OK. Another quick slutty one here. Yes, I've been doing several of these lately, but I have a couple other types in the works. If my big-titted submissive MILF stories aren't your thing, stop reading now. FYI, no incest here, but they are there watching mom perform. They never touch each other, so I don't consider that incest. There are a few different categories I could have submitted this to, but I chose Group Sex because that's where I wanted it to go. This has elements of BDSM, Anal, Lesbian, and straight sex. No non-consent in this one. She fully agrees to everything.

Yes, it is improbable, and the plot is unrealistic. Yes, I need an editor. Yes, it's stupid. This is a stroke story. If that's what you want to comment on, then stop watching porn to see how the plumber actually fixes the sink. This is fiction, people. Reality ends where the truly warped area of my mind begins.

All characters are over the age of 18, over-sexed, and can have a super-humanly number of orgasms.

Charity Slut:

"Damnit!" I heard my 22-year-old daughter Gina swear.

"What's wrong?" Geoff, her twin brother, asked.

"This charity gig that my sorority and your frat are co-sponsoring isn't getting anywhere near the interest that we need to be successful. As you know, I'm the chair for the advertisement committee, and Abby just sent me the ticket sale numbers. Pathetic doesn't even begin to cover it."

"Yeah. I hear you. I've been trying to talk it up with the other frats, but they all say that it just looks like another boring cocktail and dinner party. Sure, there will be your sorority sisters there, but they aren't sure that there will be enough other girls to make it worth the cost of tickets."

"Shit! I fucking knew that Candice would screw up as Entertainment Chair. All she got was some lame-ass local cover band, and everyone knows that band sucks. Even the raffle prizes suck."

I should mention a few things here. Both my kids are seniors at the local university. Gina is in a sorority, and Geoff is in a fraternity. They made the decision to rush brother/sister houses. To clarify, that just means that both houses are close to each other, have joint events, and work with each other on projects. As mentioned, they are twins, and they really get along well.

My name is Victoria Stevens. I've been a single mom for the last 5-years. A widow, actually. My husband -- who I loved very much -- was killed in an industrial accident. It was no secret that it was caused by negligence on the part of the international conglomerate he worked for. There really was no reason to even file a lawsuit. Before I even had time to hire a lawyer, the corporate representatives came to me with a nice eight figure settlement. I'm not stupid. I did hire a lawyer. The lawyer took two days to thoroughly examine the offer, then handed me his $5,000 pen while pointing to the line I was supposed to sign on.

So, that's where I'm at right now. A wealthy widow with twins in their last year of college. I've finally began dating in the last year, but really haven't been overly interested in any of them. In fact, I haven't had sex with any of them. I get by with the few toys that I own. Sure, it's not as satisfying, but none of the guys really were up to the challenge of satisfying my rather.... Let's just hold off on that for a bit.

I gave birth to my kids when I was 18. Do the math. It's impolite to ask a lady her age. I do go to the gym almost every day (what else is a lady of leisure supposed to do), so I keep myself firm and fit. Even before my husband was killed, I worked out and kept healthy. So far, I haven't needed to seek out any of the 'medical' procedures to keep age from visually impairing my looks.

Ah, my looks. I suppose that is a bit important. OK. I'm a little tall for a woman as I stand 5'10". Some may think that I would be a bit shy about wearing heels, but I'm not. I figure that any man who might be intimidated by standing next to a taller woman is not worth my attentions. My husband was 6'4" tall, so even wearing my highest heels, he was still slightly taller. Besides, I really love my mile long toned and shapely legs. I also love how those stiletto heels make my perky ass look. Coppery red hair down to my waist, large green eyes, slim nose, thick bow-tie lips, pale skin of a natural redhead. Let's see, is there anything I'm missing? Oh? Tits? Ah, yes. That's the one thing that no one ever misses. Really. Standing close to me has gotten more than one person knocked to the floor when I suddenly turn. Lord know that those 40E's bolted to my chest stick out. The gym I go to has permanently banned me from using the treadmills. I only did it once on my first visit. Three ambulances were called a minute after I started. Seriously? What, did they want me to encase them with steel? For fuck sake, I was wearing the strongest industrial grade sports bra made. We compromised. I would use the stationary bike at the gym and confine my jogging to the track around the practice field at the owner's son's rival school across town. More than one football team practice erupted into chaos before I was finally banned from there as well.

Anyway, back to current events. I walked in from the kitchen to the livingroom where my kids were discussing their issue. "What's up?" I asked.

"Jesus Christ, mom." Geoff exclaimed. "How many times have I asked you to at least put on a towel or something over your bikini when you come in from sunbathing?"

"Sorry, mom. Gotta agree with dufus on that one. That weapons grade bod in that teensy bikini would even make the straightest woman gush like a fire hydrant." My daughter added.

"OK. Sorry. I was just in the kitchen refilling my drink when I overheard you two talking. Anyway, what's the problem. Maybe I can help."

"I doubt that you can, but we are having trouble getting any interest in a charity event we are planning. It seems that everyone is seeing it as boring and lame. I can't even disagree. Our Entertainment chair is basically useless." Gina explained.

"Yeah." Geoff added. At this point, it's too late to get something else, and, whatever we could possibly come up with, it would have to be so over the top that people would be willing to cancel other plans to attend."

Gina eyed me curiously. "Too bad we aren't having it as a pool party here and advertising it with pictures of mom in that bikini. Every frat house in the state would bus in for that." She said with a laugh.

"And we know how much mom likes to walk around showing herself off, too." Geoff added.

Before I could protest my innocence and scold them for their words, Geoff's phone went off. He went into the other room to answer it.

Well, OK. They weren't exactly wrong. I do know that I look good, and I actually do like wearing clothes that show myself off. To be honest, I'm kind of an exhibitionist. Not blatantly, you know, but subtlety. I 'forget' to close the blinds when changing or even masturbating in my room. Sometimes my door to my bedroom doesn't always shut completely. Occasionally, I neglect to lock the bathroom door when I take a bath in the guest bathroom. I like the tub in the guest bath more than the one in the Master Bath. Ok, so the reason I like that tub better is that it is in the bathroom that someone else is more likely to enter. Not that I would ever admit to that; I just give the kids some lame excuse about it being a bit bigger or some shit like that. There have even been the odd times when I have lost track of time when nude or topless sunbathing in the back yard. Obviously, I am completely embarrassed when I get caught.

"Well, shit!" Geoff announced as he came back into the room. "Looks like it won't matter anyway. The location for the party is no longer available."

"Oh crap. What happened?" Gina responded.

"It seems that the morons that rented the place last night let things get out of hand. Their party turned into a riot and they caused huge amounts of damage. It seems that it will be out for repairs for at least several weeks."

"When was this event supposed to happen?" I asked.

"Saturday afternoon and evening." Geoff responded.

OK. Now I admit that a few nasty thoughts were bouncing around in my head. Gina's comment earlier also added to my ideas. Still, naughty thoughts might be good for masturbation fodder, but not enough to actually do anything about.

"Just out of curiosity, what was the charity for, and how important is it for your sorority and frat?" I asked.

I hadn't been looking at them when I asked. There was a minute or two of silence before I finally turned to them. They were both looking at be with serious questioning looks.

"It's for the local women's shelter. They are severely lacking funds and might need to close down without a large contribution." Gina offered.

"As for how important, not only is it important for the community to keep the shelter open, but this is a major part of the community service that our houses require for their charter. True, we won't actually lose our charters, but it will look very bad and affect some of the funds that we get from national organizations as well as alumni help." Geoff added.

"Just why are you asking, Mother." Gina glared at me.

"Oh. I was just curious as to if it was for a really worthy cause and how important it was for your event to succeed." I replied with complete honesty. Still, thoughts began to coalesce in my mind. I really did need for the event to be really important if I were to actually do anything. Exactly what I would do remained to be seen.

So, a bit about our house. It's big and sits on about 10 acres. I bought it cheap from the bank during the bottom of the recession. Hey, when you get North of $50M in a wrongful death payout, you can buy whatever house you want. I wanted a big house that I could entertain in that was secluded enough to keep prying eyes out. That's what I bought. It let me indulge in a couple of my 'hobbies' without being seen or heard when the kids weren't home.

Ignoring my daughter's question, I continued to pry for information. "So, who is your target audience for this event, and how many people are needed for it to be a success?"

"We are advertising to all the Greek houses as well as the faculty. I'm sure that there are also other students who have heard about it as well. To be successful, we were hoping for at least 50 paying attendees. Of course, more would just make it better. You haven't answered my question, Mother." Gina was getting a bit testy. I'm pretty sure that she realized that I was planning something. I was also pretty sure that she knew she wouldn't really like whatever it was that I was thinking.

"Uuummm, will this be adults only, or were you planning on this being a family thing?" I watched as Gina's eyes hardened and Geoff's eyes go wide. Gina had always been faster on the uptake.

"I assume that there is a valid reason why it matters to you, so I will tell you that everyone there will be at least 18-years old. Now, MOTHER, answer my question! Why are you asking those questions?"

OK. Here it was. "I believe that I can help you have a successful event. Today is Monday. The party is Saturday. You can redo your advertising and change the location to our house. We can host it. I'll call the cleaning service and have them prep the house on Friday. Call the caterers, band, and anyone else you need to tell them the change in venue. Add in that it will be a pool party. I'll make sure the pool service also takes care of the pool on Friday. The landscapers were just here over the weekend, so that's taken care of. So, the location for the party is taken care of. What else?"

Hmmm. Did I neglect to mention how brilliant my children are? I also think that I forgot to mention that Gina was at the top of her class as a Psychology Major. Her plan was to continue on and get her Ph.D. as well. She was REALLY good at reading people. Especially people she had known all her life.

"So, I am assuming that we are to use photographs of you in that almost decent scrap of cloth that you are currently wearing in our new advertisement?" She accused.

"Well, it probably would be better than me being completely naked for anything that would be shown to people at school. And you can add in that there will be extra special entertainment if more than 60 guests attend. Add in that a special door prize raffle will also be included. List those tickets for $50 each. Don't want to over tax the limited funds of the students, do we?"

"Since we are running short of time, I'll start working on the new advertising signs. Geoff, start calling your frat brothers about distributing the signs and visiting the other frats to advertise it. I'll get a couple of the girls here to do the same for the sororities. Gonna gave to blur mom's face out on the posters. We are going to have a major discussion on exactly what you think you will be doing at the party, Mother. I need to get things going first, though."

The week went by quickly. Geoff and his crew met with every frat and sorority on campus, as well as most of the faculty offices. Since most of the people they talked to had already heard about the event, there wasn't much interest until they were shown the new advertising. Obviously, there were a number of questions about the added entertainment and raffle, but since the details of that were held to only my kids and the respective presidents of their houses, no information could be provided. All anyone was told was that it would be announced at the event, but it would be more than worthwhile. They were told that the person in the photos would be there, and that was her typical attire for the pool. Since it would be a pool party, she would not be covered up any more than what was shown. Interest increased exponentially after that.

Tickets were completely sold out by Thursday morning. I had insisted on capping attendance at 70 paying participants. Including nonpaying attendees (My kids, respective house chairmen/women, and committee chairs), There were a total of 80 people. The number of raffle tickets was only limited by how much the attendees were willing to spend. I had a feeling that the Women's Shelter was in for one hell of a payday.

Saturday at 2 PM, I walked out of the house into the backyard full of guests.




OK. Perhaps I should back up a couple of hours.

The caterers showed up at 10 in the morning to start setting up. After getting them situated, I went into my bathroom to begin preparing. First, a nice long soak in the tub with a couple bath oils to soften my skin and leave it with a nice scent. Next, a quick rinse and hair washing in the shower. I had gone to the spa yesterday, so I was already waxed smooth, except for a small landing strip above my pussy. Hair dried and set in a long French braid; it was time for make-up. By this time, the girls from the sorority and guys from the frat had arrived and began setting tables, chairs, and everything else up.

"Geoff!" I called out from my door. "There is a metal storage chest with a lock on it in the basement. It has an infinity symbol etched on the top with you father's initials inside the left loop and my initials in the right loop. Will you get it and bring it up to my room for me, please?"

"Sure thing, mom." He replied.

"This is kind of heavy. What's in it?" He said 10-minutes later as he set it on the floor.

"Oh, just some stuff I have from before your father died. I haven't used any of it since, but there are a couple of things that I want to get out of it for today." I spoke. I was wearing my robe and getting ready for the finishing touches.

"Well, open it up. I'm curious to see what's in there."

"No. I'll show you later, but I need to finish getting ready now. Please send your sister up. I need her help for a bit."

"What's up, mom? Geoff said you need my help."

"Please sit down, sweetheart. I need to go over a few things with you."

After she sat down, I opened the drawer to my nightstand and pulled out a small metal box. It had the infinity symbol and my husband's first initial on the left as well as my first initial on the right. I opened it and presented it to Gina. There was a key inside it.

"What's this for?" She asked.

"That's the key that opens the chest on the floor. Take the key and open the chest."

"Oooookkeyyyy, but why aren't you opening it?"

"I am not allowed."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean exactly what I said. I am not allowed to open the chest."

"Who said? Why aren't you allowed?"

"I swore my oath to your father that I would never personally open this chest. I cannot break my oath to your father."

"But mom, Dad is dead. Surely that releases you from your oath."

"No. The chest can only be opened by someone that I deem worthy of the responsibility. Once the chest is opened, it will become apparent why I can never be worthy of the responsibility of what the contents represent. I decided that it had to be either you or your brother. I chose you. What you do with it will be your decision. We will discuss it more after you open the chest."

Gina looked at me warily as she unlocked and opened the chest. "What the fuck is all this?" She said as she gazed at the contents. "Is this a bunch of kinky BDSM sex toys?"

"Yes. Those belonged to you father. I was his submissive. As a submissive, I cannot be responsible for myself except in extreme circumstances. Obviously, if I am in physical danger or in a bad situation, I can be responsible for extracting myself from that. Under normal circumstances, though, it is the dominant who is responsible for protecting the submissive from harm. I swore an oath to your father that I would only allow a responsible dominant access to that box, and therefore -- me. That came after a situation where I got so deep into subspace at a party that I actually got myself into danger. When I get into that state, I simply can't control my actions. He got scared of what I might get into, so he had me swear that oath to protect myself."

"So, you and dad were full on into the BDSM lifestyle? How did I never know about this?"

"Yes. We were very into that lifestyle. It will probably shock you to learn that I am also a major pain slut. I love it and have an extremely high pain tolerance. As for how you never knew, that really isn't something that one usually brings up in conversations with their children. Seriously, what kid ever wants to hear about their parent's sex lives. As far as you two were concerned, your father and I never engaged in sex. The two of you were made from immaculate conception. We simply waited until you were asleep or not at home before we played. A lot of our date nights were spent at a confidential BDSM club."

"This is just too weird. Why are you bringing all this up now? We have a really important event......OH, HELL NO!"

I looked at her and smiled.

"You aren't..... FUCK!"

I nodded.

"We're going to make this charity event something that no other Greek house will ever beat."

"Fuck!" She sighed. "OK, so what's the plan. I assume it involves you being my slave for the party. I really hope that it doesn't include me or Geoff having sex with you. Even though I am experienced with girls, incest is really out of my comfort zone."

"Don't worry about that, baby girl. No. All you need to do is to keep control of me and make sure that I don't get really hurt. You are in charge of me and what happens to me. Nothing happens that you don't allow. Now, here's a list of raffle prizes for me. Most will be held during the party, and the big prizes will be at the end. Also, I will be available throughout the party for groping and the occasional ass slap as well. Anyone can feel any part of me at any time. I will also lick their fingers clean if they want. Only hands and fingers are to be used."











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