July third fell on a Sunday. I was scheduled to work all weekend as numerous staff, including Courtney, had taken off various days this holiday weekend. I had to work a long shift today so I decided to get some exercise in before heading to work. I threw on a sports bra, a loose white tank, and some running shorts and set out for a quick jog around my community.

I enjoyed this run and had a particular route I went each time. It gave me familiarity with the neighborhood and some of its characters. I waved to Daryll, the security guard at the front gate; Cheryl, the heavy set front lawn sunbather; Emilio, the landscaper; and Earl, a front porch sitting older man. This place felt like home. I liked living here even though I still missed the convenience of living downtown. My mind wondered to various thoughts, my neighborhood, my time so far in West Palm, and my friendship with Courtney. Before I knew it I had run two miles.

I returned home and immediately took a shower. My hand soaped up my body. My skin was incredibly tan, darker than it had been in years. It stood in contrast to my white butt which had remained untouched by the sun. I soaped up my legs and butt. I had been doing a lot of leg exercises and my butt was getting bigger - too big for my liking. I decided I'd start dieting more and exercising less.

I arrived at work mid-afternoon and the bar and restaurant were already bustling with a decent amount of patrons. I set up behind the bar and went to work. It was your typical West Palm mix of beautiful younger people and older people vacationing or enjoying the eye candy. In the short period I had worked here I had already become familiar with the regulars. I had also noticed the abundance of promiscuity down here, especially in the bar scene. It made me feel better about my own promiscuity since moving down here. Maybe there was something in the air down here - or the water, or the booze.

As afternoon morphed into night the bar became more crowded and the fruits of my promiscuity were present up and down the bar. Jimmy was there with a large group of guy including Shane, Kevin, and the aptly named Rod - whose rod I had serviced between two dumpsters weeks before. Bill was also at the bar. It was the first time I had seen him since he asked me to leave his hotel room after I swallowed an ungodly amount of his cum months ago. I had come to grips that sex was mostly casual down here but the amount of men in this bar who I'd hooked up with in one manner or another still made me feel slutty

Luckily the bar was so busy I had no time to think about anything other than slinging drinks. The night went fast and as the time passed the bar began to empty out. I was wearing down physically and mentally as I often do. I had done a few shots with customers throughout the night. Nothing strong but enough to leave me slightly buzzed. My legs were already sore from standing all night. I was sweaty and tired but still had close to an hour left of work, not including the time it would take to close up.

Jimmy came up and asked for his tab.

"You just love to show off those tits of yours you little slut," he joked. I looked down and noticed my tank top was sagging slightly, likely weighed down by sweat and my constant movement throughout the night. Half of my tits were visible. He was such an asshole and seemed to have a knack for exploiting my self-esteem. For some reason, I found myself attracted to men like that down here. As he handed me his credit card I felt something else in his hand. As I wrung him up I noticed he had handed me a small bag of blow.

"You look like you could use some of that," Jimmy smiled as he signed his tab.

"If you need to relax you can always swing by my place after work. There's no way I'll be asleep," an obvious indication he was the reason the bag was only a quarter full.

Jimmy left and I made a quick trip to the bathroom. I closed the stall door, grabbed my keys, and used them to scoop out a small bit of cocaine. I took a quick bump - then a second. By the time I returned behind the bar I was already feeling rejuvenated.

My high helped the time pass and my shift came to a merciless end. After helping close up the bar, I found myself in my car at a stoplight. If I make a left, I head back home. Instead I found myself driving straight and parking outside Jimmy's apartment.

I knocked on his door and and heard a voice to yell to come in. I walked in expecting to find Jimmy and his friends partying. Instead it was just Jimmy and Kevin sitting on opposite ends of the couch watching television.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"It's 4am. Most normal people are asleep at this hour. Shane went home and Rod took some milf back to her hotel room. Rod told me about you two. That's a classy way to earn your fourth star Kel," Jimmy said with a laugh.

"Fuck you Jimmy," I said while walking to the kitchen to make myself a drink. Could nobody keep a secret around here? One couldn't escape the gossip, especially when it involved sex.

Jimmy's kitchen was a mess. There were empty bottles of vodka and rum along the countertop. The only spirit left was tequila. I grabbed the bottle and took a large swig before grabbing a beer out of the fridge.

I returned to the living room and took a seat on the couch between Jimmy and Kevin. There was a small amount of blow on the table which I scooped up with my finger nail and snorted before leaning back into the cushions of the couch.

Jimmy's hand reached over and grabbed my left tit. I didn't even bother looking over at him. At this point this is what I expected if I came over here, yet I still came over here, again and again. Jimmy's hand reached into my shirt and pulled my left boob out. Then he did the same with the right one. I sat up and unclasped my bra, pulling it off and out from under my shirt. I understood my role here. I laid back again and quickly found Jimmy sucking my left tit while Kevin wasted no time tonguing my right. Kevin was pulling my already loose tank top down to allow more exposure. It was yet another tank top ruined by a trip to Jimmy's.

Kevin's hand adeptly unbuttoned my shorts and his hand slid under my panties and into my vagina. Two, then three fingers, were aggressively finger fucking me. It was rough and hard but it felt good. My pussy was already soaked from the attention and I could hear the wet finger stokes as Jimmy bit and pinched my nipple.

Jimmy pulled his mouth off my tit and laid back. My left hand reach out and rubbed his dick thru his pants. It was already growing. Jimmy took off his pants and sat back down next to me on the sofa. His dick was a semi-hard six inches and thick. Why did the biggest jerks always have the most beautiful dicks?

I pulled Kevin's fingers out of me and leaned over to my left. I took as much as I could into my mouth and throat. I bobbed up and down on him trying to take more and more. No matter how much I loosened my throat muscles I could not take all of him in my mouth. I came up for air briefly and then directed my attention to the tip of of his cock.

As I tongued Jimmy's tip I felt Kevin's hands grab my hips. He aggressively lifted my hips in the air. He was strong - much stronger than he looked. My dangling knees instinctively looked for a landing place and found themselves one as they rested, perched up on the sofa cushions.

Kevin pulled my pants down and I immediately felt his dick push into me. I was wet and horny and would have moaned louder if not for Jimmy's cock filling my mouth. Kevin wasted no time fucking me hard, deep, and fast. The force is his thrusts were shoving me into Jimmy's crotch, sending his dick further and further into my throat. As Jimmy's dick was pushed further and further into my throat, my eyes began to water. I was gagging periodically - the gurgle of spit and slight choking what would normally be moans. My tank top was still on but my tits were hanging out of the now ruined neckline. My pants weren't off, but were pulled down to my knees which had sunk deep into the sofa cushions. I could feel Kevin's hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them while he fucked my pussy to an orgasm. My knees quivered and I dropped down to my stomach. As I did so, Kevin's dick fell out of me.

That was all the opening Jimmy needed as he grabbed my hair and aggressively pulled my mouth off of him. With my hair still in his right hand he yanked me to my feet and bent me over at the waist. My pussy was already wet and loose from Kevin's fingers and dick. Jimmy easily slid inside of me despite his his thickness and eight inch length. He too wasted no time pounding me. His thrusts were obviously deeper than Kevin's and brought me to a second orgasm. My knees buckled but Jimmy still had my hair in his hands and kept me from dropping to the floor.

Kevin walked over to me, his dick hard and standing ready for my attention. After a few failed attempts to get him in my mouth due to Jimmy's aggressive thrusting, his dick entered my mouth and Jimmy left go of my hair. Jimmy's hands grabbed my hips and he fucked me so hard I feared I would have some bruises the next day. Kevin's hands had found my head and his six inch uncut cock tickled my tonsils.

Jimmy's breathing became heavier until he unloaded his seed inside me with a few grunts. Kevin didn't last much longer, unloading his warm cum into my mouth less than a minute after.

I walked over the the sofa and laid down. Exhausted. Satisfied. Used.

Jimmy tossed me a blanket and pillow.

"In case you decide to sleep here," he said before going to his room and shutting the door.








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