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I've grown accustomed to my twin sister being a lesbian. It was weird when she told me. She was always with a guy and acting quite slutty. I always wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Once she told me she only liked girls, I gave up on that fantasy. When she met Carla, my fantasies kicked back into high gear. I never figured to live those fantasies. A guy can hope, though.

My twin sister, Erin, and her roommate/lover, Carla, were throwing a toga party. They invited me to join in. I think they were more interested in me helping with organizing and the cleanup afterward. I didn't care. Being around my sister and her girlfriend was always welcome. And, hell, one can't go wrong at a toga party.

I arrived early so they could put me in the proper attire for the night. When I arrived, I was stunned by the outfits Erin and Carla were wearing. Neither looked slutty as I expected. They both looked very classy. They planned their outfits very well.

Carla, a pretty blonde, was wearing an elegant white dress with gold trim. Over the dress was a white mesh material, like the puff of a tutu, called tulle. A very classy look highlighted with gold wristbands and gold chains. Erin looked much the same with contrasting brunette hair. Both looked very pretty and fuckin hot. They dressed me in more traditional toga garb, meaning, basically a sheet with a gold sash around my waist and one over one shoulder, and a Roman Laurel Wreath for a crown.

The party lasted through the night and into the morning. I didn't know anyone there and, having just gone through a bad breakup, I wasn't in the mood to meet anyone new. One annoying overly drunk chick did come on to me and removed my boxers. I have no clue where she, or my boxers, ended up. I could feel every breeze that blew up my skirt. Erin and Carla disappeared a few times, I assume to get a little lovin.

I must admit it was quite arousing to watch all the sex and debauchery going on. If my mind wasn't so focused on my breakup, I may have joined in on a few of the group parties I witnessed. As it was, I simply enjoyed watching the different people fucking each other through the night as I stroked myself a bit.

The sun came up and people started finding their clothes and leaving. It was nearly ten o'clock when the last guest was gone. Erin, Carla, and I sat on the couch and started talking about the success of the party. The conversation was mostly about sex. I was a bit shocked at their conversation being so open.

They talked non-stop about sex as I mostly sat, wide-eyed, and listened. Carla, sensing my wonder, suggested we play a little truth or dare. I didn't get to vote. The ladies decided it was a great idea.

The first round of questions was pretty bland. I sat between them as the game started. "How many people have you kissed or made out with?" "Have you seen anyone naked who didn't know you were there?" "What's the craziest thing you had to do for hazing?" Nothing earth-shattering.

When my turn came around again, I asked Erin something I'd been wanting to ask since she came out as a lesbian. "Are you really a lesbian?" She chuckled at the question. "I mean, like, like really? You don't hook up with any guys at all?"

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Okay, yes, I'm REALLY a lesbian ..." she paused, "but ..." she paused again. "I can be persuaded." She smiled as she finished.

I chuckled. "Really?"

She didn't want to expand on it. "You got your ONE answer to your ONE question. Okay, Carla," she giggled. "Truth or dare?"

Carla, being adventurous, answered, "Dare," and giggled.

"I dare you ... to make out with Jason," she challenged with a grin.

I didn't have a clue how Carla would answer. The look on her face told me she was intrigued by the thought. She smiled and looked at Erin and me a little funny. I thought I'd try to take the pressure off her.

"Um ..." I stammered, "I thought you two only like girls." Neither of them answered but Carla started positioning herself to carry out the dare. I cleared my throat nervously.

"I'll take that dare," Carla said and moved in to give me a passionate, lingering kiss. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and held my face with her left hand. Her right hand slipped around my shoulder as I moved to cup her cheek with my left hand. Then Erin leaned in and Carla moved to give her the same attention.

"Oh, yeah?" I said, a little shocked as they leaned over me for their kiss. My unsheathed cock began tenting the sheet I wore. It grew bigger when the girls broke the kiss and Erin turned and lip-locked with me in a passionate exchange.

I nearly shot my load when Carla reached down, slid her hand beneath the sheet, and stroked my cock. Then Erin grabbed my cock outside the sheet as our kiss ended.

I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I knew I wanted whatever they were doing to continue. I stuttered and stammered trying to think of something to say. Carla cupped my right cheek and pulled my face to her for another kiss. Erin continued stroking my cock from the outside of the sheet while Carla was rubbing my balls under it.

After I broke the kiss with Carla, not wanting this to end, I said, "So you guys wanna, maybe, keep playing?"

"Yeah," they giggled in unison and continued groping me. Erin was looking down at my covered crotch as she held my cock and stroked it.

Carla reached for Erin's uncovered right thigh. "You mean playing Truth or Dare?" she asked me with a giggle.

"Y-Yeah," I stuttered.

"Alright," said Erin as Carla, reaching over me, caressed her thigh.

"My turn," Carla said as she kissed Erin. She pulled away and said, "Mmmmm, Truth or Dare?"

I wasn't sure who she was asking but Erin beat me to the answer. "Dare," she smiled. She still had my sheet covered cock in her hand.

"I dare you tooooooo ..." she paused, "well," she pointed at her hand stroking me. Erin laughed. "continue giving him a hand job." They both laughed and giggled.

"WHOA," I stammered as Erin dove her face down to my crotch. I was speechless. All I could do was watch in shock and awe as she placed her mouth over the head of my sheet covered cock. 'This is my LESBIAN sister,' I thought to myself. 'WHAT THE FUCK?'

Out loud, I said, "HOLY SHIT!" just when she popped up and started another long, lingering, passionate kiss, still gripping and stroking my cock. Carla was still rubbing my balls. I reached back with my left hand and ran it up Carla's bare thigh.

When Erin broke the kiss, I turned and cupped Carla's cheek with my right hand and started another long kiss with her.

In the middle of the kiss, Erin said, "Jason?"

I broke the kiss and turned to Erin. "What?"

Without missing a stroke on my cock, she said, "Your turn."

I figured we were done with the game. Trying to think of a which to do and what to ask, I stammered, "Oh, okay, um ..."

"Truth or Dare?" Erin asked me.

I turned to Erin, "Um, uh, I dare you to ..."

Erin cut me off. "Your truth or dare, dumbass. I get to dare you," she said laughing at me.

Was I confused, or what? "Oh," I said in surprise. "You're asking me?"

"Yeah," she said. "DUH!"

"Oh, um," I said in disbelief. "Alright. Dare."

"I dare you ... to take off Carla's top."

I turned to Carla, "Is that okay with you, Carla?" and they both chuckled at me for asking.

"Of course, it's okay with her," Erin answered for her.

Carla smiled at Erin then looked at me. "Of course," she answered and raised up to make it happen.

I reached up and began sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders. I pulled them down her arms and exposed a very sexy white lace bra hiding underneath.

"Mmmm," I moaned looking at her lacy white encased tits.

Carla stepped it up and pulled the bra down to expose her tits to me, and right at eye level.

Not one to miss an opportunity, I moaned my approval and sucked her right tit into my mouth.

"Mmmmm," she purred and giggled.

As I sucked her right nipple, I reached up and groped her left tit.

"I didn't dare you to do that!" Erin protested as she leaned in and put her hand on mine to help me grope. Carla giggled and grabbed Erin by the back of the neck and pulled her in for a kiss. I continued licking, sucking, and nibbling on Carla's right tit while groping the left. Erin returned her hand to grip my cock.

I was still shocked that I was not only making out with two sworn lesbians ... fuckin hot as hell lesbians ... who are currently a couple, but that one of the lesbians is my sister. It didn't seem to matter to them. It sure as fuckin hell didn't matter to me. I stopped sucking on Carla's tit at some point to confirm that it was, indeed, Erin, still stroking my hard cock.

Erin and Carla continued kissing and moaning as I turned my attention back to the luscious set of tits in my face. "Um, hey, Erin, can I dare you something?" I asked and broke up the sweet lezzie kiss going on over me.

Erin and Carla both settled back to their respective side. "Alright, whaddaya wanna dare me?" Erin asked.

"I dare you to take Carla's panties off," I said as I looked at Carla.

Erin half giggled; half laughed. Carla simply started preparing to lose her undies.

"She's used to that, apparently," I said.

"Not much of a dare, bro," Erin giggled.

"I love it when she takes off my panties," Carla purred as she started pulling the layers of her dress up to give her access.

Once her panties were exposed, Carla started to move. She put her thumbs in the elastic and appeared to be removing her panties herself, but she quickly leaned back on her hands and crab-walked over my legs and sat her ass down on my cock.

"I'll let her slide them down my legs," she said with a giggle.

I could only stare at the panty-clad pussy in my lap and the naked tits to go along with it. "WOW!" I said in disbelief. The girls just giggled at my reaction. I started to think they were having a little fun at my expense. Ask me if I cared.

As soon as Carla was settled, I zeroed in on her right tit with my lips, tongue, and teeth again. Erin hooked her fingers in Carla's panties and started pulling them down her legs. Or so I thought. She stopped, spread Carla's legs, and dove into her crotch. That got my attention and I stopped what I was doing with Carla's tits to watch. Erin kissed both sides of her inner thighs, then pulled back up, hooked her fingers in the panties again, and started pulling.

Erin had Carla's panties halfway off her ass when she stopped. She then reached for Carla's pussy. "I think I'll just pull them to the side a bit," she said and dove in to lick her cunt.

Carla giggled and moaned her approval as I stared, open-mouthed, at the spectacle in front of me.

"MY GOD!" I gasped as I watched my lesbian sister lap at Carla's pussy. Carla gasped when Erin slid her tongue across her clit.

"OHHHHH, YEAH," Carla moaned loudly.

"OH, FUCK," I gasped.

"AHHH! LOVE HER TONGUE!" Carla proclaimed as I reached out and rubbed my sister's ass.

Erin continued eating Carla's pussy, Carla continued moaning, while I started gathering the dress material covering Erin's ass up to expose her. When her thong covered ass appeared, I smacked it then turned my attention, once again, back to Carla's tits. Erin, as she sucked Carla's clit, reached for her tits as well. Carla now had her left hand wrapped around the back of Erin's head pulling her tighter against her tingling cunt.

I released Carla's tit, looked up at her face as she writhed in ecstasy on my crotch. I cupped her right cheek and pulled her to me for another kiss. Our tongues met and we both moaned as we danced an oral tango. My hand went to the back of her neck to pull her kiss into my mouth. We both moaned as she ground her ass into my cock, while Erin sucked her clit and pinched her right nipple.

I pulled away from the kiss and said, "You're a closet lesbian," to Carla. She laughed through her moans.

Erin must have hit the right spot as Carla suddenly started moaning loudly while pulling Erin's head in even harder. At the same time, I felt Erin's hand moving very quickly back and forth on my cock. I realized that Erin was finger fucking her. I started sucking on her left tit again as I rubbed Erin's back and ass, with an occasional slap to her cheeks.

Carla started moaning and giggling. Erin must be a mighty fine pussy licker and finger fucker, I surmised from Carla's reactions. Erin decided she'd done enough and raised her head from Carla's snatch. My right hand was now displaced from Erin's ass, so I reached for Carla's partially exposed cunt and rubbed her clit.

Carla slid back a bit taking the weight of her ass off my cock. As she did, Erin reached under the sheet for my cock. She moved the sheet aside and pulled my cock into the open. I looked down to see my cock in my sister's grasp inches from her mouth on one side, and inches from Carla's swollen pussy on the other.

As I rubbed Carla's pussy, Erin looked me in the eyes with desire and started stroking it. Carla, without asking for a Truth or Dare, simply stated, "Put your mouth on it."

Erin didn't need the instruction. She was already moving to suck my cock. Carla's statement simply made her laugh on the way there. She opened her mouth and sucked the head in as she moved about halfway down my shaft. I didn't take the time to point out that my dare for Carla's panties to be removed went unfulfilled.

"Holy shit, sis!" I groaned as my sister sucked my cock. Carla giggled. "Ohhhhhh," I groaned.

"Ooooo," Carla moaned watching her girlfriend suck her brother's cock. I went back to sucking Carla's nipple.

"You look so sexy sucking that beautiful cock," Carla told Erin.

Erin popped her head up and smiled. "Your pussy looks sexy with my brother's cock next to it." She leaned forward and ran her tongue through Carla's slit before swallowing my cock again.

I looked down again and noticed the only thing stopping me from slipping my cock inside was my sister holding it and sucking it.

Carla started moving to stand up. "Whaddaya think, Erin. Should we fuck this guy?" she asked.

Erin came up off my cock and said something I couldn't quite catch but she appeared to agree as she stood, leaned in to kiss her girlfriend, while still stroking me. Carla was off my lap but leaning over me kissing Erin.

When the kiss ended, Erin, in a sexy, sultry voice asked Carla, "You like the taste of my brother's cock in my mouth?" I had another cock throbbing moment when I heard that.

"Mmm hmm," Carla moaned back and kissed her again.

"FUCK!" I said as I watched them kiss, sharing my 'cock taste' with each other. Erin was still stroking my cock as they kissed.

As they broke the kiss, Carla leaned in just a little, looking down at my cock, and formed her mouth into a pucker.

"You gonna spit on it?" Erin asked as Carla released a stream that coated my cock and her left hand. I didn't even notice when they'd switched hands. As soon as the stream stopped, she started rubbing her spit into my head with her right hand as she held it steady at the base with her left.

Erin brought her hand to her mouth, spit on it, licked it, then grabbed my cock as Carla stood up to take her pesky dress off completely. I watched Carla get naked as Erin continued stroking me with her wet hand. She then dove down again and started sucking me.

"OH FUCK!" I moaned as I watched the last of Carla's clothes hit the floor and felt Erin's mouth sliding up and down my cock. As Carla stepped out of her panties, she rejoined me on the couch.

"Help me get Erin naked," she instructed and reached across me to do just that. Although it wasn't a dare, a clear violation of the 'Truth or Dare' rules, I was okay with that instruction, but she was now bare-ass naked and hovering over me. I took the time to grab her and kiss her as I groped her naked body. Erin sat up in anticipation of being stripped naked by Carla and myself. She had to sit and watch us kiss and fondle for a moment as she continued stroking my cock.

Erin grew a bit impatient and grabbed Carla's hand. "Here, baby, take this," she said and placed Carla's hand on my cock. "I need to get this dress off."

Erin leaned back on the armrest of the sofa as Carla briefly held my cock as she leaned over me on all fours to help Erin with her dress. I took the opportunity to grab her ass, spread her cheeks, and attempt to probe her pussy with my fingers. Erin had her tits exposed and Carla started sucking them as Erin reached behind her to fumble with the zipper. I found Carla's well-lubricated pussy and pushed two fingers in as Carla sucked Erin's nipples and pulled at her dress.

"Lay back, baby," Carla said to Erin as she struggled with her dress. Erin paused long enough to kiss Carla then gave up on the dress and laid down on her back. Carla crawled the rest of the way over me as Erin laid back in anticipation of a good pussy lickin from Carla. I realized if I wanted to participate, I needed to move.

As Erin settled back, she pulled her dress up, exposing her panty covered crotch to Carla. Carla reached under her ass and grabbed her panties and pulled them off. I moved between Carla's legs and licked her from cunt to asshole as she tended to Erin's panties. She jumped and giggled at the sudden intrusion.

Once she had Erin's panties off, she settled into her crotch for a nice meal. Erin spread her legs wide to give her full access.

"Ohhhh fuuuuuuuck," Erin moaned as Carla's tongue hit its target. She threw her head back and writhed as Carla expertly ate her dripping cunt. "Oh, baby," she said and grabbed the back of Carla's head to pull her in.

Meanwhile, I took up residence in the backyard of Carla's fine ass. I licked her pussy and ass as she did the same for Erin. We were all moaning our pleasure as we feasted. It was then I noticed that Carla's pussy was completely bare of any pubic hair, while Erin's snatch was neatly trimmed in a nice triangle, but her pubes were thick and bushy. I loved both looks.

"You both have beautiful pussies," I said. They both giggled and thanked me.

I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. Here I was in the lair of lesbianism, eating one lesbian cunt, and watching as my sister's lesbian cunt was being munched by the lesbian I was eating. HOLY FUCK! This is the stuff of dreams and fantasies.

I must have hit the right spot as Carla suddenly jumped forward which cascaded into Erin's eyes going wide and gasping. "Oh, sorry," Carla said to Erin as she looked back at me. I couldn't decide if it was a good look or a bad look. So, I ignored it and soldiered on.

Carla didn't return to Erin's pussy. Instead, she wrapped a hand around her neck and began pulling her up for a kiss. As Erin moved in, Carla said, "I think we should fuck this guy."

"You do?" Erin asked. Carla nodded. "Me too," she smiled at me and seemed genuinely pleased by the thought.

"Mmmmm, yeah," she said as their lips came together. "Count me in for that," I said grinning.

Carla and Erin began making out. Carla's ass was sticking up and calling my cock. It responded and started moving. I'm no dummy. I followed it.

As I moved to position my cock, Carla and Erin settled down on the couch. The target had moved. I adjusted and found my face positioned at Carla's ass once more. As the lesbians made out with each other, I sucked on Carla's cunt and licked her asshole again. Carla giggled at whatever I was doing. She turned to look at me over her shoulder. Erin pulled her head up to take a look.

"God, that feels so good," Carla said as I continued licking her pussy and ass. "You should try it," she said to Erin.

"Oh, ho ho ho," Carla moaned, her eyes rolled back as she turned back to Erin who met her with more kissing and making out. "Mmmmm, ohhhhh, mmmmmm" she moaned into Erin's mouth. "He's almost as good as you," she complimented Erin and me.

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