"Ohhh you f- fuck m-me soooo goo... I'M COMING!!"

Seth growled and grasped her throat gently, panting from the effort, "Yeahh... come on my cock, Mrs Woods." Just as he felt the telltale contractions of an orgasm massage his pole, he threw his head back in triumph. When his eyes opened, they saw his mother.

Susan felt her face somehow even hotter as she made eye contact with Seth. Seth's stared blankly. June grunted and shook, her eyes closed shut. Fortunately for all three involved, the boy's hips reflexively continued to pound the oblivious housewife through her orgasm. Despite her sheer terror, Susan's eyes were glued to the scene, absorbing the absurdly erotic scene before her its entirely.

Panic finally made Susan flee the scene quietly. She quickly tiptoed down the stairs and put on her shoes, her heart thudding as she listened to another shrill scream from her friend reverberate through the house. Absentmindedly, she walked and walked, and before long, was back at the Millers' backyard. She picked up a glass of wine, inserted herself into a circle of chatting guests, and pretended to listen as her mind replayed the images again and again.

"What about you Susan?"

Susan had no idea what the question was or how long she had been standing in the circle. She had only one thought in mind. "Oh... sorry... I've actually got to excuse myself."

She rushed to the granny flat outside the Millers' spacious backyard. Since her mother's death, Rebecca used the studio as an office and a place to host intimate occasions; Susan had slept off more than one hangover in the queen-sized bed in the adjacent bedroom after a mutual complaining about their marriages. This time, she sought the bathroom, and locked herself in.

She turned on the lights and the fan to create some ambient noise, but her head was throbbing so loudly that she thought her ears would burst. She put down the toilet seat and sat down. Her hand shook as it busily worked to unbuckle her skirt and creep inside her sodden panties. She hissed as her fingers worked her labia and clit, soaked from her sheer excitement. She closed her eyes, and the images grew stronger. The flexing and relaxing of his pale, lean glutes as her son skillfully fucked a woman over twice his age. When she remembered the way his thickness split open June's quim, her fingers drove into her, eager to replicate the pressure; when she remembered the way her pink muscles clung to the thick babymaker as it withdrew, desperate to halt its exit, Susan began to feel the telltale lancinating wave in the center of her vagina. She hissed as her fingers rubbed more and more desperately, and just as her mind focused on the determined, handsome face of her baby boy, she began to orgasm. Hoping that she would be out of earshot of the party, she vocalized her release, trying to be as quiet as possible, her grunts and groans slowly softening to whimpers.

As her twitching hips shuddered to a standstill, the slowing sounds of her panting were all that permeated the silence in the bathroom. She couldn't remember the last time that she had come this hard.


"Susan... what are you doing?" she thought to herself just as she began to turn away.

She was at her son's door. It was nearly 10 PM, and Andrew still hadn't come back from the Stones'. After indulging herself at the Millers', she'd slept off the alcohol at the granny flat. Evidenced by the absence of June's pumps, her teenage son's fuckfest had fortunately ended by the time she had returned home, and she quietly slipped upstairs and showered. Horny as hell, her head still filled with images of her studly teenager, she had been waiting in bed in a baby doll for her husband to return from the Stones' and fulfill his promise. As the hours ticked by, she grew bored and restless, and began wandering the house, before ending up here. Suddenly, almost out of her control, her fist reached up to the door and rapped thrice.

Silence. Then, "come in."

Susan couldn't help but gasp soundlessly when the door opened. Her son stood nude, except for a pair of tight boxers. He was covered in a sheen of sweat, standing with his hands in on hips, lightly panting next to the pullup bar. The bed was still messy and the stench of the fornication that had taken place still lingered softly in the room.

"Hey, mom."

"H- hi baby," she smiled her mother's sweet smile at him, her eyes briefly fixing into his big brown ones. Yet, sheer animal nature forced her eyes back onto his sweat-glistening frame. She traced the thick cords of his neck tapering to his broad, but lean chest, the small muscles on his sides rippling with even the smallest of movements, and the nearly absurdly defined definition of his abdomen. The teen's physique had always been scrumptious, but seeing him in action earlier made it unforgettable.

"Doing up some pullups?"

"Yeah... Wow... you look nice..."

Susan found the boy's eyes wandering as well! The gray, sheer baby doll hung from two small straps on her shoulder, the translucent material laying bare all of her milky skin, except for that hidden by her black bra and panties. Her eyes went wide though, when she saw the growing bulge in his boxers. Soon, it strained the fabric to a near breaking point, bobbing against the fabric with his heartbeat. She felt faint.

"Thank you sweetie...so... um..."


"You and June, huh?"

The boy smiled sheepishly.

"Yeah. We were both pretty bored at the party... and we figured that now that Penny's gone, our deal didn't really apply..."

"Our deal?"

"Oh that we wouldn't have... sex while Penny was still around."

Susan's expression of bemusement slowly dissolved into one of surprise.

"Wait you've done it before?! WAIT AND WITH PENNY AROUND??"

"Yeah... she came on to me one Friday night. I went over to Penny's house and June let me in. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and undid her robe. She told me that Penny was out of town for an old friend' birthday and that she wanted me. One thing led to another and before I knew it..."

"You had sex with her."

"Yeah - she jumped me!"

"Oh wow, you poor innocent boy, getting accosted by a tiny woman half your size."

The boy tried his best to suppress a smile to protect his contrition, but he failed and began laughing. Susan could help but join him, happy for anything to the cut the incredible tension.

"Okay, okay, and she's hot. She said it had been a long time since Penny's dad had died, so... yeah," he confessed as he sat down on his bed, patting the area next to him.

Susan sat down next to him. Familiarly, the boy smelled of sweat, a recent shower, some deodorant; yet there was something else in the air that she had been noticing over the past year that made her dizzy.

"Gee, what a humanitarian. I assume you kept... filling the void of her great grief?"

Seth laughed at his mother's sarcastic look, "Oh yeah."

"With Penny around?"

"Just a few times! She'd corner me in the bathroom or a closet for a quick thing when I'd be over. I think it was extra exciting for her, but then Penny almost caught her blowing me in her bedroom, and so we promised not to."

"Oh my god. Now that her dear daughter's out of the way..."

Seth smirked, "Well she doesn't have to know."

Susan looked before her and rested her chin on her hands, shocked by her son's secret life. The trashcan caught her eye - more than one condom, filled nearly to bursting, lay at the bottom.

"Wait... are all of these from today?!"


"Oh my god... you kept going??!"

The teen smiled guiltily and shrugged, "I figured dad was gonna be at the Stones' and... you probably weren't about to come back soon."

"You're a complete scoundrel. And... from the looks of it, looks like you had all the fun."

The boy looked her straight in the eye and smiled lasciviously, "Oh please... we both know that's not true. Don't you remember what she was saying?"

Of course she did. Her mind wouldn't stop flashing images of her good friend of several years coming and screaming on her son's cock. It's all she could really think about. "O-oh yeah... well, okay her one to your three," she muttered as a consolation, feeling like a hypocrite as she tried to remember her own last orgasm.

"Nope... more like at least three of hers to each of my one."

Susan was surprised to find herself burning with jealously as she did the math, "Wow... I wish my sex life was half as good as yours."

He chuckled, "Yeah... June's insatiable."

Susan took offense at that; she wasn't quite sure why. "Pshaw... it's not her. Women don't tire out. Men do."

"I don't," the teen boosted proudly. "I bet I'd tire you out."

"Sure you don't. No way."

"I'm not joking."

"I don't believe you."

Why is it so hard to believe? Does dad tire out a lot?"

"What? Th-that's not what... that's not what I'm saying!"

"Oh, it is you then. You're just not interested in sex."

"Yes I am!" Susan blurted out inadvertently. She stared at her lap, her ears burning. Suddenly, she felt his hand on hers, and looked up to find him looking straight at her as he tried to reassure her.

"Well, if it's not you, it's definitely him. It takes two to tango."

Susan laughed, "Oh yeah... if only I had a willing dance partner."

"Well, you've got one here..." Seth grinned suggestively. His hand still covered hers.

"I know, goofball," Susan giggled, nodding towards the still obscene bulge straining the fly of the teen's boxers. "But what would your dad say?"

"He doesn't have to know. We're just playing around, and sounds like you feel like you're not getting enough... practice," the teen said calmly as he moved her hand to his shorts.

Susan swallowed, her hand instinctually feeling for the outline of the boy's manhood. Its girth and length felt absurd - the rock-hard implement felt like a warm can of air freshener. Her head spun as the boy edged closer, his other arm now wrapped around her.

"Wait... your father... he'll be home soon... this is getting out of ..."

She stopped, eyes wide, as Seth pressed his lips to hers. The boy's warm lips and his assured touch, catalyzed by the thrill of the day's events, woke a hunger in Susan and she pressed back, her free hand running over the rippling muscles of his chest.

Encouraged, Seth kissed her harder while pushing her back onto the bed. Just as she felt her head touch the mattress, Susan watched the boy climb over her, her nails admiring the taut muscles of his shoulders, chest, and arms. As the felt the warm weight of his body descend upon her, she felt his tongue pierce her mouth; the combination drove her breathless, but instead of fear, a thrill surged through her core. Her hips began to open and grind reflexively, and soon, the lad's large bulge pressed into her crotch.

"Yesss..." Susan hissed, her animal pleasure at the sensation overpowering her surprise. She had forgotten how hard erections could be. Even through his boxers, her babydoll, and her panties, there was no mistaking the barrel of his manhood rubbing her opening, demanding entry. His tongue also pressed against her lips, and she hungrily acquiesced, her nails digging into the boy's back.

Seth stabilized himself on one elbow, still kissing his partner intimately, as he ran his other hand over her figure through the babydoll. His palm, roughened from years of lifting weights, rubbed her stomach and squeezed her unfettered breasts. Soon, it flew downwards and began to infiltrate her panties.

The forbidden touch made Susan push the boy away, who sat up on his knees. She suddenly felt embarrassed, and crossed her hands reflexively to cover her sanctum. Panting uncontrollably, she looked directly into her son's eyes, just inches away, and whispered, "W-we can't..."

The teen salivated at the prominence of her breasts, now fastened by her forearms. He rubbed his steel hardon against her soft hands, naught but thin fabric between them.

Eyes wide at the obscene protrusion in the boys underwear, her fascination got the best of her, with her hands abandoning their guardpost to feel the outline of the thick pole. She shuddered at the dimensions she estimated just as as the pole began massaging the now unprotected wet spot that had formed in her panties.

"O-oh... hol-y... ooooh..."

"Just trust me," the teen whispered back with a smile, his ploy successful. His fingers snuck back under her panties and began applying direct pressure on her sodden labia.

Susan's eyes fluttered and closed, and she pressed her lips back onto her son's. She groaned as the pleasure radiated from her pelvis through her body. The teen's fingers danced around the edge of her sanctum, stroking and massaging as they went, just avoiding her clitoris with each pass; it began to ache for relief and she whimpered. His thumb rested on the base of her opening and slowly rubbed the edge of her lower wall, daring more and more entry with each iteration. When it began to spread open her lips, she gasped and her eyes flew wide open. Anticipating her apprehension, the lad's fingers began stroking her clitoris. Her hand suddenly clutched his shoulder and she broke away from their kiss, gasping.

"Ohmyg... Seth!"

Her eyes closed and her head pushed back into the bed as she drew in air through closed teeth. The teen hungrily kissed her neck and chest, his tongue caressing the soft grooves of her neck. Meanwhile, his middle finger began to massage her upper walls while his thumb lightly brushed her clitoris.

Susan shuddered and groaned at the flicker of pleasure radiating from between her legs. Her hands clutched wildly until one of them felt the hardness of her partner's billyclub through his underwear and began stroking by instinct.

"Oooh... that feels so good, mom. You feel so tight around my finger. Can you imagine how thick I'm gonna feel inside you?"

The combination of his touch and the scandalous suggestion he just made sent Susan to the edge without warning. She squealed. "SETH!! Ohhhhhh!!"

As she grunted and whimpered, her hips bucking through an intense orgasm tearing into her being, the doorbell began to ring. She shuddered and her rational mind tried to force her back on her feet, fighting the urgency of her natural reaction.

"Ohhhhhhh... ohhhh fuckkkk. Oh FUCK! Somebody's at the door!"

"Oh shit..." the boy stood up, his fingers sticky with his mother's nectar.

"It might be your dad - lock your door and don't come out."


Susan bolted out of her son's room and back into hers, throwing on her robe before running downstairs to the door. Through the peephole, she could see Andrew, drunk out of his mind. She fixed her mussed hair and composed herself before opening the door.

"H- hic hi honey..."

"You're late."

"I'm... I'm... sorr..."

Susan sighed with disappointment, but also relief. "And totally drunk. Let's get you to bed."

Five minutes later, Susan sat in her marital bed, staring at herself in the mirror. Her fat husband was passed out behind her; there was no point trying to rouse him. When her eyes returned her figure, they saw rustled, messy blond hair, running mascara, and flushed and sweaty skin. It's good that Andrew was drunk; even an idiot would recognize that his wife had been up to something very salacious. As she lay back onto her side of the bed, she smiled as she revisited her rendezvous with her son in her mind. She stared at the ceiling and let the voices of her mind debate whether to return to the delights of her teenager's bedroom until she fell asleep.


Susan jumped and swung her racquet down in an arc; the lobbed tennis ball flew towards the inner box on the other side.

The ball bounced and spun towards the outside of the court. Susan muttered a quick "yes" to herself and her serve took Virginia Lee completely by surprise. She had won the set!

Later, by the club entrance, the two women said their goodbyes.

"Wow I've never seen you play like that before! You crushed me!"

"Thanks - it's good to win for once!"

"Well, you're not winning next week! Same time? I can pick you up again if you need."

"We'll see how Andrew's feeling. Thanks Virgie - I really appreciate it."

"No problem! You sure you don't want me to drop you off?"

"No, I see Andrew's car in the lot. But thanks again."

The women shared a sportsmanly hug before Virginia quickly scampered off. Pastor's wife or not, she was a newlywed, and Susan silently opined that she surely she didn't want to waste the opportunity a Saturday morning offered for relaxing post-workout fuck. As she walked towards the grey Lexus, she smiled bitterly, wishing she had Virginia's reason to be excited. But, her husband had after all come to pick her up, and was trying his best. The least she could do is meet him in the middle. Who knows? Maybe they'd even kinda feel like seeing each other naked. She opened the door.

"Hi, honey."

"Hi, honey to you too."

Susan almost jumped when she heard her son's voice. The teenager sat in the driver's seat, his eyes freely wandering over her tank top and skirt.

"Seth?! What are you doing here?"

"It's nice to see you too, mom," the teenage shook his head in fake offense, finishing the ruse with one of his gorgeous, toothy smiles.

Susan couldn't help but smile back, scrunching her nose and jabbing her son with the butt of her racquet, "Ugh, brat. Of course it's nice to see you, sweetie. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to pick you up. Just helping out..."

Susan smirked as the boy hungrily eyed her bust, "Wow, that's so kind of you, mister. Like you had no ulterior motives at all."

Seth shrugged, "What's the harm in getting to spend some quality time with your son?"

Susan chuckled, shaking her head, as she slipped into the passenger seat and threw her gear into the back. Seth rounded the cul-de-sac of the club and pulled onto the street, jetting towards the highway.

"Where's your father though?"

"In bed, hungover."

Susan sighed and shook her head. "Big surprise."

"After last night though, now I'm kinda looking forward to him going drinking."

Seth suggestively smiled at her. Susan smacked him playfully, but couldn't help but blush.

"Don't be expecting a repeat of last night, young man... I'm still not sure about all this."

"Repeat?! Nothing even happened!"

"You call last night nothing?!" Susan asked, genuinely shocked, the memory of the intense experience still fresh in her mind.

"Oh come on... I bet more went down the last time you went to Happy Hill. You never did tell me the story of what happened there."

"You didn't either."

"You first." The teen countered with her own words, smirking haughtily.

"How I ever disciplined you, I don't know. Okay... here's the honest truth."


Susan couldn't help but smile at the teen's apparent anticipation. She remembered the flash of feeling similarly when she eavesdropped on her mother's knitting circle, after the wine had flowed.

"I've never been there."

The lad deflated completely, "What??! You lied!"

"I did no such thing! I just said that I went to the school. Everyone knew about Happy Hill."

"Oh... you never wanted to..."

"Of course I did! I was an awkward teenager and my parents wouldn't let me date. Not everybody's mom is as cool as me."

The teen wordlessly signaled and switched lanes until he took the nearest exit before doubling back onto the opposite freeway.

"Where are we going?"

"Happy Hill."


"We're gonna fulfill teenage Susan's desires."


Susan's heart began to pound. In the ensuing silence, it felt like she could hear the battle inside her head. Mrs Anderson was begging her to tell her son that this was a mistake. Susan the schoolgirl couldn't wait to get fucked silly by a teenage stud. Before she knew it, the car stopped at the top of hill; the view of the town in the morning light was breathtaking. Unsurprisingly, at this time of the day, there was nobody around.




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