Rhuav Skull Splitter let out a grunt as she swung her axe, massive muscles flexing beneath her sweat-glistening green skin as she did. The axe was heavy and its blade sharp, allowing it to chop through many things, even without the raw strength of an orc barbarian behind it. As such, it sliced through the dense foliage with ease, allowing her to make her way through the jungle. A fact which had helped her work through it for however many hours it had been.

Then she reached it. In front of Rhuav was a clearing, but not a natural one. The trees had been uprooted or broken, with the rest of the plants in the area withered and blackened. Multiple patches of soft dirt had been crushed down, leaving large prints behind.

Dragon prints.

One large green hand ran through bright purple hair. Nearly black lips pulled back in a wide, predatory grin. Rhuav had done it. She had found the dragon's lair. More importantly, she had done it on her own.

The grin shifted into a scowl as she thought back to the rest of her party. As soon they had heard that there was an evil dragon in the jungle, the five of them had all agreed that they should hunt down and slay the creature. Then all the others had turned cowardly, the same way they always did. It was never enough to simply decide to do something and then do it. No. Instead, they had to sit around and spend hours talking about how they were going to do it. They called it "planning," or something.

She called it a waste of time. What was the point of talking about what needed to be done? It was better to just go out and do it.

So, she did. Before the sun had risen, Rhuav had left the party sleeping at the inn, and made her way into the jungle. It was simple: she alone would find the dragon, kill it, and bring back the head as a trophy. That would show the others that doing was more important than talking. She would still let them have some of the treasure, she was not greedy, but she would take a larger portion since she did all the work.

With those thoughts in mind, the orc woman made her way across the clearing and toward the entrance.

Axe drawn and ready, she made her inside. The soft soles of her boots muffled her footsteps against the stone, not as much as a rogue, but enough that it was hard to hear without trying. As she walked further, the tunnel quickly grew dark. Not that it was a problem for her. She could see just fine in the dark, although it was a world nowhere near as colorful.

After walking for however long (she did not bother to keep count, even if she had known how), Rhuav reached a small chamber. The floor of it was littered with bones of humanoids, and other creatures, chunks of armor and shields, and weapons, new, old, whole, and broken.

One particular weapon caught her attention. It was an orcish double-axe: a weapon where each end had its own double-sided axe head attached to it. They were supposed to be an incredible weapon, letting the warrior wielding it kill a lot of enemies quickly and easily.

That was... the ones that did not accidently kill themselves with it. More than one orc had made the mistake of driving the other axe blade into their own bodies.

Rhuav may not have been the smartest, or the most careful, but she knew how to use a weapon. Plus, she was about to go up against a dragon, and anything that let her do more damage would be helpful. The quicker she could take it down, the better chance she had at surviving. Although, even if that were not the case, she would still want it. It was still quite an impressive weapon, and while the others in her party would not much care, there would be other adventurers who could appreciate such a find.

As her fingers wrapped around the handle, a tingle shot up her arm and through her body. Rhuav could feel it running across her skin and sinking into her muscles.

Magic. Of course it was magical. It was a hard to find weapon, in a dragon's cave, that was still in great condition. It should have been obvious, but it never even crossed her mind. Still, the shock had not hurt, and she did not feel any dumber or weaker. So, either there was no curse, or there had been one, and Rhuav was able to overcome it.

With the new weapon in hand and an excitement of using it in her heart, she made her way out of the chamber and down another tunnel. As she went deeper, the air grew cooler, damper. It began to stink of blood and rotting meat. Several times, she walked through something sticky and wet. It was one of the few times she regretted not wearing shoes, as she could feel it against the bare calloused skin of her feet.

Rhuav found her way to the main chamber.

There before her laid the dragon. Unmoving. Not even the rise and fall of its breathing could be seen.

Slowly, quietly, she made her way toward the figure, axe at the ready. She watched the form intently, ready to freeze where she was or rush forward and strike if the creature awoke. With each step, the floor grew wetter, stickier. The air grew thicker with its horrid stench. So much so, that the others probably would have gotten sick from it.

As Rhuav moved closer, she could make out more and more details of the creature. One such thing was a massive wound on the dragon's side. Reaching out, Rhuav touched it. The wound was wide and deep enough that she could sink her four fingers in to the knuckle.

For the second time, magical energy shocked her. A tingle of pain shot through her hand and up to her shoulder. Her entire arm went numb and limp, falling for her side.

Rhuav swore as she shook her arm, regaining feeling. She tensed the muscles and flexed her fingers to double check.

Everything seemed fine.

With a word and a wave of her hand, torches ignited throughout the cavern. No longer was the world dark shades of gray. Now Rhuav could see the colors of the room and everything in it: the green of the dragon's scales, the red of its blood on the floor, and the glittering of metal from its treasure.

Rhuav was not paying attention to any of that. At the moment, she was doing something she did not do a lot of: thinking.

She was a barbarian. She thought she was a really good one, but that was it, and only that. Her entire method was to charge into battle, hacking and slashing whatever stood in her way, and if that did not work, she would get mad hit harder. Rhuav did not know how to cast spells. Plus, she did not know the word she had spoken to activate the torches. So how did she speak it? How did she light the torches?

After a few seconds, Rhuav gave a shake of her head. It did not matter. What did matter was that the dragon was defeated, which kind of sucked goblin balls. Sure, it was great for the nearby village since they no longer had to worry about being attacked, but she did not get to kill it. That meant that she could not prove herself right about their wasting time.

Although, they were wasting time since there was no need to plan with the dragon already dead.

So... in a way, it had all proven her right.

The upside was that whatever had killed the dragon had not stuck around. Which meant the treasure horde was up for grabs, and since she had found it first, it was all hers. She could fill a bag with it, grab a few other things to carry, and take it back to the others to show them.

Then a thought occurred to her. Why should she? The dragon was dead, whatever had done it was gone, and she had found the treasure. That meant it all belonged to her. Plus, the other four would show up sooner or later. She could just wait here for them. Prove she beat them to it, and had rights to it all.

Although, knowing them, it would probably take hours, if not days. That meant she had time to kill.

As Rhuav explored the space, her clothes started to feel tight. With a growl, she tore off her top and tossed it to the floor. The loincloth was not far behind. There was nothing wrong with being naked. She had been naked most of her life, in fact. It was only when she went among non-orc people that she started wearing clothes.

Well, there were no other people around now. And if the others showed up and had a problem with it, they could just deal with it or leave.

Exploring further, she found a pile of traveling supplies, including: backpacks; cooking pans; flasks; some tools that Rhuav did not recognize, or know the purpose of; and, most importantly to her, pillows and blankets. She could use those to make a nice little nest. Use it to take a nap or something.

Rhuav made her little nest and flopped down, but sleep eluded the orc woman.

Since leaving behind her tribe, Rhuav had not met anyone she wanted to have sex with, finding most of them too small and weak. As for taking matters into her own hands, when camping out, she did not really have enough privacy, and in town, she was either drinking, or so exhausted from battle, she just wanted to sleep. Whatever the case, it was not really an option.

With the chance of a battle ahead, she had been feeling pumped up and excited as she made her way for the cave. Now all that pent up energy for a battle was combining with her pent up frustration at not having sex, leaving her incredibly horny.

Well, she did have the place to herself, and would for a while. Plus, she was already laying down and naked.

Rhuav grabbed her breasts, squeezing and massaging the large mounds. Her fingers slid up over them to her dark purple (almost black) nipples. She gave them a pinch and tug, sending thrills of pain and pleasure through her chest. Once they were as hard and sensitive as they could get, Rhuav let go and stroked further down. Her hands slid across her scar-covered skin, feeling the hard, thick muscles underneath as she made her way down to her crotch. She ran her fingers through the thick mound of bright purple pubic hair, making her way dark green nether lips. Her palm pressed down against her vaginal hood, grinding against it to tease her clit, while her fingers traced along her slit.

Sliding her fingers up, Rhuav pushed aside the hood, and started stroking the sensitive nub hidden underneath. Her other hand reached down a little further, as she moved to push three fingers into her depths. A moan escaped the woman as she sank her digits in to the knuckles. She pumped them in and out quickly, pulling back to the tip of the shortest finger, then thrusting in as deep as she could reach.

As she rubbed herself, the pubic hair fell away from her crotch. It was quickly followed by the hair on her head, then under her arms, and finally, all the near invisible hair that covered the rest of her body. All of it fell away, leaving her hairless and smooth.

Each stroke across her senstivive nub sent thrills of pleasure through her abdomen and crotch. Every thrust of her fingers into her depths caused her walls to clench and grow wetter. Closing her eyes, Rhuav pictured a large, muscular male (race did not matter, so long as he was bigger and stronger than she) above her, letting out bestial grunts each time he thrust his thick, hard length deep into her.

But something was wrong. Now matter how much she rubbed her clit or pounded her pussy, Rhuav just could not reach her release. She rubbed her clit until it was raw and aching, and fingered herself until her fingers were wrinkled, she masturbated until her muscles were sore, but she could not climax.

As for the fantasy, for some reason, it kept changing to Enferia, their tiefling bard, riding Rhuav's cock. Except it was not an orc's cock, or like any humanoid that she had seen. It was something from an animal. And why was it attached to her?

With a snarl of frustration, Rhuav gave up.

Which once again left her wondering what to do. She could not get herself to orgasm, and she was too frustrated and full of energy to sleep, so there was no reason to just lay there. Maybe she could find something else in the cave to do.

As the orc woman got up and started to walk around, she noticed her skin felt tight and dry. Like she was wearing leather armor that had shrunk all over her body. It made her feel stiff and itchy.

She scratched at her arm.

Her nails pulled away, falling to the floor.

Rhuav lifted her hand up to her face, eyes wide as she stared at the nailless fingers. Reaching up with her other hand, she took a hold of the thumbnail and gave a gentle tug.

The nail came away with no pain or difficulty.

Before Rhuav could think about it too much, when pleasure exploded through hercore. The sudden sensation made her cry out as she dropped to her hands and knees. It felt like a massive cock had been shoved into her pussy, while another had rammed its way into her ass. Feminine fluid sprayed from her nether lips, drenching the ground beneath her and soaking her inner thighs. Her asshole twitched and squeezed, pulsing with each burst of pleasure.

When it came to an end, she was panting and covered in sweat. Her body was stiff and aching, like she had been fighting for hours. Although the pleasure had faded, it still felt like her ass and pussy were stuffed to their limits.

Worse, she still felt horny, like she had not orgasmed at all.

Rhuav moved to get up when a strange sensation occurred over her body. The best way to describe it would be like the release of clothes that were too tight suddenly ripping apart. Except that she was already naked. There were no clothes for her to tear.

Looking herself over, Rhuav found that many of the old scars had split open. What made it all the stranger was that there was no pain, and none of them were bleeding. There was also a strange bulge from her crotch to her stomach, stopping just below her ribs. It gave her normally flat abs a weird tented look.

She reached down and pressed her hands against the bulge. It twitched under her touch, sending a thrill of pleasure through her body that made her gasp out. Gripping it as best she could, Rhuav began to work up and down the length.

It was strange. In a way, rubbing at the bulge felt like when something stroked against the walls of her pussy. At the same time, it was the total opposite, like the nerves were bundled near the middle of it or something.

Still, it felt wonderful. A new pleasure that Rhuav had not experienced before.

One she wanted more of.

Rhuav tried pressing more firmly, but that had no real effect on the sensation. She tried to stroke along it faster, but that just created a warm sensation on her hand. Neither worked to bring her more pleasure.

The tips of her fingers split open as black, razor sharp claws emerged.

Reaching down to her stomach, Rhuav dug the talons into one of the opened scars and pulled. The orc's skin ripped away, revealing glistening wet green scales, and a large, thick, pink dragon cock. Wrapping a hand around the now exposed portion shaft, she began to stroke it directly. The new length twitched and pulsed in Rhuav's grip. Every pump up brought some pre to the tip, dripping on her hand and the floor beneath her.

The groin swelled and bulged until it split open up to the earlier tear. Where once there had been a pussy was now a cock, complete with a sac and two very large testicles. Testicles that pulled up tight against Rhuav as she experienced her first male-style orgasm. The length twitched and throbbed in her grip, unleashing spurt after spurt of thick, white, seed.

Eyes squeezed shut, she let out a snarl of pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. Her face became twisted as the jaws pushed forward and out. Rhuav grew larger, the splits in her orc skin growing larger, and some of it falling away to reveal glistening wet scales. Her upper back bulges and swells before bursting open, a pair of wings spreading out wide. Further down, a tail tore its way out from between her cheeks.

As the orgasm came to an end, fragments of memories began to fill Rhuav's mind: being a majestic green dragon, flying through the sky and taking what she desired; being attacked by something that she did not recognize, and getting badly hurt in the battle; getting back to her cave and trying to perform some sort of magical ritual that would save her; and failing.

Although it seemed not entirely. Some part of the dragon's soul, and its magic, had survived, and when Rhuav touched the remains, it had fused with her.

Releasing her cock, what had once been Rhuav took a hold of her old face and pulled. The remains gave way easily, revealing a draconic snout. She then continued on, pulling off pieces of old skin and letting them fall to the cave floor.

When all was done, where once there had been a female orc, now stood a shemale draconic creature. Although not as big as the original dragon, she was a foot taller than her previous form had been. Her form was also much curvier. Massive breasts clung to her chest, with large, purple nipples that were almost orgasmically sensitive to the touch. Her hips were wide and round, leading down into thick, toned thighs, and on into well-developed calves. Two large, perfectly round mounds off flesh made her new ass, framing the thick, powerful tail in between.

And powerful, she was. Still not as powerful as a full dragon, true, but much stronger than the orc had been. She could probably lift a cart and throw it twenty feet without a problem.

Although that was not something the new dragon creature was interested in right now. No, what she was interested in was sex. Mating. Using her new cock to breed more dragon-like creatures such as herself.

Fortunately, she knew of four potential mates that would be showing up soon.

She would just have to make a couple of minor adjustments to them first, and then they would be perfect for breeding.











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