Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The night was long and daunting, I grew anxious to sleep, after getting a sensual The hand job from my mom, who is Rachel Weisz in this new world, I still don't know if I am living in a new world or if I am dreaming consciously.

I woke up with a strong boner and strong urge to urinate, I went to the restroom, naked, and found that my sister occupied the restroom, unaware of my situation.

'Hey, sis, can you come out quick please?' I asked, thudding and banging the bathroom door.

'Wash ha probm' she said, as she opened the door, saw me naked, my hands cupping m dick and balls. I saw her brushing her teeth, then, I realized the was brushing, and she meant to say, "what's the problem?'

She was wearing a white sports bra, giving a glimpse of her cleavage sight and her flat, pinkish-white navel, and she was wearing night pants. Her curly brown hair hanging on her back.

She saw me completely naked, and a smile beamed upon her pretty face. she washed her mouth and got out, leaving the entire bathroom to me, while walking out, she spanked my bare ass cheeks, and giggled, as if it was a family ritual.

I love incest, I always dreamed about it, but now it's all strange, maybe it's because I don't know what's happening.

'You have changed a lot, Mike.' She said, looking at my questionable frown.

'Why would you say that?'

'I don't know, you used to be naughty, hyperactive and funny, but since yesterday, you are all acting weird as if we are strangers, even mom said that remember, you are behaviours are alien.' She said as she walked away.

I was? I thought, what would the naughty and funny me would have done, that wouldn't have bought any suspicion to her, I needed to know what they were talking.

I went into the bathroom, I urinated, and I tried my best not to wank off because I didn't what else surprise is waiting for me out in this world.

I turned on the shower, the warm water sprayed as I stood there, as the water ran through my tensed confused body.

When I reached back to my room, with a towel tied to my hips and my hair wet and dripping, the wardrobe entailed nothing but T-shirts, jeans, and nightdress. And a Jacket, I got dressed and rummaged the room searching for my mobile, if I have one in this world.

I couldn't find it anywhere, then I approached my sister, Katherine, asking her about my mobile if she knows anything about it.

'Oh, yeah, it's in my room, I forgot to tell you.' She smirked, that was pretty weird for me. I rushed to her room, I flung open the door, and on the bedside table, there was my mobile, hoping that it would be my mobile.

The mobile was dead, and I went back to my room plugged in the charger. In the meantime, I decided to have my breakfast, I was starving.

I went to the dining room, my mom, Rachel, served me a delicious apple pie, with maple syrup, and a glass of orange juice.

'Where are you up to honey?' my mom asked.

'Umm, school?' I spoke. I had to check the school, I still don't how many things have changed. And I have to find my friends, what happened to them, go look for the place, where they said, they found me, Jeff Clayton lake.

'What school?' she replied, 'isn't it a summer vacation, you told me that you got a job at Billy's café?'

'Oh, yeah, totally, yes, school is the rendezvous, I will meet my friends, and then get to work.' I managed.

'In school? That's bold, honey.' She said as she sat across the table, staring at me eating, and gave a motherly look. Shortly, my sister joined the breakfast.

She gave a peck on my cheeks as soon she sat near me. Though I didn't understand her euphemism for going to school and be called bold.

'Morning Mike.' She said as she began eating her pie. 'you know what mom? Mike has changed a lot.' She looked at me, a smile broke down, that smile was her euphemism for something, that I didn't understand.

'Yeah, I know Kate.' Rachel said, her hands grabbed my left hand, a comforting touch. 'Just give him a break, he will be alright, Mike, if you have anything, that is disturbing, you can talk to us, honey.'

'Nothing mom, I am alright, I just need some time, I will be alright.' I replied and went back to my room after finishing my breakfast. The mobile was half-charged by then, there was no lock, I explored the gallery, chat, and call history.

I saw photos of me and my sister a lot, photos of us kissing and groping each other, we are brothers and sister? I had a doubt, who cares, it's Katherine Langford, I didn't mind. Then there came the photos of me and my mom kissing and hugging, our lips and cheeks rubbed against each other's.

This was getting weird, as I scrolled down to see more of the photos, of another version of Mike, I saw other Mike and Danielle Panabaker and some other guy. When mom said Dani, then I guess it meant Danielle Panabaker.

I skipped many photos and reached to the video's section. It was vlog sort of videos. I opened a video, there I was, (My other version) - Mike 2, he was standing beside Katherine in the shower, she was naked, bathing, and once she saw Mike 2 with the camera, she teased, by gently massaging her boobs and she dragged her hands to her pussy. Then the video ended.

I knew what would have happened, he would have got crazy hard and, went on to fuck her.

I opened another video, Mike 2 was lying on the bed, with night pants on, his mom sat beside him on the bed, they both were laughing and discussing Mike 2's day and everything. After a while, when said good night and kissed him, he recorded that kiss too. Then they both stared into each other's eyes.

'Mom, I met Dani yesterday.' He spoke.

'Ssh...' she put her fingers on his lips, which slowly found its way into her mouth, when he said about Dani, both their face went dull. Then, I thought the video ended, but it didn't.

Rachel's hand played with his mouth and tongue, then it slid into his pants. Which he later pulled it down till his knees.

She gave him fucking good hand job and deep passionate kissed in the middle. I was turned on right after seeing those 2 videos, and there were more of them.

I thought I should see them all, this would give me an idea of what he did, and how I should behave, and who is what to me. I thanked myself, my other version.

There were videos of everything. My other version had documented everything, how considerate of him.

I opened another video, there he was, Mike 2, lying on his sister's boobs and sucking her nipples for the video. Damn, this was a dream-like life.

Another video, where Mike 2 stood leaning outside of the bathroom wall, Katherine came out, with her bra and panties. He reached out for her ass and groped them. She in return tried to pull his penis.

'Wow...Uff.' My heart was beating faster, my calf muscles shivered a little, I was hard. It is so hard not to maintain an erection in here, in this version I meant.

Another video, I was cuddling Danielle Panabaker, she was completely naked, Mike 2 was wearing his shorts, his hard dick rubbing against her ass cheeks.

Another video, this was getting interesting. Emily Ratajkowski was giving Mike 2 a blowjob. It looked like they were inside some forest or woods. There was a lake near them.

Lake? It should be the Jeff Clayton Lake.

Another video, Mike 2 was fingering a girl, in a car, she was wearing a red butterfly designed skirt, which was pulled up till her waist, revealing her greyish blue panties, underneath, was his hands, as he raised the camera, it was Chloe Fucking Grace Moretz. I felt like I would faint.

Still, who is there in this world? Still how many celebrities did Mike 2 fuck in this world. I have to find the lake and find how I got here, how it happened everything.

But 1st I needed to know who are all my friends, where are George and Lucy?

I opened on the last video for the day, that was the steamiest one too, Emily and Chloe Grace were kissing, her saliva formed web between their soft pink wet lips, and while kissing passionately, their saliva dripped on their hands and neck, and shortly, all began laughing, giggling, and drinking.

I opened the call history, Kate, Grace, Emily, Dani, Tyler, Kate (Chem), and Mum, theses were all the last called members. I wonder who that Kate (Chem) and Tyler was. I searched the contacts, there is no contact under the name George and Lucy, they don't exist in this version I thought.

I walked out of the room, as my phone pinged. It was a message from Grace, I changed the name from Grace to Chloe. The message read - "we are at the rendezvous. Wanna c u. be here in 10."

Rendezvous? Should be the school or the lake. I took the jacket and rushed out of my room; my mom yelled 'honey!' I stood and turned back, she came close and kissed me. should I leave the house with a boner every morning? I thought.

The entire vicinity looked different, the people were different, I don't know the way to anywhere, I took my mobile, my jacket had the school name, Everdale high. I searched in the GPS, it showed me the way, 500 meters from where I am standing.

I ran, and reached the spot in less than 5 minutes, the school was in a different location, but it was the same as my school in the previous version of my life. I looked around, I texted back to Chloe - "reached rendezvous, where you at?"

In a fraction of second, I got a reply text, "Near the Lake, Hurry, we r waiting."

Lake? Fuck me! I thought and searched in the GPS, it showed 180 meters from there, I took the path and ran again, the lake was in the woods, which was few yards away from the school.

I reached the secluded spot, walked along the foot trail, and found myself near the lake, and there stood Chloe, and Emily and Lili Reinhart. Seeing them for real was breath-taking.

I still believe that this is all a dream, an experiment conducted on me to test how horny I am or to explore my wild sexual fantasies.

I mean Lili Reinhart? Wow, I am starting love this life, even if it all is a dream, let it be forever, I prayed.

'Mike!' Chloe, yelled in excitement, maybe she is my girlfriend in this world. She ran towards me, hopped, her legs wrapped around my waist, her breast crushed against my chest, she leaned and kissed.

Her kiss was so passionate and deep, her golden blond hair fell on my face either side. We kissed like there I mean it. Of course, it's Chloe Grace Moretz.

She was wearing a lite blue sweatshirt and jeans hugging her leg, they all were wearing jeans. Once Chloe broke the kiss and got down to her feet, a drop of tears rolled down her left eye.

'I love you; I was so scared that I lost you.' She said, hugging me and her heads rested on my chest.

'I love you too, it's alright now relax.' I lied. No, it's not alright. I don't understand how any of this is even happening. I just got a hand job from Rachel Weisz, who is my mom in this world, and my sister, Katherine Langford, and my girlfriend Chloe Grace and my friends? Emily and Lili Reinhart?

'I was scared shitless, Mike.' Emily said as she gave a peck on my lips. Chloe wasn't jealous of that, she didn't even mind.

'Where have you been? What happened?' Lili said animatedly and caring, as she came closer, hugged me, and gave a peck on my lips. She looked into my eyes, her face just inches away from mine, her breath hitting my lips.

'What happened?' she asked again, as she planted a kiss on my lips. I began doubting if Chloe is my girlfriend or whether Lili is my girlfriend. Because the moment got more hot and intimate, Chloe didn't mind at all.

'We thought we lost you, what happened?' Emily added. I had the impression that they knew something. So, I decided to act dumb and ask them what had happened.

'Actually, I am sorry, I don't remember anything, I just remember I was at home when I woke up. Can any one of you care to explain or re-explain what happened, 2 days ago and even before that, like how we all met and stuff? I tried hard to recollect my memory, but nothing, I can find nothing.' I said, trying to bring up tears before my eyes, and I did.

Lili was wearing a pink with white sweatshirt; she reminds me of betty from Riverdale more than Lili Reinhart herself. Emily wore a loose neck black T-shirt, loose enough to show everyone her deep cleavage.

'Oh, it's okay, it's okay...' Lili said as she hugged, her hands rubbing my back and caressing my back head. 'Let's talk, okay, we'll talk, now relax.' She said, as my head was guided to her breast. I rested my head on her boobs, acting like I was crying.











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