Friday is finally here, as Johnny woke he did his normal routine, shave, brush his teeth, pee & then take a shower.

All the time he showered all he thought about was having his ass being savagely fucked by Greg. He could feel himself open, his musky hole expanding allowing his lover's cock to take his virginity.

After drying off he walked naked back to his bedroom. Laying on his bed he raised his ass, then lubing the small butt plug he inserted it inside. This time it slid in with virtually no pain. After about an hour he removed the plug, then lubing the next size plug he pushed it in, his cock stood to attention when the plug forced his anal walls open.

As he lay on his bed, plug in place, Johnny began slowly stroking his now rock hard cock. As his hand moved up & down the shaft he could feel his ass tighten around the toy inside him. Now almost to the point of evacuation he slowed down then stopped not wanting to shoot his cum before tonight's rendezvous with Greg.

He lay there on his bed motionless as his ass relaxed around his toy, he had thought about inserting the next size plug but decided against it wanting Greg's cock to be tight inside him.

After cleaning himself up Johnny made himself a light late lunch. As he was eating his phone rang, looking he saw it was Greg. At this point so many things ran through his mind. Was he canceling, did something bad happen to him, could he have changed his mind.

Finally answering he said, "hi Greg what's up?"

"Well I finished up all my work early and was wondering if you might want to come over earlier," he said.

"Yes I can, I took today off so let me know when would be good," Johnny said.

"I sould be home in a little less than an hour, anytime after that would be great," Greg said.

Looking at his watch it was almost 2:00 and he said, I can be there by 3:00, is that good?"

"Great I'll see you then," Greg said.

At 3:00 Johnny knocked at Greg's door and he let him in. Before Johnny even took his coat off he kissed Greg. Greg's tongue pushed past the hot young man's lips as his tongue found Johnny's.

Pulling apart from their kiss Johnny said, "I've been waiting for today it seemed so far away. Greg I want you to be my 1st, will you fuck me?"

"I've been hoping you wanted this, do you want to talk 1st or just get down to it?" Greg asked.

Taking his hand Johnny took Greg to his own bedroom before entering he said, "does this answer your question?"

"Yes, you sure you want this?" asked Greg.

"It's all I could think about all week," Johnny said as he took of his clothes.

Reaching for Greg, Johnny slowly undressed him. After pulling his underwear off his semi-hard cock spang out. Dropping to his knees he kissed the tip, then running his tongue down the shaft finally reaching his balls. Finally sliding his tongue back up the shaft then opening wide swallowed Greg's now rock hard cock.

Bobbing up & down Johnny wanted Greg's cum so badly. Greg in what seemed like only a minute shot a massive load which he gladly swallowed.

After Johnny let go of his cock, Greg had him kneel on the bed his ass staring at him almost begging to be filled. Reaching for his lube, Greg slathered some on his cock then taking more lubed Johnny's ass. Sliding his middle finger inside to make sure he was all lubed, he stood hovering above him he pushed his tip against the dark hole.

"Oh I want that in me please," Johnny begged.

"You're gonna get it don't worry," Greg answered.

With one pushed Greg's tip broke thru, as it did Johnny felt a strong twinge of pain. Johnny's ass tightened around Greg's cock stopping it from entering any further.

"Just relax let it in," Greg said.

Taking a deep breath Johnny relaxed his body. Greg feeling the grip on his cock release the pushed harder and 3 inches went in before the ass tightened again. Waiting for him to relax he made one final push as Johnny's ass accepted his entire shaft.

Johnny's ass pushed hard against his cock as he said, "Oh god Greg fuck me, please fuck me. Ram you cock into me, cum in my ass."

Greg began ramming his cock as his balls spanked Johnny's ass with each downstroke. They fucked for so long as Johnny pushed back hard each time Greg's cock bottomed out inside him trying to get it even deeper.

Feeling Greg's cock begin to twitch Johnny knew he was getting close and he took his own cock in hand jerking himself off wanting to cum as Greg's cum filled his ass.

Greg suddenly yelled, "I'm gonna cum, oh god such a hot ass."

"I'm cumming," Greg screamed as his cock filled his lovers ass.

At the same time Johnny's cock began spraying hot sticky cum all over himself.

Greg pulled his cock out as cum dripped down Johnny's ass. Both men collapsed on the bed and Greg said, "so was it as good as you hoped?"

"Oh god even better though I'm a bit sore but maybe we can do it again later," Johnny said.

"Brian called earlier and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the bar. I told him I wasn't sure, I wasn't sure if you want to. He doesn't know your here, I think he may be meeting Andy there." Greg said.

"I'll have to think about it, maybe we can clean up," Johnny said as he stood up holding his hand out.

The two men showered, after rinsing off Greg sucked Johnny's cock swallowing every drop he gave him.

As they dried off Johnny said, "If you want to go tonight I'm ok with it."

"Even if Andy is there?" he said.

"Well I hope he's not, but if he is then so be it. I guess he's going to find out sooner or later."

"You know I hope he's not upset that he wasn't your 1st," Greg said.

"No I don't think so we're just friends," Johnny said.

"We'll see," said Greg.

As they laid back down again Johnny thought to himself, "could Andy really be into him?" As off he imagined a threesome, Greg, Andy & himself. & t=63222ème-portes-svp & p=2017880795

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