I walked to her house earlier than I was supposed to.

After she had left I got up to clean up the mess but there wasn't much to clean. She had licked me well.

I thought about how wrong this all was and how I should stay away from her house at all costs. My dick was soft. I took a shower, a nap, and an hour later my thoughts had changed.

I wouldn't be able to stay away. Not from that mouth. I was horny again and I couldn't think of anything else but what that mouth had done. I went on social media, I tried to play with my Xbox, I even went down to find Mom and see what she was doing.

Mom was getting ready to go out to the mall when I saw her. I didn't talk to her but at this point my brain was so messed up that I did check her out. She was wearing white jeans. Tight white jeans. I only saw her from behind.

Mom was short but she had a nice figure. Those pants were beautifully stretched and shaped by her ass.

It was only an hour before my planned visit to my dear sister. So I left the house early and walked around before heading down a few blocks to her home.

Something made me wait outside until the minute arrived. I rang her bell and she came to the door.

"I'm glad you came." She hugged me and led me inside. She saw me checking her out as soon as we were in the living room. I was hard, she was wearing the same skirt from earlier. I wanted to fuck her already.

"Not so fast bro." Her smiles turned me on. "I'm glad you like my skirt. It's my favorite too but there's something else I need to do before you pay me back."


"Let me grab you something to drink and we can sit for a minute." We sat next to each other on the couch and she began.

"I didn't mean to scare you when I said you owed me. I want you to be comfortable with everything you do. I'm not forcing you to do anything but you need to let go of any prejudices you might have. I can tell how hard your brain is working, you're questioning everything you do. At the end of the day that's all just going to deny you and me all the fun we could have."

"I do want you Bree."

"I know, I know. So don't worry too much about it." She grabbed my hand. First she licked my fingers and then moved my hands to her breasts. Her other hand found my cock over my pants. We sat there touching each other.

I played with her firm breasts until she lowered my hand more and placed it on her lap. She let go of my hand allowing me to roam free.

I leaned forward to kiss her. We started making out and my hand moved on her beautiful legs finding my way underneath her skirt.

The side of my hand bumped into her cock.

Yet I continued. My palm touched her inner thigh and would only bump against her cock. More and more her cock simply touched my hand.

I still had mixed feelings. I decided to turn my hand around because I was supposed to, rather than because I wanted to. At my touch she pulled away her kiss.

Regardless of everything in my head, her lustful face was so encouraging. She just looked at me and I saw how much she enjoyed being touched there.

At that moment when my palm began to embrace her cock the doorbell rang.

She stood up a bit alarmed, looked down at me and then quietly walked to the front door.

"It's Mom."

"Fuck." I replied.

She looked at me as if she expected something else from me.

"It'll be alright... right? We're just sitting here right." I asked. She looked down at my pants.

"No, she'll think it's weird that you're here, and if she sees you... Here I have an idea. Come." I followed her into her room where she made me walk into her closet. There was more than enough space in it for me to stand inside. She left the room. What about that bulge on her skirt? Her boner.

I could hear them.

"Hey Mom!"

"How's my girl?" I rolled my eyes, Small talk. When will she leave? I hoped Bree would get rid of her soon. They conversed for a few minutes until things got a bit more quite. I couldn't hear them anymore but it didn't seem like Mom had left.

I opened the closet door slowly but that's all I got a chance to do. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement and closed myself back in. It was Bree. Then Mom came in right behind her.

Bree walked toward the closet and look firmly towards me. I could see her clearly through the through the veranda bi-fold door.

I didn't think she could see me but it was as if her eyes were staring straight at me. And then I heard the click.

Mom sat on the bed. I wasn't planning on leaving but I tried to push the door in order to confirm that Bree had locked me inside the closet.

She turned away from me.

"How's your day been Mom?"

"It's been great honey. It's been great since you came back to us, I only think of you."

"I'm glad to hear that. I'm so sad things between you and Dad are ending so badly." I was not aware of that.

"Don't worry about it any more Bree, it has nothing to do with you, well for the most part." Mom assured her. "It's been dull between us for so long that I never questioned how bad our relationship was. It wasn't until you entered my life again that I finally saw the light."

"That makes me so happy Mom." Bree leaned close to Mom and gave her a peck in the mouth.

"You know I love you honey and I'm so glad to have a girl to talk to."

"I love you too Mom." I was witnessing a sweet scene. One that did not need to take place in a bedroom and yet here they were. Was this all a joke Mom and Bree were playing on me?

"Things will be so much better soon Mom." Happily Bree jumped on the bed and standing on it announced. "They already are so much better but there's so much more to come."

Mom laughed and looked up at her daughter maternally. Then Bree's expression changed from glee to thoughtful while looking down at Mom. Mom stood up off the bed without ever looking away from Bree.

Mom's back was towards me. Bree smiled, but it wasn't the same sweet smile from just moments before. It was the same smile I had seen before, a deviant smile, a lustful and commanding smile. But she wasn't looking at me, she was looking at Mom.

Bree put her hands on the hips of her skirt and started moving them from left to right playfully.

"This will make you happy." Bree announced.

Slowly, and without stopping her playful dance, Bree pulled her skirt up and up.

My hand covered my mouth to stop the sound coming from it. Mom extended her arms and grabbed hold of Bree's legs. She moved closer.

I could see it all too well because Bree was standing on the bed and Mom was quite short. Bree's semi-erect cock came into view.

Bree stepped forward and Mom stood still.

Mom's had to raise her head a little so she could began to suck her daughter's cock, and oh she did.

Softly it seemed she let the dick enter her mouth.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Mom's head moved forwards and backwards.

Bree caressed Mom's hair and face with an expression of joy.

My shock lasted for a couple minutes. Then the image in front of me began to affect me in a different way than just shock.

Bree removed her blouse and out came her perky beautiful titties. Then my eyes moved down to Mom's moving head. Then lower than that. Mom still held Bree's legs. And then there was that ass of hers that looked so full, so chewy.

At which point Bree decided to fall down on the bed.

With Bree down on her back Mom's head followed making her ass point at me.

Why hadn't I ever noticed it my whole life?

Standing at 5 feet two inches Mom had changed very little throughout the years. At least from my point of view. Yet from my current point of view the woman sucking cock looked so different from the woman I had seen throughout the years.

She was in her fifties and had always been a thin woman. She had always been just Mom so I had never noticed that round ass that nicely filled up her white jeans. At the moment the jeans seemed to have dropped an inch and the beginning of her butt cheeks were exposed along with a white thong.

She had blonde short hair and blue eyes.

What I did recognize was the energy with which she sucked.

I had never seen her do this but Mom was always an active and enthusiastic person. My mother and sister were taking their time with the blowjob and my mind wandered about bodies I was witnessing.

Mom took off her top.

"I've been craving this all day." Mom explained as she undid her brassiere. Her naked back looked delicate and sexy.

"Me too." Responded Bree.

Bree got up and pushed Mom to the side and down on the bed. Bree followed her down to kiss her and quickly turned her attention on the breasts. They weren't gigantic yet much bigger than I had thought they'd be. Her exposed tits hung a little from the weight but judging by their size they should have fallen farther down. They didn't, they had a bounce to them.

After Bree moved from the left nipple to the right I focused on the size of Mom's nipples. Big light brown nipples.

Now that their side was towards me I could see much more. Bree had an erect cock that rested against Mom's legs. The skirt was only getting in the way. Mom enjoyed getting her nipples sucked even more once Bree moved her hand down her crotch.

Bree untied Mom's jeans and pushed her hand down. She stopped licking Mom's nipples and took off the jeans instead quickly followed by the white thong. She threw that tiny piece of clothing towards me.

"Yes, eat me already Bree." Mom opened her legs wide.

"Yes, ma'am." Bree went down on Mom. I wanted a better view of this but I had to satisfy myself with my situation. I was so turned on. Bree buried her face in pussy full heartedly.

Yet she didn't forget about me.

She stopped for a second and placed her face on Mom's thigh, directing her eyes towards me. She was looking straight at me as she lifted and pushed her ass out. The skirt covered only the very top of her ass, the rest was visible, and her lower back was curved. If only I could be behind her. I would fuck that ass so hard. Then she returned to eating with her ass high and exposed..

Mom had not defenses and no shame. She moaned freely and happily. "Ah, mmm, I can't believe no one had ever done that for me before you. Ya, ya...oh oh oh fuck!"

I was so hard my cock was pushing again the closet's door.

"You taste so good Mom." Bree managed to say.

Bree rose up to her knees again. Without hesitation she moved between Mom's legs and made herself comfortable. Mom extended her arms to find her daughter's cock under that skirt. She then helped herself to the cock by guiding it into her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Mom moaned. She bit her lower lip and I saw her left hand squeeze her left tit. I loved this. She wasn't doing it for anybody, it was just a natural response that encapsulated the pleasure she was feeling with that tiny bit of pain that comes with it. She was squeezing hard.

"I love your pussy Mom." Bree began to move her hips up and down. Mom moved her legs from being wide open to being closed around Bree. Bree had great thrusting power. She began to fuck harder and harder.

She stopped for a second after a while only to remove her skirt completely. It wrapped around her so Mom easily helped her remove it.

Bree had a smaller cock than mine. That was my first thought as it rested on top of Mom's pussy. It wasn't tiny but I felt some odd satisfaction that it didn't rival my 8 inches. But what I was happiest about was the rest.

She pulled off her blouse as she continued again thrusting in and out of Mom. Both women were totally naked. It was such a view. What I meant by the rest was Bree's whole body. She was quite the girl, her slender young figure resembled didn't resemble Mom short stacked figure. Bree had the better shaped ass but tinier tits, she was taller too. It was in their faces that could tell they were mother and daughter.

It was a young woman's body that now fucked my mother.

They flipped. Bree fell on her back and Mom mounted her. I had to take it back. Mom had the better ass. She placed her hands just beneath Bree's breasts, curved her back, and began bouncing her ass on Bree's cock. It was as if only her ass was moving. Mom mounted that cock in such a way I couldn't believe Bree wasn't cumming. Then Mom began to grind back and forth and jumping up and down again.

Bree hadn't moaned until the grinding. On and on they kept at it and my ears filled with their sound. They hugged, they flipped around, but they wouldn't stop fucking each other.

They're bodies shined with sweat, "I'm cumming." Bree finally announced. I say finally because at this point my cock was out and I was jerking it harder and harder resisting my urge to jump out of the closet.

Mom moved to the side of Bree and stood up on the bed. "Let's be naughty this time. I know you'll like it." She moved to stand with her feet on each side of Bree, then she squatted down. This time the bottom of her feet remained in place. I could tell Bree was barely holding on. Bree's cock was awake and erect as a pole just waiting as Mom made her descent.

They did something I had never seen before. Mom squatted just low enough until her pussy reached the tip of Bree's cock. She looked incredibly sexy squatting this way. Then she began to move around. Fuck, fuck, how does that feel?. She was pleasuring herself by moving that cock on her pussy lips, while Bree enjoyed those pussy lips on her cock's head.

Bree endured this for about thirty second. A slowly approaching orgasm was announced by the women's moans.

"Do you like that?" Mom asked. "I like it so much Bree, can you feel my juices on your cock." I was about to cum myself. Bree managed to nod a couple times before one last moan welcomed her sperm into this world.

Mom didn't move. She allowed the sperm to shoot onto her skin. She just closed her eyes and bit her lower lip again.

Once Bree was finished Mom fell down on the bed next to Bree. She began to rub her pussy rapidly, and then her head leaned up and over Bree. In this position Mom cleaned Bree's cock with her mouth while playing with herself. Bree just crossed her arms behind her head, smiled, and enjoyed.











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