"Well, as much as I enjoyed fucking your tight pussy, I think we need to open another hot hole. Now, your mouth is full of sharp teeth, and I would have a death wish to put my cock in your mouth."

I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart seeing the dark pink pucker of her tight asshole.

Coming back up, and facing her, I said, "But your tight little asshole looks all virgin, is it?"

Her eyes wide, she nodded, and I said, "Well, it's your lucky day, two cherries busted in one night!"

Making inarticulate sounds of protest, shaking her head in the "no" gesture didn't deter me. This time, I wanted to hear her as I fucked away her cherry asshole. I pulled the tape off as gently as I could, and she immediately started to try and dissuade me.

"Oh please, don't y'all rape my ass! Let me suck your cock, ah promise ah won't bite y'all. Ah give blowjobs to certain guys that ah take a special shine to, and mah blowjobs are the best y'all will ever have. Just don't fuck mah ass."

"But you tried to shut me down, baby. I could see the prick teaser smirk, thinking you'd just shot down another horny clown with a pair of aching balls."

Instead of another diatribe, she said, "Are y'all gonna let me go after?"

I said, "After you get your ass fucked, you will be free to go."

In a low voice, she said, "If y'all are gonna do it, then do it. But at least use something to lube me all up, it's gonna be awfully tight back there."

"Anything to please a lady's request."

She glared at me as I gave a grin at my remark. I ducked out of the bedroom, and got the tube of KY gel from the bathroom, and brought it back. I had put that KY in the little bathroom cabinet before I left on this road trip, just in case. The idea of stuffing Vanessa's tight asshole made my cock harder than ever.

The look on her face looked like a look of resignation. Hmmm, was she really resigned to it, or was she trying to lure me with a false sense of security? I checked to make sure her wrists were still securely bound, then I pulled her hips down until they were just off the edge of the bed. I pushed her legs back, parting her cheeks, and squeezed a large dollop of KY right along the rim. I slid my finger up and down, spreading out the lube, then pressing my finger against the tight pucker, I slid my digit in, she gave a yelp as spread it around inside her tight walls.

I released her legs, stepped back, and let her see that I was greasing up my prick, even though she was a cock tease, I was not going to fuck her ass dry. I grabbed her feet as I moved back in, pushed her legs back up against her tits, then getting into position, I was able to grab her legs and drape her knees over my shoulders. Grabbing her cheeks, I pulled them apart so her ass could get well fucked. I could see that dark pink rosette, glistening with lube, and I notched myself against that inviting bulls-eye.

"Well Vanessa, so much for never letting a Yankee cross your threshold. I can claim 2 out of 3, not bad!"

I pushed, prying open that tight asshole. She tried to wiggle away from me, but that only excited me more.

"That's it, baby," I moaned. "Try and get away. Moving your ass only makes it better."

I pushed in, Vanessa shrieked as the tight rosette of her asshole was forced open, and I kept pushing, her howls and shrieks filling the van, until with a final hard thrust, I drove my prick all the way into her tight asshole, I could feel my balls smack against her ass.

"Feel that baby, your hot ass feels so good."


"Yeah, I know, isn't it great? The only thing rising in the South are the cocks you tease."

Vanessa tried to wiggle away from my prick but I had her held in position, she wasn't getting away. I pulled back slightly and drove in again, reaming out this teaser's asshole. It was perfect since I'd dumped my first load in her cunt, her ass was going to be a well-worn bunghole before I hosed down her bowels. Her tight ass wasn't going to be so tight after I'd drilled her ass. I enjoyed the squeals, grunts, and other sounds of discomfort, as I reamed the incredibly tight grip. She tried to wiggle away from my plunges.

"That's it, baby, move it like that, wiggling your ass only makes it better."

After the first minute, I actually felt her asshole loosen up just slightly, and the grunts and growls she was making no longer sounded too displeased. Maybe she was not an anal virgin, after all.

"Vanessa, I think you lied. You're not an anal virgin, are you?" She glared at me, and I drove it in hard, and growled, "So tell me, how many guys have you let in your back door, how many rides have you given out up your Hershey highway?"

"Bastard Yankee, only a couple. And none of the horny clowns that y'all saw at the party, those yahoos are only good for teasing the shit out of. Ah love to know that their balls will be aching with the cum that they all didn't get to dump into me. Ah was saving my Southern womanhood for mah future husband."

"So who has been lucky enough to take your ass?"

"Mah Uncle Dave, and mah Uncle Chuck, they cornered me in the barn last year at a family reunion, and they all agreed to let me save mah virginity if I gave them all mah backside."

I drove in, holding myself balls deep, and said, "Please, tell me more."

"Yankee pervert. Mah Uncle Chuck was the lucky one to take that cherry, while mah Uncle Chuck got himself all greased up, ah had to get on mah hands and knees on a hay bale, and once he greased up mah ass, he took great pleasure in powering in, bursting my backside virginity. I screamed loud, fuck that hurt. Once he had all 7 inches stuffed in, he slowed it down, and I worked hard on relaxing my ass, it took some doing, but the greasing up helped, it didn't last more than a minute, before ah felt his cum shooting deep inside me. Once he blew his balls, mah Uncle Dave took over, and he pried me open, it didn't hurt as much as it had the first time, and he lasted longer, and it started to feel less and less discomforting before he blew his nut into me."

"You're a hot ass fuck, baby, and your ass is going to be a well-worn backdoor by the time I blow my load."

I started to ream her ass again, and Vanessa seemed to be moving just slightly in time with me.

"Yankee ass hole rapist...ooooh....so disgusting...mmmm....dirty fucker....ohhhh...Ah hate you....."

I grinned, I had a feeling that she had found out she liked it and was starting to get into the rhythm. I took great pleasure in drilling her ass, and it took only a few minutes before she was pushing her hips towards me as I drove forward, as she rotated her buttocks around and around on my cock.

I growled, "Oh yeah, you found out you liked it, didn't you? Bet Chuck and Dave got to ram your ass several more times, didn't they, tell me you hot ass bitch!"

"Mmmmm, oh yeah...dirty Yankee...ooh yeah, filthy fucker....oooh yeah, they reamed me out many times, when they found out I liked it, every time it seemed so bad, so nasty, dirty, dirty, nnnggghhhh, but fuck, ah loved it, getting mah asshole fucked, so perverted, but ah love it, FUCK ME, FUCK MAH ASS, CREAM MAH ASSHOLE!"

Like an inner damn had broken open, the pleasure had overwhelmed her, and I power fucked her ass, accompanied by her screams, howls, and shrieks of pleasure, I was ready to explode. I slid my hand between our bodies and started to tweak her stiff, rock hard clit.


Her voice climbed up to a scream of pleasure as she climaxed, and I felt the extra tight grip of her asshole clamping at my cock, and with a growl of pleasure, I went over, bursting deep inside, spurting a huge gush of cum to paint her bowels.

"Oh Vanessa, you really are a hot ass fuck baby."

As she came down for her orgasm, Vanessa seemed to be more settled, so I cautiously released her arms but kept my distance. She didn't even demand her bikini or at least something to cover herself with.

She meekly asked, "I suppose y'all are going to take me back to Magnolia Lane, and kick me out without mah bikini?"

I grinned, and said, "You suppose right! I, of course, am going to keep your bikini, as a battle trophy. Another confederate flag falls."

"When ah get back to the party, almost every guy there has been teased by me. Ah'll be walking into a gang bang. Ah just can't walk into the party, all bare ass naked, they'll rape me all night."

I hadn't thought about that. Bursting into the party, stark naked, having been devirginized of her 'precious Southern womanhood', yeah. She would indeed be gang banged all night. Seeing her bare ass naked, with just her tattoos on display, the guys would be on her like sharks when blood is in the water, I could just imagine what kind of a rodeo they'd get her into back at the party. She may have been a cock tease, but she was a hot ass fuck at both ends, but I didn't feel right about letting her walk into that scene. It was too much like throwing a Christian to the lions in ancient Rome.

Her voice softer, she said, "Since y'all got your fun, could y'all take me home? Ah promise ah won't give y'all any trouble. Before y'all take me home, how about y'all take me again? Since ah'm no longer a virgin, ah might as well get mahself adjusted to the feel of cocks taking mah womanhood. It was starting to feel better just before y'all flooded mah girl, so ah want to try it out, and see if it feels better. Y'all can tie me up if y'all like, so y'all know ah won't give y'all any trouble."

Hmmm, that was a tempting offer. So tempting that she was soon on hands and knees, and at her request, her wrists tied to the bedposts. The sight of her ass cocked up, quickly brought me into position, and I nudged against her and powered into her precious Southern womanhood again. She let out a grunt as I buried it, as I grabbed her hips, then pulled back, but this time, I started to fuck her slower.

"Ummm, bad Yankee, but feels so fucking good!"

I replied, "Oh yeah baby, we Northerners may not have the same culture, but we know how to make you feel so good."

Vanessa cooed, "Ummm, oh yes you do, it's starting to feel really good. Getting a hard fuck from a Northern Yankee, my Southern virgin womanhood is but a memory, I don't care anymore, fuck me hard and fast, I want it, I want you to cum for me, cream my cunt again!"

At her request, I started to fuck her faster, the grunts, growls, and squeals of pleasure showed she was fully into it. She started to grind back against me, rotating her hips, as I drove in to the balls on every thrust, giving me a deep corkscrew ride, as I tested the liquid depths of her heated fuckhole. Vanessa's pussy walls massaged my cock and her juices splashed all over my plunging rod. She grunted as I started to nudge tight against her cervix on each in-stroke.

I saw her pulling against the restraints, feeling no give, and it just made her hotter. I think she was in a fantasy of being tied up, helpless, while a Yankee raped her. I heard her mutter, "can't get away", "Yankee's cock raping me, gonna fill me", "spray mah eggs, make me have a Yankee rapist's baby", while I powered in and out of her.

"Fuck, oh mah fucking gawd, mah Yankee rapist is gonna make me cum, cum so fucking hard, spray your Yankee cum all over my tight walls, shoot a flood of cum deep into mah womb, fuck, oh fuck, so GOOOOOOOOOODDD!!"

Her voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure as I felt her pussy clutching and unclutching on my prick. My cock jerked, swelling up tight, and a grunt from Vanessa as I was once more past her cervix.

"Oh fuck yeah, tight little Southern bitch, tight-cunt, take another load, fuck fuck, FUCK!"

My growl joined Vanessa's shriek as I powered in, poised at the very entrance to her baby chamber, exploding, letting out a loud groan of satisfaction, dumping my white-hot load deep in her womb. The rush of hot sperm filling her pulled another shriek of pleasure, as Vanessa climaxed again, the rippling spasms of her second climax milked my twitching prick of every drop.

Whatever had made Vanessa into a cold prick tease had been removed completely. She stayed with me the rest of the weekend. I figured I was safe enough when she wanted to suck my cock, and I'm glad I did. She was one of the best, hot, wet mouth, pouty true cocksucker lips, a hot, swirling tongue action that made me explode, and she hungrily gulped it all down. When I went down on her, I ate her until her toes curled with pleasure, and her shrieks as she exploded, squirting crazily, were well worth the earning. That had brought me back up, and I powered into her tight ass, her shrieks and howls filling the van as I drilled that tight ass, then quickly pulling out to ram into her cunt, a loud howl as I breeched her cervix once again, and I dumped another sizzling load of sperm into her womb. We sucked, fucked, and licked the weekend away. Her hot, tight holes were penetrated over and over, I did my best to loosen them up a bit. When I took her home Monday morning, after one last frenzied fuck, she grinned as she saw her confederate flag bikini on the bedpost, just like a trophy.

"Just pull up behind that old garage, and ah can run in, buck naked. No one's home until later."

She gave me her cell phone number, and cooed, "Any ole time y'all want to come down here again, and rape mah tight, hot holes, ah'll be all ready for y'all, mah hot Yankee fucker!''

I enjoyed the sight of her naked backside, slipping down the sidewalk by the garage before she went into her house. Heading back towards the highway, I felt like I'd been drained of every drop of cum I could produce. But, being 25, my resources built back up quickly, and I got a chance to see just how fast they could recharge.

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