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-Note: Contains anal sex and heavy water sports. Those offended, please don't proceed.

-Sunday Morning-

I awoke from probably the most banal dream of my life. Sitting on the couch at home eating potato chips, whilst I flicked between channels on the television. All showing the same stretch of featureless beach but from different angles.

Back in the real world, I rolled to find the double bed empty, cold to the touch; though the pleasant-smelling aroma of sex that lingered in the room told me, (unlike my dream) the past day hadn't been a work of my imagination. But where were they? Had I gone too far? Done things that in the heat of the moment had seemed acceptable, but now, in the cold light of day, they'd found objectionable and left?

I walked naked from the room and into the deserted living area and kitchen, fetching myself a glass of water to chase away once more the lingering effects of too much alcohol. And then I saw them through the open sliding doors. Out on the lawn, upon yoga mats.

With glass in hand and a cock slowly rising, I silently exited and took up position in a deck chair to watch the show. Mom had donned a bodysuit for the occasion, her boobs bulging out either side of the tight fabric, the thong backed style riding deep between her buttocks. Mia seemed more prepared for yoga, purple, clearly-transparent tights and a tiny cut off t-shirt that, as she and Mom entered warrior pose, lifted up over her unfettered breasts.

The whole scene was enticingly beautiful and the hardness of my dick was proof of its sex appeal. It was then I had the horrible thought that maybe THIS was the dream, and my vision of sitting upon the couch eating potato chips was the reality. Mia seemed to perceive my presence and turned her head to see me watching, her face lighting up with a smile.

"We've got an audience Mom," she said.

I rose and headed across the lawn to greet them, noticing eyes upon my groin as I neared. Mom wasn't wearing a bodysuit; more a swimsuit of sorts, a zipper running down between her breasts.

"Maybe we should give him something to watch," Mom grinned as she unzipped and allowed her boobs to fall from their constraints.

Mia's tits were already exposed and she did nothing to remedy the situation and I wondered if it was too bold to kiss THEM, all four of them, before I kissed my mother and sister good morning?

"You missed all the best poses," Mia divulged.

"You could've woken me," I offered.

"Mom tried," Mia laughed as she stretched her arms above her head, accentuating her boobs. "She gave you a blowjob in your sleep!"

I looked to Mom who even after all we'd done, blushed. "You had an erection!" She excused herself. "Seemed a shame to waste it."

I could've fucked her right then and there. After a spanking of course, for her naughtiness. But Mom and Mia had other plans. Breakfast. And admittedly I was on board. I unashamedly stared at Mia's crotch as she and Mom held hands giggling like schoolgirls as they headed toward the house. Her labia lumping out through the thin nylon. And then her ass as they passed me by, the purple stretched taut to be almost invisible as it hugged her buttocks. And Mom. Her own cheeks swaying seductively as she walked. I'd had my face between them, I thought. Only hours earlier. Both of them. And as they entered the house to leave me naked, erect, with the early morning sun on my face, I thought of how it began...


-Twenty hours earlier-

"So?" Mia stared into my eyes. "Are you going to fuck us little brother; or not?"

I couldn't believe I was taking so long to respond. From looking up her skirt in the car and upon the couch. To ogling my own mother's ass in her denim shorts. To see her body almost naked as she danced drunkenly, and then that pussy. Exposed to me as she slept. Their swimsuits, or lack thereof. Watching them pee and then our impromptu hand-job session upon this very couch. How could there be any doubt I would fuck them? That I'd devote every waking hour for as long as possible to satisfying their every desire?

"Ah, yeah!" I smiled, and ecstatic, Mom moved in to kiss my mouth. Again, the wonder of kissing my mother. Her tongue between my lips. If their hands hadn't left my dick, I feel I could've cum again. Was that possible? Four orgasms in the space of mere minutes? With my sister and mother as inspiration, I had no doubt.

"Lunch?" Mia broke her hold on my erection and left the couch as if nothing momentous had just occurred.

"Ooh yes," Mom agreed and was right behind her, leaving me looking at an empty room.

And there it was. Casual. Just like that I'd committed to having an incestuous three-way tryst with my mother and sister and it felt like I'd merely agreed to mayo on my sandwich. I looked over the couch and they chatted away as if nothing had happened.

"...I have to try that on," Mom motioned toward my sister's so-called swimsuit.

"I'm looking forward to wearing the sling," Mia responded.

"Ooh, me too," Mom laughed. "The boys don't know what they're missing."

She was meaning Dad and Toby and it raised some pertinent issues for me, rising from the couch and entering the kitchen naked, my erect cock leading the way.

"So, you would've worn that in front of Dad?" I directed my question to Mia who seemed surprised.

"Oh god no," she refuted.

"Why do you ask Honey?" Mom questioned.

"It's just, you guys were planning on this romantic weekend," I paused. "I was just wondering if that meant all four of you were going to..."

"Oh, oh no Darling," Mom denied to my relief. "I wouldn't have let Toby see me in this either," she looked down at herself, adjusting the thong that had once more crept inside her labia.

"Ugh, are you asking if I was going to have sex with Dad?" Mia looked horrified.

"Ah, yeah?"

"That's gross Lucas," she made a disgusted face and she was just like the sister I'd always known.

"And don't worry Sweetheart," Mom approached and placed a hand on my arm. "I had no intention of sleeping with Tobias."

It was more than relief I felt. It meant that, yes, I was going to be used as a replacement cock for the weekend, but what was happening was impromptu. They hadn't set out to have some incestuous swinging event without me. And also, that Mom and Mia had no problem fucking me but not each other's partners, was also pretty flattering.

"Any other questions while you're at it Lukey?" Mia returned from the fridge with a cucumber and I shook my head as she approached, holding it suggestively. "Good. But I have something to ask you."

"Oh yeah?"

"I didn't bring condoms!" She admitted. "So, if you're going to cum inside me, it has to be in my mouth or ass. Is that okay?"

In response my dick twitched, but I was also able to offer a nod in agreement.


I sat on the bed still naked as Mom and Mia tried on swimwear. It was ridiculous really. Only two days planned at the beach and I counted at least six different swimsuits, each hotter than the next. Mom turned to face me as she positioned the sling over her nipples, the blue string of the swimsuit slipping between her folds.

"How does it look on me?" She asked as I struggled to lift my eyes from her pussy. Where it snugly sat inside her labia it had gone a darker blue and I questioned whether it was Mom's lubricant or Mia's that had soaked through the material, it having just transferred from my sister's body.

"Just as good as on Mia," I admitted before meekly posing my own question. "Ah, would it be alright if I jerked off?"

They laughed in unison. "I don't know why you haven't already," Mom condoned my masturbating whilst I watched them, and wasting no time, I took my cock in hand.

This was the life. A satisfied post lunch belly, laying back naked upon a comfortable double bed, erect cock in hand whilst my sister and mother modeled swimwear. Mia slid her body into a sheer white one-piece but was more interested in what was happening on the bed than her appearance, her eyes drifting from the mirror to my cock.

"Why are we even wearing swimsuits anyway?" Mom questioned as she delighted in the way the slingshot bikini rode up between her labia. "It's essentially a nude beach anyway. There's no one else to see us."

"I'm not planning on wearing mine," I added as Mia, now fully invested in my masturbating, climbed upon the bed towards me.

"Ooh, let me have some of that," Mia changed the subject as she crawled up my legs and took my dick in her hand. I thought she meant 'some of' my cock, but it was for the pre-cum she thirsted.

Her tongue at the head, she squeezed up my length and licked at the clear fluid that flowed from me. "Mm, yummy," she hummed before she unfortunately backed off the bed. "I love that stuff!"

"I hope you saved some for me," Mom took up Mia's position, eager to climb aboard and mimicking her daughter, milked pre-cum from my cock. "Ooh, it is nice, isn't it?" She praised, clearly enjoying the flavor as she wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked, squeezing my shaft for more.

"I thought we were going back down the beach!" Mia jumped once more onto the bed, her face down level with Mom's.

"The beach can wait," Mom mumbled, the head of my cock pressing her lips.

I was definitely in no hurry to go anywhere, content as my sister joined Mom kissing and licking my head and shaft.

"I'd love to see you two kiss," I admitted, and as one they both looked up at me.

"Really?" Mia responded seemingly surprised.

"Well, yeah."

"But we're not lesbians Honey," Mom declared, apparently forgetting she'd only hours before had a tongue in her daughter's pussy.

They looked at each other, a hand each around my dick, mouths already wet with each other's saliva. "Shall we?" Mia asked Mom and considering all we'd done, the interaction seemed bizarre.

"I guess we could give it a go," Mom acquiesced, though I began to suspect they were playing up their reluctance.

Almost like nervous teens, they closed their eyes and with the bulbous head of my cock at their chins, they brought their mouths together. Tentative; lips pressing and then a tongue. Mom licking my sister's mouth, her chin. Mia stroked my cock and brought it between them once more as they kissed, both their tongues licking my head, saliva dripping freely down my length, lubricating the hand job.

"Oh Jesus," I gasped. I wanted it to last longer. Hell, I could've watched forever the sight of my mom and my older sister making out with my dick between them. But the inevitable. My vocalization had at least given them the warning, but the way they reacted as my cum gurgled slowly from me, it was as though it was their goal all along.

Pulsing, Mia's hand expertly milking my length, I came upon their mouths. Lips coated with semen, tongues slipping around the head of my cock and into each other's mouth, transferring my fourth load of cum for the day. Slurping, semen and saliva drooling back onto my cock where it was greedily licked up and swallowed.

And I'd wanted to stay home and watch porn!


We walked, all three of us naked, back from the waves to the beach towels. The cold had taken any hope of an erection whilst in the water but it didn't take long for my friend to raise his head.

"Would you?" Mia held out the bottle of sunscreen before she lay down on the beach towel.

Mom, already on her stomach beside her, looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Me too Honey. It IS sunscreen this time?"

Even now, I blushed as Mia laughed.

I took a moment to enjoy the view, Mom and Mia lay out below me. As if on cue, they each parted their legs to allow the sunlight access and there they were, two assholes, two pussies. All equally beautiful. My penis showed its appreciation, swelling with admiration and the anticipation of what was to come.

With the sun blazing upon us, the sunscreen glistening on her skin, I massaged the lotion into my sister's back. She turned her head to look at Mom and with her chin resting upon her arms, smiled.

"Why haven't we had Lucas do this for us before now?"

Mom rolled onto her side to watch the massage I was giving her daughter, her eyes panning down to my erection. "Is he good?"

Mia moaned in reply as I rubbed the lotion into her lower back. "Soo good!" She managed to muster.

I found her buttocks and climbing between her legs to better my access, spread them further. Her asshole stretched, pouting seductively as if blowing me a kiss and I abandoned all pretense I was applying sunscreen. She once more moaned as I pressed a thumb against her most intimate hole, circling and kneading the harder sphincter muscle beneath.

Mom slid a hand between her parted thighs, her mouth opening as her tongue suggestively licked at her upper lip. "I'd love to see you taste her," she hinted, and signalling her agreement, Mia dropped her hands to her buttocks, taking over from me and spreading herself for my attention.

I didn't want to disappoint two women and seeing my sister's labia part to reveal dripping pink, I immediately dove forth. My nose buried into her asshole as I wrapped my mouth around her pussy. The salty taste of seawater before I delved inside with my tongue and tasted woman. I must have been doing something right, snuffling and sucking in her groin as Mia moaned above, grinding her pelvis into my face.

"Don't forget your sister's bum-hole Darling," Mom directed from the sidelines and not missing my chance, slid my tongue from pussy to asshole, Mia appreciative, obscenely rubbing her ass into my face.

Mom had apparently seen enough and made it to her knees to then climb upon Mia's back. Her legs spread wider than my sister's, her position astride Mia's buttocks enabled me to simply tilt my neck to find my nose pressed into my mother's vagina. A sheer delight to the senses. The taste of ass, the scent of pussy. All at once. All from my two most beloved relatives. The most important women in my life. My erection grinding into the soft sand below the beach towel pulsed and we all knew, it was time.

Pulling my tongue out of my sister's butt, I slid it up her crack to taste my mother and then over her own asshole. She knew what was coming when I didn't linger and falling down onto Mia's body fully, her boobs pressing the back of my sister's head, Mom took her ass in hand and presented herself to me.

"Be a good boy and fuck me Darling," she directed, and ever willing to do as mother says, climbed to my knees and aimed my eager cock toward her entrance. Taking a moment to rub the head between her slick folds, I traced the line of her labia from north to south, pre-cum mixing with her own glistening lubricant. So soft was her vulva, so pronounced was her clit as I teased it with my cock to her delighted giggle, before committing and pushing myself inside her.

Inside my mother. My cock. It was a momentous occasion. I felt like the first man on the moon. Surely, I was one of but few to have such a coupling? The divine pleasure of penetrating one's mother. To slowly, inch by inch return to the womb with my most flattering expression of love, my erect cock. Inside her completely, my pelvic bone against her buttocks. I pulled out just as slowly to her accompanied moans and thrust away, hammering myself back, deep. The slapping of flesh upon flesh as I fucked her.

She collapsed fully upon Mia, her face alongside her daughter's and awkwardly, wet hair in the way, they managed to kiss. Mom's mouth fell open as I renewed my assault. Surprised at myself for not cumming at merely the sight of my mother and sister kissing, I fucked away, grabbing Mom's buttocks and parting to stare into her asshole then back at my sister licking Mom's parted lips.

"Fu-fuck this feels so good," I stammered as I managed to up my rhythm, pumping into her piston-like.

"What about me?" Mia bemoaned; her muffled voice buried in the beach towel. "I wanna get fucked too!"

I was a good son and a thoughtful brother. I pulled out of Mom and with Mia's asshole slick with my saliva and Mom's dripping lubricant, the head of my cock found an inviting home. Pressing down with my fingers upon the shaft, it for a moment seemed too big for her tight ass, Mia moaning as I guided my swollen head into her pouting sphincter until finally, as if breaching a dam wall, slid easily the rest of the way inside her body. So warm were her insides. So tight was the grip of her anus. I held Mom's hips as leverage as I thrust inside Mia's ass.

"Is it good Baby?" Mom asked Mia, her fingers stroking through her daughter's hair.

"Oh yes," Mia managed to gasp as I increased my fucking, her sphincter loosening around my dick and the friction frustratingly lessening.

"Squeeze your pussy around him Baby," Mom kissed her. "Hug your brother tight."

"He's...he's in my ass Mom," she confessed, correcting her, her mouth falling open. "I think I'm gonna. I think I might cum!"

She wasn't the only one. Though her ass had grown loose, the mere realization I had my dick in her butt had me on the verge of my own orgasm and I closed my eyes, thinking of anything else but what was below to stave off my release. It wasn't easy.

"Ooh, an anal orgasm!" Mom exclaimed at Mia's pronouncement. "They're the best kind. Do it Darling. Cum on your brother's cock."

Still holding Mom's hips, I relented and looked down. Her hand rubbing away at her own sex, further to Mia's buttocks and my wet cock sliding in and out of her ass. Back up at their faces, Mom kissing Mia's cheek, her open mouth. Mia's eyes closed before an almost pained expression came to her face followed by her anus squeezing around my cock.

"Mom I'm... I'm cumming," Mia declared.

"Yes Mia, good girl," Mom encouraged, her hand slapping furiously away upon her clit. "Cum for us. Cum for your brother."

I dug my fingers into the flesh of Mom's hips, pulling apart her buttocks once more to further ogle her manipulation.

"Yes Lukey, do it," Mom managed to look back over her shoulder at me. "Finger fuck my ass son."

Mia's anus held my cock tight, the walls of her vagina shuddering through her rectum to signal her orgasm, as I slid a finger across to Mom's pouting asshole. Slick with her own spreading juices, I found little resistance as I eased my index finger inside her ass, feeling the silky walls of her most private enclave.

It seemed to be all Mom needed. Her mouth falling open to mimic my sister as her body spasmed with her own climax.

A finger up my Mom's ass. A dick in my sister's. There was little I could do to prevent the inevitable. Mia had said it was okay, so without foreshadowing, I allowed myself to cum. Barely moving, the slightest of thrusts, Mia's still clenched asshole providing all the stimulus needed, I released inside her. It was almost painful, how tightly she clenched my girth. But the cork popped, my cum surged forth, a flood of Biblical proportions. Filling her ass with my affection. My breath held; I prolonged my orgasm as my thighs grew weak, collapsing upon the mass of female flesh below me as I pulsed my love and our simultaneous climaxes subsided.


The skirt of Mom's French maid costume didn't even reach her buttocks, sitting high on her hips leaving her pubis and said cheeks entirely exposed. Without panties, she bent before me giving me once again an unobscured view of her anus and enticing pussy below as she poured drinks in the living room.

The school uniform Mia had been wearing lay abandoned on the opposite armchair and naked, my sister lay beside me on the couch, her mouth around my softening cock.

"I think you've sucked it all out by now Mia," Mom reflected upon the proceedings as she passed me a large glass of bourbon and Coke.

Mia lifted her mouth off my cock with a slurp and looked up at Mom. r";area=summary;u=910148


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