It was summer and I had just finished high school, so I was planning on doing what most 18-year-old guys were doing and that is enjoying freedom, going to some great parties, and getting laid. I had things to do, places to go and people to see, not necessarily in that order, and do it all before I left for Marine Corps boot camp the first week of September. All these thoughts were running through my head as I laid there in bed, the morning after graduation. I had plans and nothing was going to get in my way, or so I thought.

I got up, jumped in the shower, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then headed downstairs to get some breakfast. "Hello Mother of mine," I said as I skipped into the kitchen. I was the man with a plan as I kissed Mom on the cheek and went about fixing myself some cereal and grabbing a cup of coffee. Mom just smiled at me, but little did I know, she had conceived a plan to foil mine.

I just sat down and began to eat when she sat down across from me with a serious look on her face. I paused in mid bite, milk dripping down my chin, "Mom?" I waited for her to say something.

"Petey, I know you have plans on having fun this summer before you go into the Marines, but I need you to do something for me, in fact I already said you would do it, so now you kind of have to do it." I could tell she did not want me to get upset but I could also tell that she was not going to take no for an answer.

"What is it Mom? Just tell me and it will all work out, I'm sure," I said. I loved my Mom dearly, she managed to raise me and my two younger sisters on her own, working as a registered nurse, without help from anyone, even after the asshole that donated his sperm to create me and my siblings, just up and ran off with another woman. So, whatever it was that Mom needed me to do, I would jump through hoops for her.

"You know Ms. Julie that lives down at the end of the street, right?

"Yeah, sure I do Mom, what's up?"

"Well, she needs a lot of help around the outside of the house and she hasn't been able to do any of it since her husband died last year. She just needs help getting the landscaping back in order and some light handy work around the place. Well, I kind of told her that you would do it. Don't get upset with me, I know you want to go off with your friends and have fun, but it won't take long to do." Mom waited for me to respond.

I thought about it for minute then asked, "She doesn't need it all done right away, does she? I mean I am happy to help her out but if I can, I'd like to just do it for a few hours a day then go have fun."

Mom got a happy expression on and said, "Thank you, Sweetie, I am sure she won't have a problem with that, just go and talk to her and that way she'll know what to expect." Mom got up and kissed me on the forehead then added, "You are such a good Son, I knew I could count on you."

I smiled back at her, then finished my cereal and drank down my coffee. I grabbed my shoes on and walked down to see Ms. Julie. I had not seen her since her husband's funeral, but I remember her being a spry woman in her early 60's, grayish brunette hair, incredibly attractive and elegant, and just a little curvy in all the right places. Her and her husband had 2 daughters, but they had long since married and moved out of state, so she basically had little family to speak of around her.

I got to her place, knocked on the door and she soon answered. I was not sure I had the right place or not because the woman standing there looked a whole lot younger than she did just a year ago.

"Oh, hi there Pete," she said with a huge smile, "thank you so much for coming by! Your Mom assured me that would be happy to help me out around the place."

"Oh yeah, I'm happy to help out. Always willing to help a neighbor in need," I said returning her smile. She looked great. She must have colored the gray out of her hair since I last saw her because now her hair was a beautiful brunette color.

She also must have been doing some serious working out because her body looked fantastic as she stood there in her yoga pants and loose-fitting workout shirt. Ms. Julie had somewhat of a conservative look in her face, with her glasses on, kind of like a librarian, but from her neck down was a different story now.

"I just got back from my Pilates class, so you are just in time, come on in," she said as she held the door open for me. I followed her through living room and into the dining room and kitchen. I could not help but watch her ass as she walked ahead of me. That Pilates class must be damn good because her body was looking fine!

"Have a seat, I'll get you some iced tea," she said, then grabbed the pitcher out of the refrigerator, and filled a glass for me before sitting with me.

We talked about what she needed done and I asked her about the time schedule so I would still be able to get out with my friends. We agreed that it would not be a problem and whatever she needed done extra could be thrown in summertime permitting. She insisted on paying me, but I told her that I would not accept it. Helping her out would be reward enough.

"You really are such a sweet young man and thank you again from the bottom of my heart," she said as she got up and kissed me on the cheek. I could not help but notice her smallish breasts as she bent over to kiss me, her workout shirt giving me just a little glimpse of them tucked in her white sports bra. Oh, and she smelled so damn good, too.

She stood up straight and headed for the dining room sliding doors that went out on to her back deck. I got up and followed, again getting a wonderful view of just how sexy this woman, in her early 60's truly was. She turned back to me for a second and smiled as she continued out the door.

"This is what I would like for you to do first, okay? I need the brush that has grown up through the deck lattice work removed. When you are finished, I'll have some lunch for you, then tomorrow if you could do it, I need the pool cleaned," she said happily. I smiled and gave her the okay sign then set to work.

The brush removal was a little more work than I anticipated but I soon finished just in time for lunch. Ms. Julie had prepared some sandwiches and a fresh pitcher of iced tea, brought them out on the deck and sat them on the table. My mouth just fell open. She was now dressed in only a very revealing bikini that just barely hid all the most intimate areas of her body. She was freaking hot!

I could not even speak for a few minutes. As I watched her set the food down, the iced tea, then turn and head back into the kitchen to grab paper plates and napkins. I still stood there in the same spot as she asked me to sit and eat.

I sat down near her and we started to eat our sandwiches. I was still kind of in a state of shock as I ate very slowly, my mind in a fog. She looked at me and asked, "Are you okay, Pete? You look like you've seen a ghost." She giggled then added, "You know, I think my late husband is haunting the place so keep an eye out for him."

"I'm okay," I said snapping back to reality. "Ms. Julie, I hope you don't mind me saying this and I hope it doesn't sound bad coming from me, but you are incredibly hot!" My mouth went shut as I just could not believe I said that. Oh shit, I thought to myself, she is going to think I am some young pervert ogling her, but I could not have been more wrong.

Ms. Julie smiled and blushed, saying, "Oh Pete, you are so sweet, I could just kiss you for saying that. I get compliments from the instructors at my Pilates class, but they are paid to say stuff like that. Hearing it from you in such a genuine manner makes as old girl like me feel exceptionally good about herself."

We finished up, and I helped her clear the stuff off the table. She turned to me when we got done and said, "Pete, I am going for a swim now, and you are more than welcome to join me if you like?"

"Aw thanks, Ms. Julie, but I don't have a swimsuit with me."

"You wear boxers? Just go in them, they are just like a swimsuit, right?"

I thought about it and nodded in agreement, then secretly thanked the stars that I wore boxers. We headed out to the pool and I dove right into the cool water. It felt incredibly good after doing that brush removal earlier in the morning heat. I swam around as Ms. Julie soon joined me. We splashed around a bit, her getting into it just as much as I was leaving me thinking that she really had a young spirit to her.

I was doing a last lap when she got out of the pool. Oh, dear God! The white bikini she was wearing had become slightly opaque when it was wet, and I could see the dark outline of her hard nipples and as I looked down further, I could see the faint shadow of her hairy pussy hiding underneath the fabric just before she wrapped herself up in a towel. She was stunning to say the least and my hard cock agreed with me.

I was not sure what I should do about it because I knew if I got out of the pool, boxers or not, she would surely see my erection. She turned to me and smiled again saying, "That was fun, Pete, I'm going to head in and change so there is another towel for you when you get done." She then headed inside.

My God, what was I thinking? I was not thinking with my brain, that is for sure. My hard prick was doing all the thinking for me and I had better get that gone away before getting out of the pool. I thought of bad stuff as I did several laps around the pool to the point of exhaustion. Finally, my erection had gone down, and I was able to get out and dry off.

I went behind her pool shed and changed into my dry shorts and put my shirt back on just as Ms. Julie came back out. She had on cute strapless floral jumper and sandals as she sat down on one of her deck chairs. I headed towards her to tell her that I would see her tomorrow morning and ready for some more work.

"Thank you again for what you did today and thank you for staying a bit longer to keep me company, Pete. I get a bit lonely here sometimes, so it was nice to have company today." She then stood up, reached her arms around my neck and shoulders, and hugged me tight against her briefly before letting go.

I could not help but then notice that she was not wearing a bra under her jumper. I swear this woman could not be the age that she was. Her breasts were on the small side, but they were very perky, not something you could even imagine from a 60ish woman.

"Aw, it was my pleasure, Ms. Julie, just happy to help and thanks for lunch and the use of your pool, too!"

"Pete, please, just call me Julie, okay? Ms. Julie makes me feel old," she giggled.

"Okay, then just Julie it is," I said back with a smile. "See you tomorrow, Julie!" I then headed back home. I got in the door and Mom was sitting there writing some stuff down at the dining room table.

"Hi Petey, how'd it go," she asked.

"Aw it was fine, Mom. She had me do some brush removal for her today, then gave me some lunch and let me take a swim in her pool."

"Well, I'm glad you were able to help her and she is so sweet to feed you lunch, too. Are you going back tomorrow or another day?"

"I'm going back tomorrow and cleaning her pool for her. Should be a breeze. Oh, and by the way, she wanted to pay me for the work, but I refused. I told her I was being neighborly by helping her out."

"You're a doll, Petey, and thank you again," Mom finished. I went over and kissed her on the cheek, then headed up to shower. I could not help but think about Julie as I washed off. Before I knew it, my eight-inch cock had grown full mast again thinking about her hot nipples and her hairy pussy that I could just barely see under her sexy bikini.

I started stroking myself with her image burned in my mind. I never thought I would be so turned on by a mature woman, but she was clearly no ordinary woman. I stroked faster thinking about her legs wrapped around me as I made love to her. In a flash, my cum shot out of me all over the shower wall as it pulsed over and over. I finally quit cumming and then rinsed down the wall and finished up.

I went out with my friends that evening to a party near the lake they were having. I talked to a few girls that I graduated with and under normal circumstances I would have tried hitting on one of them to see if I could get laid, but my mind was elsewhere. Kari a girl that I had been dating on and off for the past couple years, seemed to get a little annoyed that I was not interested in going off with her alone.

I did not trust anyone to drive me home as everyone was getting pretty loaded and I had no interest in sleeping under the stars, no matter how much Kari tried to entice me with her hot body and plying me with more alcohol. So, I headed home on foot, taking in the night air, listening to the crickets as I walked. I had Julie on my mind.

Thankfully, I did not drink too much so I felt fine when my alarm went off at 8am. I jumped up out of bed, washed off a bit, got dressed and went down to get some breakfast. Mom met me going in the kitchen and said, "Stop right there mister!" I froze in my tracks, thinking to myself, oh shit, what could I have done?

She giggled, "I'm just messing with you, but I wanted to tell you that Ms. Julie texted me a little bit ago and said that she would have breakfast for you, if you were able to head down to her place earlier. I tell ya, you must have really left a wonderful impression on that woman." Mom kissed me on the cheek, smacked my ass and herded me out the door.

I walked as fast as I could to get down to her place, thinking sweet thoughts of her along the way and what my Mom said to me before I left. It made me happy to think I made her happy. I was just that kind of guy, I guess.

Before I could knock on Ms. Julie's door, she opened it with a smile and said, "Oh hi, Pete, come on in, I have some breakfast ready for you."

"Good morning Ms. er I mean, good morning, Julie and thank you for having me."

"Such a gentleman, you are, and your Mama must be so proud of you, too," she said.

Once more I was treated to her loveliness as she walked ahead of me in her silky housecoat. Her hair was pinned up and she had her glasses on, just enough to send thrills through me and cause my crotch to tingle. She motioned me to sit down as she grabbed the tray of breakfast food and brought it over to the glass dining room table. I smiled as she said in the seat near me. "Thank you again, Julie," I said to her.

"You're more than welcome, Sweetie, I just want to be sure you have plenty of energy today. After you finish the pool, I have a couple other items I need done if you have time to do them," she finished as we began to eat. I kept glancing over towards her as we ate, thinking how lucky I was to be me.

We finished up eating and she took the tray over to the counter then asked if I wanted some coffee. "Sure, I'll have some," I happily accepted.

She said while pouring a cup for me then herself, "I wasn't sure if you were a coffee drinker or not. I know it's a lot more popular nowadays to drink coffee than it was when I was your age."

She came back over, handed me my coffee, and sat back down. As she did, her robe slid open, revealing her silky short nightgown on underneath. We chatted a bit as we sat there and at first, I did not notice but then I could see her legs through the glass table as we talked. Her robe had moved to the sides of her legs and the way she was sitting I could see all the way up to the near tops of her thighs.

My heart started pounding in my chest as I tried to play it cool listening to her tell me about a craft show that was coming up and how excited she was about it because she loved crafting. My mind was going off as I could not take my eyes off her thighs. The way she moved when she talked, her nightgown moved up another inch.

My heart nearly stopped in my chest! Oh my God, I could see her pussy. She was NOT wearing any panties. Her words were now just a jumble in my ears as all I could do was look at her sex, peeking out so seductively from her short nightie. Her pubic hair was not curly, and from what I could see, it laid down so neatly alongside her slit as it peeked into view, and her inner labia, looking like petals on a rose, pushed out from her puffy lips.

My prick began to stir in a big way, and I had to snap back to reality, or I was going to be busted in no short order. I stood up and away from Julie so quickly it kind of startled her. "Oh, I'm sorry I startled you, Julie, I guess this coffee worked through me fast, so I am ready to get busy on the pool now," I said so nervously that my voice cracked.

She giggled and said, "Well aren't you just the real go getter today, Pete." She smiled and thank God she moved and got up, because if I had looked at her sweet pussy anymore, I think I would have cum in my shorts.

"I'm going to shower up, the pool cleaning stuff is in the shed there, Sweetie. I'll be down in a little while to check on you."

I nodded my head with a smile and headed quickly out the sliding door. I could not believe it as I headed for the shed. I saw her pussy, her awesome pussy! Visions of it kept replaying over and over in my head as I got the cleaning stuff out. Her pubic hair looked so fine laying like it did, decorating her mature vagina so beautifully.

I loved pubic hair, I thought to myself as I began running the pool net around to get the leaves and bugs out. I really did love it, and to be honest I was quite bored with the way the younger girls shaved their pussies. Kari kept a thin landing strip on hers but that was not enough for me. I wanted a hairy pussy, and I knew who I wanted it from.

I finished cleaning around the pool, put away the supplies and straightened up her chairs, then took the time to fix the roller that held her pool cover. Just as I was done, Julie came out. She looked beautiful. She had her hair down and fixed so nicely, and she was wearing a pink tennis shirt and a white pleated tennis skirt to match it.

"All done," she asked?

"Yeah, I just finished up. I fixed your pool cover roller, too, so you shouldn't have any issues covering the pool when you close it this fall."

"Oh, my goodness, I had forgotten about that. Thank you, Pete, thank you so much. Listen, I have a tennis lesson to go to, but I was hoping you could do a few more things for me?"

"Sure, what would you like?"

"Come, I'll show you in the house."

I followed her inside then upstairs to her second-floor bathroom. The was a step stool there by the shower curtain rod that looked like it was ready to fall. She climbed up on the stool to show me what the problem was. She pointed towards the wall where the screws had started coming out and as she did, her skirt lifted enough from my angle below her to give me the sweetest view of her pantie covered ass.

Oh, my word! This woman was going to be the death of me at such a young age as I felt all the blood rush to my cock. I nodded to what needed done and she got down from the stool. I breathed a sigh of relief hoping my prick would settle down.

She then showed me a shelf that had come loose in the linen closet in the hallway that needed worked on, too.

I smiled and said, "I'll have it all fixed up for you in a jiffy."

"You're amazing, Pete," she said, then hugged me, making my breath stop in my chest, then pulled back and gave me the sweetest peck on the lips I could ever imagine getting from any woman. She smiled and headed down the stairs.

"I'll be back in about an hour, see you then!"

I had to stand there and get my composure for a minute as she left. I was on fire for this beautiful sexy wonderful mature woman and I felt amazing for it, too. I finally got my shit together and ran home to get my toolbox. I made it back to her place in no time flat and set off the get the shelf worked on. I tightened the screws on the support bar beneath it, then put her towels back on it. I looked down as I finished and notice the floor of the linen closet had a laundry chute.;u=17025!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_SEARCH_RESULT & id=906F000000094LKIAY

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