The first time I tried bondage I fell in love with it. I had my own apartment and was dating my college boyfriend James at the time. My only experience with any bondage stuff up to this point was those cheap plastic handcuffs you get at the toy store. I had my hands cuffed to the headboard a few times and let a guy or two handcuff me while we fucked. I was actually pretty good at giving a blowjob with my hands cuffed behind my back but I had never done a whole night of it. I had hinted to James a few times that I wanted to try it more and one night he finally let me do it. We ordered some basic stuff online and I anxiously awaited it to come in.

Finally the night arrived and I told James I wanted him to control everything. I didn't want him asking if I liked things or how it felt to me. The whole idea was that I was under his control for his pleasure. He seemed more than happy with that plan and smacked my ass as he told me to get naked. James made me stand in the middle of the room while he went into my drawers to find an outfit for the evening. He grabbed a little white satin thong out of my panty drawer and tossed it to me. For a top he picked a white and light blue bustie. I had worn it to a costume party during college and it was extra tight on me. I slipped on the little panties and squeezed my boobs into the bustie. James then went into the closet and picked a sparkly pair of high heels. He pushed my clothes to each side of the closet and put the heels on the ground and motioned for me to put them on. As I stood up from putting my heels on he took my hands and with our new metal handcuffs he locked my arms around the top bar of the closet.

Being that I am pretty short I really had to stretch to reach over the bar and keep my heels on the gound. James got our new blindfold from the toy box and put it over my eyes. I felt him lock my ankles together with our new soft cuffs. With a quick snap he slapped my ass again and a shiver went through my body. I was ready for more but he went over to the tv and turned on one of the music channels. The anticipation built as I waited for him to come back over to me but there was nothing. I'll never know if he left the room or just sat there watching me. With the music on I could not hear his movements anymore.

After what felt like 10 minutes I was startled by his hands grabbing at the front of my bustie. James pulled me into his body and I could feel he was only wearing his boxers now. Sliding behind me in the closet he pulled me back into him and ran his hands along my body. His hard cock was pushed between my ass cheeks and he explored my body. Sliding his hand down into my panties he began to slowly tease me. I pulled at my cuffs but there was no where for me to go. James slid his fingers inside of me and I gasped for air as the excitement overwhelmed me. With one hand in my panties and one holding my chest against him he was in total control of my body. Then as suddenly as he came back into the room he was gone. My legs were shaking as he brought me all the way up to the peak and then suddenly stopped. James returned to the closet a few moments later only to repeat the process over and over. Sometimes he stayed for a few minutes and sometimes he just came in to grab my boobs and leave. The constant teasing had me so worked up but with my hands cuffed there was nothing I could do to get into my panties.

Finally James returned to the room and removed my blindfold but it was only to reveal that I was standing in front of an open window. We were still in our first floor apartment and the back windows looked out to the common grass area that everyone walked on. I begged James to close the blinds but he just backed away and watched me squirm to hide myself. It was late but I knew there was always someone out walking their dogs. With the lights on inside the apartment you could see everything. After much protesting from me James unlocked my hands from the top bar and led me from the closet. He put me on my knees in the middle of the room and locked my hands in front of me. Putting the blindfold back over my eyes he guided my hands to his cock and told me to get him ready. Stroking his hard cock I began to take it into my mouth as best I could. Without warning his hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into him. I gagged a little as his cock hit the back of my throat but the sensation of him fucking my face was amazing. I did my best to take his cock down my throat as he began to use two hands to hold my head. With my hands and ankles still cuffed and the blindfold on I was just a giant toy for him to use.

Pulling me to my feet James unlocked my hands and put them behind my back. He reached down to unlock my ankles and walked me over to the edge of the bed. Standing behind me he pushed me face first into the bed and kicked my legs to the sides. Reaching under me he slipped his fingers back inside of me before I felt him pull my panties aside and began fucking me. James pulled my cuffed arms up pushing my head deeper into the bed. I felt like I had been waiting forever to get that cock inside me and it felt so amazing. I cried out for more as he pounded me from behind. I'm honestly not even sure how he had the self control to stop but James stepped back from me and flipped me onto the bed. Taking my ankle cuffs he locked them around the handcuffs so I was stuck cuffed up on my stomach. He pulled my whole body to the edge of the bed and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my lips. Unable to move my body I just opened my mouth and let him use my throat. James pulled his wet cock from my mouth and slapped it across my face before leaving me again. I pulled at my cuffs but all I could do was roll side to side as I was stuck with my head hanging off the bed.

I was not ready for what came next when James returned to the room with one of our wooden kitchen chairs. Helping me up from the bed he uncuffed me and sat me down in the middle of the room. Using all of our new toys he locked my ankles to the chair legs and my arms down at my sides secured to the chair. From behind me he reached down into my top and pulled my boobs out and rolled them around in his hands. My only thought was that I hope he had finally closed the blinds on that back window. That is when I heard the buzz of my little lipstick vibrator. James put it on my back of my neck causing me to jump before he walked around to the front of me. Slowly moving it around my nipples he teased me until he got it between my legs. Pulling my panties down he slid it right up to the perfect place and pulled my panties up high to keep it in place. I didn't care if the window was open at this point. I moaned out and pulled at my cuffs as the vibrator sent shockwaves through my whole body. James circled around me and I could feel his hands run up my legs and his mouth sucking on my nipples. As the feeling began to intensify my body was shaking in the wooden chair and that is when I felt the hot cum hit my face and boobs. James couldn't hold out anymore and had cum all over me.

James' cum running down my body broke my concentration for a moment but didn't stop that little vibrator in my panties. It only took a few seconds for the waves to come back over my body. I felt James reaching in to remove it and I yelled at him to leave it alone. It was my turn now to enjoy this. My body arched as I pulled at my restraints. I could feel the cum running down my body and I knew James was standing there watching me. Suddenly he grabbed me by my chest and pinned me to the backrest of the chair. My body shook violently as an intense orgasm rocked through me. I pinned my legs together and held that vibrator in tight as my body pulsed in James' tight grip. Once I was able to catch my breath James released my hands and feet from the chair. Still blindfolded I didn't know what he had planned next for me.

James led me over to a little stool we had at the end of our bed and sat me down. Cuffing my hands behind my back again he guided my head to his cock. He was almost hard again as I took it back into my mouth. Slowly I worked it back and forth until he filled my mouth. With his hands he played with my cum soaked tits and rolled my nipples around in his fingers. In just a few minutes time we were both ready for more. With my hands still cuffed behind my back James stood me up and threw me onto the bed. Taking a leg in each hand he pushed himself back inside of me. His cock felt so good as he began to punish my little body. With one hand he reached down and pinned me by my neck to the bed. Holding my high heels with his other hand he controlled me and pushed me to another amazing orgasm. Before I was even done James pulled me off the bed in one motion and had me on my knees in front of him. He pulled my blindfold off just in time to unload another massive cumshot on my face. Taking the back of my head he pushed his cock back into my mouth to clean it off. James picked the blindfold up off the bed and put it back over my eyes before reaching down to clip my ankle cuffs back together. There I sat in my lingerie, cuffed, blindfolded and covered in cum and I couldn't have been happier. & s=view & id=4899872 & action=getinfo & userid=155343

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