"Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cummmmmm!!!!!" she yelled, unnecessarily. Her thighs shuddered and clamped round my head, then splayed wide open as she grabbed my head in her hands.

I pulled back my head and looked at the beautiful sight that's a woman coming close up, her pussy clutching at my fingers buried deep within her, and her arsehole winking involuntarily with the muscle contractions. Then I made my tongue as flat and broad as I could, slipped my fingers out, and just held my tongue against the top of her cunt and clit, forcing another groan out of her and making her grab her tits again and resulting in a small spray of juice on to my beard. I let the pressure diminish as the aftershocks shuddered through her, knowing she'd be too sensitive to take much more. I sucked her delicious juice off my fingers and felt my cock twitch in anticipation of soon being buried in her.

As she came down I looked over. Jackie had Tony's cock buried deep in her mouth with her hand massaging his balls, which I could see were lifting and tightening, and he had his head thrown back. I knew I had to act fast before he reached the point of no return so I interrupted them and Jackie reluctantly pulled off his cock, wet with her saliva.

I said to him "From behind?" and he nodded eagerly. I knew from our chats that it was favourite for all of us.

I rolled Karen over and quickly stripped the rest of my clothes off. The girls raised themselves on elbows and knees, heads in the pillow and put their bums high in the air in an act of submission. I savoured the view for a few seconds - is there any more magnificent view than a sensuous, mature woman waiting to be penetrated? I can tell you there is - two of them, lined up next to each other

They were a vision - my cock twitched looking across at my wonderful wife. Seeing her from behind like this never fails to get me going. Then I looked at Karen - still in her rumpled blouse that was rucked up over her waist, pale grey stockings and suspenders framing her arse and pussy, dark pussy hair glistening, shiny nude heels pointing back at me. Her rump was an absolute picture, a full, rounded peach with just a hint of a wrinkle where it met her thighs, just as a gorgeous mature woman should be.

I put my broad, flat cockhead at the entrance to her hole and she wriggled around trying to push herself back on to me, then looked across at Tony, "This is it," I said, "Are you sure this is what you want? No going back." Karen moaned and wriggled against me again.

He didn't say anything, just nodded. The lust on his face was visible. Whether it was the prospect in front of him, or finally seeing his wife taken that was causing it, I didn't know, but right then I didn't care.

I had my permission. I gave it to her in one long, hard thrust, forcing her lips apart and bottoming out in her. Her pussy was boiling hot. Her breath gasped out of her as the first strange cock other than Tony's in her entire life opened her up and I had to hold her hip to stop her falling forward.

Jackie's familiar grunt told me Tony had penetrated her too and I wondered what was going through his mind as he buried himself in his first new pussy in years

Mindful of Karen's liking for a good vigorous fucking and how I'd already done what I wanted, more than what she lusted after, I didn't mess about, and started fucking her hard and forcefully with long, deep strokes.

She grabbed forward for a pillow and shoved it back underneath her to support her tummy and let herself lift her arse up even higher so I could drive in harder. The visuals were fabulous - legs wide open, pussy gaping, my cock spearing in to her again and again. She threw her head back and her wavy dark hair tumbling down her back spurred me on even harder.

The situation was highly charged and there was a danger us guys would come too soon if we weren't careful. I looked across at Tony and his face was red as he enjoyed the fresh feel of a ripe redhead pussy. I was determined to give these two an experience not to forget so cautioned Tony "Let's make these two come first. Then we can get what we both want. Don't try and reach her clit or tits - they get too sensitive. Just give her a really fast hard shagging and try and angle your cock up a bit. She'll come in a heartbeat."

He took my advice and changed his angle of attack and leaned back, pulling her hips on to him and instantly Jackie started shouting "Yes! Right there!" as he hit the spot.

I too shifted and leaned back, grabbing Karen's heels in my hands. This puts my prick at a different angle and in Jackie it drives her wild as it touches a different spot and gets really deep. I reckoned it would have the same effect, and I was right. I was pounding her really hard, my cock finding a tight spot deep in her and she started wailing. I wanted us both to give this gorgeous woman and her loving husband an experience neither of them would ever forget.

Again and again I pulled back, looking at her pussy lips pulling at my thick shaft, not wanting to let it go, pulling her cheeks apart and looking at her arsehole winking at me, then ramming in to my full depth, forcing the breath out of her again. I could feel her pussy tightening and soaking up even more as my cockhead hammered her cervix, her juices pouring down over my ball sack as it swung back and forth, crashing into her clit and driving her excitement ever higher.

I had one more selfish move to pull but I reckoned it would work.

I pulled out one last time and then stopped. Instead of forcing it straight back in to her I started to give her little dips with just the head of my cock finding her hole. She was circling her hips, trying to push back on to me, but I teased her and teased her with shallow strokes for half a minute, feeling her pussy desperately scrabbling at my cock, trying to get filled again. Then, without warning. I rammed it home.

It sent her over the edge. She cried out, her pussy clamped on me and her legs started shuddering and quivering, and she rammed her arse back at me trying to get my cock as deep as she could, shouting "Oh! Oh! Oh Goodddddddddd!" as she forced herself back on to me. She shuddered and cried through her second orgasm for half a minute or more and almost collapsed forwards, but I was ready for it and grabbed her hips and pulled her back.

The sound of Karen's orgasm had had the expected effect on Jackie. I looked across and saw her shuddering, tits shaking as Tony hammered into her and she pushed back on to him and cried out in orgasm. I knew what he'd be feeling at that moment - Jackie's pussy does this amazing "wet pit" thing right before she comes that is unique in my experience, and it's fabulous.

I held Karen up, still impaled on my cock.; now, it was time for my and Tony's turn. I knew exactly what he wanted, and my desires were completely coincident.

"I'm going to fill your married pussy with my sperm, Karen," I said firmly, "You know that's what your husband wants to see."

"Yes, do it! Fuck me, fill me up!"

I started to pound her again, with slow but just as deep strokes. She really was incredible, her wet pussy was now rippling against me, holding me in its liquid heat, as I fucked her through what she said afterwards was a stream of mini orgasms. I hooked my fingers under her suspender straps so I could get the marvellous sight of the belt sliding around all over her bum as I forced myself into her relentlessly.

Next to me Jackie had gone for her signature move - she had reached back under her and had Tony's balls in her hands, squeezing and rolling them together, then stroking her nails from the back of his sack forward before gently pulling. I can't withstand much of this, which is why she does it when she wants to feel me explode in her.

Seeing my wife coaxing the cum from my friend's balls was almost too much to take. I could feel the familiar tingling starting at the tip of my head and then shivering down my shaft before moving in a wave over and round my balls, and I knew I was getting close. Something changed in my rhythm, the force with which I was grabbing her hips, or maybe she felt my cock swelling in her, but Karen noticed too.

"Come on," she urged, "I can feel you close, come in me, fill my married pussy with your sperm"

She reached back herself and pulled her arse cheeks wide apart, displaying the full glory of her hairy, grasping, hungry pussy with my cock buried to the hilt, and rammed it back on to me, and it sent me over the top.

I roared as I felt the cum boiling in my balls and then overflowing, spurting up through the depths of my cock and then exploding inside this luscious woman. I closed my eyes and saw a vision of my dick head deep in her wet, red folds, my hole opening and spasming as a geyser of cum erupted out of it in thick, creamy gouts. I fired a huge load - nine or ten powerful spurts smashing into her cervix and blasting into her womb. My balls lifted and fell, pulsing and contracting as they emptied into her. I pulled her to me as I finished, pushing the last of my sperm deep into her, then stayed there as I felt my cock softening inside her.


I reached back and first tickled, then held Tony's balls as he ploughed into me, knocking the air out of me with each stroke. I raked his ballsack with my nails and then held his nuts more firmly and rolled them together. Straightaway I felt them tightening and lifting and I knew they'd start pulsing soon.

"Unnnh! yes!" He grunted " I'll come if you do that" I said nothing but smiled. That was what I wanted.

Two more strokes and he was there - grabbing my hips, going rigid and then I had the wonderful feeling of his cock swelling and exploding in me, and that warm wet feeling when you're filled with a guys cum.

"Ah yes!" I gasped as I wriggled my hips back on to his cock as he finished in me.

A few seconds later I heard Robs familiar climactic grunts and saw him unloading in Karen. This was a first for me, it felt weird and slightly detached seeing his cum face I knew so well without being filled myself. But it was nice - gave me a warm feeling. I knew that moment so well when Rob comes hard. I wondered how she was feeling at that moment, when she received her first load of cum from a different cock.


Finally my cock shrank back and I pulled out, followed by a dribble of sperm falling on to the bed. I was glad I'd done a good enough job of forcing it in that it was mostly still inside her, as I knew this is what Tony wanted.

Our wives rolled over and held their arms out to welcome us back to them. Before receiving Jackies's embrace I stole one really hard look at both of them and wished I had a camera to preserve it, but it wasn't the time. The look of a freshly fucked pussy is hugely erotic - both women were a picture of sex and satiation - pussies gaping slightly from the passage of our cocks, a dribble of sperm down their arse cracks.

We kissed and cuddled back in our 'home' couples. I knew both of us would want to reclaim our wives, but realistically we were both middle aged guys so it wasn't going to happen straight away, but we stripped our remaining clothes off and got under the king size quilt together as we remade our bonds.

Jackie and I kissed tenderly and she whispered in my ear "I think they enjoyed themselves" with a tiny giggle.

"Hmm," I agreed, "well, I certainly did. Did you?"

She murmured her assent to, "It's been a while. It's nice to feel someone else again. Exciting"

We reached down to touch each other. I marvelled at the feel of her slick lips and sparse bush, soaked in cum, and she shuddered as I passed her clit "Careful," she said, "still sensitive". She grasped my cock and stroked my balls, then gave me a big smile as she felt the first stirrings. "Already?" she asked, with an amused expression

"You shouldn't be such a sexy slut," I replied, "The flesh may not be totally willing but I need to be in you, to reclaim you"

She kissed behind my ear and breathed in a husky voice "I want you to. Tony's cock was nice but I want this one back in me, touching me like only you can. I'm all puffy from that pounding, maybe it will make me feel tight as well as super hot and wet. I can't wait for you to add your sperm to his, you know we both love it."

Her dirty talk had the desired effect and my cock slowly started twitching back to hardness

"Come on, " she breathed in my ear, "Take me back. You know I love that feeling when you push into my full pussy. Get inside me and add your load."

I rolled over and she opened her legs wide to welcome me home. I rubbed my cock head over her soaking folds to try to coax maximum stiffness into it and she shuddered. Then I pushed it home in three sharp thrusts, making her groan. Once again I felt that wonderful feeling of another man's hot sperm squirting round the sides of my cock and my wife's folds parting, swollen from the friction of another man's cock. She closed her eyes and shuddered, revelling in that delicious naughty feeling we had come to love indulging in occasionally.

Next to us I watched Tony get between his wifes legs and line his cock up with her entrance. She lifted her legs and wrapped them round his back, pulling him into her. "Fucking HELL!" he yelled. I grinned. I knew exactly what that feeling was like, and it was amazing. At this point his cock would be feeling the hot pool of my sperm deep in the woman he loved. From my own experience it took herculean strength not to come straight away faced with that incredible feeling and we were both struggling with it.

They were talking dirty to each other as they coupled but I couldn't make it out very clearly, and then felt weird as I tried to tune in to it, like I was intruding on their intimacy. It was powerful stuff though, both of us in the raw animal passion men reclaiming their wives.

Finally I felt my sap rising. I put both Jackie's legs on my shoulders, pulled at her thighs, and started ramming away like a man possessed, determined to ram my sperm deeper into her than Tony's. We were all getting there pretty quickly - the urge was strong for both of us men.

Together we cried out and pushed ourselves into the hilt and unleashed our loads into our beautiful wives. I couldn't see Tony's balls jumping but I knew what he was feeling, filling her married pussy with his cum, and I knew what she was feeling, the hot spurts and warmth bursting inside her and the outrageous naughtiness of a brew of two mens' sperm filling her to the brim, giving her the ultimate feeling of womanhood.

We kissed and cuddled in our respective pairs. At our age there certainly wasn't going to be any repeat performance - well, not that night anyway!


The guys rolled off both of us, completely spent. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply,

smelling the scent of our couplings in the room. Then I looked across at Karen. She looked - not quite shellshocked, but certainly wide eyed at what had just taken place. I didn't know if it was "good" wide-eyed or "bad" wide-eyed, but I needed to know.

Tentatively I reached out and touched her hand, seeming to break the spell. She started, then looked at me, gripped my fingers - and smiled, then we both broke out into laughter and I knew it was all going to be OK.

I smiled deeply, and felt a wave of warm empathy pass over me. I had an urge to clean up but it could wait. For now I revelled in the feeling of both guys' cum trickling out of me and over my bum, and felt completely connected to Karen as exactly the same mixture spilled out of her.

What a wonderful night.











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