I own two of the big blue A. O. Smith structures some call Silos. One is a 25’ by 65’ and the second is 25’ by 40’. There are ladders up the side and a roof cage on top. Which means a rail about 3’ high in a circle up on top. Now early on I fed lots of cattle out of these structures. They payed for themselves. Several years ago I stopped feeding out of them. But I stored grain in them. About three years ago I even stopped that. I have cleaned them And I have kept them serviced. Every 3 months a service guy comes pressure checks and services them.

I am 46 years old my name is John Jensen and I have been on my farm for most of my life. My father owned it and I bought it from him. I was married just out of high school and I was very much in love. Sherry and I had two kids. And were about as happy as two kids could be. We went to a party at a friends house. Sherry was with several guys before we dated. I had no problem with her sexual activity before us and told her so.

The party was very wild and some of the girls got very wasted and finally one of them danced up on a table. There were maybe 50 people there some I knew but not all and some Sherry knew that I didn’t. The girl that danced was very drunk and she stripped naked.

Some of the guys finally pulled her off the table and to the side and they began to fuck her. The next girl up was one I knew and she was married. She too ended up nude and some of the guys took her off to a spot and began fucking her!

The next girl up was another I didn’t know but knew she was married too. Again she danced and ended nude and was pulled off to the side by several guys and they began fucking her.

There was a group of young women dancing not far from the stage table and I saw a guy who I knew was one of Sherry’s old boy friends grab a girl dancing in the group and push her to the stage table where she climbed up and continued dancing. She stripped and guys pulled her off and to the side and began to fuck her. The same guy grabbed a fifth girl out of the bunch dancing and put het on the table.

It was then that I noticed Sherry was dancing in this group of girls I the realized he had begun dancing with the next girl to be chosen to dance as the girl on stage began to strip. So it was a game they were playing. As the girl on stage was beginning to loose her clothing I saw he was dancing with one of Sherry’s best friends.

But I saw him talking and grinning at Sherry. She grinned back and was shaking her head. His hands were on Sherry’s friend more and more as they danced and as I looked they pulled the girl from the stage and instantly one of the guys was in her. He pulled Sherry’s friend to the stage and set her up on it. She began dancing instantly and her hands were already working her blouse loose.

He then turned and pulled Sherry to him and began to dance with her. And she began to dance. His hands began to work on my wife’s hips. Her friend was topless not her big breasts bare and her hands were busy at her skirt. The guy was now very openly fondling my wife. his hand had cupped her vagina several times and her breasts were openly being handled. And she instead of pulling away thrust them at him.

Sherry’s friends was now pulled off and to the side and they began to fuck her. He now pulled my wife to the stage and set her up on it. She stood and faced the crowd with her pulling her blouse quickly over her head.

She waisted no time as her bra was quickly removed and the breasts she had fed both our children with were displayed proudly for everyone to view. She pushed her short shirt down stepped out of it and then her panties were pushed down and she was completely naked.

Seven young men quickly pulled Sherry off the stage and pulled her up over a near by table and as her spread her thighs a guy stepped between them and plunged his erect cock deep into her vagina and she began to fuck him.

My wife lay on her back and let all seven young men fuck her openly on display for everyone. She lay nude on display for the next several minutes as 3 more young women went threw the same routine. Then her ex boyfriend came over and fucked her as everyone watched.

I realized this was a game played before and my wife was not new at it except as my wife. I found it very exciting and sexy. And if they had told me they wanted her to play I very well might of said, yes. Even the fucking part. Nothing was hurt. Except the drug given to all the women I saw strip and fuck. I knew Sherry had done it before. With out the drug. But I also knew she did not do it this time without checking if I would be mad.

And I was. As he finished fucking her I mashed his nuts and beat the living shit out of him. Five others joined him on the trip to the hospital. They were very slow to learn. I cleaned my wife up and took her home. We talked things out and as several months went by I felt Sherry was making out really well. It was 6 months to the day I saw my wife going up the ladder of the 25’by 65’ naked. She was nearly forty feet up when I turned and saw her. I yelled and began to run.

My fear was the worst thing I have ever even thought of. I reached the ladder before she reached the top. I ran to the top in record time, and as I cleared the top I saw her get over the rail of the cage on top. The glass is like glass and as slick as can be she slid to the outer edge of the structure. Her toes caught on the nuts at the edge as she looked back at me. She stood calmly turned and clearly she said

“I am sorry.”

She was like a leaf. backwards she was gone. I knew she went off the side of the 40 and maybe she could his and only drop 20 feet to the top of it. Had she jumped maybe? But she lay broken between them and was dead when I got to her. I was the only one who saw it and I told everyone she had been sun bathing atop the structure slipped fell off to her death. No one questioned it.

It was three years before I met Connie and two more before we married. We have been married nearly 18 years and have 3 nearly grown kids of our own. Connie is every bit as pretty as Sherry was, and has maybe a slightly better body but not by much. And she is as sexy and fun as she was.

Connie still takes my breath away as she climbs the ladder up the 65 footer and really does lay nude in the sun up there several times a week. About a year ago my service man came and I knew she was up there. He went up top and I heard her yelp. He was up there nearly 2 hours I could see them sitting up top talking.

Since then they have met up there maybe six or seven times. He has spent enough time with her now I figured he would have fucked her by now. But I know he hasn’t. Connie is about ten years older than Jim’s 26 and I know she is very interested in him.

Anyway the next time the service truck came and Jim got out it wasn’t Jim. It was Bob James the guy who was the one who chose the dancers at the party the night they fucked Sherry. He and I had talked it all out after what had happened. I walked over as he got out.

“I am going to fuck your wife if she is up there. She’s teased young Jim long enough.”

“She’s up there.”

He turned and went up the ladder. I walked up to the house for some tea. When I came out on the porch I could see them standing talking. Then he moved over to her. they were kissing and then she was down and I could see him above her. And I knew he has entered her. They came down together and as she went to the house he came to his truck.

“She is a good fuck. I wanta do some catch up on the 40 if it is okay? I’ll be back maybe the next 3 or 4 days and Jim will be with me. That Okay?”

“Ya that’s fine.”

As I started to turn away he spoke again.

“Oh, say we are having a party out to the Jungle the 16th. You know like the one we had when Sherry danced. I told your wife about it and she seems interested?”

“You ask her to dance?”

“Not without checking I didn’t, but she ask if I did the choosing? I said I do. She ask if I would choose her? I ask if she would dance if I do.”

“What did she say?”

“Nothing she just smiled and nodded.”

I nodded and walked away. The two of them came back the next day and Connie was a top the 40. I had an even better view of the toy of it from the house. The house being on a rise and the structures sitting down below. I could see them fucking her atop the 40. So Jim had finally gotten her too. They came back three days in a row and she was out with them all three. The time went by quickly and the 16th came around.

I had actually forgotten about the party out to The Jungle which is an out door bar, night club parties are held at. My wife came down stairs dressed very sexy in a short sexy summer dress.

“You better hurry up and get ready if we are going to get there on time.”

I looked up I guess looking kind of surprised.

“I am going to do this for you, we have talked about how sexy she was doing it. Now I want you to see how sexy I am.”

The party was to start at 8pm. We were there at 8:30pm and we joined the crowd. I had not been to one of these since Sherry had danced. But they had still had them. In years past I had been to several but had never seen the dancing game till the night my first wife danced.

But that one was the first one the girls had been put on public display. I was told later that prior to our wedding Sherry had done it several times. In fact I was told just a few days before our wedding she had done one. Part of her mental problem was she knew this would all come out after she’d done it publicly.

This event was by far the largest one ever had to date. My guess was over three hundred people were at this one. I was sure part of the size of this one was that there were posters up that the Dance would happen in public tonight.

Connie and I got parted at some point I suspected she slipped away on purpose. And I really began to believe my wife really did plan to dance tonight. I saw two posters that openly stated that more than 20 women had agreed to dance to night. And nine were married females. This really did surprise me. I think the night Sherry had danced there were 3 who danced that were married but one was parted from her husband.

The event was to start at 9pm sharp but it was nearly 10pm and nothing much had happened yet. There was quite a large group that were dancing in the stage area. Maybe fifty people and I did spot Connie dancing several times. Bob James did show up and was dancing with a very pretty young lady maybe in her early twenties.

Suddenly the beat of the music changed slightly and Bob took her by the hand and lead her to the steps to the stage and she went up on it. The event was beginning. The young woman began to bump and grind and her hands began to move around on her body. She was a slim sexy young woman and her blouse buttons were slowly undone.

The blouse came off and she danced more slowly in her plain white bra. She wasted no time and the bra joined her blouse and she proudly displayed her bare breasts, which were slightly larger than I’d expected and well shaped. She again wasted no time shedding her shirt and panties and moved well completely naked. My guess was this wasn’t her first time nude on stage.

Bob had already selected the second young woman and was dancing with her. This one I had seen around and knew she was actually married to a young man who worked at one of the factories in town.

As a young man lead the nude girl over to a table near the stage, Bob lead her to the stage and as she began to dance she watched the first guy pull the little nude girl to the near edge of her table and she guided his cock into her vagina and they began to fuck. The young wife was soon displaying her bare breasts for the crowd and working on her slacks and then panties and she became the second naked woman of the night.

Bob was dancing with a young red head with a wicked body and a group of young men were cheering her on. My guess was her husband and the boys were doing their best to get her up on the stage, It looked like they would get it done as Bob led her to the steps and young men were putting the naked young wife on her table. She did enter up the steps and turn once on the stage and smile back at her friends.

I wasn’t sure she was going to make it but the crowd got into her doing it and she quickly began to strip. Once she got her breasts out and on display she calmed down Her breasts were very nice. by far the best of the three so far and what followed was every bit as good. Bob was bringing number four to the stage as they were trying to get the red head off and to her table. You could tell she was really beginning to struggle with being put on display being fucked in public.

She only pulled back once and finally followed the young man who had her hand over to a table near where her friends were gathered. As they positioned her on the table one of the men who was obviously a friend of her husbands stepped up and entered her. As he began to fuck her she finally raised her legs and began to fuck him back. The group she was with were cheering her on. The first guy finished quickly and a second entered her. She had accepted her gang bang. And it looked like her group could consist of several guys. Her husband was going crazy watching her be fucked.

Bob had delivered the fourth girl to the stage who was already topless and he had selected another woman to go up. I noticed him talking to my wife who was dancing not far from him.

I turned and walked back to the drink tent and ordered another beer. I couldn’t see the stage from the drink tent but I could hear the cheers. I drank half of my beer and ordered another before I moved to return to the dancers. As I walked back up I could see I had missed two dancers who were both down on tables being gang banged.

I spied my wife still watching them fuck as she was dancing. I knew Bob was going to only move to lead Connie to the stage when he knew I was there to watch. Cindy Bunning was up on stage with her small but beautifully shaped breast on display. Cindy is tall and lanky but one of the few tall slim women I am sexually interested in. And she is very sexy. I was surprised she was up there but I had heard her husband was fucking a young girl who worked at his plant.

I was actually interested in watching Cindy strip. And I soon was watching the naked Cindy dancing on stage. And she was worth watching. I really wanted to watch them fuck Cindy. And I suddenly realized I wanted to see my wife’s big beautiful tits displayed up there for all to view. As they led Cindy to a waiting table to fuck her I swung my head to see who Bob was putting p on the stage.

I was pleased to see a very pretty girl dancing as she removed her top. but I was slightly disappointed to see it wasn’t Connie. I looked back to who he was now dancing with and felt a thrill in my cock as I saw he was dancing with my wife. I looked back to see the young woman now naked and a young man leading her off toward a table.

And Bob leading Connie up to the steps to the stage. She climbed the stares and walked out on the stage. She wasted no time in slipping the straps off her shoulders and pushing the top of her sundress down bringing her perfect breasts into full view, I could see Jim and a large group of his friends setting up right out in front of the stage for Connie’s Gang bang. Her dress was pushed on down and her beautiful hips came into view. Now all that was left was for her to drop her thong. She slid it down quickly and put her sweet little vagina on full display.

Jim was the one who came to lead my wife to her table. As I watch Jim lead My wife to her table, for the first time I see several Young black men beside her table. They are already naked and erect. I have never seen or even heard of colored men being included in the table gang bangs with a white wife. I saw Connie’s eyes widen and her mouth form an o.

They hurriedly pulled her into position and she did spread her thighs wide as one of the young blacks stepped up into place. She threw her head back as he entered he bare to his balls and my wife was just beginning to be publicly gang banged by negro men. He took her quickly and the second one took his place in her.

I am pretty much color blind, but I knew Bob was trying to get pay back.







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