn just a couple of blocks from the Convention Centre.

Hours later I was laying in my bed staring at the ceiling. Jet lag forcing my mind to stay wide awake despite being exhausted. I'd tried all my usual tricks, a long shower, crack one off and a shot of whisky from the mini bar but street noise being that annoying factor that made it impossible for a light sleeper to drift off. A honking car, a screaming drunk and I am wide awake. The next day was to be the first day of the Expo and I'm running on zero sleep. I knew I should have gotten there a day or two early, acclimatized and been fresh. The anxiety alone was enough to keep me awake.

Its OK, I can power through.

I spotted Jeff waiting for me across the foyer of the conference centre. He was, at a guess, in his mid to late forties with chiselled features a strong jawline and longish hair. Not enough to tie back but enough so he had to keep tucking it behind his ears in order to keep it our of his face. He reminded me of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that guy from The Walking Dead. Kind of rugged, kind of fresh and clean looking. Clearly he was in to taking care of himself but not in an immaculate kind of way and it was pretty obvious he worked out regularly and life in California had given him a healthy glow compared to my pasty white skin. He was dressed casual but really smart in that every thing he was wearing seemed new and deliberate. I was glad I resisted the last minute nerves that told me to wear a suit.

"Good to meet you man! Welcome." Jeff shook my hand firmly and before I could return the greeting said "Sorry dude but you look exhausted."

"Ha! Yeah, nice to meet you too. Sleep hasn't been my friend....Jetlag is a killer." I said with a shrug. "But don't worry I'm ready to do this."

"OK...YOU don't worry. We'll get you some coffee and steer you through this morning and the presentation. After that you can sit back, I'll take over for the afternoon and you can coast the rest of the way home. Sound good?"

"Perfect Thank you so much." I said with relief. The idea of carrying this whole event while exhausted was really weighing on me but within moments of meeting this guy I felt in safe hands. We walked around the expo, finding our booth and introducing ourselves to the technical staff.

By lunch we were celebrating. The morning presentation was amazing, everything went smoothly and from what we could tell people were really excited about what we were doing. Jeff offered to treat me to lunch.

"You smashed it, man!. Congratulations, this could mean big things for you, right? I mean, the reaction you go today. Those guys back home are going to be pretty pleased."

"I hope so! What a relief. We did so much prep it was hard to see how it could have gone wrong aside from some technical problem. I'm lost for words at how well it seemed to go. And thanks for your support too. I wasn't looking forward to doing that after a sleepless night. Next time I'll get here a couple of days before, reset the clock a little."

"For sure, where are you staying? I heard it was right next door."

"Yeah The Ramada, its OK but you wouldn't believe the noise. I think someone was being killed on the street last night."

"That's normal Downtown, I'm surprised there wasn't a body in your room. Is this your first time in LA? Nobody stays Downtown if they can help it"

"It is and I knew that but I didn't book the hotel. Its fine, couple more nights. No big deal" I said.

"Look, why don't you come and stay with me? I've got the place to myself, the wife has gone to her family's vacation place in Ojai and my daughter is at college so I have plenty of space. And besides it'll be cool just to hang out and you'll see a little more of the city." Jeff said cheerfully.

"No, Its okay. I don't want to intrude and besides I'm just a couple of blocks away from the expo here." Yeah I said I didn't care if I was an hour away but I was being polite.

"So! Look, you've come all this way you cant only see in one square block of Downtown and the airport. We've got a beautiful place in Santa Monica on the Palisades, the pool. You'll love it."

Jesus, I thought, what an offer. "Errrr OK! If its not a big deal. Sure."

"Done! OK lets smash this afternoon and we'll head to The Ramada for your bags" Jeff threw down some money for the lunch and started gathering his belongings. "I'm excited man, this is going to be cool getting to know you."

The rest of the day flew by. Jeff took over fielding questions from journalists and bloggers while I got to coast through it being tech demonstrator. Before I knew it we were picking up my stuff, checking out of The Ramada and making our way to the Palisades.

Jeff undersold his home. His place was amazing, a beautiful Spanish style house in a peaceful neighbourhood just a short walk from the beach. As I got out of the car I stood gobsmacked on his driveway. He looked back at me as if to say, yeah I know right!

"My wife is in Law" he shrugged before adding "I got lucky."

"No fucking shit!" I couldn't believe my luck. From The Ramada Inn to this!

He showed me to the guest bedroom which was roomy with large bay windows that faced out over the back garden and an enticing pool.

"I'm going to take a quick dip in the pool, it helps me unwind. If you fancy it come join me." Jeff was stood at the doorway to the guest room already kicking off his Converse and pulling his shirt over his head.

"I think I'm just going to take a shower, thanks." I said as I flopped down on the bed exhausted.

"No problem, you've got your own bathroom just through that door." He gestured and moved out off towards the pool.

I sat on the bed, dog-tired but thrilled at how the day had gone and amazed at how this trip was turning out. From the excitement of the conference presentation, the nerves and then the elation and now I'm in this beautiful house! Through the window I saw Jeff walking around the side of his pool. He was completely naked.

He paused by the poolside momentarily as if he knew I could see him. He knew I was watching as he paced back and forth and didn't care. He was in good shape but not quite six pack ripped but muscular. He had strong pectorals and a smooth stomach with that deep V shape that pointed down to his cock. I couldn't help but notice he had a pretty big dick as he stood testing the water with his toes.

Interesting behaviour I thought as I raised an eyebrow at this blatant peacock display. He jumped in the water and I went to take my shower.

Enjoying the hot water and the massage the power shower was giving my shoulders I hadn't noticed Jeff walk into the on suite bathroom. I wiped the condensation from the shower glass as he spoke up and startled me back to reality.

"Robe for you buddy and a little starter." Jeff was still naked and ruffling his hair with his own towel as he placed a Whisky and Coke and a bathrobe down on the sink and walked away. This guy didn't care much about personal boundaries.

I wrapped myself in the robe. With the combined sensation of my body waking after the shower and the first kick of the Whisky up it felt amazing. I walked out into the kitchen to find Jeff, similarly robed, ordering us some food. His robe was open but his nakedness hidden by the counter. As I entered he waved to acknowledge my presence and continued to speak into the phone ordering our food. He finished the order and began to walk around the counter towards me.

I was amazed by his strutting self confidence. He really gave off the aura that this was his place and his didn't give a fuck. Forget convention and etiquette. Maybe that's just how it is in Santa Monica?

Throughout the day he kept telling me to relax and I guess he really did want me to relax. Unfortunately nakedness and strangers is where I draw the line. But after a while it didn't bother me so much. He had a disarming quality that made me feel we could do or say whatever and not be judged.

That evening we celebrated a little smoking some weed by the pool (his wife doesn't like him to smoke in the house) and enjoyed the sound of crickets.

"Beats the Ramada, right?" Jeff said passing his freshly lit joint.

"Yeah OK, you were right on this one. Thank you." I smiled passing the joint back.

"It no big deal and you'll find I'm right about many things my friend. Big day tomorrow and I need you to be fresh as I ain't carrying you again buddy." Jeff said warmly.

"Perfect. And thanks again, this place. This has been amazing."

"OK, I'm going to go a crack one off. Night buddy." He said as he turned and waved me goodnight.

I laughed at the way he just casually let me know his intentions and waved him goodnight. After brushing my teeth I returned to my bedroom and looked out over the pool as it listened in the darkness. Across the garden I could see Jeff, a reflection of him in the window and I waved at him again but it was clear from his brightly lit room he could not see me. But really his focus was on something else. He was actually masturbating. Oh my God! What have I gotten myself in to?

He lay back on his bed, one arm back behind his head as he relaxed in to stroking himself. I held my breath and listened to the sounds that drifted through the corridors of the house from his bedroom. Over the air conditioning I could hear the moans and gasps of some hot sex. He was beating it while watching some porno....loudly! But the strange thing was I couldn't look away.

I've never been a voyeur but something about this situation flicked a switch of eroticism in my brain that I knew I wanted to explore. My cock twitched beneath my robe as I listened to the moans of the girls and men in the scene and stared as Jeff enjoyed his body. I couldn't see too much from my vantage point and I don't know if it was the booze but I wanted to see more of what was going on. I carefully crept out of my room and across the kitchen space towards the west of the house and Jeff's room following the sound of the porno as it became louder and clearer.

"Yeah, that's it. That's it girl. Suck my cock baby, yes!" Followed long slurping sounds, mmmmmmm moaning and the gak gak gak of someone taking a dick deep into their throat.

As I tiptoed closer to Jeff's room it was clear his door was open and not just a little. It was pretty wide open. Did he want me to hear him? I slowly crept a step closer to the door and leaned forward,. I was a meter or so away at this point and my robe had fallen open as I stood hidden in the dark of the hall. The sounds of the sex, the hot moans of the girl as she enjoyed sucking off some guy and now seeing Jeff. Oh, I was getting hard.

Above Jeff, I could see a reflection of the porn he was watching in the mirror. I recognised the girl who was on her knees and sucking not one but two huge black cocks. My cock grew harder as I watched her slobber over one cock before switching to focus her attention on the other. Her perfect tits coated with the saliva that flowed and dripped as she sucked off these lucky dudes.

I tried to steady my breathe feeling that it was becoming loud and heavy as I stood with my robe open, cock hard, in the dark hallway. I looked at Jeff, his dick looked huge and glistened with lubricant as he continued to slowly glide his hand with a smooth rhythm up and down the whole length. Occasionally he would pause, hold it tightly at the base and wagging it slightly or swirling his palm over the head before returning to stroking the length.

What the fuck was I doing peeping on this guy? I stood in the dark of the corridor, now really turned on but way too caught up the eroticism of the moment to walk away. Something about the sound of the oral sex, the moaning, my own semi nakedness and watching. Watching Jeff laying there pleasuring himself.

I looked down at my dick. I had, unconsciously, already begun stroking it. The tip glistened with pre-cum and thought...fuck it... and started to pull myself off matching Jeff while I watched the show. I knew I wouldn't last long, my cock felt so hot as it flexed in my hand demanding to be satiated. I felt controlled by it. It demanded release. Make me cum. Make me cum! It begged.

My eyes flipped back and forth from the porno to Jeff who was now moaning and stroking long and deep. Fuck! This girl was hot and really good at sucking the two big black cocks but looking at Jeff pleasuring himself right there. I was ultimately drawn back to Jeff, wanking, his cock looked so big and I couldn't help but think it was really fucking sexy. I stroked my balls and pulled my cock even faster, feeling my orgasm rise.

Holy fuck this was sexy and I knew I was close to blowing my load. Watching my new friend wank his big dick. Standing, hiding in the dark wanking my own. Jeff flexed and I heard him moan. The thought that he was close to cumming too was enough to push me over the edge.

Now I was wanking faster, cumming. Hard.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" I whispered.

I bit my lip and stifled a moan as I aimed my cock upwards trying as much as I could to catch my cum on my belly. Just as the first wave of my orgasm hit and the first spray of hot jizz splashed over me, Jeff began cumming too and I couldn't look away. His hand beating his cock faster as the cum began fountaining out. I moaned quietly as I watched him, our cum splashing on to our bellies as we both orgasmed together. Time slowed down momentarily as I focused on the scene before me. His body flexing, head flung back as he came over himself.

Holy fucking shit! I snapped out of my lust haze and took a step backwards from the door but still pulling my cock as my orgasm began to fade. Jeff stretched, basking in the light of his orgasm. He reached for the remote and turned off the porn and I turned and crept my way back through the house to my room.

"Sleep OK buddy?" Jeff said cheerfully as I entered the kitchen, the smell of the fresh coffee making my head tingle. Of course he was semi naked. Robed but uncovered.

"Out like a light." I lied wondering if he had any idea I was part of his escapades last night. Surely he meant for me to hear as he was not too shy about my knowing what was going on. Was this just more of his peacock-ing display? It certainly didn't feel like he was trying to make me feel uncomfortable by doing this but her clearly got a kick from it.

Nothing was said. We drank our coffee and then gathered our shit and got ready for the day ahead.

The day was over before we knew it and we turned in to a real team. We moved from interview to interview, non stop greeting fans.

We spent the evening by the poolside. Jeff was stripping his clothes off and heading to the pool as soon as the door closed. Like a teenager, he left a trail of clothing through the house. Kicking off his shoes, pulling his shirt over his head and yanking off his jeans as he hoped into the kitchen.

I followed him into the kitchen wondering what was next as he stood before me, completely naked and holding up his phone.

"Pizza!?" Jeff inquired.

"Yes!" I emphatically responded.

"Anchovies?" He tilted his head with this question as if this was make or break.

"YES!" With that he walked over and held his hand up for a high five as he began to speak to the pizza guy.

"20 minutes, friendo."He said doing an impression of the villain from No Country For Old Men. I laughed as he made his way to the pool.

"Are you going to live your life tonight my friend? Are you going to let go and live a life of deliciousness? He passed me a joint after taking a long deep drag. "Or are you going to stay in your reserved buttoned....."

"Reserved and Buttoned up" I proclaimed. He scoffed and leapt into the water as I flopped exhausted on the sun lounger. I felt rude. Here was this guy who had been so kind to me I started to feel guilty. I took a few deep inhales.

"Come on, it feels amazing after a long day." He said as he splashed around.

I didn't need much more encouragement. The little weed we smoked had relaxed me sufficiently and to be honest I just felt really at ease around him. True he was more masculine and outgoing than I but he had this nature about him that made me feel I could really relaxed.

As I pulled my shirt over my head he rewarded me with a little clap from the water and as I pulled off my jeans and finally the boxer briefs he gave out a cheer. I stood naked and shrugged like it was no big deal. It was a strange feeling to know I had been naked with him before. In fact we shared an intimate moment the night before.

I couldn't work out if he was he cheering my stripping down to nothing or my body I thought as I jumped in?

Jeff swam back and forth and joked around as I tread water. Looking at the night sky. He was right, this did feel amazing. My thoughts kept returning to the night before and as I floated there, hidden in the dark water my cock started to rise.

After a while we grabbed our robes, towelling ourselves dry with them and taking again to our loungers. We talked for what seemed like hours about work, his wife and family, my girlfriend, movies, music. We smoked, ate pizza and took a couple of hits of whisky before heading inside.

By this time I'd got quite a buzz and was convinced that Jeff did too; judging on how much he was laughing at even the lamest joke. We moved inside as the night became a little cooler. Jeff flicked through the music channels as we took to his couch, landing on some thing I didn't recognise but with a video that would make any one pause for a second. & act=details & poem_id=35527

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