Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


When my alarm woke me the next morning, I was still in a state of shock. My body ached to feel Shawna and Browning again in any way I could. I groaned at the slight hangover headache I had and the swirling regret that was swelling at the possibility of working at the club for anyone related to P & L. I didn't want to do it, I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come back out. But I wanted Browning and Shawna just a little more. They seemed to hint at similar dissatisfaction with the legal system that mirrored my motivations to be involved. I had to hold onto that. If there was anyone that could appreciate my attraction to fighting for the underdog in the judicial system, it was one or both of them.

I phased through my first couple of classes on autopilot. I was glad going through the motions of classes was second nature to me. I wasn't enthused but I knew I wasn't missing anything otherwise. When I got to Browning's class, I felt bold and challenging, taking a seat in the front row. I didn't miss the slight hitch of her breath when her eyes met me although it was faint enough that anyone not looking for it wouldn't have seen it. I couldn't help the satisfaction that my ability to distract her if only for fractions of a second brought me.

Before the end of the lecture, Browning had an announcement to make that drowning all of our enthusiasm. "As you all know, I am in charge of selecting four people for an internship at the end of the year," there was an audible shift in the students. "One task, not for this class, but for the internship only, is, to find a case involved with P & L that you morally disagree with the outcome and state why. I expect fifteen pages and cited sources. It could be a case that was won or lost, but good luck finding one we lost," she chuckled a little then met me eyes fully for the next statement. "Being a lawyer is about more than just winning, you play a pinnacle role in determining the outcome of things that affect actual people's lives.

This is not to be taken lightly." I stopped breathing as she stared me down.

"Dismissed," she still didn't take her eyes off me. I froze as everyone else gathered their things. We remained in a stand off until another student approached her with questions and she gave him her undivided attention.

I had gathered my things slowly as my mind tried to piece together what chance I had of using my mother's case for the paper when it was all confidential and sealed when she stopped me. "Jess, stay a moment," she didn't break eye contact with the student she was speaking to as she said it, and I sat back down with slight annoyance. I waited a few minutes in the empty room as she addressed the student's questions. He walked out and she leaned against her desk and crossed her arms with one eyebrow raised.

"Are you ok?" a slight uncertainty discolored her usual confidence. I was taken aback.

"As ok as I can be, what's with that assignment?" I challenged.

"You reminded me why I got into law in the first place. There aren't a lot of things that I regret," sorrow flashed on her face for a second and her hands wavered, "but there are some cases, I really do regret having a hand in. If I can make amends with that, it should start here and now." I couldn't help myself, seeing her be so vulnerable for me, because of me, broke my heart. I stood and walked to her, my body taking over for the pause in my mind. I stood inches from her face, my mouth opened and closed as I tried to think of some way to console her.

Shew took the decision out of my hands when she grabbed my face with both hands and threw her lips onto mine. I met her there without a thought the second she touched me. We were both passionate and she grabbed my hips and spun me against her desk and pushed me hard. I dropped my bag and returned her fever equally. My hands tangled in her hair trying to find stability outside of the desk pressing into my back. She pulled back suddenly and took three steps back.

"We can't do this here," her lips were red and her cheeks a little flushed. I could only imagine how I looked in comparison.

"You're right," I cleared my throat, and picked my bag up from the floor, heading for the door.

"Will you be at the club later?" her hesitation barely showed.

"I couldn't miss it even if I wanted to," half of my mouth smirked in anticipation as her smile met her eyes.

When I got to the club later, I was impressed with how different it looked with only a few days of time passed.

I was walking through looking for Browning, Shawna, or even Dean, or Grant. Even if I didn't think I could hold my mouth against them two. I didn't recognize anyone I saw, I checked the smaller section off from the main floor and didn't see anyone there I could ask for instructions either. I made my way up towards the VIP stairs hoping maybe there was someone up there. I was a few minutes early but according to Browning that meant I was on time. She should have been expecting me. I went up the stairs and slowly made my way down the hallway glancing at each room I passed as I continued on. Each one was much more decorated and adorned than the last time I walked through. As I got closer to the end, I could hear something that made my heart pound but I couldn't quite make it out.

The commotion was getting louder as I got to the last room in the hallway before the bar. I peered into the room that sounds were coming from and my mouth dropped open. I saw Shawna and Browning. Shawna was tied up naked on a large x shape of hardwood spread eagled. Browning was hitting her with some leather object with tails. Browning was wearing high red heels, a shorter than short black skirt, and a deep purple corset. Shawna's moans were a mix of pain and pleasure that shook my heart.

"Who do you belong to?" asked Browning, between smacks on her thighs. Shawna withered and moaned, "You mistress, I belong to you!" she almost yelled.

Browning went to a table and pulled one of several things off, it was a large bright pink dildo the size of which sent shivers through me as I stood paralyzed.

"Does my baby girl wanna cum?" she cooned, as she rubbed the dildo between Shawna's folds who shook in response.

"Please mistress, please, let me cum?" Shawna was showing restraint. Browning plunged the slick dildo into Shawna accompanied with a shout of pleasure.

"Please mistress," she took in several deep breaths, "Please, let me cum?" She was gasping for air and sweating as she pulled at her binds. Browning thrashed the dildo in and out of Shawna with a sloshing noise that made my panties wet with anticipation.

"Cum for me baby, my slave, cum now," Browning almost screamed at Shawna. Shawna thrashed against her binds more now and her middle flexed in and out several times lasting at least a whole minute before she let her body go limp against the ropes on her hands. Her breath was heaving with satisfaction and sweat. Browning let the dildo drop out of her and slowly rubbed Shawna's mound with slow movements that coaxed more tremors from her spent body. My mouth dropped open and I almost came myself right there.

Browning immediately removed the binds from Shawna and helped carry her to the bed a few feet away as she was limp from exhaustion. Halfway there she noticed me in the doorway and my heart stopped. Her eyes lit up but she carried Shawna to the bed, wiping hair off her forehead and smooching her passionately.

"Want some water baby?" she asked, still stroking Shawna's body lovingly. Shawna nodded barely while clutching to Browning's neck. She reached into the fridge beside the bed and opened a bottle of water handing it to Shawna and whispering in her ear before kissing her once more. She stood and looked at me, paralyzed.

My mouth was dry and open while my pussy was soaked. I wanted to run, wanted to get out of there. I also wanted release. I had never done anything like what I just witnessed but my body was clearly telling me I would like to. Browning came near me and leaned on the doorway, her confidence radiating through my bones.

"You were just on time, if you were a little earlier you could have joined us," she licked her lips as mine trembled.

"Yeah babe, I can go for another round," Shawna added.

"Don't listen to her, she's done for now," Browning rolled her eyes as Shawna whimpered slightly. My mouth opened and closed a few times, it seemed my brain couldn't handle creating a response. Browning stepped a little closer to me, "Did you like what you saw pet?" I blinked several times the nickname throwing some water on my smoldering pussy.

"P-Pet?" I stammered.

"Yeah pet," she stepped forward and stroked my cheek with a single finger, "you are mine," she laughed a little, "I mean ours." She took one of my hands and pulled me slowly into the room, shutting the door this time as she led me to the huge wooden cross Shawna was restrained to. She let go of my hand and stroked the x bars.

"Would you like to try it out?" she asked. I stammered in place, shifting between both feet. She took the words from my mind and gracefully pulled one of my hands to the top of the x and clipped the handcuff on it, and I let her. She raised my other hand to the opposite side and clipped the cuff there as well. My hands were now raised in a Y position above my head.

"Have you ever done something like this love?" she stroked my ribs and pushed into my hips. I closed my eyes as my mouth opened to take in a breath.

"N-no," I pushed out. She stepped back and took her hands off me with a serious look now that confused me. I just wanted her to take me, right there, right now, in front of Shawna.

"Snowman," she said, the seriousness weighed on me now.

"That's my safeword," I stated.

"Yes love, just because you are restrained doesn't mean you are powerless. In fact, the submissive holds all the power, if you want me to stop you only have to say snowman and I'll get you out right away. OK?" she asked. She still wasn't touching me but I wanted her to, so bad. I nodded my agreement.

"I need you to tell me you understand and that you know you can use your safeword at any time," she crossed her arms now.

"I know that I can say snowman and you will stop," I was surprised at how needy my voice sounded when it came out.

"Very good pet," she stepped towards me now and strapped my legs to the bottom of the X giving her total access to all of me even though I was fully clothed, the vulnerable position still sent shivers of desire through me. She walked over to a side table and pulled out scissors. She came back over to me and started shredding my tank top and jacket without hesitation. I shivered at the display of power. I only had a small fleeting feeling of not having clothes to wear when we were done but I didn't care. Once she had my top half just with a bra she smiled and stuck one of her fingers in my mouth. I took it eagerly staring right into her eyes. She moaned with me at the connection.

She then started shredding my short skirt brushing my mound with her hand as she chuckled to herself. I then was strapped there in panties and a bra. She rubbed her hands up and down my body as I trembled in response. She let her hands fall to my neck and pushed a little. She ran the scissors up and down my body, the cold metal and anticipation made me shiver again.

"You can't cum until I give you permission, pet," she chuckled as she sliced through my bra. It fell to the ground as my breasts enjoyed the release and cold air, perking up instantly. She rubbed the scissors up and down my body again pushing the blades into my nipples as she pressed her body against mine.

"How wet are you pet?" she let one hand wander to my mound and press against my clit through my very damp panties. She smiled and kissed me as my brain shut off. I barely noticed when she cut my panties off between nipping at my lips with a tender passion.

"Wanna know how wet you are?" she didn't give me a chance to answer as she shoved my soaked panties into my mouth. I couldn't help but pull at the restraints a little, trying to give the moaning energy in me an outlet. She used her hand and rubbed my folds. I was grateful for the restraints now as my legs gave way and I knew I would have collapsed without them holding me up gingerly by the wrists.

She rubbed my folds easily as they were soaked with excitement. I closed my eyes and let go. Let go of school, of my mother's pain, of my financial stresses, of my future worries, of my current predicament, of my failures, I let everything go. I went weak and felt the binds digging into my wrists now but I didn't mind. She rubbed fiercely, still not entering me like I wanted her to. There was a knock on the door now and I froze. She continued her assault on my pussy.

"Come in," she said. I tried to pull out of my binds now, tried to push my panties out of my mouth and say snowman. But all my efforts were all useless. Dean strode in and didn't seem phased at all by my predicament or Shawna nakedly helping herself on the bed opposite us.

"I think she's ready," Browning said, she continued to run her whole hand against my mound and my mind couldn't handle the conflicting emotions blending through my body. He smiled and came over to stand inches from me.

"My timing always is impeccable isn't it?" he chuckled as he undid the buckle on his suit pants and let them fall to his ankles. I pushed my panties out of my mouth and was about to say snowman when he ruthlessly shoved his cock into my ready and wet pussy. Instead of words, all that came out of my mouth was a loud moan of satisfaction as Browning now focused her efforts on my nipples, pinching, pulling, and squeezing as Dean pushed in and out of me slowly. His width and my restrained position sent fireworks through my veins. He pulled at my hips, causing more pressure to radiate from my binds, but I didn't care. My body curved to meet his leaving the cold wood I was strapped to.

He continued a slow motion as sweat beaded my brow now and I couldn't stop the moans coming from me even if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. He pulled me further to him and picked up his pace now. Every thrust threatened to break me in half and I wanted to feel this forever. I could feel my orgasm riding now as my pussy clamped onto him every few thrusts.

"Now love," was all he said between thrusts. Browning didn't need an explanation as to what he meant as she pinched my clit and pulled on it. Between his thrusts and her attention to my clit, my, brain, stopped. My body convulsed for what seemed like forever as both Dean and I let loose our fluids. I was a little ashamed to squirt but I had no self control in this moment, and it felt beautiful. I squirted down my own legs as I felt his cum spurt into my pussy. My middle throbbed and flexed involuntarily for several seconds. He slowly pulled out with a squishy noise and I let the binds hold me entirely. My head and body fell limp as I sighed in contentment. I had never felt so complete in all my life. Dean stepped back and silently left the room after righting his pants.

"How was that pet?" she kissed the response out of me. I whimpered weakly into her kiss.

"We have a problem though," she chuckled. "You didn't ask for permission to cum. Now I have to punish you," she walked to the table and picked up another dildo that seemed larger than the one I saw her use on Shawna. I swallowed but didn't want to use my safeword.

"I can't cum again," I tried to convince her. She and Shawna chuckled.

"Oh honey," she stroked the dildo against my clit and every cell in my body responded against my will. "We have to change that right now," she pressed her body against me again and I couldn't believe my response. Then I heard a buzzing the same time I felt her turn the vibrator on. She shoved it into me without warning and I screamed out in pleasure and surprise. I had never used a vibrator before and it only took a few seconds for me to squirt all over her hands for the second time. I sighed and let loose everything that was ever concerning in my mind. I entered into a quiet space and nothing had ever felt as peaceful as that moment. I shuddered for almost a whole minute as Browning pulled the vibrator out of me and let it fall to the ground.

She untied my feet first, although they were limp in response. She then undid one arm as I let it fall to her shoulder for support as she undid the other wrist. I clutched her neck and buried my face into the crook of her shoulder. She carried me with ease to the bed beside Shawna and I started to cry. I didn't know why but my emotions were raw in that moment and I was powerless to stop them. She laid me down on the bed and pulled me into her arms without letting me go. I wrapped my legs around her once we were settled on the bed and a few more tears fell still.

She looked to Shawna and nodded at her. Their teamwork produced a bottle of water to my mouth and I greedily took half of it down in seconds. I was covered in sweat and naked in her arms. I squeezed her to me, scared to let go. She returned the pressure and rubbed y back in small circles. I clung to her aas I felt Shawna rub the arms that were wrapped around Browning. I sighed heavy and let their touches bring me down slowly.

"I told you, we are gonna make you a star," She stroked my face now and all I could do was nod in agreement. If being a star meant being fucked like that I was all in. My eyelids disagreed as they shut involuntarily. I fell asleep between these two beautiful women doted on me.











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