She considered things for a moment, taking in all this new information, pulling the drape from her pet's cage to look at the beautiful creature within. "What should I do, do you think? The Baroness expects to see her slowly destroyed, bit by bit. However, she could prove to be worth every farring of her purchase if she turns out to be something special."

Sabrina smiled, already knowing her best course. "I mean, I can't be blamed if I am taken as much by surprise by her ability to persevere as anyone, can I?" She gave the cage a little tap. "She seems to turn suffering into strength. So, let Farah see her set up to suffer, but rise up from it. If I'm wrong, then it's back to the plan. If I'm right, then I just have to walk a narrow cord between cruelty and inspiration."

Sitting back in the chair, she felt very pleased by this turn of events. She was more than capable of changing her dance as the music changed. In fact, she was quite good at it. It was how she'd become the only female owner of a gladiatorial House. And she could certainly hear the music shifting.

"Dance for me, my pet." She told the creature in the cage. "Mother needs to plan her next steps very carefully." racine & viewuserID=2602

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