Note: This story involves acts that would be immoral in reality.


"Hi, everyone," Maya said, and the initiation party got quiet.

It had been plenty loud, up until then. There had been cheering, and drunken singing, and plenty of makeouts. Dozens of couples and the occasional group of three had snuck away from the blaring music and the drinking games to find a quiet spot where they could fuck. The kegstand record for the year had been broken by a cute sophomore gymnast named Kelley, who was celebrating her win upstairs with a boy whose name she didn't know.

But, no matter how loud the party got, everyone knew that Maya was the boss bitch, and when she talked you listened.

"We have two orders of business tonight. First, once the final challenges are done, those of you who pass will be pledged as sisters of Sigma Lambda Tau."

There was some markedly drunken cheering from the freshmen and sophomore girls near the front, and Maya smiled.

"I am so glad you're here," she said. "If you pass, I look forward to calling you sisters. And if you don't pass, I look forward to seeing your baby bumps in a few months."

There was some additional cheering and hooting, but this time it came from the older girls, and the prospectives stayed mostly silent.

"Second," Maya went on, "We're going to find out who our next president will be. I've graduated, but you all deserve only the finest boss bitch to take my place. We have two brave girls who are ready for that challenge, and tonight we're going to find out which one will become president, and which one will become a mommy."

The sisters all cheered. From among the freshmen, someone asked, "Is she for real?" before someone shushed her and the hush returned.

"So, Avery and Hannah, come on upstairs with me."

Two girls stepped out of the crowd. The first was tall, with curly blonde hair, and her dimples showed as she smiled around at all of the assembled sisters. She wore a blue dress that swished as she walked and showed off her lovely cleavage. She turned to follow Maya, pointedly refusing to look in Hannah's direction.

Hannah, meanwhile, hardly looked anywhere but at Avery. Unlike the taller girl, her outfit wasn't formal; she wore a sleeveless top that showed off the muscles of her arms more than her modest bosom and a pleated skirt that hung down almost to her knees. She brushed a strand of brown hair away from her green eyes as she watched the other girl sashay up the stairs.

The assembled sisters and potentials watched them go, uncertain at first about when it was alright to speak. Then a redheaded junior named Molly pumped her fist, and the sisters chanted Sigma Lambda Tau's motto as they watched the two girls round the corner upstairs.

"Fuck, fight, win!" they called. Normally the motto was delivered with a laugh, or at least a lascivious grin, but this time no one could manage much. Neither of the two girls was someone they'd want to fuck with, and yet there they went.


"Here we are," Maya said, smiling as she opened the door of a guest bedroom. The room was full of tasteful wood-paneling, with a tall window looking out towards the city in the distance. It was also, as the girls discovered as they stepped inside, already occupied.

Two fancy chairs, upholstered in Sigma red and with carved armrests, had been placed against the wall, giving them a clear view of the bed from its foot. A tall young man sat in the further chair. He wore nothing but a silky red zorro mask, embroidered with the Sigma Lambda Tau letters, that obscured most of his face. He was somewhere in the gray area between muscular and lean, with light brown skin that he'd shaved like a swimmer. Hannah felt her heart rate creeping up as she tried to find any identifying characteristics and failing. He could be African-American or South Asian, and she doubted she'd be able to track him down later based solely on his well-defined abs and handsome cock.

"Let me just say," Maya said, smiling, "that I'm honored to be here with such beautifully slutty people."

Avery smiled broadly at Maya. Hannah smiled slightly, but narrowed her eyes.

"That includes you," she added, glancing over her shoulder at the boy. He nodded, as if to say 'fair'.

"So, here's how the challenge works," Maya went on, as she took a seat. "First you're going to strip, because you shouldn't keep any secrets from each other."

For the first time, Avery looked at Hannah. Her dimples made it hard to differentiate between a smile and a smirk, but Hannah felt that she was receiving the latter. Avery was taller than she was, and certainly bustier; if this was strictly a beauty contest Avery had far more experience.

"Could you get my zipper, Hannah?" Avery asked.

"You can't get it yourself?" Hannah asked, an eyebrow raised.

Avery's smile broadened. "Whenever I wear this dress, I always have help getting out of it again."

Maya giggled. Hannah mentally kicked herself for letting Avery get a dig in early, then nodded. "Alright."

Avery turned, and Hannah approached. In spite of the past hours of partying, Avery smelled like lavender instead of alcohol and sweat, and Hannah had to remind herself not to get distracted. She found the zipper and pulled it down to the small of Avery's back.

"And I didn't even have to buy you a drink," Avery said.

Hannah gave Avery a swat on the ass, slightly too hard to be called playful.

"Be nice to each other," Maya scolded.

Avery considered saying something else, but kept quiet. She shrugged the dress off of her shoulders and slid it down, then kicked her shoes off. She set her dress carefully on the edge of the bed, then turned to face Hannah in nothing but her strapless bra and lacy black panties, her golden curls flowing enticingly onto her bare shoulders.

Hannah crossed her arms down and pulled her top off, then tossed it aside. She unbuckled the belt that held up her skirt, then slid it down, kicking off her flats in the process.

"Get the girls out, too," Maya said.

Avery glanced briefly at the boy, who hadn't said anything or moved apart from leaning forward a bit, then shrugged. She reached back and unfastened her bra, then slipped it off her shoulders and set it atop her dress. Delicately, she slipped her panties off her hips and bent her knees to slide them down.

She was almost as regal without her clothes as she was in her dress. She made no move to cover herself, as she stood; Hannah could see every inch of her soft skin, from her smirking lips to the swell of her generous breasts to her crimson-and-pink painted toenails. She'd trimmed her bush into a narrow landing strip, and Hannah couldn't stop herself from staring for a moment. If they weren't gunning for the same job, and the past year had gone differently between the two of them, she would have had less complicated feelings about seeing Avery naked.

Before anyone could nudge her, Hannah reached back and unclasped her bra and shrugged it off, her eyes still fixed on Avery's. She pushed her panties down and let them fall to her ankles, then stepped out of them.

Hannah wasn't quite as well-endowed as Avery, but she reminded herself that girls and boys alike had described her boobs as 'perky' and 'exactly one handful.' Her dark nipples stood out, and she spent enough time at the gym to have well-developed muscles that Avery had never seen before. Her bush was trimmed just enough to fit beneath a bikini, and she stood facing Avery with her legs slightly apart. If the taller girl was intimidated, though, she didn't show it.

"Ooh, aren't they pretty?" Maya asked, glancing over at the boy. He didn't say anything, although he nodded emphatically.

"He's not allowed to talk," Maya explained. "But you are. Why don't you tell each other you're pretty?"

Hannah took in Avery's naked form, from her perfectly styled hair to the curves of her breasts to the enticing shape of her pussy, still mostly concealed by her closed stance. She didn't have to lie.

"You're pretty, Avery."

Avery smiled back as she sized Hannah up. Hannah had a defined six-pack, which Avery had seen on plenty of boys but had rarely seen on a girl. That kind of exercise, much like pubic hair and breasts in the B-cup range, seemed a bit common to Avery; but she couldn't deny that Hannah had an animal sort of charm.

Just as Hannah was starting to wonder if Avery had some other insult in the works, Avery smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"You're pretty, Hannah."

"Good," Maya said. "But, before we go any further, I'm going to join you."

She stood, and pushed her sari-like dress down off of her shoulders. As Avery and Hannah watched, she let it fall to the ground, then unfastened her bra.

"One of you is going to be president next," Maya said as she slid her panties down, "so I shouldn't keep secrets from you either."

She stood naked for a moment, letting Avery and Hannah look. She was shorter than either girl, with wavy black hair that was beginning to escape from her hair clasp and lovely brown skin. She was slight enough that Hannah suspected she could pick her up without any difficulty, but her weight was beautifully distributed. The curves of her bosom and her hips were enticing enough that Hannah forgot her questions for a moment.

"So," Maya said softly. "Here is the challenge that one of you will complete. The hardest part of being the boss bitch is that you need to put all of the other girls' needs before your own. So, the two of you are going to lie down on the bed together, and you're going to try to get each other off. Whoever gets off first is knocked out, and the other one gets to be president."

Avery raised her artfully plucked eyebrows. "Oh," she said, casting a sly glance at Hannah. "This should be fun."

Hannah glanced at the boy. "What's he here for, then?" she asked.

"I'm glad you asked," Maya said. "We don't want the second in command to be gunning against the boss bitch. So, whoever gets off first has to do the forfeit." She smiled at the boy. "Isn't that right, The Forfeit?"

He nodded.

"One of you is going to lose," Maya said. "And he's going to fuck her until he's knocked her up. We checked, and he's good at it." She watched both girls trying to conceal their sudden fear. Avery was better at it, she thought, showing only a sudden flush in her cheeks; but that didn't mean she was going to win.

"Whoever does get pregnant, you'll have the boss bitch and the whole house to help you, but it's still a burden you need to bear. This is your last opportunity to back down."

Avery looked over at Hannah. Her mask of Southern-belle composure was almost perfect, but Hannah could see her hand shaking just a bit before she set it on her hip.

"My momma didn't raise a quitter," she said. "I'm in."

Hannah's thoughts raced. This was an enormous risk. She'd been with enough girls to have some experience, but she'd been so busy with initiation events for the past few days that she hadn't been able to fit an orgasm into her schedule, and she was extremely horny. There wasn't a guarantee that she'd win, and if she lost she'd be trying to balance her senior year on top of a growing belly. She'd become a parent, and that would be with her forever.

But, if she backed down now, Avery's smirk would be with her forever instead. She'd always know that she'd chickened out where this mint-julep bitch didn't, and that would be harder to bear by far.

"I'm in," Hannah said.

Maya took a deep breath, and glanced over at the boy. His face was still hidden, but he gave her a thumbs-up.

She giggled. "You would think so," she said, then turned back to the girls. "Well, get to it."

Avery smiled at Hannah, and reached out for her hand. Hannah took it, trying to guess from the way her slender fingers felt how she'd be in bed. If the rumors were true, Avery had been with a few girls before, but never for long.

Hannah couldn't feel too much confidence, though, because her body was already reacting to Avery's nudity. Her imagination was already running away, thinking of what Avery's tits must feel like, and speculating on the taste of her lips, and running the numbers on how she'd moan. Hannah could feel herself starting to get wet at the thoughts, and she took a deep breath as she watched Avery climb onto the bed on her hands and knees, flashing Hannah with a brief glimpse of her pussy.

Hannah climbed up and lay down on her side, facing Avery. Avery smiled at her, her expression serene and almost shy as she ran her right hand along Hannah's hip.

"I hope it's okay that I took this side," Avery said, smirking and glancing at Hannah's right arm, pressed against the bed.

"You know I'm left-handed, right?" Hannah replied. As Avery frowned and tried to gather her wits, Hannah reached out and cupped Avery's ass in her hand, then gently pulled her closer.

Avery got herself together just before Hannah pulled her in for a kiss. Avery's lavender perfume swept across Hannah's senses, merging with the softness of Avery's skin and the delicate movements of her lips into an image of gentle beauty. It was hard to square that image with the aura of superiority that Avery worked so hard to project.

Avery's kisses were hard to decipher, too. Normally the way someone kissed told her something about how they felt, or what they wanted. But Avery's kisses felt like performance - an exaggerated show of sapphic affection for their audience, and a show of control for Hannah. Whatever her real desires were, they were concealed beneath the showmanship.

Hannah let Avery lead for the moment. Her heart rate was rising, and she knew it could be dangerous to let herself be swept away. But if she let Avery think she was in charge, she might let slip a bit of what she really needed.

"This brings back memories," Maya said softly. The boy glanced over to her, as if asking what she meant.

"How do you think I got to be president?" Maya asked.

Avery had placed her hand on Hannah's hip, but as they kissed, Avery moved her hand down, insistently caressing Hannah's thigh. Avery wondered if Hannah would turn to butter at this sort of touch, like so many boys did, and tried to stifle her worry when she didn't. She still knew how to get girls off, if only from the occasional night when she couldn't find a boy and pleasured herself instead. Hannah might be rough, but even the roughest boys fell apart when touched in the right way, and surely Hannah would too.

Maya kept speaking, just loud enough for the boy to hear but not loud enough to interrupt the girls on the bed.

"Jessica has been my best friend since we got to college," Maya said. "We pledged together, and took classes together. We were both hall leads, and organizers, and so our senior year we both ran for president."

Hannah pulled back from the kiss, trying to catch her breath. There was little escape from her excitement, though; every breath pressed Avery's breasts against her own, and Avery's hand drew closer to her pussy with each moment.

Avery caught Hannah's eye, her expression of superiority mixing with what looked like actual sympathy. "You haven't had any attention this week, have you? You've been so busy."

"I've managed," Hannah replied.

"You don't need to just manage, though," Avery said. "I can take care of you."

Hannah chuckled, although it came out breathy. "You haven't had any attention either."

"A hostess ought to make sure everyone else has what they need first," Avery said, as her fingers glided across Hannah's bush and gently touched her lips. The angle wasn't good, as long as they were facing each other, but Hannah felt herself raising her leg to give Avery better access in spite of herself.

The boy watched the bed avidly, his cock rising even as he kept his hands on the armrests. He glanced over at Maya, though, who smiled and continued.

"So, Jessica and I found ourselves right here. I know her so well, but that meant that I knew what she needed. I got her off, and watched her get knocked up, right on this bed."

She paused. "Well, there was a different bedspread, but otherwise the same."

Hannah gasped as Avery's fingers delicately traced her lips, caressing them and letting their wetness cover her fingertips.

"You need this so bad, sweetie," Avery said. "It's hard for a slut to go without any attention. I can help you."

Hannah grabbed Avery's ass, not to provoke her but only to keep from rolling onto her back. If she rolled over she wouldn't be able to reach Avery's pussy, and she'd be done. Avery wasn't wrong, though, which made everything harder. She wondered which side of Avery was real - the ever-superior Southern belle who needed to run everything, or the girl giving her the touch she so desperately wanted.

"You just want to be in charge," Hannah said. "And for me to get knocked up."

"I want to be in charge so I can help everyone," Avery said. "And you're so strong, I know you could handle a baby. Especially without a man to crimp your style."

Hannah knew it was a self-serving argument, but her thoughts were resisting her efforts to put them in order. She pulled Avery back in for a kiss, to stop her from speaking and buy a moment to think, and she could feel Avery's enigmatic smile against her lips.

"Which one do you think is cuter?" Maya asked the boy at her side. "Not that you get to pick, but still."

The boy seemed to consider this for a moment. Then, with a glance over at her, he held both hands upwards, palms up, miming a balanced scale.

"Yeah," Maya agreed. "We picked you well."

It occurred to Hannah as she kissed Avery that neither part of Avery's persona had to be false. Avery was playing a role, by acting like the superior Southern lady, but maybe she only did that to keep people away. Maybe it kept people from getting close.

Well, maybe it stops them from getting emotionally close, she amended, as she kissed her way down to Avery's neck and felt the taller girl's sigh as much as she heard it. Maybe, as slutty as she is, she doesn't let her partners get close enough to find out what she really liked.

Hannah let her kisses continue wandering. She moved down Avery's neck, feeling her pulse race as she kissed a path towards her collarbone. She listened closely, and heard Avery gasp softly as she brushed against Avery's ear. She moved back up, and gently nibbled at Avery's earlobe.

"Oh," Avery whispered. It wasn't enough to throw her off her game - she was still gently caressing Hannah's pussy, and feeling her get steadily hotter - but it was unexpected, and it felt more intimate than it had any right to.

"Do you like this?" Hannah whispered, then ran her tongue along Avery's ear.

Avery laughed, but it came out breathy. "I can tell you like doing it," she said, glancing over Hannah's clit for emphasis.

"That's not what I asked," Hannah said. "I want to know what you like."

"Ask my exes," Avery grinned.

"They never really asked, did they?" Hannah murmured. She pushed just a bit closer, and felt Avery shift back ever so slightly.

In the chairs, Maya glanced over at the boy. He was watching with obvious signs of excitement, but he turned his head back toward her.

"Would it be rude of me to jill off?" she asked. "This is getting interesting."

He held his hand out, as if to say that this was her house, and she could fuck herself if she wanted to.

"Thanks," she said, licking her fingers and running her fingers along her lips as she watched.

Avery's hand had slowed, her rhythm faltering as Hannah licked her ear. Gently, Hannah slid her fingers between Avery's legs, following her landing strip down and caressing her lips. Avery's wetness engulfed her fingers almost immediately, a sign of desperate need that no amount of southern gentility could cover. Hannah was torn between sympathy for Avery's poor horny self and a gleam of hope that she could still win this. She decided that it was okay to feel both.éns41

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