Authors Note: I would like to offer a very special thank you to subzerowriter, who collaborated with me on this story. It is very much a product of both our work, and feel free to read his "Strip Club Tease Toy" and "Tease Toy Orientation" stories for some background on this little continuation/spinoff...


The accusatory text from this mysterious 'Goddess' that had somehow appeared on Dan's contact list was sending his mind reeling, suddenly making him feel a little scared, a bit guilty but also quite turned on. Who was she? And exactly what was going on here??

So he wrote back with trembling fingers, "Who is this? How did your contact name show up on my phone?"

He already had an idea of who it might be. In fact, he figured he knew exactly who it was, but it was still very mysterious. But no matter what, one thing was clear - it was incredibly erotic too, and he found himself instantly fascinated and intrigued by what was going on...

Anyway, after anxiously waiting for ten or fifteen seconds, he saw her response. His heart began pounding as he read the accusatory nature and mocking tone of her message.

"Ohhhh, so is THAT how this works? You think it's okay to stare down women's sweaters and look at their tits, but now YOUR privacy is important?"

Somehow he already knew it was the woman from earlier, and sure enough, this confirmed it. And suddenly, every moment of the visual encounter he had just had with her flashed through his mind. Even though he had tried to be discreet, it was probably still obvious that he was staring, since she was only like 15 feet away from him the whole time!

She had glanced in his direction a few times, and although it was unclear whether she had really noticed him. There was one time she looked right at him, but he still thought he had looked away in time to prevent the embarrassment of being caught staring.

But still, it was suddenly clear to him that it would have been easy for her to sense his laser-like focus on her. And now she had openly accused him of ogling her, and even mocked him for questioning her about who she was and how she'd gotten onto his contact list! His cheeks started to burn very hotly as he realized the position that she had him in. What was wrong with him? What had he been thinking?

He suddenly felt very exposed and self-conscious, and he wrote back quickly, "Are you the woman from the coffee shop? How are you doing this? How do you have my number and how are you already in my phone?

Her response came quicker this time. "Sooo many questions. Such a silly boy! Surely you have something better to say for yourself."

His heart continued to pound in his chest as this girl proceeded with her mocking commentary, completely side-stepping his questions and putting him on the spot even more. He was genuinely scared of the situation she had him in!

So he replied, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I hope I didn't upset you."

He stared at his phone, waiting anxiously again for those three pulsing dots that meant 'Goddess' was replying again...but nothing. As he continued to wait for a response, he started feeling very nervous. What if she complained to someone about him? What if people started thinking he was some kind of weirdo? What if...what if someone started looking into the details of his private life, and they found out about the five nubile and voracious young "owners" at The Tease Club? He looked at the screen again: still nothing.

'Fuck', he thought, really starting to panic, 'she isn't writing back! Oh god, what if she doesn't write back at all?' For five minutes he kept checking his phone, trying to figure out exactly what was happening, and then, finally, overwhelmed with the panicked need to do something, he stood up and grabbed his things, rushing out without any inkling of what he was doing or where he was going.

The instant he stepped outside, however, he heard another incoming message notification, and he fumbled over himself trying to pull his phone out, nearly tossing it into the street in a panic to see what it said. Again, he stared at it, completely off balance, stunned by the bluntness of the message she sent.

It simply said "So...did you like what you saw?"

He stopped in his tracks in the middle of a crowded sidewalk, dumbfounded. It wasn't at all what he expected; it was so suggestive and provocative that he had a hard time accepting she had said it! He started to type and then realized he had no idea what to say; regardless of whether he wrote 'Yes' or 'No', it was an open admission of guilt, wasn't it?

He stared at his phone, frozen in place for almost a minute in the middle of the busy sidewalk, trying to decide what to do. He was about to start typing, although he still wasn't sure just what to say yet, but then he saw those blinking dots return to the screen, and a moment later, another message came in.

"Yoohoo, Daniel! I asked you a question! Did you like what you saw? Yes or no??"

Suddenly he was even more unnerved, and he looked around absurdly, as if he were looking for help or trying to find some evidence of how someone could be doing this to him. Not only had this girl shown up on his contact list seemingly out of nowhere, but now she also knew his name??

What the hell was happening? After 10 more seconds of panic, another notification from his phone caused him to look down, and this time the message simply read "???". Wow...she was clearly interrogating him, and the way she was doing it was truly intense, exciting, and scary all at the same time!

An absolute panic overtook him at that point, and he figured he'd better just confess, because it was clear she was baiting him to do so. So he wrote back, "YES, I liked what I saw. You're a very beautiful and stunning woman miss, but I'm truly sorry if I offended you. But how did you get my number? How do you know my name? Who are you?"

Again, nothing for a few minutes, and Dan started to pace the street, trying to find any flash of blue or blonde that he could, any evidence that this 'Goddess' was somehow nearby, but finally another message notification stopped him in his tracks.

This one read, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Again with the questions..."

And then, after a quick pause, he watched as his phone indicated she was typing up an additional response, which took a little longer to complete. Finally, it came in.

"If you liked what you saw, and you want to see me again, meet me at La Petite Mort in 30 minutes. It's a lounge downtown." Then, as he read, another notification came in with an address.

He felt frustrated and confused, but also incredibly excited for some reason, and he wrote back, "What is this? Seriously, how do you have my number? Why are you in my phone as 'Goddess'? Please tell me what's going on!"

This time, the response was immediate, but entirely unhelpful; this gorgeous, clearly assertive woman in the blue angora sweater had simply texted him a few simple words, which were some very blunt instructions.

"No more questions. Be at that address in 30 minutes. Don't be late."

Dan knew that this last text was the end of the current message exchange at that point, such was the finality of her quite bossy instruction. So he didn't bother checking to see if more messages were coming in, but he did scroll back through the short but bizarre text thread, rereading the entire interaction, trying to fully absorb everything she had written.

As he did, his face became totally flushed from his own excited embarrassment, and his heart continued pounding in his chest - it literally had not stopped since the first message came in from her. She was clearly establishing a position of authority over him, but also one of mystery, and of dominance.

He was quite conflicted about the situation she had him in at first, but his thought process became clearer when he thought about the sheer visual sex appeal of this girl that had just walked into that coffee shop, right out of his most erotic sexual fantasies. He thought about the way her ass looked in those skin-tight jeans, and the shape and motion of her gorgeous breasts, completely bare and unrestrained under her clingy, fluffy blue sweater, and also the way her entire face lit up when she smiled at the cashier, just totally glowing with feminine warmth.

He still wasn't quite sure if he was being hit on or if he was about to be sued for sexual harassment, but oh god, he just had to find out! It also occurred to him that this situation might be The Tease Club girls playing some kind of new trick on him. But if so, so what? I mean, if this gorgeous seductress really WAS hitting on him, if she really WAS interested in him, then oh wow, it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. And besides, she already had his name and number, so how much more of a risk was it to meet her, anyway?

In any case, just like Cindi had done to him during his initial encounter with her outside The Tease Club, he could feel himself being lured into what was probably an erotic sexual trap. But his orientation towards these kinds of things had already been established, and his desire to surrender himself to the whims and desires of gorgeous, dominant women simply could not be contained!

Needless to say, his submissive feelings were so powerful that he couldn't help but want to play along with this girl. She was clearly starting to take control of him, and he wanted nothing more than to do pretty much whatever she said, and to do it quite willingly! The thrill was in the uncertainty of exactly what she was going to make him do for her, and that was also the part he was admittedly a little afraid of...

So for that reason, for a moment he considered simply ignoring this exotic temptress's instruction to come find her. But another part of him...well, you know. He was already totally hooked by the way this girl had set him up, and she was just so gorgeous, he was pretty much helpless to resist proceeding with her little game, whatever it was.

And as if to seal the deal of his decision, his cock had gotten hard again in his jeans, twitching and throbbing in his pants as he reread the conversation once again, and by the time he got to her final instruction he realized it was rock hard.

'Well,' he thought, suddenly feeling hopeful and sexually ravenous, 'this certainly fits the bill of the woman approaching me first, doesn't it?' I mean, the simple idea that he'd ever be able to touch a woman like that without being chained to a wall first, boy, it was really turning him on, and maybe this was his chance to do so! Who knows just how far she might let him go with her; maybe he might just get lucky, so to speak, and if she wanted to toy with him a little first, putting him through the paces, then maybe it was a small price to pay...

Anyway, as he looked up the address on his phone, his heart sank: it was in a part of town that was a bit far away. It was too far for him to be able to run home and drive to, and then find parking also, all in the next thirty minutes. So if he actually wanted to do this, he was going to have to hoof it, so to speak.

As he began to walk, he started thinking of the hard nubs of this girl's massive breasts, brushing lightly against the soft, electric blue furry material of the sweater she was wearing, and as the image of that flitted through his mind again, he picked up the pace a little. And his gait got a little faster as he thought about the delectable swell of her cleavage that had been visible through the slight V-shape she had created in her neckline by hanging her sunglasses there.

As he jaywalked and cut through a few alleys, he thought about the way her hair had shined in the light like woven gold when she took it out of that ponytail and fluffed it up with her pretty fingers, and his fast-paced walk started turning into a jog. When he recalled the absolutely unbelievable G-string panties she had been wearing, with the straps so brazenly visible as they rode up onto her hips, his jog picked up speed and became a run. And by the time he pictured the pretty little blue-ribbon bows that adorned her Candies' mules on those lovely shapely feet of hers, he was actually sprinting.

He got to La Petite Mort about five minutes early and was completely out of breath. He decided to stay outside for a moment while he calmed his heart rate; he didn't want to walk in panting like a maniac, after all. He knew in his heart that this had to be too good to be true, that this woman probably just wanted to humiliate him in public for staring or something equally horrible, but GOD if he was wrong...

Either way, he just had to find out, so he took a deep breath, straightened his hair, steadied himself, and walked into the bar.

It was surprisingly quiet inside; the pub sized space had a nice blend of a slightly upscale d├ęcor but also had a comfortable, approachable feel to it. There was a large ornate wooden bar, some well-kept pool tables in the back, walls lined with old black and white photos of local history and regulars, and a fairly random bric-a-brac of seating arrangements. There were stools, easy chairs, couches, benches, ottomans, rocking chairs, no two the same, strewn throughout the large lounge area.

There were a few patrons drinking together at the bar, but otherwise the place was fairly empty. Dan's eyes scanned the room, starting near the bar and moving toward a corner in the back, and he saw several average, everyday kinds of people including some blandly dressed couples sitting at some of the tables.

But pretty quickly, though, as his eyes started to move across the room, he could sense the bright blue and blonde feminine colors of a fabulously attractive girl out of the corner of his eye. His eyes were drawn to her quite magnetically until he was looking right at her.

And there she was, the same girl from the coffee shop, sitting on a high bar stool looking almost like a princess or something. She was at a tall table in the back of the room, surrounded by several other tall stools next to a wall lined with well-worn vintage couches.

Just like she had been doing back in the coffee shop, she was looking down at her phone, scrolling through posts of some kind. And just like before, she had crossed her legs quite daintily, sitting up straight and arching her back as primly as a pin up girl.

In fact, the only difference he could see from before was that she had decided to keep her designer sunglasses on indoors. The lenses were not particularly dark, and he caught a glimpse of her gorgeous eyes through them, which were wonderfully made up with detailed eye shadow and mascara. But the fact that she kept those shades on like that really gave her an air of distant unattainability.

As he stood there, with his eyes completely focused and fixated on her, he thought 'God, what am I doing?' Nowhere on the planet was there a better definition of a woman who was 'out of his league' than this girl! He wouldn't consider approaching her in an everyday situation, not in a million years, and he was still stunned that she seemed to be attracting him to her the way she was...

For just an instant, he considered turning around and leaving; the whole situation was quite nerve-wracking, and she still hadn't seen him yet, or so he thought. He still had no idea what he was even walking into here, after all. But as he continued to stare at her, just sitting there, looking so lovely and girly, he saw that she was again lightly bouncing her shoe up and down as she scrolled through the posts on her phone, and he was instantly hypnotized by the sight of that pretty foot on display in her sexy blue spike-heeled sandals.

He also noticed that her long, thick, blonde ponytail had been pulled elegantly down in front of her body, and it curled along her shapely neck, cascading down from there onto the swell of her chest. It looked so feminine and silky-soft, and it took Dan's breath away as he saw how she was idly stroking it with her free hand, delicately slipping her slender fingertips through it. Somehow, the sight of both of these things had the instant effect of changing his mind about any thoughts of walking away from this situation...

He watched her from a distance for a while, and then finally worked up the courage to start moving forward toward this beautiful, unattainable, mysterious, and also somewhat terrifying 'Goddess'. He felt like he was being torn in half with desire and apprehension, all at the same time, but she just looked so good, so feminine and straight up SEXY that he simply couldn't help himself.

She hadn't looked in his direction yet, and it was pure torture as he took a step towards her, and then another, until he was slowly crossing the room. He found himself weaving through the odd display of seats until he was approaching her table, feeling more nervous than he ever had been in his entire life.

Wearing her sunglasses indoors like she was, he was still unsure if she had even noticed him as he approached her, and as he took those few final steps into toward her, his nervousness peaked. "H-hello" he stuttered, suddenly feeling incredibly exposed, "I'm sorry, are you...are you 'Goddess'?"

Instead of responding to him, this gorgeous girl simply looked at her phone, and Dan watched in fascination as she used the tips of her lovely long fingernails to type something on it. They made little clicking sounds as she did, and her skill at texting with those medium length nails was impressive.

The feeling was overwhelming, having her seemingly ignore him like that, and it suddenly occurred to him that he had no proof this was even the woman who had texted him before. Oh god, was he about to make a bad situation worse?

But just as he was starting to think about turning and heading for the door, the message notification from his phone startled him, and he grabbed it out of his pocket. As had already happened several times that day, he looked at the screen, completely confused. It was a new message from 'Goddess' and it read, simply, "Sit down, Daniel."

He looked back up at her, totally stunned at both her lack of acknowledgement of him and her simple instruction. She had leaned back on her stool against the cushioned backrest, cocking one arm behind the chair and turning her upper body toward him a little bit as she continued to stare at her rhinestone encrusted, hot pink phone.

That position, with her arm stretched behind her like that, thrust her chest outward and pulled her crop-top angora sweater even higher against her midriff. It also made her taut, tanned belly more visible and even put some of her delicate ribcage on display. It was like she was purposely showing off her tits for him, and the sight of her posed like that totally captivated poor Dan. He just froze in place, completely helpless to react other than to stare at her upper body.

Her boobs were just tremendous looking; they were so big and round and full, like perfect melons, so delightfully contained under the fabulously elegant, luxurious blue fur of her angora sweater. He swallowed loudly, making an audible gulping sound as his eyes focused on them for a few seconds and then traveled down to the glittering chain dangling from her bellybutton.

He also noticed that the little bouncing motion of her pretty open-toed shoe was becoming a swaying motion of her lower leg, forward and back, forward and back. He was so dazed by every detail of her brazen display at that point that he hadn't noticed her typing up another quick message, but the vibration of the message notification shook him out of his stunned state.

"Well? Don't just stand there looking at me! I said sit!"

Being told what to do like that was slightly demeaning, but coming from such a simply fabulous looking feminine creature like her, it was acceptable somehow, and even appealing in a way. Again, his face flushed with embarrassment, both at his inability to respond to her instruction in the first place, but also at the idea of being caught staring at her again. & s=view & id=5177880

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