Matt looked back over his shoulder, taking one last look at his wife before leaving her alone in the bar. God, she looks sexy, he thought, hoping their plan worked.

The idea was that he'd leave her alone in the bar in the hope she'd be able to pick up a guy and then, with luck, bring him home. They'd already discussed whether to tell whomever she picked up that Matt would be waiting at home. They had decided to tell them that he intended to watch them having sex. Things would be too unpredictable if they surprised them with his presence; neither of them wanted to deal with an angry stranger in their home.

Hopefully, whoever she picked up would agree to Matt watching and wouldn't chicken out as they would only go through with sharing Liz if he was in the room with her.

Matt was hoping to join in, wanting to see his wife with a cock in her pussy and mouth at the same time. If that was too much for whoever she picked up, he'd be happy just watching and hopefully taking photos.

As he drove home, he thought about the trip they'd made earlier that afternoon to the Mall.

"How much am I allowed to spend?" Liz had asked as they walked into the Mall, aware that they were short of money.

"As much as you like, but I get to approve the outfit."

"Are you sure we can afford it?" Liz replied, already planning her outfit for the night to come.

"Probably not, but who cares. You only live once," Matt said, taking her hand as they searched for an appropriate store.

Liz squeezed his hand, feeling butterflies in her stomach as she thought about the night ahead. Her hands were shaking from excitement and just a tiny bit of fear. What if Matt gets jealous? What if one of them wanted to stop once started? They'd spent hours discussing whether they should turn their fantasy into reality. Both coming to the conclusion that they wanted to try, but only as long as they both agreed.

"Let's try this one," Liz said, dragging Matt into an expensive-looking women's clothing store.

Matt looked around, seeing only a few other customers as he followed her into the store.

Liz began looking through a rack of skirts, quickly putting them back, saying they were too long. Liz moved to the next stand, where she found a short black pleated skirt that looked promising.

"Fucking hell, is that a skirt or a belt?" Matt joked, laughing, examining the tiny garment that she held up for him. It was so short it looked like it would only just about cover her ass. Perfect!

"Do you like it?" Liz asked, looking at his beaming face as she held it up to her waist.

"It's very short...I love it. It's certainly won't leave much to the imagination."

"That's the point, isn't it?" Liz said, picking out a few more skirts to try, all of them black and slightly longer than the first one, having pretty much made up her mind to buy the first one but wanted something to compare it to.

"I'll need a new top as well," Liz said, walking towards the tops and blouse, Matt following dutifully behind.

Liz spent a few minutes rifling through the tops before moving on to the blouses, not looking very impressed with any of them.

Seeing her look of disappointment, Matt walked over to the shelves along the back wall, where the more expensive silk items were located.

"What about a silk one?" Matt said, picking up a sheer white blouse that had caught his eye. "This one?" he asked, holding out the blouse as Liz approached with her collection of skirts.

Taking the offered blouse, Liz inspected it, "I like it, but this is one of those tops that people wear a designer bra beneath."

"Then we'll have to get a bra as well," Matt said encouragingly.

Liz grabbed a couple more tops as she made her way towards the fitting rooms.

While he waited for Liz outside the fitting rooms, two women who looked to be in their early forties entered arm in arm, leaving their bored-looking husbands outside alongside Matt.

After a few minutes, Liz pocked her head around the corner, trying to attract Matt's attention.

"I can't see," Matt said, stepping towards the fitting room entrance.

Matt smiled as Liz stepped into view. She was wearing one of the skirts she'd grabbed off the rack on the way into the fitting room. This one was a tight-fitting peach colour, coming to about halfway down her thighs, beautifully framing her long slender legs.

Liz took a step towards him, asking," Well, what do you think?"

"It's nice, but not quite what I had in mind. Try the black one, the short one." Matt said, smiling encouragingly.

Liz smiled, turned on her heels, walking back into the fitting room. Matt watched her ass as she walked, the tight skirt showing the shape of her firm buttocks. He noticed the other two men were also giving her ass a sneaky look.

"Wait," Matt said suddenly.

Liz turned, looking at him questioningly.

"I can see the outline of your panties. You'll have to take them off. Let's see how the black one looks without a panty line." Matt told her in a voice just loud enough for the other two men to hear.

"Yes sir," Liz said, with a huge smile, looking around him at the two other men knowing that Matt wanted her to put on a show for these two strangers. After their encounter with the Gasman the previous week, they'd discussed how much they had both enjoyed their first experience of Liz exposing herself to strangers. Matt had told her that he wanted to find other opportunities for her to flash. This is as good an opportunity as any, Liz thought.

Matt overheard one of the men saying to the other that he wished their wives would hurry up so they could get to the pub. He looked at them just as the other man nodded towards the fitting room, indicating that Liz had reappeared in the doorway still wearing the peach-coloured skirt.

She'd paused by the entrance smiling at Matt, then glancing at the two men standing a few feet to his side, walked over to him, swaying her hip seductively.

"Here you go," Liz said, taking hold of Matt's hand and placing something into it while looking mischievously up into his eyes. Winking, she turned in the direction of the two men, smiled, then turned her back to them, sauntering back into the fitting rooms. Liz could almost feel their eyes on her as she walked away from them.

"Jesus," one of the men muttered under his breath just loud enough for Matt to hear as they stared at his wife's ass.

Matt also watched Liz swaying her ass as she rounded the doorway back into the fitting rooms. Without panties, the skirt dipped between the cheeks of her ass, displaying the shape of her firm buttocks beautifully. He kept his eyes on her ass until she was out of sight before opening his hand, making sure that the two men saw Liz's lace panties in his palm.

Seeing the two men looking at the panties, Matt shrugged his shoulders as if saying, Women, what can you do? He then shoved the panties into the front pocket of his jeans, taking the opportunity to adjust his hardening cock at the same time.

Liz reappeared after a few minutes wearing the small black pleated skirt that Matt liked so much. He drew in his breath as he looked at her. The tiny skirt ended about four inches below her crotch, easily the shortest skirt he'd ever seen her wearing.

Liz turned side-on, the skirt's pleated hem fell off her ass cheeks, leaving a gap between the backs of her thighs and the skirt. If she bent over, it was clear the skirt would rise over her ass cheeks, exposing her pert bottom to anyone who cared to look. Knowing that she didn't have any panties beneath only added to Matt's excitement.

Liz did a slow twirl, seemingly careful not to let the skirt flair out too much, finishing facing Matt with her thighs slightly parted. "What do you think? It's not too short, is it?" Liz asked teasingly. God, I love this skirt. It makes me feel sexy, Liz thought, looking at Matt for approval.

Matt glanced towards the two men, both of them staring intently at his wife, before answering. "No, it's perfect. Especially as you don't have anything beneath it!" Matt told her, tilting his head towards the two men who were still ogling her.

One of the men coughed as Matt spoke; even though they had seen Liz's panties in Matt's hand, they were clearly shocked that he would say such a thing aloud.

Liz glanced at the two men saying to Matt, "Well, you've got my panties, so I don't have much choice in the matter, do I."

Matt grinned; she was clearly enjoying the opportunity to show off again.

"What about the top? Are you going to see what it looks like with the skirt?" Matt asked, looking at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Ok," Liz said, spinning around, knowing exactly what he had in mind, heading back into the fitting room, with all three men's eyes glued to her ass.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes while he waited for her to return until one of the men finally broke the silence by saying," I wish I could get my wife to dress like that for me."

Matt turned to him, "You should ask her. You never know she might be thinking the same thing. Liz only recently found out that's what I was thinking and has been eager to dress more risqué ever since."

The man looked at him quizzically, "Doesn't it bother you, other men looking at your wife?"

"No. It's exciting, the thought of other men finding her attractive... Don't you want other men to find your wife attractive?"

The man thought for a second, "Yeah, I suppose so," he eventually answered.

Matt smiled, deciding to push the boundaries, "You must admit the thought of other men finding your wife sexy, maybe even wanting to fuck her makes you feel lucky that she's your wife?"

The man turned red, looking at his friend as he answered, "Yeah, I guess it does..." he trailed off, thinking.

Just when Matt thought he was going to say something else, Liz reappeared at the entrance of the fitting rooms. Matt's jaw dropped; the silk blouse was entirely see-through. She still had her bra on beneath it, and even though it was just a standard white bra with a little bit of lace on the cups, she looked absolutely stunning standing there with the top half of her tits on display. The bronze skin of her flat stomach contrasted beautifully with the white silk. Christ, she might as well not have the top on, Matt thought as he stared at his wife. The combination of the silk blouse and short skirt was enough to make any red-blooded male want to fuck her. He certainly did.

Liz placed her hands on her hips, looking down at her chest." It doesn't look right with this bra, does it? I'd need to wear one of those expensive designer ones... or no bra at all!"

Without hesitation, Matt said," Take it off." Hoping that she would come out wearing the blouse in front of the other two men with her tits on full show.

He wants me to show off here, in the store, to flash my tits for these men! Liz thought, thinking about Matt as she made her way back into the fitting room, recalling the excitement she'd felt when exposing herself to the Gasman. She could feel herself becoming aroused, the familiar heat building in her loins as her juices started to flow. The added danger of flashing strangers in public rather than in the relative safety of her own home only added to her excitement.

Liz stopped as she entered the fitting room. One of the other men's wives was scrutinising the dress she was trying on in the full-length mirror on the wall at the end of the short corridor. She turned to look at Liz, having seen her in the mirror standing behind her. Liz stood stock still, worried that she would be offended by her revealing outfit while the woman looked her up and down. Then the woman smiled, her face lighting up as she re-joined her friend in the cubical opposite to Liz's.

As she began removing her bra, Liz heard the woman talking.

"Are they ok out there?" Liz heard one of them say.

"I don't know. I didn't go out there. Another younger woman was out there showing her husband her outfit. She didn't have a lot on, so they would have gotten an eyeful."

"Good, it might get them going; it's been a while since I've had a good seeing too." Said the other woman, causing them both to burst into fits of laughter.

Liz continued to listen for a while, intrigued by their lack of concern that their husbands were eyeing up another woman.

"What was she like?"

"Young, flat stomach and great tits... Fucking bitch."

"Typical... Maybe I'll get some tonight after all." The other woman said as they both burst out laughing again.

Liz smiled to herself, pleased to hear that they weren't angry that she was flashing their husbands. Hearing the women complimenting her tits made her think about the few times she'd had sex with a woman before meeting Matt. God, I'd love to feel the soft touch of a woman again. Liz made a mental note to talk to Matt about her having sex with a woman. There's no way he'd turn down the chance to watch me eating another woman's pussy. And who knows, maybe if he plays his card right, they could have a threesome!

This time when she rounded the corner, Liz made a point of looking directly at the two men off to Matt's side.

Matt heard one of the men suck in his breath as Liz appeared in the doorway.

"Fuck me," the other muttered under his breath.

Matt turned from the men to see his wife standing in the doorway. Her tits were now completely visible through the thin silk material of the top. She was clearly enjoying putting on this little show as her hard nipples were poking into the delicate silk material—a sure indication of her arousal.

"Is this better?" Liz asked. The question was aimed at Matt, but she looked at the other men as she asked it, wanting to see their reaction.

Before Matt had a chance to answer and seemingly without thinking, one of the men blurted out," I'd say."

When Matt turned to look at him, his face instantly turned red as he realised he'd said it aloud, and not just in his head.

"Why thank you sir," Liz said in a faux Southern American accent. Turning side on, she pulled her shoulders back, emphasising her ample bosom, enjoying three sets of eyes on her exposed tits.

"If that doesn't work, nothing will," Matt told her, adjusting his hardening cock.

Liz turned back to face Matt, looking down at her tits, thinking, God, I might as well not have a top on at all. She felt powerful, her confidence growing by the second as all three men stared wide-eyed at her semi-naked body.

Matt watched his wife proudly showing her tits to two complete strangers. She fucking loves it; the thought that she was exciting other men turning him on as well.

"Do you think I should wear this tonight then?"

Matt nodded," Yeah, I don't think you're going to need a bra. It'll look better without one."

Turning to the other two men, Matt asked them," What do you think guys? Bra or no bra?"

One of the men looked as if the ground was about to swallow him up; he was so shocked by the question. The other one looked at Liz as she pulled her shoulders back, proudly jutting her tits out in his direction.

"Definitely no bra, great tits like that should be shared with the world, not hidden away."

Matt was a little surprised by the boldness of his answer. But then he had asked!

"There you go. No bra," Matt said, looking at the man as he continued to stare at Liz's tits.

"Ok," Liz turned to walk back into the fitting room. Just before she turned the corner, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder at the two men. Then, to everyone's surprise, she lifted the hem of her skirt, exposing one of her ass cheeks for just a second before stepping out of sight.

As she rounded the corner, Liz came face-to-face with the two women she'd heard talking about her. All three of them stopping dead in their tracks. There was an awkward silence for a second before both women's faces broke out into huge grins as they looked at her tits. Liz walked around them, smiling to herself, stopping to turn back, finding both women looking back at her.

One of the women looked her up and down, taking in her long legs and hard nipples, before saying to the other woman, "Your right. She does have great tits. You're definitely going to get some tonight."

With that, they turned and walked out of the fitting rooms arm in arm, laughing loudly.

Liz felt butterfly's in her stomach as she changed back into her summer dress. The combination of flashing two strangers and hearing the women complimenting her tits strengthened her desire to show off.

Matt smiled at Liz when she walked back out, carrying the skirt and top. From the way her tits bounced underneath her dress, he guessed correctly that she had chosen to leave her bra off.

"Did you enjoy watching those men looking at my tits?" Liz asked, taking his arm.

"I fucking loved it. The look on their faces, they definitely wanted to fuck you."

"It doesn't bother you? Me flashing my tits in public."

"God no, I told you, it turns me on."

"Just checking," Liz said, handing him the clothes as they made their way to the tills.

After they'd paid, they walked hand in hand through the Mall in search of a shoe shop. Liz could feel the eyes of people staring at her. Knowing that the only thing hiding her naked body was the short summer dress she wore excited her. She felt a sense of freedom, of power. Her sensitive nipples were rubbing against the soft cotton as they bounced, the sensation driving her crazy with desire. Best of all was the sensation of the cold air circulating between her legs over her very wet pussy.

Matt looked at his wife out of the corner of his eye. God, she's a fucking sexy woman, he thought, finding her newfound self-confidence a turn on, loving the fact that she felt emboldened enough to walk in public without any underwear on.

"That one," Liz said after a while, pointing to an expensive-looking shoe shop.

"Jesus," Matt muttered under his breath, seeing the price tags on the shoes in the window as they entered the store. Having seen the prices, he wasn't surprised to see that there were only a hand full of customers in the store, most of whom were clearly just browsing.

Liz had obviously been in here before as she led him directly to a row of sluty looking stilettos, immediately picking out the pair she wanted.

"What do you think?" Liz asked, holding up the shoes.

Matt took the shoes from her hands, inspecting them. Black leather with a four-inch heel and two buckled straps to go around the ankle, Matt knew they would go perfectly with her new outfit.

"Try them on," Matt said, looking at the price tag in horror.

Liz saw the look on his face, saying," They'll be worth it, trust me."

Liz looked over to the checkout, catching the eye of the two trendy looking shop assistance. One male, one female, both extremely good looking.

Matt watched the female assistant walk towards them. He guessed she was about the same age as Liz, dressed in a tight-fitting black dress and pair of shoes very similar to the ones Liz had chosen. Christ, those shoes do look fucking sexy, proper slut shoes, Matt thought as she approached.

"Can I help?" she asked, her voice soft.

Liz read her name badge, Claire.

"I'd like to try these, please." She said, handing the shoe to Claire.

Matt watched as she ran her eye over Liz's body, her eyes pausing on her hard nipples for a few seconds before saying, "Take a seat, I'll just be a second."

Liz watched her walk away with the shoe in her hand, exchanging a few words with the male assistant as she passed by the counter.

While they waited for her return, Matt studied his wife, who was now sitting at a fitting chair. Her dress had risen as she'd sat down, exposing her thighs. The short dress now only just covering her bare crotch. & uid=26444

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