Annie and Emma were spending the weekend at my place. Cold and with snow outside we spent most of the weekend at home either snuggled up in front of the open log fire or in my big bed.

Sunday night and it time to venture out to my local pub just down the lane, two minutes' walk away.

We arrived in time for our booking and ordered a bottle of my favourite Sancerre to start with.

Annie was beautiful as ever, wearing a revealing short black dress that was backless and almost front-less too. It just about covering her boobs, well until she moved!!

Emma wore a fetching green number, slit to her thigh and a very deep plunging neckline.

I myself opted for a sexy black see through outfit, high neckline but revealing everything, hint of pussy included. Naturally not a bit of underwear between us, just fish-nets and heels.

We enjoyed our delightful meal and the perfect wine for an hour or so.

Once we had finished eating instead of going back home, we made our way to the private snug bar which was almost deserted.

We sat there on the not too comfortable bench seating chatting generally and having a good time.

There were a couple of guys who I knew by sight but no one else there so I thought it would be a good idea to play around a little.

I told Annie slip out of her dress, not that it covered a lot anyway, Emma and me too were soon naked apart from our stockings.

"Lie on the bench Annie," I said.

I proceeded to pleasure her cunt whilst Emma sucked and teased her nipples.

On and on we went, Annie was nearing orgasm.

By this time the watching audience had swelled to around half a dozen guys.

Emma and I continued to pleasure her until finally Annie exploded to a fantastic orgasm.

The watching guys spontaneously gave Annie a round of applause.

It was Emma's turn now.

"On your knees on the bench, arse up," I said.

Annie started to lick Emma's arse whilst I concentrated on her delicious cunt.

We both worked on her wonderful body soon Emma began to writhe and moan with pleasure, nearing orgasm.

And so she did, showering Annie with a flood of pussy juice.

I went straight to Annie's face cleaning up Emma's juices.

We stopped for a quick slurp of wine then back to the action.

My turn now, I laid down on my back awaiting my treat.

Emma was chewing on my nipples and Annie licking my cunt and clit.

I cant help myself from cumming, my body shaking involuntarily.

Now I stand up, hands behind my back and legs apart. I ask the girls to do the same.

I beckon to a guy to approach us.

Then another two, one each for of us.

I tell them to slap our tits, hard.

They respond with a gentle tap on our breasts. No much harder, we want it rough I say.

Still not hard enough I tell them.

"That's better, continue."

"Now our pussies."

The slapping continues, harder and harder, feels good.

Then I lay down knees raised as Annie lick my arse.

"Emma, I want you to insert your fingers one at a time into my cunt until your whole hand is in" I order.

A few of the guys are playing with their cocks now.

Emma thrusts her hand forcibly into my cunt, harder and harder. Annie continues to push her tongue deep into my arse.

More and more, "fuck I'm going to cum" I yelled.

Oh I did, drenching poor Annie's beautiful face again with my juices.

Again we lick the juices off Annie's drenched face.

A quick break for another sip of wine then on we go.

I kneel, Emma and Annie next to me.

I ask for guys to volunteer to cover us in cum.

The whole room step forward, about seven or eight guys.

They start wanking their cocks above our heads, maybe four in the first phase.

We wait there anticipating the coming shower of semen.

Finally it arrives as one by one they empty their balls.

Then the second wave, four more cocks wanking furiously.

Another shower of sweet cum.

I thought that was it but more guys appeared, two I recognized as waiters from the restaurant. Well at least our personal attention next time we dined was guaranteed!!.

Another covering of cum, this was amazing.

Yet more guys appeared, we were in heaven.

More and more cum rained down on us, I literately couldn't see.

Finally it was over, three cum sluts.

Licking each other clean slurping down as much cum as we could.

We dressed, popped to the ladies room to freshen up then a chat to our new cum buddies.├ęcoutez-quoi-avec-vos-oreilles?p=12936933 & f=815 & t=1310015 & page=467

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