Once again the leather strap cracked into Ellie's bottom and the stinging pain ran through her again. She tried not to cry out, but it was hard. This punishment was really hurting. The ten-minute hourglass that Mistress Harriet had placed on the table next to the bed was close to running down, so at least this part of her session would soon be over. It seemed an age since she had been given the instruction - "Adopt the position Ellie. Bend over the pillows, spread your thighs and get your bottom up in the air". A hard hand spanking had followed. After that Harriet had reversed the hourglass and commenced the strapping. Two more hard strokes on the backs of her thighs followed then finally the hourglass had run out.

"Now, as I promised you Ellie, it's time for the cane. Twelve strokes. Hold your position or we will have to start again."

Ellie tensed as she heard a swish, but Harriet was just testing her stroke. Then two light taps on the centre of her cheeks, a swish then a crack as the cane connected. There was a strange pause, as Ellie heard the loud crack of the cane on her bottom but felt nothing. Then very quickly she felt an intense stinging pain that seemed to run all up her spine. Then a residual stinging across her cheeks. A pause, then another swish before the second stroke connected hard just below where the first had landed. Ellie could not help herself and yelped.

She remembered what Mistress had told her about the stages of punishment. Tears of anger, tears of pain then finally ... tears of remorse. The third stroke connected hard, right in the crease where her bottom met the top of her thighs. The pain was unbelievable. Ellie buried her head in the pillow, bit into it hard and began to sob.


Harriet was enjoying the view. At sixty years of age, she had caned many bottoms in her time and examined many pussies. But she had to admit that the view Ellie presented was particularly pleasing. The smooth pale skin of her bottom and thighs, now striped red. Her full tits hanging down nicely capped by two hard pointy pink nipples. The long red hair cascading around her face. Her plump little pussy, with its halo of red hair, the delicate pink inner lips just peeking out. In due course that pussy would present an even better view, once Harriet had opened the girl up fully. But for now, she had other things to do. Ellie was going to receive her full punishment, the remaining nine strokes of her caning across her bottom cheeks.

There was an art to administering a punishment caning, part physical, part psychological. Harriet had always thought that twenty-four years old was an ideal age to start a girl's training. Ellie was experienced enough to know at least some of the things required of her in the bedroom. Malleable enough to take instruction and learn how to obey and please a mistress.

So far Harriet and delivered three stripes, spaced evenly across and down the girl's cheeks, so that the girl would experience the different levels of pain delivered according to position. She was, deliberately, taking her time. Leaving long enough between each stroke for the girl to fully feel the effect of each, then begin to anticipate the next. Ten seconds was usually about right.

Ellie had now buried her face in the pillow and begun to cry, a sure sign that Harriet was getting this session right. By now, Harriet knew, from personal experience, that the girl's bottom would be stinging and burning intensely. She would also know that she had nine more strokes to come and that the pain was only going to intensify.

It was important to "randomise" the strokes somewhat, so that the girl could not know when and where the next would land, thus increasing her apprehension as the caning progressed. Harriet had just, deliberately, hit the most sensitive spot, the most painful, at least for a bottom caning. She now moved her target higher up and started to deliver another six hard strokes, spaced across the top and middle of Ellie's cheeks. Harriet made each stroke slightly harder than the one before.

Ellie was now sobbing continually and crying out after each stroke. She was also wiggling her bottom about after each, as if hoping to escape her punishment. Her bottom was now red all over and nicely striped.

Harriet moved on to the finale. She swung back the cane and delivered a tenth stroke at full force on the "sweet spot". The crease where the top of Ellie's thighs met her bottom. The girl screamed, then finally broke.

"Please mistress, please stop mistress, please, please ..."

Harriet smiled to herself, then delivered the next two strokes in the same spot. Ellie's screaming continued, then slowly faded into sobbing.

"Ellie, maintain the position, I am not pleased. You have been told. You may cry, or even scream during punishment. But you must not answer back - ever. You will take your full punishment and you will not speak until spoken to. You have just earned yourself an additional six strokes of the cane."

Harriet crossed the room to the implement cupboard. She replaced the cane on its hook and selected another.

"You have just experienced the medium, number two cane. I am now going to use the number one cane, also known as the whip cane. This is thinner, lighter and I promise you - it will sting a lot more. You have been disobedient, what do you have to say?"

"I am sorry mistress."

"You be a lot sorrier by the time I've finished with you Ellie. Your bottom is now fully striped. I will therefore be caning the backs of your thighs. This is going to hurt! Maintain the position, pull your thighs together and I suggest that you bite into the pillow, hard."

Harriet watched as Ellie trembled slightly and did what she had been told.

She tapped the cane against top of Ellies thighs, to increase the anticipation, then swung back. There was a satisfying swish, then a loud crack as the implement hit its target. Ellie moaned loudly but obediently kept her head buried in the pillow. Harriet decided to complete this quickly. She rapidly landed five more hard strokes leaving six livid red stripes. The girl raised her head from the pillow and continued to sob.

Harriet waited until the sobs started to die down and adopted a softer tone.

"All done now my lovely. All done - your caning is finished. No more corporal punishment for today. Now, you know what to say".

"Thank you for my punishment mistress. I'm sorry mistress, I will try to be a good girl."

"Stay where you are, I'll get some cream for your bottom."

Harriet returned to the implement cupboard, replaced the number one cane on its hook, took a clean towel from the shelf, opened a drawer, and took out a tube of spanking cream. Shen then turned her attention back to Ellie.

"Spread your legs for me Ellie but stay bent over for now. I'm going to make sure that lovely soft skin of yours doesn't sustain any permanent damage".

Harriet began to gently smooth the cream over Ellie's bottom and thighs. She was enjoying the view. She made many of her girls shave, but had made an exception for Ellie. She was required only to trim, keeping the area around her pussy lips and clit clear, tidy and available for access. The remaining fringe of soft red hair framed her pussy beautifully, as did the soft mat of hair on her lower belly. Two delicate pink inner lips peeked out from her plump outer lips. Once the girl was aroused the view would open up nicely, revealing a soft, wet, pink opening ready to receive whatever her mistress decided should enter. Time to start that process now and prepare Ellie for the next phase of her punishment.

Harriet continued to gently smooth the cream into Ellies bright red striped bottom and thighs. The girl occasionally whimpered softly as Harriet's fingers gently rubbed cream into the stripes left by the cane. Then she started to relax visibly as the pain eased. Harriet focussed on the area around Ellie's pussy, gently massaging the skin of her thighs and deliberately moving her fingers closer to the plump lips. She then moved into the fringe of soft red hair and began to squeeze very gently, massage and caress. Finally she slid a finger between the lips and started to open Ellie up.

"As I said your corporal punishment is finished for today. But, I'm afraid, we have more to do. You are going to receive a punishment called Three Dildos. I'll explain more when we start your session, but be assured this one is not designed to hurt. It will be administered firmly but gently. This punishment is more about learning to expose yourself in the most intimate way. To show your submission and be willing to display yourself and perform for the pleasure of others. You will also experience pleasure yourself and be close to orgasm by the time we have finished. Then , for the final part of your punishment today, you will perform a public masturbation."

Ellie was now in the first stages of arousal, as Harriet continued to move her finger inside the girl's pussy, opening up the lovely wet pink opening. Then she used both hands to ease the puffy and engorged outer lips open, exposing the delicate pink inner lips.

"Now, turn over, lie on your back with your head on the pillows and spread your legs. Place your hands on your thighs just touching your pussy."

Ellie did as she was told. Another rather lovely view. Two big firm tits tipped with two pleasingly pointy pink nipples. The soft pale skin of her belly, typical of a redhead and slightly freckled here and there. All that leading down to the soft red triangle of hair and the pussy lips that were now nicely open, exposing the soft wet pink opening, soon to be opened up a lot further!

Harriet sat down on the bed and made a decision. Ellie had not yet started her Bed Training. Time to put that right. A full afternoon session soon. A delightful two or three hours for Harriet. Further education for Ellie in how to please a Mistress and, if she was a good girl, some pleasure as well. She gazed into Ellie's eyes and spoke softly.

"I hope that what you have experienced today has taught you a lesson and that what you are about to experience will teach you further. Next time I tell you that you are having a No Panties Day you will comply and realise that the rules apply from the moment you wake up until the following morning. Whether or not you choose to leave your home."

"Yes Mistress."

"I am extremely grateful to your neighbour Miss Ellis for discovering your disobedience. In due course she will be spending some time with you to teach you more about obedience and discipline. As a retired college principal you will find that she is highly skilled when it comes to educating young ladies like yourself. But that can wait. For now we need to complete your punishment here."

Downstairs the doorbell rang.

"It seems that my lady guests have arrived. I will need to go down to greet them. Take a few moments to rest and think about what you are about to experience and how you can best perform in a pleasing manner. Stay in position and do not touch your pussy. Then go to your Toy Bag and take out all three of your dildos, the lubricant, the baby oil and your clit vibrator. Place them on the table next to the bed. Then go to your Uniform Bag. Put on your black shelf bra, a pair of black hold up stockings and a pair of black lace panties. Ensure that your nipples are properly exposed, oil them and tweak them until they are fully erect. Then stand at the foot of the bed and adopt the position Ready For Mistress. I will return in fifteen minutes, make sure that you are ready for punishment."

With that Harriet stood up, turned and departed, leaving Ellie to consider and anticipate her fate."



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