(Background on chapter 1: Our heroes, while naively exploring a remote region of the Amazon jungle, come face to face with those they were seeking: A never before contacted tribe. Be careful what you wish for! Their subject turned out to be a small band of exceeding tall primitive women proudly displaying reproduction appendages commensurate with their towering height.

At last look the lone white male, Cliff, was the subject of the sexual muse of four of the apparent dozen Amazonian tribe members - Da, Rosad, Clarou and their leader Oxocca. After witnessing the lurid subjugation of Da by her sisters Cliff finds himself in much the same predicament.)

Oxocca stood poised to plunder with her large tool into Cliff's helpless upturned ass. He was frozen with dreaded anticipation. But then the fem-inions took their strategic positions about him - Da behind, Rosad under and Clarou in front. Being on the ground on all fours Cliff was trapped in all directions. He accepted his fate and closed his eyes so as not to bear witness to his own demise.

Sensations seemingly coming from every compass point jolted Cliffs eyes open as wide as quarters. Da was lovingly teasing him from his balls to beyond his taint with ever so slight sliding of her fingers. Rosad played the role of the bottom in 69 pose inhaling his dick and his now taut wrinkly balls. He had a dick, the tribe cocks. Carou was standing inches from his mug with her hardening cock in hand.

It was a sensory overload to which Cliff quivered. The visual of large cock and balls on feminine frames, the aromatic waft of sweet booty sweat, the auditory effect of restrained panting, the touch of a voracious warm moist mouth upon his package and the taste of his own saliva, and trepidation.

Oxocca began her slow descent towards his waiting azure painted asshole. Just before this Da had pulled his cheeks apart almost painfully. The redness of skin from stretching combined with the mysterious blue die formed a purple tinted bullseye for Oxocca.

Her first contact with Cliff's target was a repeated teasing of bobs with her cock, sans penetration. Then came the slow drag of her tool up and down his crack. Cliff was now beside himself with anxiousness, just as Oxocca had intended. She paused near the bottom of his crack so that Da could point his dick backwards between his thighs and rub his hyper sensitive underside with Oxocca's tip.

Da then unsubtly slapped Cliff's cheeks with her palms then dug her fingers into his valley to found his asshole. She gripped the flesh bounding the schism between his cheeks and pulled apart. Oxocca then squatted further down and slid her stiff rod against his vulnerable pleasure portal.

She suddenly ceased progression. He couldn't take the suspense any longer and raised his ass in a feeble attempt to connect with Oxocca. Feeble because Da held his balls, Rosad gripped his shaft and Carou held his head still by feeding him her entire length. She had inserted herself so far into his mouth that he was mercilessly pinned against her copious pubed bush.

Oxocca gave painful swats of her cock against his left then right cheek. Without ne'er a thought of his possible discomfort Oxocca jammed her impressive ball sac into his hole. If he had not been held prostrated by Carou's fat pleasure stick he would have jumped a foot.

"Be patient, my lovely victim. This will feel better for me than it will for you", laughed Oxocca as she finally breached his hole with her mighty cock. His body stiffened in response but it was too late, she squashed her balls atop his. She then held herself motionless with her inner thighs perched upon his tail bone. It was a beautiful scene featuring vertically adjoined buns connected by a hidden pole and Cliff's dangling balls and dick below.

Without a warning Oxocca commenced pumping her hips like a jigsaw. He experienced nirvana instantly which was only enhanced by Rosad's sucking, Da's licking the rear of his sac and the helplessness of the forced falatio upon Carou.

"Make him cum first," barked Oxocca as she pistoned up and down almost angrily. Carou could not hold back any longer and withdrew her cock from Cliff's mouth just before her cream splashed across his face. Da camped her teeth lightly around his balls. Rosad furiously fisted Cliff's shaft just where it met the bulbous head. His relatively diminutive dick began to swell and spew over Rosad's tummy and into her belly button.

He did not realize that while sucking Carou he was also jerking off Rosad. She too let loose her juice generously across his neck and chin.

Oxocca gave a final grunt with a downward crash against his buns so hard that it collapsed Cliff's precarious tripod stance. This caused him to be violently sandwiched between two giants with him as the cheese pasted to bread by the mayonnaise cum on him, under him, and dribbling out of him. A collective sigh emanated from the dog pile of skin.

Meanwhile, Shayna was experiencing her own sordid tale in a hut a few hundred feet to the west. She was suffering a similar fate as Cliff by being bound by rope and tethered to a stake driven in the hut's middle ground. She was afforded some leighway with a ten foot lead of rope connecting her to the stake. It was just enough slack to amuse her captors greatly when she futilely evaded their advances by running in circles.

After many laps around the center Shayna became exhausted. This was her undoing as the three tribes women condensed at her person. When she was summarily stripped of her garments a collective gasp rang out.

"She has wuwu hole like High Chieftess," one said while pointing to Shayna's hirsute covered womanhood. "Let us do gnock-gnock upon her. It's been too long since last time."

"Yes, she looks strong enough to handle it," exclaimed another.

With what little energy she had left Shayna tried to get up.

"Let me help you, little girl."

Standing behind her the third Amazonian raised her to a standing position. She then wrapped her arms just under Shayna's ample bosoms, keeping her in place. The other two attacked one teat each with their lips and tonguss. They flicked directly on her nips, then alternately swirled clockwise and counter around them.

Shayna shivered intensely. Her head tilted towards the sky in ecstasy. Then two of the clan picked her up and joined arms to form a sling with Shayna sitting upon it. The free tribeswoman sauntered over in front of her and ran a finger slowly up her slit with a maniacal smile. Shayna closed her eyes and gasped her delight.

The one manipulating Shayna aggressively inserted all but her thumb within Shayna, that digit was reserved for her clitoris. She curled those fingers in a cup like formation and began to oscillate within her vagina walls. Shayna could resist no more and let loose a torrent of girl cum.

The clanswomen all smiled triumphantly then gently layed her down on giant palm leaves scattered about the floor. Shayna lay prostrate face up as the shortest of the troupe sat on her own knees awaiting the others to assume their rightful positions to the sides of her. See, in this society of giants height is the ultimate measure of rank, relegating Shorty as a mere roadie.

The one on Shayna's left signaled to the shortest to push Shayna's knees to her chest and divide them. Shayna complied as would a ragdoll and mounted missionary, then flipped on top. As if reclaimed from the dead Shayna manually inserted her immediate lover's mast within her and began to rock forwards and back.

Increasingly audible moans of rapture exuded from Shayna's throat and her rocking graduated to a roll. She was then awoken from her bliss by a rough warm tongue sliding upwards along her crack and slowly up her spine, ultimately reaching the back of her neck. Shayna arched her back while enjoying the rapid see-saw motion of her lover beneath.

The warm tongue rapidly migrated back down to her cheeks and surprised her by probing her asshole. Suddenly she felt a swirling sensation encircling her butt hole. The tongue was replaced by a bulbous appendage exploring her rear. Once it found its prize star it moved forward to take its possession. Lubed with copious spit Shayna felt the exquisite sting of a second penetration.

The two giving lovers alternately pistoned upon Shayna's body. So entranced was she of the dual grinding rhythms that all other sensory stimuli were ignored. None except that of the third wheel standing directly in front of Shayna straddling over the owner of the marvelous cock within her pussy. Already at full mast Shayna engulfed the thickened pole and commenced slobbering with relish.

She sucked for what she thought would be the last drop of her strength. Then the intensity of her pleasure hit the roof and her second wind allowed her to wrap her arms around Shorty's waist and mash her face against Shorty's pelvis.

The sudden burst of energy also gave Shayna the moxie to divide Shorty's ass and explore her hind hole. That pushed Shorty over the edge and with her exasperations of orgasm came a cascade of such amongst all other participants in the licentious union.

Sweat, semen and vag secretions formed a mote around the heap of spent and sated lovers. Sounds of orgasmic agony rifled throughout the forest causing the feral flora to be on alert.

When the initiations had concluded the captured nudes were assembled in a marching line headed beyond the huts. They came upon what appeared to be a bamboo altar. Upon it sat a curvy pear shaped woman sporting a foliage headdress, a staff of wood and an arrogant smirk. She was accessorised in an unclad state and appeared to be of normal stature.

"Are these our latest spoils, " she asked the tribe adding, "quite a diverse catch this time. You have outdone yourself Oxocca."

Oxocca then bowed deferentially and began to introduce the prisoners by name. Then the Chieftess interrupted, "The only name of consequence here is mine, Urholla, Queen of the Amazonian Bitches."

She then stood up and revealed her smallish penis, pendulous tits and expansive posterior. Both Cliff and the dark skinned science staff J'quin began to become erect at the sight. She gave her fellow captees a sideways glance of disdain towards them for their immodesty.

"I see that those of our male enslaved have exhibited the proper decorum, another kudo Oxocca," exclaimed Urholla, "prepare them for me at my tent. The woman shall be forced to observe, but cannot touch herself. That will learn her to be so insolent as to scowl in my presence."

All three were marched to the tent and when they entered they stared at the interior doe eyed. (As you will be in the next installment ...)


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